"Have No Fellowship With the Unfruitful Works of Darkness, But Rather EXPOSE Them!" ~ GOD, Ephesians 5:11

Got PROOF? The police in Colorado know about serial child killers! Go to www.PoliceRecordingsKekoas.com for the TRUTH!

October 06, 2013




When History Repeats, Will You Notice?  - Listen to hours of PROOF - The FBI & Police in CO know about the Serial Child-Killers who organized the kidnappings and murders of JonBenet Ramsey, Jessica Ridgeway & Dylan Redwine -- Listen & Judge for Yourself!



September 14, 2013

CHILD-KILLING in CO: Who Murdered JonBenet Ramsey, Jessica Ridgeway & Dylan Redwine? Ask "Pastor" Bob Enyart, He Knows!

Call Bob Enyart LIES at 1-800-8-ENYART & tell him to turn himself into the FBI or MORE KIDS WILL DIE!

Watch new video by Chess Versus Checkers here:

"VICTORY, S.B.T.C" = *Strangle Bind Torture Children* 
& Shadowgov Breaks The Case 

 Psalm 118:27 "Bind the sacrifice with cords to the horns of the altar." 

Elaine Redwine, mother of Dylan Redwine says "Whoever killed my son is a MONSTER" - and it's the SAME MONSTER who MURDERED JonBenet Ramsey and who also organized Jessica Ridgeway's abduction & murder.

WATCH 7News Video: 10-07-2012 -- Jessica Ridgeway search shifts to Superior after investigators find a "LARGE BROWN PAPER BAG"

"When the suspect's background, post-murder behavior, and physical evidence are put together, the identity of this monster will be clear to someone who knows him." ~ The Ramseys

 ...AND WE KNOW EXACTLY WHO THAT MONSTER IS = *R*O*B*E*R*T *A*D*O*L*P*H *E*N*Y*A*R*T = *6*6*6* = *DAXIS* = *SON of SATAN*...STILL waiting for the "Small Foreign Faction" DNA Secrets to be Revealed & Justice to be served to the "Group of Individuals" responsible for this notorious crime and many more crimes against children.

"Pastor" Bob Adolph Enyart of Denver Bible Cult in Arvada, CO DOB: 1-10-59 
FBI# - 678532LA7 | CO License# - CO368941 | SSN# 152-60-4382

To this very day, "pro-life pastor" Bob Enyart and his ShadowGov mafia have refused to address these murderous allegations, nor has Bob even attempted to clear his name with the police. Even more disturbing is the fact that the FBI has known about this for nearly ONE FULL YEAR, yet none of these suspects have been cleared. ANY QUESTIONS AMERICA?  TICK-TOCK-TICK-TOCK!

 *Google: "Bob Enyart JonBenet Ransom Note" "Bob Enyart Jessica Ridgeway" "Bob Enyart Austin Reed Sigg" "Bob Enyart Dylan Redwine" "Bob Enyart Kimberly Kay Bowman" "Bob Enyart Child Abuse"
(click images too)

 X-Pose the TRUTH:

August 10, 2013


This lasted for over an hour. The video was taken at the end of the Denver gay pride parade. Hundreds of these were passed around at the Denver gay pride parade on Father's Day June 16, 2013:

The "Prolife" Political Terrorist who murdered JonBenet Ramsey is Pastor Bob Enyart. He runs the ShadowGov "Small Foreign Faction" w/ a "Group of Individuals" including KENNETH TYLER SCOTT who were in Boulder CO on Christmas Day 1996 and were in the middle of a $10 million lawsuit against BoulderPD and Dr. Warren Hern, late term abortionists just 9 days before JonBenet Ramsey was found dead. This"child-killing" ceremony was a political statement against "baby killers" as part of a Satanic Ritual Abuse Cult!
 Google "ShadowGov JonBenet Ramsey" to learn the TRUTH! 

 Twice convicted child-abuser and adulterer "Pastor" Bob Enyart and Ken Scott are murderous SATANIC criminal conspirators, bound by blood. They're currently being investigated by the FBI for the murder of Jonbenet Ramsey of Boulder CO, Christmas night 1996. Bob Enyart, Kimberly Kay and Scott Bowman are all being investigated by the FBI and La Plata County CO Investigators for the murder of 13-year old Dylan Redwine. 

July 22, 2013

F*YOU FAKEBOOK for Facilitating the Cyber-Crimes of Serial CHILD-KILLERS in CO - *NEWS FLASH: Dylan Redwine, Jessica Ridgeway & JonBenet Ramsey were Murdered by the same MONSTER = "Pastor" Bob Enyart

First read these posts:

For nearly two years we have been screaming bloody murder trying to warn the public of how harmful and dangerous a certain group of individuals are to society, but repeatedly we have been banned and blocked for the content we post alerting the authorities to a criminal conspiracy in cyber-space.

See the photo of Lil Hitler 666 that finally caused Facebook to unpublish our page for violating policies - This was the SAME photo that the criminal troll Calling Mark Redwine said was "beautiful" when asked in a private message.

READ WHOLE THREAD HERE: 6-18-2013 -- Facebook Private Message - Curtis Kekoa III v. Calling Mark Redwine = Bob Enyart Lil' Hitler 666

Last month on 6/22/13 after CONFIRMING that "pastor" Bob Enyart of Denver Bible Cult is behind Dylan Redwine's abduction, Facebook decided to unpublish our GSDCM page claiming it was for "nudity, pornography or sexual solicitation" - WTF Seriously?  (See snap-shot of last posts and our history on Twitter).  Then days later in the last week of June, Dylan Redwine's remains were discovered and the troll pages of psychopath killers falsely accusing the father are still allowed to stay to this day.

