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October 25, 2012

"EXPERIENCED KILLER" - The FBI is Coming Bob ADOLPH Enyart LIES - Jessica Ridgeway's Murder & DISMEMBERMENT

First read: 

Don't be deceived by the recent arrest of Austin reed Sigg in the Missing Jessica Ridgeway from Westminster, CO kidnapping, murder & dismemberment case - There is a sophisticated larger underground ShadowGov conspiracy in this child-killing Satanic ring of ritualistic abuse against children involving countless unknown political assassins led by Convicted Child-Abuser "Pastor" Bob Enyart of Denver Bible Cult in Arvada, CO. Co-conspirator, "Kimberly" Kay Bowman & her 4th husband Scott are under the hot microscope for taking donations from the Ridgeway family and making a phony Facebook page after conspiring with Jessica's KILLER. Kimberly & Scott have also been involved in a criminal conspiracy to take children away from their parents and they have been deeply involved with the man who kidnapped & dismembered Jessica, the same man who MURDERED JonBenet Ramsey in 1996 - THIS IS SICK & TWISTED!  Doug McBurney, ShadowGov member and BEL co-host was also mysteriously missing from the studio too in the days right after Jessica's abduction.

CALL IN LIVE 1-800-8-ENYART at 3:00pm weekdays to ask Bob WHY he LIES!  He ignored this tragedy since day one....But once an arrest was made on Oct 23, 2012, Bob & Doug FINALLY mention the MURDER and did a show titled Justice for Jessica--in HYPOCRISY of course as Religious Psychopaths do -"RIGHTEOUS JUDGEMENT" is coming ShadowLurkers - We are looking forward to it! ;-)

On Oct 15, 2012, ten days after Jessica Ridgeway disappeared, "Pro-life" Pastor Bob started off his radio show saying "If you don't have anything good to say about the dead, don't say anything at all....."   - SILENCE............

Then Bob started talking about the weather. Dani Kekoa, mother of six, called in twice on Bob Enyart Live to get on the air but Darrell Birkey answered and hung up when I ask why BOB is talking about Global Warming and NOT Jessica Ridgeway who was DISMEMBERED right down the street from his home & studio. Called right back and Al Sharin (Bob's father-in-law) answered, then hung up immediately when Dani said that the FBI is coming for ALL of them for what they did to that poor girl. Called back a 3rd time & left a message on the KGOV answering machine to let them ALL know that they are SCREWED! Child-Killing Cowards - Don't even have the balls to talk to a homeschooling "pothead" mother of six - Wonder what "Pastor" Bob is so afraid of?

*Read these Clues That Break The Case:

 *Want to know some of what this "pro-life pastor" Bob Enyart has to hide???
The JonBenet Ramsey murderer has returned & this "EXPERIENCED & SKILLED" Child-Predator is Still Out There Lurking in the Shadows:
*From the Legend Detective on the Ramsey murder case - 

 “The person I see doing this is a very vicious, brutal criminal, perhaps a sadistic pedophile. Never recorded history where a family member -- a mother or a father has garroted their child. Child strangulation is very rare. Usually when a person is involved in the death of their child, the child is hit on the head or pushed into something, to take -- to take a piece of rope, fashion a garrote, put it on the child's neck, she is definitely struggling at the time that this is put on the neck, there are fingernail marks in her neck, which suggest very strongly, that she was awake, when this happened. But what I see in this crime is not an accidental murder. This is not a little doink on the head, and I think I killed my daughter, so I'm go going into this massive staging. I see a brutal first-degree murder. I see a very violent death of JonBenet. I see someone fashioning a garrote and putting it around her neck. I see someone tightening that garrote to control her. I see someone taking that handle and pulling it very violently tight and killing her. Whoever killed JonBenet is a criminal who knows these things. There is nothing in the background of the Ramseys to indicate any type of psychological problems, any type of anger that would be directed toward their daughter. There is just no background which suggests that the Ramseys would even know how to do these things...When we find who murdered JonBenet and dig into his background, we're going to find many more crimes he has committed.”

