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October 04, 2009



As you listen, check out the words to this song by rap artist Rakim:

Chorus 2x:
Do You Ever Think
What Life Would Be
Where You Will Go
After you Die?

Verse 1:
Do you ever sit back and get a little too high,
start thinking what happens to you when you die?
Does your soul rest where your coffin is,
or is death just a metamorphosis?
Does life go on in the mental form,
If we live a good life will we get reborn?
Is it a heaven or we trapped in hell?
Where do we go from here, nobody came back to tell.
If we reincarnated or perish in time,
could you shine when darkness inherits your mind?
And your eyes closed for good, you out the galaxy now,
Is this subconscious dream my reality now?
Listen to brain, with no physical frame,
Could we return to the hood on a spiritual plane?
Ask yourself, "If I pass tonight,
Am I prepared for what's after life?" (After you die)

Chorus 2x:
Do You Ever Think
What Life Would Be
Where You Will Go
After you Die?

Verse 2:
Could we come back, do we get left in the past?
F*ck that, I'm a kick death in the *ss,
To come walk with the creator, 'til my mind is greater,
Get insight so I could design and find data.
'Til my third eye gives me a bird's eye view,
Focus 'til my ghost is on a curb by you,
Watchin you mourn my death, like im lost in time,
But im with you even if I don't cross your mind.
When you pour out liquor, im catchin the Cognac,
When you pull out a spliff im catchin the contact.
Try to look after my people, that's trapped in evil,
playin craps and c-low, to get gats and kilos,
and still do some of the things that I love to do,
Hang on the streets, throw it up in a club or two.
See women and catch'em in their wildest dreams,
possess 'em, make'em do the wildest things.
And my peeps, what i'ma do, is pray that you blest,
And my kids, keep'em away from the angel of death,
So just in case if I pass tonight,
Yo, im prepared for what's after life. (After you die

Chorus 3x:
Do You Ever Think
What Life Would Be
Where You Will Go
After you Die?
Hopefully you will start to think about where you will go after you DIE.
Are you prepared for the afterlife?


  1. What happens when your die? Nothing, no judgement nothing. You see Atheism frees me. I can do what I want when I want and I am not afraid. I am free.

  2. I'm beginning to be convinced that this really is Bob.

    Teaching us a little bit about the "moral vacuum inherent in a Materialist's worldview" with a little not-so-clever reverse psychology.

    A little less tactful than your other post this evening, I'd say, but definitely consistent with the insulting tone.

  3. Hey Dani, Still bringing down the house? Just popped by to see whats up.
    I have been trying to re-organize my obsession with the world...LOL.

    Trying to cut down on the blogging and reading of depressing crap.

  4. I'm prepared for the afterlife. I'm prepared to meet my Creator and be judged by Him.

    I know I've made mistakes but I have repented and I know He has forgiven me.


  5. Thanks for checking in KC! Yeah, I'm still bringing down the house - can't seem to help myself!

    Hey Maxime - Great to have you join us again here in bloggerville, I've missed you. Also, I'm looking forward to you writing more guest posts for my blog here in the near future.

    Love Ya - XOXO

  6. Life after death is an oxymoron.

  7. It's also a belief that stems from the root belief that a god exists, that souls exist, and that this god has a place for all of those souls who have behaved a certain way during their temporary physical lives once their physical bodies expire. If you hold those beliefs, it makes perfect sense. But you know that, and you know that they know the difference too. So you can only really be dropping that little inconsequential nugget to be insulting.

    Way to further the cause, brother!

  8. Ouch! And to think, we had come so far!

    But seriously, definitely not meant as an insult, just food for thought.

  9. My apologies, Adonis, I misread your intentions there. I piped up mainly because I don't like to see bad arguments being used on either side of the playing field.

    To allow ineffective or already refuted arguments to be presented as valid or effective without protest (as Dani and Co. readily do with sources such as Pathlights, Paul Cameron and Answers in Genesis, and other bloggers like KC and Mark) severely weakens the position of the person that allows it.

  10. Please, Uber, an apology is uncalled for. Your response was appropriate and instructional. I read your posts and respect you as educated, well-informed, and exemplary of critical thinking. But this blog is nothing more than a mud wrestling pit behind the church on one street and the school on the next street where kids from different sides of town like to beat their chests and posture for a moment on top of the hill. Nothing you or I or any one else says will have any effect on the other side and vice versa. At least you and I know that our morality comes from social, cultural, historical or personal references, and to situational ethics, which holds that the morality of an act depends on the context of the act. We are not bound by the absolute dictations of an imaginary, supernatural oracle.

    I apologoze to you Uber for turning this into a rant, but I had fun. No I need a shower.

  11. Nothing you or I or any one else says will have any effect on the other side and vice versa.

    I disagree. I dunno about Dani and company, but speaking for myself, I am much better informed about their position than I was a few months ago when I first came here. There were some things I thought they believed that they don't, and vice versa. There are arguments that I thought revealed problems with their beliefs, that either turned out to be genuine or not, and these discussions help clarify which are which.

    We'll never change each others' minds on our final beliefs - e.g. shatter Dani's faith in God or something - but at least we can learn about each other so our interactions with people of opposing beliefs can be more rational and more pleasant.

    I'm optimistic today.

  12. That's alright, Adonis, we won't worry about apologies and the like, then.

    I think that you and Phronk have both made some good points about what's going on here. Most of us have likely taken both sides at any given point (intellectual investigation versus intellectual gloating).

    I'd agree that since I began this little fundamentalist Christian blogging adventure a few years back, I've learned a considerable amount about the mindsets of the people involved, and about the quality of their arguments, not to mention having found out a considerable amount about how the scientific process functions as well as what we actually do know and can know.

    On the other hand, I thoroughly enjoy the game of detecting logical fallacies so that I can point them out in as intellectually biting a fashion as possible. I have very few illusions that this will change anything in the minds of the people making the arguments (that's another thing that I've learned on these blogs), and so I'm guilty of playing this "king of the hill" game with the rest. If you subscribed to the Seven Deadly Sins, you might say we're all quite guilty of "pride" on this one.

  13. Phronk and Ubersehen,

    I attempt to contribute to this blog with you as my mentors. Adonis is a vain God whose mother taught English in a mere public school. What I have learned here is to hone the arguments that best express my beliefs. I firmly maintain that neither atheists nor fundamentalist Christians will be convinced in this forum to convert either way, and thus my comment above.

    Furthermore, I am certain that if we and Dani and her flock were to meet face to face we would have intelligent, stimulating and challenging discourse in a congenial and respectful environment. If you come to my house you be fed hearty, delicious and substantial meals regardless of race, creed, ethnicity, religion or dietary preferences (I do a mean vegetarian grill, but will do ribs if you like). I know Bacchus, and if his favors are among your desires, he will oblige.

  14. Adonis -->>"I am certain that if we and Dani and her flock were to meet face to face we would have intelligent, stimulating and challenging discourse in a congenial and respectful environment."<<

    AGREED! I would actually be delighted to have a get together with everyone, complete with full course meaty BBQ (vegies are cool too), desserts, debates, cigars and yummy cocktails. I make a mean jungle juice too - it's always a big hit at parties.

    While my purpose here is that hopefully someday atheist will see the light and believe the Truth about God, I appreciate the dialog and am thankful for everyone's contributions to my blog.


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