So thanks Facebook for doing me a favor and deleting my page once and for good. Clearly those running the show don't give a rip about upholding their stupid policies and community standards because anonymous criminals can attack, be hateful, threatening, vulgar and obscene to individual innocent families and children online, but we can't tell the TRUTH, defend the helpless and attack the criminals back to make them stop. Got it!

Whatever dipshit who was assigned to review my Appeals NUDITY Page and still decided to delete it for "nudity, pornography or sexual solicitation" really needs to get fired for being such an impotent moron. Any grade school retard can see that my page did NOT display any sign of "nudity, pornography or sexual solicitation" yet my free-speech rights are still being silenced. Despite the demands of the victim's families, Facebook facilitates a forum for criminals while conspiracies to abduct, rape, torture and exploit missing and dead children for profit continue to expand online. But for some lame ass reason we can't expose the violent convicted child-abuser, perverted pedophile pastor and his followers or the mentally-ill BPD crazy lady who steals money from victim's families and deliberately misleads the investigations??? This is why we say F* YOU Facebook and Farewell to all the Fakers who get to live out their psychotic fantasies at the expense of good honest people and vulnerable little children.

So now that your egos are all satisfied knowing that you have control over my Facebook page and you deleted all the evidence of a criminal conspiracy, can someone at the CBI, NSA & the FBI please do their job and stop the REAL VIOLENT CHILD-KILLING CRIMINALS who are running troll pages online? Pretty please....with whipcream a motherf*cking cherry on top???

NEWS FLASH: Dylan Redwine, Jessica Ridgeway & JonBenet Ramsey were Murdered by the same MONSTER in Colorado: 
*R*O*B*E*R*T *A*D*O*L*P*H *E*N*Y*A*R*T = 6*6*6 = *DAXIS* = *SATAN'S SON* 

If you want to know the TRUTH about who organized the recent MURDERS of Dylan Redwine and Jessica Ridgeway ask "pastor" Bob Enyart LIES of Denver Bible Cult, he knows all about it.  Call 1-800-8-ENYART - Bob has a lengthy and unfortunate history of harassment and violence towards children.  The 2X CONVICTED CHILD-ABUSER also conspired with Kimberly Kay Bowman who confessed along with a large sadistic "Group of Individuals" in a "Small Foreign Faction" to abduct and kill children then frame the parents or 17 yr-old gamers for the crime while preaching and protesting against murder.
Be sure to ask the ShadowGov cyber-troll and CRIMINAL FRAUD "Chelsea Hoffman" about the Clues That Break The Case - Call her at (702) 723-6541 and pass the message along...


X-Pose the TRUTH:

Check out the **Growing Gallery of "PROOF" HISTORY of HARASSMENT 2011-2013** (over 1,000 items & counting including hate-page snap-shots, IP addresses, troll IDs, private emails and more - **GOT MORE PROOF? FACEBOOK WARS**) documenting a very dangerous and disturbing pattern of POST-MURDER behavior by Bob Enyart and his demonic followers.  More files will continue to be uploaded onto Google Docs until these Child-Killing Criminals are completely X-Posed and brought to Justice!

July 07, 2013

CASE to CASE: "Chelsea Hoffman" is a CRIMINAL FRAUD who supports TROLL pages run by CONVICTED Child Abuser Bob Enyart & Conspiracy Criminal Kimberly Kay Bowman

**UPDATE FEBRUARY 2014** -- Listen to PROOF the FBI knows about a serial killer in Colorado who is organizing high profile crime across the country. HURRY download this video before it's gone again! Contact Las Vegas FBI Citizen's Division at 702-385-1281 to ask them what the status of the investigation is and why this video keeps getting removed. Go to PoliceRecordingsKekoas.com  for more info.

Since I've been following the on-going criminal activity in Colorado I've been getting Google Alerts to stay informed in the news. Recently this post came through titled Exclusive: Dylan Redwine's father allegedly sent horrific texts where a woman named "Chelsea Hoffman" links to the troll pages run by the same criminals who organized the abduction & murder of Dylan Redwine. Seven months have passed as the search went on and allegations unjustly flew against Mark Redwine online. Then last week the Denver Westword reported as Dylan Redwine's remains were being discovered on Middle Mountain, these rival TROLL pages emerged on Facebook seeking "Justice" for Dylan. And as I have reported, BOTH these pages are run by the same criminals who abducted & murdered Dylan Redwine and they are continuing to mislead the investigation online because that's what GUILTY ShadowGov cyber-assassins do to remain above suspicion. See this page Justice for Dylan Redwine run by Kimberly Kay Bowman and it's staged rival Justice for DYLAN Redwine run by cult leader and convicted child abuser, Bob Enyart and his TROLLS claiming to be the "official" page "approved" of by friends and family of Dylan.  It's also been CONFIRMED that Bob Enyart runs the hate page Calling Mark Redwine where he is falsely accusing Mark of murdering his son Dylan just like how Bob tried to frame the Ramsey's for murdering JonBenet in 1996.  DO NOT TRUST ANY OF THESE PAGES!

The fact that "Chelsea Hoffman" is promoting these shady pages should cause law enforcement to question her motives, especially since she also offers help to families of missing persons or murder victims who seek help outside of law enforcement.

When you Google "Chelsea Hoffman" this is the very first post to show up: TruTV CrimeLibrary: Who is Chelsea Hoffman and Why is Everyone Mad at Her? - Perhaps because she is a CRIMINAL FRAUD? See her Facebook page here.