JonBenet Ramsey Ransom Note: Bob Enyart's ShadowGov = Small Foreign Faction - Notes by Dani Kekoa 

This has been a work in progress, but in light of the recent child murders & abductions in the CO area, I thought I would blow the whistle a little sooner on who murdered JonBenet Ramsey so the community can be aware of the MONSTER among us. Some changes still may be made, but here it is...Boulder PD &  Westminster PD have a copy too! ;-)

 Founder of ShadowGov.com, Pastor Bob Enyart of Denver Bible Church: A Twice Divorced, Adulterer, Porn Addict, Convicted Child-Abuser, a "Christian" radio talk-show host (KGOV.com), "prolife" spokesman for American Right to Life, as well as the "key" person" behind PersonhoodUSA and other “pro-life” organizations.

Bob Enyart is also the Religious Psychopath Killer who organized Dylan Redwine's abduction and MURDER & Bob is currently trying to frame the father for the crime.


***UPDATE - 2 YEARS LATER 2014***


On JULY 16, 2012 -- Westminster Police Detective Dave Galbraith meets with Curtis Kekoa to discuss the self-inflicted vandalism done by the leaders of PersonhoodUSA, Keith & Jennifer Mason to their own home as a publicity stunt after failing to get $250,000 from their "pro-life" supporters and to discuss other criminal activity done by the Masons. *Watch (Over 1 FULL HOUR of PROOF) => 2012-07-16 | Westminster PD: PROOF PersonhoodUSA Keith & Jennifer Mason, "Pastor" Bob Enyart & Kimberly Kay Bowman = CRIMINALS & FRAUDS

ANTI-CHOICE, ANTI-GOVERNMENT & ANTI-POT PREACHER IN COLORADO WANTED FOR MURDER - GOT PROOF?  PersonhoodUSA X-Posed - LISTEN to this recording with Westminster PD from TWO YEARS AGO proving that the leaders in the PersonhoodUSA movement are VIOLENT CRIMINALS & FRAUDS who are continuing to organize high-profile Satanic crime all across Colorado.  Less than two months after this interview, Jessica Ridgeway was abducted, murdered and dismembered by an "experienced killer," and NOW history is repeating itself AGAIN as these criminals are currently involved in a conspiracy against Mark Redwine, father of Dylan Redwine who was also abducted and murdered by the same ShadowGov "small foreign faction" organization that murdered JonBenet Ramsey and Jessica Ridgeway.

Contact Westminster PD Detective Dave Galbraith at 303-658-4234 and ask him to follow up on this important info...

For more TRUTH X-Posed about *The Kult of Konspiracy* visit:


  1. *ROTFLMAO - So in nearly 20 years of radio, today - Two days AFTER an arrest was made in the Missing Jessica Ridgeway from Westminster, CO (page owned by criminal "Kimberly" Bowman) Convicted Child-Abuser & Satainc Cult leader "Pastor" - Bob Enyart Live avoids talking about the video Dani Kekoa released today warning him that the FBI is COMING - Instead, it's "Theology Thursdays" where he plays Sunday's sermon to aviod the heat. Then when Dani posted the video message on 100's of "pro-life" cult supporters, all of the sudden I got blocked and they no longer want to be "friends" AWE - HMMMM? Wonder what everyone is so afraid of - Cover Blown perhaps?

    1. THE WORLD'S MOST EVIL SERIAL KILLER is ShadowGov Founder: Pastor Bob Enyart
      DOB 1-10-59
      FBI# - 678532LA7
      CO License# - CO368941

      Denver Bible Church# - 800-836-9278
      Other phone numbers: 303 463-7789, 303-883-2435, 303-881-0376, 303-667-4918, Call his Google# 720-515-5468

      Contact this UNREPENTANT CHILD-KILLER by Email:

      Protest his home addresses or bring him to justice: 6126 BRAUN COURT, ARVADA CO, 80004

      And listen to DenverBibleChurch.org cult leader Bob Enyart's news talk show on the web at KGOV.com, and call Bob’s show weekdays at 1‑800‑8Enyart at 5:00 p.m. E.T. Meeting off of 72nd & Oak Street in Arvada, CO




    3. A little something about DIRTY DEPUTY GORDON CARROLL, PART-TIME HORRIBLE SLASHER WRITER (www.gordoncarroll.com) and ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART'S SLAVE......from the Denver Westword in 1999:

      "Enyart is also supported by a handful of law-enforcement officers around the Denver area. One, a suburban deputy sheriff and converted atheist with ten years on the force who wishes to stay anonymous, declares, "The justice system we have now is a farce, and after reading the Bible and attending one of Bob's criminal-justice seminars, I realized that the Bible already had a relevant criminal-justice system in there and that it would work. People think we want to put thousands to death, but the truth is, we want to put no one to death -- and with a swift justice system with flogging and things like that, we wouldn't have to, because people wouldn't commit those crimes."