She's also advertised on the Las Vegas Crime Examiner, and other popular sites such as the Huffington Post  and the web forum ALL VOICES.  All these sources claim "Chelsea Hoffman" is a crime analyst and profiler who writes both fiction and nonfiction. She's most prolific on Gather News and her own blog “Chelsea Hoffman: Case to Case,” with several other works published in print and for Kindle including her latest analysis titled "The Sin City Strangler."  See her other criminal writings on Good Reads and Amazon.com.

Apparently "Chelsea Hoffman" has a bit of a criminal obsession with serial killers, childhood stranger abductions, rape and murder so since she is a self-proclaimed crime analyst and criminal profiler who provides commentary over a myriad of topics in current events and offers outside-the-box, I decided to email this arm-chair expert detective (chelsea.hoffman@chelseahoffman.com) these links from my ALL VOICES account to hear her opinion:

*UPDATE 7-9-13: TROLLS LIKE "CHELSEA" HATE THE TRUTH SO SHE HAD MY ALL VOICES ACCOUNT DELETED (click on GoogleDoc snap-shot links to see post.)

For someone who is so "swamped with emails on a daily basis" she sure got back to me in a flash....literally replied in 10 mins or less saying this:

On Sun, Jul 7, 2013 at 4:44 PM, Chelsea Hoffman (penandink1983@gmail.com) wrote:
"Please stop spamming my inbox. I am not interested in your conspiracy theories. good day"

 On Sun, Jul 7, 2013 at 4:50 PM, Dani Kekoa wrote:
You're a FRAUD CHELSEA HOFFMAN & I'm reporting you to the FBI....

 On Sun, Jul 7, 2013 at 4:50 PM, Chelsea Hoffman (penandink1983@gmail.com) wrote:
"Seek mental help. Good day." 
(Is she a mental health expert now too?)

 On Sun, Jul 7, 2013 at 5:07 PM, Dani Kekoa wrote:

At this point I called the number from her Case to Case blog under the Contact Me section to let her know that I know she's a CRIMINAL FRAUD. Shortly after "Chelsea" then emails me a link with my voice mail on it titled, Hilarious voicemail from a loony person - Here's what else this criminal "expert" said:

"So what can I say that this voicemail doesn't say for me? Have a listen.... I should also note that I've been getting emails from this person rapidly all day -- and have told them to stop spamming me. I'm not interested in conspiracy theories. So now the loony says I should kill myself and she turned me in to the FBI -- if she did, I'm sure they're also having a good laugh at this broad's expense: It's such a crying shame that during a time that we're trying to find out who murdered a little boy, that people are exploiting it as a platform to air out their mental illnesses. 

Can you say PROJECTION?  Here's my reply to this murderous, mentally-ill TROLL who is exploiting missing & dead children online - If you tell the TRUTH long enough, often enough and loud enough, people will believe it - isn't that right?

I revised my post right before my account was deleted:



Listen to NATIONAL CENTER for MISSING & EXPLOITED CHILDREN - Hotline Tip "Chelsea Hoffman" is a CRIMINAL FRAUD re: Dylan Redwine & Jessica Ridgeway

(Watch on ChessVersusCheckers)


Read the TROLL "Chelsea Hoffman's" latest posts about Dylan Redwine on ALL VOICES - Written like a religious psychopath serial child-killer who desperately needs to frame the father:

6-14-13 -- Seven Months Later...Where is Missing Dylan Redwine?

6-28-13 -- Dylan Redwine's Heartbreaking Story - Did his father Mark Redwine MURDER him?

7-02-13 -- How did Dylan Redwine DIE?

7-05-13 -- Exclusive:  Dylan Redwine s father, Mark Redwine allegedly sent horrific texts to Dylan's mother

7-08-13 -- Dylan Redwine's Dad, Mark Redwine and the Truth are Strangers 

8-14-13 -- Dylan Redwine UPDATE: Heavy Police Presence at Father's Home

8-22-13 -- Will Dylan Redwine's Dad be Charged with Murder soon?

See comments below for more updates...

June 15, 2013


 Maybe Bob Enyart & Kim Kay can stop playing Facebook games and tell us where to Find Missing Dylan Redwine, you think? 

6-27-13 -- KUSA - The La Plata County Sheriff's Office says that human remains sent to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation for tests have been identified as missing Dylan Redwine. The family has been notified. The case is being pursued as a criminal investigation...

Hopefully NOW the cops will FINALLY go question "pastor" Bob Enyart and his criminal associates at Denver Bible Cult about what happened to Dylan? Go to www.KGOV.com and search the site to see what the "pro-life christian" radio show host Bob Enyart LIES had to say about Dylan Redwine since he was abducted in Nov 2012. (Good NEWS - Pre-Miranda silence can be used against a person now.)


Wanna know why I was banned & ALL these posts got deleted within minutes? For the The Truth About Trolls - Ask these CRIMINALS where to Find Missing Dylan Redwine! -- TRUST ME, I'LL BET OUR WHOLE LIFE'S SAVINGS I'M RIGHT - Eh, Bobby & Kim?

Calling Mark Redwine is a TROLL page on Facebook created by the criminals who abducted Dylan Redwine - DO NOT TRUST THIS PAGE! Calling Bob Enyart & Kimberly Kay Bowman - IS DYLAN REDWINE BURNING IN A FOREST SOMEWHERE??? (See Snap-Shot

 *Check out comments below for more BREAKING NEWS & Clues That Break The Case in the Kim Kay Konspiracy Against Kids...

June 02, 2013

"PROOF" for the FBI: "Pastor" Bob Enyart of Denver Bible Cult, Kimberly Kay Bowman's Kult of Konspiracy Against Kids & the Continuing Facebook Cover-Up


ATTENTION FACEBOOK - BEFORE YOU BAN US AGAIN for mentioning the nasty name KIMBERLY KAY BOWMAN...Let's stay focused on where to Find Missing Dylan Redwine!

PLEASE VISIT THESE SUSPECTED TROLL PAGES run by Convicted-Child Abuser & Serial-Killer Bob Enyart, Kimberly Kay Bowman & The ShadowGov Cyber Assassins - As history has proven....CRIMINALS ALWAYS return to the scene of the crime. And the SIGNATURE of GUILT with these CRIMINALS is how loudly they protest and project their perversion onto their victims. 

OK class, who's the criminal HOG in the photo?? Answer: The prison-bound wench who stole a bunch of cash from the dead girl's family and conspired with a convicted child abuser, Bob Enyart, the one who orchestrated the dead girl's kidnapping, murder and dismemberment...

FOX31 Denver: "Ridgeway family orders foundation to stop using Jessica’s name" 
 (*Be sure to read comments too on the FOX31 thread - Scott Bowman makes an appearance along with a garden variety of mentally-ill minions.)  

NOW, they are STILL online orchestrating the cover-up of Dylan Redwine's disappearance, despite the families demands to stop exploiting him.

Here are a tiny select few of the TROLL PAGES - but there are dozens, if not hundreds more that they operate:

The Truth About Trolls (now deleted) | Why KKB Why? (now deleted) 
 Calling Mark Redwine (banned) |  Dylan Redwine Strategic Planned Search Activities | Dylan Redwine Warriors | Collective & Objective Voice of Reason for Dylan Redwine | Find Dylan First (banned)
Warrior at Heart | The Good, The Bad,and The Ugly - "A place to identify the trolls, "uglies", stalkers, evil-doers, con artists, antagonizers, exploiters, and all around wastes of space."
The Doctors - Let's Get to the Heart/Truth of the Matter - "We have had it with people suppressing the truth! We are fed up with everyone hiding from reality! We have had enough of people who lie for their own personal gain. It is time to get to the heart of the matter, to the truth."

^^ Projection from TROLLS ^^
F*Off Facebook & Quit Censoring Our "Free-Speech"
For over a year now Facebook has censored our "free-speech" and removed anything mentioning Kimberly Kay Bowman...Particularly from Feb 2012 starting with a written confession to a conspiracy with the "Evil Bobots" at Denver Bible Church against the Kekoa family posted on a hate blog (now removed but all snaps were saved.)
Read remaining post with the "PROOF" & check out comments below for more BREAKING NEWS & Clues That Break The Case in the Kim Kay Konspiracy...

April 27, 2013

NEW BIZ CARDS & BLOG - www.BobEnyartMurderedJonBenetRamsey.com

Bob murdered JonBenet Ramsey & that's a FACT...the secrets about other crimes he's committed will be revealed in time. Meanwhile, we've been super busy planning our next route in Arvada to distribute those nifty business cards I just had made calling Bob out publicly as a SERIAL CHILD KILLER in CO. We plan to hand deliver them to all the local grocery stores, churches, post offices, libraries, liquor stores, pot shops, restaurants, public & private schools and all through out the entire neighborhood. Then we'll distribute them in Westminster, Boulder, Thornton, Denver and all surrounding towns to make sure there is "No Child-Killing with Tranquility" and domestic terrorists are executed.

After all, some of the troll headlines are reading that the "Suspected killer of JonBenet Ramsey Connected to the Boston Bombings" (link now deleted) - Our thoughts exactly. So we won't stop spreading the word until that twisted murderer is completely exposed & the FBI makes an arrest - ANY. DAY. NOW. Someone should ask that sodomite preacher Bob WHY he won't sue us? Too busy causing mayhem, framing Russian boys, sending poison packages to Mississippi & Obama because he says PersonhoodUSA is "absurd" and trolling online about how Dale Bennett murdered JonBenet and runs a child porn ring? Nice projection. You fallen demons have no creativity and you really give it all away. Have fun at your failed church tomorrow.

 X-Pose the TRUTH

February 24, 2013

Check Out Two NEW Blogs X-Posing the TRUTH About Pastor Bob Enyart's ShadowGov & Kimberly Kay Bowman's Conspiracies Against Kids

*R*O*B*E*R*T *A*D*O*L*P*H *E*N*Y*A*R*T = *6*6*6* = *DAXIS* = *SON of SATAN* Waiting for the "Small Foreign Faction" DNA Secrets to be Revealed & Justice to be served to the "Group of Individuals" responsible for this notorious crime. 

Journey Into the Cult of a CRAZY Cold-Hearted Conspiracy Against Children in Colorado with a CONVICTED CHILD-ABUSER ~ Plus Kimberly Kay Bowman's Confessions to Clinically-Ill Criminal Behavior along with a 
Well-Documented Lengthy & Unfortunate History of Harassment.

February 03, 2013

The "DOCUMENT DUMP" Reverse Ransom Note to Mr. Robert Adolph Enyart - JonBenet Ramsey's Murderer

CHECK OUT the LATEST VIDEO about the "Small Foreign Faction" by the Kekoas:

~ * V I C T O R Y * ~

THE WORLD'S MOST EVIL SERIAL KILLER is ShadowGov Founder: Pastor Bob Enyart

DOB: 1-10-59
FBI# - 678532LA7
CO License# - CO368941
Social Security #152-60-4382

Check out the **Growing Gallery of "PROOF" HISTORY of HARASSMENT 2011-2013** (over 1,000 items & counting including hate-page snap-shots, IP addresses, troll IDs, private emails and more) **GOT MORE PROOF? FACEBOOK WARS** documenting a very dangerous and disturbing pattern of POST-MURDER behavior by Bob Enyart and his demonic followers.  More files will continue to be uploaded onto Google Docs until these Child-Killing Criminals are completely X-Posed and brought to Justice!