      KNOCK KNOCK.......


    4. *NEWS ALERT: ShadowGov founder, pastor Bob Adolph Enyart of Denver Bible Cult in. Arvada, CO is Guilty of MURDERING Jonbenet Ramsey in her parents home on Christmas Day in 1996.....To this day he has gotten away with framing John & Patsy for murder, despite the PROOF of DNA from a foreign white male intruder. ShadowLurker, Bob is also responsible for the kidnapping, murder & DISMEMBERMENT of Jessica Ridgeway - this was NOT the work of an lone-teenage gamer. If at any point Mr. Adolph thinks the Kekoas are being less than honest or if he believes we are defaming his good character, surely he will have enough integrity to contact the Kekoas and ask them to stop lying. But since Bob has relentlessly tried to take our six children away since last year by making multiple false reports to Social Services, he has not responded to any of our dozens of attempts or contacts to confront the issue. Instead, Dani got hung up on when calling the BEL studio so Bob sent "anonymous" posers from the cult like "Tom Whiting" & "Curtis Cocoa" to pass the message along that Bob says we are "paranoid & delusional from pot" and has ignored us because he thinks the Kekoas are "insignificant" to him and not worth his precious time. So since "pastor" Bob has ignored the TRUTH and doesn't want to debate these criminal accusations against him, we shall assume it's only a matter of moments before the FBI comes and charges the entire ShadowGov mafia with horrendous conspiracy crimes against humanity & innocent children. Tic-Toc-Tic-Toc.... YAY ~ VICTORY!

    5. ANY DOUBTS on Doug McBurney's involvement in Missing Jessica Ridgeway from Westminster, CO - Listen to the following Thursday's show after she died (Oct. 11th) - Doug was nowhere to be found while the search went on, but he was back in studio sounding high as a kite as they mock Tom Tancredo claiming his arguments against the war on drugs is immoral.
      Bob brilliant argument, "The war on child molestation is ineffective."
      "The war on murder is ineffective."
      "The war on wife beating is ineffective."


      Here's Tuesday's show Oct 9th....days after this hit NATIONAL NEWS! http://kgov.com/tom-tancredo-on-pot

      * Bob Enyart Debates a Former Presidential Candidate on Pot: Tom Tancredo ventures into the BEL studio to argue for his position, which Bob describes as immoral, that Tancredo wants to decriminalize even the recreational use of marijuana.

      * Examples of Tancredo's Contradictions: Bob made an effort to show that, because Tancredo does not have a moral foundation for his position, it is not surprising that Tom contradicted himself with every one of his arguments. Tom Tancredo says that he wants to legalize marijuana but not other drugs like crack, heroine, cocaine, etc. The following loose transcript is representative of the entire debate. Tom says... Bob reveals...
      "I'm for legalizing pot, but not other drugs" "Tom, all your arguments apply to other drugs also."
      "No they don't" "Let's see..."
      "It's a person's right to get high." "Tom, that would apply to cocaine also."
      "No it wouldn't."
      "The federal gvt has no right to criminalize pot" "That would apply to cocaine also."
      "No it wouldn't."
      "The war on drugs is ineffective" "That would apply to cocaine also."
      "So what?" "Tom, I'm showing that your arguments are invalid and even contradictory."
      "You're not." "The war on child molestation is ineffective."
      "So what?" "The war on murder is ineffective."
      "So what?" "The war on wife beating is ineffective."
      "What does that have to do with anyting?" "You don't go from ineffective to surrender in a moral fight."
      "What right does the gvt have to criminalize pot?" "The Bible shows that gross negligence is actionable."
      "Smoking pot doesn't hurt other people" "God doesn't require society to put up with the risk of human beings who lose control of their faculties by being high, whether by getting drunk or high from other drugs."
      "Getting drunk doesn't put others at risk" "Drunks put first responders and others at risk."
      "No they don't" "Drunks and people high think they drive better, and make harmful decisions."
      "Getting drunk doesn't put others at risk" "We ban shooting in City Park because of gross negligence."
      "So what" "It's grossly negligent to permit people to get drunk and take drugs the normal use of which makes people high."
      "Mexican cartels benefit from pot criminalization" "That would apply to Afghan cocaine drug lords also?"
      "So what?" "Tom, that shows that your arguments are arbitrary, and you contradict yourself."