*X-POSE the TRUTH: The JonBenet Ramsey murderer is lurking in the shadows - Parents, keep your babies close and away from this dangerous MONSTER:

From The Legend Detective, Lou Smit in his resignation letter to former DA Alex Hunter in 1998 on the Ramsey case: 

"I believe that justice is not being served, that innocent people are being targeted and could be charged with a murder they did not commit. The law enforcement Code of Ethics states it very well. My fundamental duty is to 'serve mankind; to safeguard lives and property; to protect the innocent against deception, the weak against oppression or intimidation, the peaceful against violence or disorder. To respect the constitutional rights of all men to liberty, equality and justice.' This applies not only to JonBenet but to her mother and father as well...History will be the judge as to how we conducted ourselves and how we handled our responsibilities. Shoes, shoes, the victim's shoes, who will stand in the victim's shoes?" 

Unfortunately, Lou Smit passed away years ago and left this case cold...But hopefully, Lord willing there will be another Detective on the force with enough wisdom & integrity to follow the evidence where ever it leads & walk in JonBenet's shoes till JUSTICE is served!

January 22, 2013

JonBenet Ramsey Murder Case in Colorado: The DEATH of INNOCENCE - A KILLER & the Rampant Internet Gossip System

*X-POSE the TRUTH: The JonBenet Ramsey murderer has returned - Parents, keep your babies close and away from this dangerous MONSTER:
"EXPERIENCED KILLER" - The FBI is Coming Bob ADOLPH Enyart LIES - Jessica Ridgeway's Murder & DISMEMBERMENT

*The "Small Foreign Faction" DNA = Bob Enyart's ShadowGov: JonBenet Ramsey Murder - The Clue That Breaks the Case 

*JonBenet Ramsey Ransom Note - Bob Enyart's ShadowGov = Small Foreign Faction - w/ Notes by Dani Kekoa 

More Clues That Break The Case - One month before Jessica Ridgeway was abducted and her backpack was found in a "Large Brown Paper Bag" the Kekoa's released this:
*The "DOCUMENT DUMP" Reverse Ransom Note to Convicted Child-Abuser, Pastor Bob Adolph Enyart of Denver Bible Cult

Not only is the Kult of Konspiracy leader, Bob Enyart an "Experience Killer" and a religious psychopath, he is carefully skilled in the art of deception, cyber-bullying tactics and slanderous false accusations through an organized Internet defamation campaign aimed at silencing his targets and run by his ShadowGov assassins:
*GOT PROOF? - HISTORY of HARASSMENT 2011-2013 - by Pastor Bob Enyart Denver Bible Church Conspiracy Against the Kekoas - *Kult of Konspiracy* & Homeschooling Pothead Parents Mock Hate Pages

"When the suspect's background, post-murder behavior, and physical evidence are put together, the identity of this monster will be clear to someone who knows him."
~ The Ramseys

*R*O*B*E*R*T *A*D*O*L*P*H *E*N*Y*A*R*T = *6*6*6* = *DAXIS* = *SON of SATAN*

The KROOK behind PersonhoodUSA is a dangerous phony Pro-Life Pastor in a "Small Foreign Faction" waiting for his DNA Secrets to be revealed...A ShadowLurker who likes to terrorize innocent people & kill little children in the cover of night - A Child-Killing Coward who knows he is CAUGHT! 

  ~ VICTORY in the TRUTH! 
S.B.T.C -- *S.B.T.C = *Strangle Bind Torture Children & *Shadowgov Breaks The Case

Bad-Boys-Bad-Boys - Watcha Gonna Do? - Watcha Gonna Do When They Come for YOU?

January 10, 2013

*GOT PROOF? - HISTORY of HARASSMENT 2011-2013 - by Pastor Bob Enyart Denver Bible Church Conspiracy Against the Kekoas - *Kult of Konspiracy* & Homeschooling Pothead Parents Mock Hate Pages

 - Plus IP Addresses, Fake IDs, Private Emails & Hundreds More to come...

It's a brand NEW Year so that means it's "DOCUMENT DUMP" TIME - YAY! 2013 will be a year of CALAMITY for our enemies, and we are looking forward to Mocking when their TERROR comes!

Check out the **Growing Gallery of "PROOF" 2011-2013** (over 1,000 items & counting) documenting a very dangerous and disturbing pattern of POST-MURDER behavior by Bob Enyart and his demonic followers.  More files will continue to be uploaded onto Google Docs until these Child-Killing Criminals are completely X-Posed and brought to Justice!
(*NOTE: Since this file is so vast, I still have to rename and organize some of them as well as upload hundreds more, so keep in mind that this is a work in progress.  But in the meantime, I felt the public needs to have access so they can see the "PROOF" for themselves and "Judge Rightly" -- Do Wrong and Risk the Consequences.)

* The Kekoas supported "Pastor" Bob Enyart's ministry and family for over a decade - Now, after we discovered Bob Enyart LIES, his entire library and life's work has ALL gone "UP IN SMOKE".
He has been X-Posed as the Serial Child Killer he really is  - NOW the veil of Lucifer is lifted!
 - BURN IN HELL, BOB ENYART! - DOB 1-10-59  

ALL last year our accusers kept asking for "PROOF" over, and over and over again!
"Where's the PROOF?? Where's the PROOF??  Where's the PROOF??"
Well, be careful what you wish for cowards........cause you just might get it!

~ And SMILE, Cause You're Gonna Get Your Wish & You're Finally Gonna Be FAMOUS after ALL these YEARS of FRAUD!  ~ You're Welcome!

Be Prepared & Brace Yourself, Bobby - This decision you made IS going to HURT you personally, the most - You were right about that one!  
This is going to BACKFIRE...

"We have dedicated this blog to exposing the conspiracy and the self admitted child abuse reported against one guilty family to Social Services, We will pursue exposing one families insanity and false allegations until hell freezes over.
Oh, by the way, we are high on weed and paranoid as hell!"
* The *Kult of Konspiracy* Hate Blog against the Kekoas - by "Pastor" Bob Enyart, the CONVICTED Child-Abuser, CRAZY BPD LADY Kimberly Kay Bowman & Dani Kekoa's former best-friend Jennifer Mason - Mrs. PersonhoodUSA 

See comment where Jennifer Mason's IP address claimed ownership of this hate blog and view the snap shot of the Mason's IP address from SiteMeter - which points right to their home address off 72nd in Arvada, CO from an IP map locator.

For over ten years we were dwelling among the midst of Satanic Serial Killers and didn't even notice, but NOW we can see the TRUTH, became WHISTLE-BLOWERS and we're gonna EXPOSE the Wickedness that Lurks in the Shadows of Darkness!



8-29-11 -- *PROOF* Bob is a SERIAL RELATIONSHIP KILLER:   A five minute recording of Pastor Bob "Adolph" Enyart of Denver Bible Cult being rebuked by Curtis Kekoa, Gordon Carroll and Mark Sutherland for counseling Susan Sutherland to divorce without her husband's knowledge. We still have over an hour of that recording that has yet to be released.

* 9-14-11 -- Surviving Hyperemesis Gravidarum ~ Dani Kekoa Mother of Six - True Story:
THC = “THE HEAVENLY CURE” HOW MEDICAL MARIJUANA CURED MY MORNING SICKNESS & NEARLY SAVED MY LIFE!  This is the story where Enyart claimed I was an "admitted child abuser" and used it as a justification for reporting us to Social Services.

* 9-14-11 -- Pastor Bob Enyart Email to Curtis & Danielle Kekoa two days after the birth of baby #6  and at least two weeks since we withdrew ourselves from Pastor Bob's leadership - Subject: "sorry to mix blessings and difficulties...I believe you are a great blessing and a great danger to those around you..." - This was a threat over marijuana to abide by Bob's imaginary agreement - Plus Emails w/ Mark Sutherland &Kim Bowman where she admits to using multiple drugs.

* 9-23-11 -- The FIRST "anonymous" call to with false allegations of child abuse is reported to Adams County Social Services. This was a CPS criminal conspiracy led by pastor Bob Enyart, Kimberly Kay Bowman and countless other members at Denver Bible Cult and PersonhoodUSA.  My own foolish mother, Sherry Roberts was also eager to destroy our family with lies, although she doesn't attend DBC.

9-26-11 -- KGOV - War on Drugs:  Bob claims: God prohibits drunkenness because a drunk is an unacceptable risk to society and to himself. Marijuana is dangerous and makes you stupid...

9-28-11 -- KGOV -- Bob & Doug on Pot: Married to Mary Jane: The decriminalization and legalization for “medical” purposes of marijuana is forcing many Christian churches to confront many complex issues...

* 10-5-11 -- Second "anonymous" call to Adams County Social Services is made by Dani Kekoa's mother Sherry Roberts and brother, the pathological liar, Dana Machado, aka "Lil Dune Buggy" projection of a pedophile and the closet-case homosexual, "Robert Berger" who has been sending me nasty Hate Mail  messages since 2010.

* 10-6-11 -- Adams County Social Services First Visit to Kekoa's home on extremely lengthy, bizarre and alarming false allegations of violent child abuse, dangerous drug use and grossly neglectful parenting. We exercised our 4th amendment right and decided not to talk to the Social Worker until we obtained our lawyer through HSLDA since "educational neglect" was among the laundry list of LIES.

* 10-8-11 -- Bob Enyart Email to Kekoas sent after Will Duffy contacted pastor Bob while he was out of town to tell him Kim Bowman posted about us on Facebook - Subject: "I heard the news that I hope isn't true, that social services has somehow inserted themselves into your family.  If this is true, with my lengthy and unfortunate history with such harassment, I don't know if there is any way me doing anything publicly could help..." 

10-17-11 -- KGOV - Why Marijiana Should Be Illegal:  Neighbors and Gross Negligence: Doug McBurney and Bob Enyart present arguments for why marijuana should remain illegal.  Potheads put first-responders, children, neighbors and society at the increased kind of risk that God does not require us to tolerate...

* 10-24-11 -- Adams County Issues Kekoa Family an Investigatory Court Order to "Produce all six children for interview and examination" because we, as abusive parents, were accused of putting our children's lives in such extreme danger that it was reported our children might be dead in our basement. Among the false allegations were physical abuse, neglecting child with special needs, educational neglect, medical neglect, drug exposed child, substance use, and incapable parent due to drug abuse.
*NOTE: The language in this Court Order was nearly verbatim to the dozens of false alerts that have circulated online since our UNFOUNDED report by "NotBob" or "Pothead Parents" and other "No Name" anonymous cowards of Denver Bible Cult.

*10-28-11 -- Kekoas ask friends and elders of Denver Bible Cult to write character reference letters for our family to present to Social Services the following Monday. This was also a test to see who we could trust since everyone was a suspect in our mind.  We received over a dozen letters speaking praises of our family, but only one from a DBC elder, Jame Craddock. Will Duffy and Gordon Carroll "let it fall through the cracks" or were too busy to make time to write.  Read honest character reference letters by Jennifer Mason and Kimberly Kay Bowman before we knew they were skilled in the art of deception and capable of such sophisticated schemes.