      * Other Tancredo Tidbits: Tom broke the news, sad but not surprising, that Focus on the Family will not oppose the legalization of pot. He wrongly criticized Mike Huckabee for giving us John McCain as the presidential nominee when that was squarely Mitt Romney's fault, whom Tom endorsed even though Colorado RTL had shared with Tom, in person, Romney's recent and aggressively pro-abortion record, as well as Mitt's rpro-homosexual marrige, pro-government health care reform with the individual mandate, etc., record.

    6. If you have any doubt listen to this Bob Enyart Live show 2006: Merry Christmas! Today we are sadly reminded of the need for Christ's first and second comings, because:
      * Tonight is the 10-year Anniversary: of JonBenet's murder. Bob Enyart's solution to the case is gaining popularity. Wikipedia.org lists Bob's Clue that Breaks the Case in the External Links section of their JonBenet Ramsey article, and we regularly receive emails (Bob@KGOV.com) thanking us for the powerful and convincing summary of the evidence.
      * FBI Agents Working: on the Ramsey case observed that sex offenders never leave ransom notes, nor ask for money; and kidnappers-for-profit do not first molest the child in the home, and certainly never leave the victim behind. But wait till you hear the Clue that Breaks the Case (or read it at ShadowGov.com)! http://kgov.com/bel/20061225

      Be sure to read this in the context of a religious psychopath who kidnapped, raped, tortured & murdered Jonbenet Ramsey - then framed the parents for over 12 years until DNA proved that there was an unidentified male intruder. ShadowGov JonBenet Ramsey Murder - The Clue that Breaks the Case - by Pastor Bob Enyart of Denver Bible Church (Cult)

      "If the whole truth could be discerned, it would explain every piece of evidence, because real events produced every bit of the crime scene. Sometimes, a single key opens many doors, and one piece pulls the puzzle together. JonBenet’s murderer inadvertently put the key piece of evidence into the ransom note."

      ShadowGov: http://shadowgov.com/Ramsey/ramsey.html




      DOB 1-10-59 | Social Security # 152-60-4382 | FBI # 678532LA7 | CO License # CO368941



      Watch videos "pro-life" cult leader Bob Enyart (the inadequate little bitch serial killer) can't do a thing about here: BOB ENYART LIES PLAYLIST

      Google "Bob Enyart 666 Arrest Record" & "Bob Enyart JonBenet Ransom Note"


    8. WATCH: "DEAD BODIES EVERYWHERE" - http://youtu.be/o8-2Y7-9JNU



      DOB 1-10-59 | Social Security # 152-60-4382 | FBI # 678532LA7 | CO License # CO368941



      Watch videos "pro-life" cult leader Bob Enyart (the inadequate little bitch serial killer) can't do a thing about here: BOB ENYART LIES PLAYLIST

      Google "Bob Enyart 666 Arrest Record" & "Bob Enyart JonBenet Ransom Note"


  2. *ADOLPH will do anything to avoid talking about the TRUTH on his radio show at KGOV.com: At the end of the week it's "Real Science Fridays" with pseudo-scientist, faggot Fred Williams who has been in bed with Bob for years. *BRAND NEW (since Dani told him the FBI is coming) - It's "Theology Thursdays" & Biblical understanding time. Mid-week Bob's slaveboy, Doug *BoundInc* McBurney is in studio doing the "Weakass Worldview Wednesdays"...SO perhaps they can speak of what's really going on in the ShadowGov underground on the first two days - "Murder Mondays" & "Torture Tuesdays" - Come on, Bobby boy - don't you want to debate this issue among reasonable people???