* 10-31-11 -- Curtis and Dani Kekoa bring all six children in for interviews and examinations to Adams County. After the Social Workers spent several hours with our oldest four children individually, it was determined that all six children were happy, healthy looking and all their needs were being met.

* 11-1-11 -- MASS Email to entire church and beyond from Pastor Bob Enyart Denver Bible Cult - Subject: "Dear DBC, our friends the Kekoas are hurt and possibly angry…" 
In the middle of a Social Services investigation, Enyart released this six page letter plus 3 page attachment on Why Marijuana Should Be Illegal to explain why we might possibly be angry at him - Gee, I wonder why? *TRUTH: Social Services Conspiracy Cover-Up - Marijuana JIHAD, Self-Defense Letter, LIES & Enyart's Confessions.  Sin is revealed in a multitude of words, and we all know that our sin will find us out one day.

* 11-7-11 -- Curtis and Dani Kekoa are questioned separately by Social Workers while Jennifer Mason watches our six children.  The interviews go well as a formality and Adams County rushes to close our case realizing we have been wrongly accused and unjustly targeted as a family, reporting: 
"They are a close family and work together as a family..."

* 11-8-11 -- *LATE* Character Reference Letter to Social Services for the Kekoas - "It is hard to find the words to express..." - Impulse email after the fact - by Pastor Bob Enyart, Denver Bible Cult

* 11-17-11 -- ALL allegations of child abuse and neglect were UNFOUNDED and Adams County Closed the case.  Despite these findings, numerous and continued false reports by our guilty accusers have been called in and posted all over the Internet on various news sites and blogs.

*  1-25-12 -- BOB ENYART X-POSED: IT'S BEEN CONFIRMED - DO WE HAVE YOUR ATTENTION? ~ "One Day All Secrets Will Be Revealed..." - Anonymous comments by "Crazy-Are-U" "curtislikesboys" "NotBob" and countless others are by Bob Enyart, Kimberly Kay Bowman, Jennifer Mason and Dana Machado - These are shared fake IDs among the cult, but their IP addresses told the TRUTH thanks to SiteMeter.com.

* 2-24-12 -- Read the book “To Train Up A Child”…... And If You Get Reported To Social Services For Child Abuse, ALL Charges Will Be UNFOUNDED!   Cult leader, Bob Enyart of Denver Bible Church used the opening line in the false report saying that my husband, Curtis and I are: "Fundamentalist Christians who base their doctrine of physical discipline on a book called 'To Train Up a Child' which encourages excessive physical discipline..."

I know, I know….Why would Bob call Social Services, with a last name like "Enyart" & a conviction of child-abuse on his record, especially when he promotes the book TTUAC himself?  It's called a *RED HERRING* and it's what cult leaders do...Doctrines of Demons, Speaking LIES in HYPOCRISY!

* 2-29-12 -- Homeschooling Pothead Parents Destroy Children's Minds - A mock hate Facebook page that was launched by Bob Enyart and faithfully updated by cult members by the hour for over three months. *About: “Paranoia that consumes a family because the parents are potheads.  When you have 6 kids, get stoned, beat 'em, and keep 'em out of society!” 

* 3-23-12 -- TIMELINE of Flip-Flopping: Denver Bible Cult Guilty Accusers Falling for the "Trap" on Homeschooling Pothead Page and Huffington Post

 * 3-12 & 5-12 -- Huffington Post DOCUMENT DUMP:  Pastor Bob Adolph Enyart: Publicity Stunts on Medical Marijuana & Gay Marriage (Over 50 items)

* 4-1-12 -- Kult of Konspiracy - "To Train Up a Child in a Nutshell" - See one of the dozen of FALSE ALERTS to the public asking Adams County Social Services to re-open our case, claiming my husband and are dangerous child abusers with severe mental issues....going on about drug abuse, educational neglect and life threatening situations, often closing the false alert by saying, "we wonder how children die."

* 6-16-12 -- Read "Tom Whiting's" post by Cult Leader, Bob Enyart on the unsubstantiated & paranoid accusations made by the Kekoa family - It's time for the "truth to be revealed" on this page...so says a lying Convicted Child-Abuser.

*6-12 & 7-12 -- DOCUMENT DUMP - The Daily Beast & Religion Dispatches - PersonhoodUSA Puff Piece & Vandalism - "DEAD EYE" Masons & Censored Comments*
(40 Items)

* 9-7-12 -- The "DOCUMENT DUMP" Reverse Ransom Note to Convicted Child-Abuser, Pastor Bob Adolph Enyart of Denver Bible Cult  -- Mr. Adolph Enyart, Listen carefully! We are a homeschooling family with six children that represents a small foreign faction of Truth. We do not respect your ShadowGov business, but the country that we serve has been a minister in our favor. At this time we have all of your Documents in our possession. If you don’t want the entire world to see your secrets that have been concealed since the 1990’s, you must follow our instructions to the letter... 

* 10-9-12 -- KGOV - Bob Enyart LIES & Tom Tancredo on Pot - This Show was aired on just 5 days after Jessica Ridgeway was Abducted - WHY won't the "pro-life" pastor in CO talk about this crime on the radio?

* 10-25-12 -- VIDEO by Dani Kekoa "EXPERIENCED KILLER" - The FBI is Coming Bob ADOLPH Enyart LIES - Don't be deceived by the recent arrest in the Missing Jessica Ridgeway from Westminster, CO kidnapping, murder & dismemberment case - There is a sophisticated larger underground ShadowGov conspiracy in this child-killing Satanic ring of ritualistic abuse against children involving countless unknown political assassins led by Convicted Child-Abuser "Pastor" Bob Enyart of Denver Bible Cult in Arvada, CO.