    1. From the Kekoas...Once we obtained a copy of the Social Services report and read all the words of our accusers, it CONFIRMED our initial suspicions that were (and still are) being targeted by certain members of Denver Bible Cult, and we are continually being falsely accused by the same cowards who think it’s cute to hide behind a “cloak of confidentially” - foolishly assuming that can conceal their secrets forever, and still believing that abuse and manipulation of the child welfare system would result in the destruction of our family. But what they meant for evil, God has used for good. In the State of Colorado, since all of the allegations were UNFOUNDED, "confidentiality" does not apply when the accused is innocent and the accuser is GUILTY of conspiring to bear false witness, so we plan to pursue this to the fullest extent of the law.

      The tragic truth about our situation is that we were falsely accused and betrayed by former church friends and close family members whom we trusted and allowed in our home, not knowing we were under their disapproving scrutiny as a double-agent the whole time. Because certain people had an unholy ax to grind with us for whatever reason, Bob Enyart sought out revenge after we left his cult once we discovered the level of corruption from within his life and organizations, and he began a character assassination campaign to defame us as parents. For our family, leaving a cult has proved to be the most dangerous, evil, out-of-control, ominous, power-abusing agency around, led by a Serial Relationship Killer, who makes CPS look like a bunch of Care Bears. But we aren't easily intimidated by career-bullies who claim to be Christians, and we have nothing to fear because now we have the law on our side as we move forward in this criminal investigation against our accusers and continue to release evidence to the public.

      Referral/Assessment Summary [Actual language in the report]
      Overall Findings: Report Unfounded by Adams County Social Services

      “There are no children likely to be in danger of severe harm. No further safety action is necessary. Parents met the basic needs of their children including food, clothing, and shelter. Parents ensure that they are a close family and work together as a family. Parents provide their children with a proper education and attend to their medical needs when necessary. This assessment is being closed and is unfounded for physical abuse, educational neglect, medical neglect, and injurious environment due to parental substance use. All of the children's needs are being met. At this time, no additional services are being put into the home.”


    *Curtis Cocoa* aka Bob Enyart said: "You're obviously mentally ill to continually harass this Bob Enyart character, and to believe this is a conspiracy with no regard for her death and her families tragedy, or those involved in your community. You've lost touch with reality and what's right/wrong. You need to seek help for the sake of your kids."

    See profile here: https://www.facebook.com/curtis.cocoa
    Curtis Cocoa
    Worked at unemployed (Domestic Angry Dictator)
    Lives in Northglenn, Colorado


      · Prosecutors often fail to convict parents who murder a child, because most people cannot even imagine committing such a crime. Sadly, however, Susan Smith drowned her two young boys, just as thousands of parents have murdered their own children, and countless fathers have molested their daughters. Such brutality does happen, and society’s mindset disregarding such behavior results in more victims.

      [*Notice the mention of Susan Smith, a well-known child-killer universally despised by the public - Automatically grouping Patsy Ramsey with a guilty, cold-blooded mother who staged the murder and later confessed to the crime. This was an example of how Bob inflames the minds of the reader which allows him to gain influence as he conditions his audience to vilify the Ramseys further.]

      · As a six-year-old beauty queen, JonBenet was publicly sexualized by her parents, dressed provocatively, and coached to saunter like a seductress.

      [*Spoken like a serious sexual predator who has pent-up rage and blames his victims for causing him to lust after them. Did the little beauty queen deserve to be punished, Bob?]

      · If the Ramseys murdered their daughter, possible motives include: parents blaming their daughter for their own sexual abuse of her; jealousy of mother toward daughter; sexual incident getting further out of hand than planned; outburst of wrath after sexual assault unintentionally breaks child’s skull. The actual murder and kidnap scheme came about to cover up the initial crimes.

      [*By opening this accusation by saying, “IF the Ramseys murdered their daughter...” he knows that this is part of his “free-speech” so he can get away with libel as he confesses to the crime in code. Pastor Bob speaks of this scenario as though he were close personal friends with the Ramseys or offered them crisis marriage counseling. How does he know all these particulars about the family? What gives Bob such an intimate understanding of John and Patsy’s “possible motives” which would lead them to violently rape and “unintentionally” murder their own helpless, precious 6 year-old daughter after a fun-filled Christmas day celebration with family and friends?]