Like the BTK killer once said in the book Unholy Messenger, he had “always been amazed at how easily the police and the public could be misled, by just a few misdirected clues. People weren’t nearly as smart as they thought they were.” 




December 24, 2012

The "Small Foreign Faction" DNA = Bob Enyart's ShadowGov: JonBenet Ramsey Murder - The Clue That Breaks the Case

DNA doesn't LIE - Religious Psychopath Serial Child-Killers Do! 

*Read my entire analysis here with comments from legend Detective, Lou Smit:
*Listen online to “The Clue That Breaks The Case” at Bob Enyart LIES 
(Sept 14, 2006 & re-run Dec 25, 2006)
Web Archive of the ShadowGov JonBenet Case File:
10/8/1999 -- 11/13/1999  -- 1/19/2001 -- 4/23/2001  

Notice the drastic transition in the story from 1999-2001. 
On Jan. 1, 2001  “The Death of Innocence”  mass market paperback book by the Ramsey's was released.

Founder of ShadowGov.com, Pastor Bob Enyart of Denver Bible Church: A Twice Divorced, Adulterer, Porn Addict, Convicted Child-Abuser, a "Christian" radio talk-show host (KGOV.com), "prolife" spokesman for American Right to Lifeas well as the "key" person" behind PersonhoodUSA and other phony “pro-life” organizations.
*Robert Adolph Enyart’s Arrest Record & Criminal Record in Colorado
(Source Colorado Bureau of Investigation)

*ShadowGov leader Bob Enyart is a Sadistic Serial Child-Killer in a "Small Foreign Faction" waiting for All Secrets to Be Revealed! 

The Small Foreign Faction” responsible for the JonBenet Ramsey murder and framing her parents for the crime includes the following "Fat Cat" underground Satanic “Group of Individuals” who have been bound together for over twenty years: Master-mind Pastor Bob Enyart who admittedly wants to take over the country, his long-time supporter dirty Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Deputy and snuff-style horror novelist, Gordon Carroll , Ex-US Marine, catamite friend and BEL Co-Host, Doug McBurney, who also has a business called Bound Media & Management Inc. in addition to Doug’s YouTube accounts under BoundInc & TheSuperPsychoKiller.  Other long-time criminal offenders such as Kenneth Tyler Scott and countless unknown political assassins belong to ShadowGov.

Take note that Ken Scott was locked up in a mental institution during Christmas in 1995 for his on-going harassment and homicidal behavior against abortionist, Dr. Warren Hern.  Ken filed a $10 Million law suit against Dr. Hern, mental heath professional Dr. Graybill, and the entire Boulder Police Dept. just nine days before JonBenet Ramsey was found dead in her parent's basement the day after Christmas 1996. Of course Ken lost that law-suit and a restraining order was placed against him.  Just two months prior to this notorious tragedy, Bob Enyart also had a restraining order placed against him on Oct 24, 1996 by his (now dead) ex-wife Krista Lynn Crisler for leaving deep purple bruising and welts on his two sons. (*Read Enyart's Pre-Sentence Child-Abuse Report). Both men spent the Christmas holiday away from their own children that year, protesting the "child-killers" in hypocrisy up in Boulder, CO as a political statement, which later turned into a Satanic Ritual Abuse sacrifice around midnight in mockery on the day of the Lord Jesus Christ's birth.

*Daxis = Son of the Devil - The online ID of the killer writes in riddles just like Enyart. In 2006, pedophile John Mark Karr was used as another distraction in the Ramsey case and falsely confessed to the unsolved murder, but DNA did not match so no charges were made. The true identity of this monster who murdered JonBenet Ramsey fits the definition of Daxis = Robert Adolph Enyart = 666 = The Son of Satan in the flesh.

A more recent criminal co-conspirator includes CRAZY BPD Lady, and founder of Colorado Missing Children's Foundation, Kimberly Kay Bowman. The combination of these clinically-ill characteristics makes these ShadowGov men (and women) textbook cases as dangerous threats to society. The FBI is aware of this and is currently investigating these criminal cases as hundreds of tips have been received...So NOW we just wait for Calamity to Come Suddenly so these Child-Killers are brought to Justice!

*Bob Enyart says I'm a "mentally-ill nut-job" and he doesn't want you to read what the BoulderPD received: JonBenet Ramsey Ransom Note - Bob Enyart's ShadowGov = Small Foreign Faction - w/ Notes by Dani Kekoa 

On December 25, 1996 the JonBenet Ransom Note was signed by the ShadowGov political assassins ~ "Victory! S.B.T.C"
*S.B.T.C* = *Strangle Bind Torture Children* 
*S.B.T.C* = *Shadowgov Breaks The Case*


*More Clues That Break The Case - One month before Jessica Ridgeway was abducted and her backpack was found in a "Large Brown Paper Bag":
 The "DOCUMENT DUMP" Reverse Ransom Note to Convicted Child-Abuser, Pastor Bob Adolph Enyart of Denver Bible Cult

*TRUTH: The JonBenet Ramsey murderer has returned - Parents, keep your babies close and away from this dangerous MONSTER:
"EXPERIENCED KILLER" - The FBI is Coming Bob ADOLPH Enyart LIES - Jessica Ridgeway's Murder & DISMEMBERMENT

*PROOF* - Read JonBenet Ransom note, along with Bob Enyart's & Ken Scott's court case files below in the comments...