      Complete ShadowGov Analysis with links: https://docs.google.com/document/d/12O4wtmCpgdHKiOxDO5zosDH6RibPXaAZRiOB0bizm0o/edit

    2. ShadowGov Murder Cover-Up cont: http://www.shadowgov.com/Ramsey/ramsey.html

      Much of the ransom note is inconceivable from the perspective of an intruder, such as the compliment of “respect” paid to the Ramsey business. But the clue that breaks the case is the phrase, “I advise you to be rested.” No theory of an intruder can explain that phrase, nor much of the above evidence against the Ramseys. However, that key phrase explains the evidence, both the damning and the exculpatory. And it shouts that the parents murdered their daughter and then worked to throw the police off the trail.

      [*Actually, this SHOUTS that the intruder has put a lot of thought into these details into this crime so people would suspect the Ramseys of murder and strategically worked to throw the police off the trail from the beginning since they clearly have knowledge of police countermeasures and tactics. And part of the “brilliant strategy” is that the murderers will publicly post an inflammatory piece online like this that defames the parents in the worst possible way and points to the “proof” in the “Clues that Break the Case” while patting themselves on the back while getting away with murder. Only those with extreme biased, dull minds or something to hide would believe that any part of this crime is “inconceivable from the perspective of an intruder" - Unless it's the perspective of the intruder. ShadowGov has been revealed for their sins in a multitude of words. Deception is their weapon and women (wives) take orders from the men. It’s possible that one of them wrote the ransom note too.]

    3. On that Christmas night, after Patsy put her son to bed, John began to sexually abuse his daughter. One form of destructive behavior led to another and at midnight, in a burst of anger and emotion, Patsy struck her daughter in the head, cracking her skull. They realized the severity of the wound, and that JonBenet was near dead. Neither wanted to be caught, so they began to conceal their crimes. First, they strangle her, which both gets rid of her, and makes what would have been an accidental death appear to be deliberate. Then they planned to dispose of any damning evidence, but realized that, without evidence pointing to someone else, they would be the only suspects. So, if they were to survive, the resourceful Ramseys would have to rework the crime scene to point to an intruder.

      [*Again, Bob Enyart speaks with authority as though he were having an out-of-body experience and was watching the entire crime taking place. How does he know all these critical details “proving” the "resourceful" Ramseys murdered JonBenet?]

      [*DETECTIVE LOU SMIT: “I believe that the killer did take JonBenet from her bed. And brought her down to the deepest, farthest, dirtiest corner of that basement, and did fashion a garrote there that was used to strangle her. And that he did also stunt-gun her, very possibly, at that location. And then he also brutally hit her on the head with a blunt object. Perhaps, the kidnapper is also a sadistic pedophile, perhaps that was his intent all along. I don't know what was in the mind of the killer. All I know is that the killer fantasied making this garrote in his mind. He fantasized putting this around JonBenet's neck. He had to put a handle on this garrote. He had to put a noose on this garrote. He had to put it around JonBenet's neck, probably while she was still bound and had duct tape on her mouth, this is a fantasy in the mind of the killer. Why he did this, inside the house, I don't know.”]

      They decided to write a ransom note, which John began dictating to Patsy. As they wrote the note, they made mental notes about what evidence they must dispose of, and what evidence they could gather and plant to divert attention. Their note had to take into account that: it might take them hours to rework the crime scene; the neighbors may have already noticed the commotion and might watch the house or even call 911; John needed to leave the house to dispose of the roll of duct tape, the spool of cord, etc.; neighbors may notice them stirring in the house or might see John driving away or returning way past midnight.

      [*This is more of the projection of Bob’s plan as he made mental notes about the evidence to divert attention. Too bad he forgot that DNA doesn’t lie.]

      [*DETECTIVE LOU SMIT: “Don't make it complicated. If this is initially portrayed as a kidnapping and a murder, don't try to make it into something else. A ransom note was written. Somebody came into the Ramsey home, and they had with them duct tape. They had with them a rope. They had with them a stun gun. They had intended to do something that night. The victim was JonBenet...”]

    4. [*Detective LOU SMIT: “I would say that the person who did this to JonBenet with the violence and the brutality that he exhibited, that he has done this before, and I believe he will do it again. This type of a personality cannot stop...the Ramseys have no history whatsoever of any type of criminal activity. There is nothing to even suggest that they would entertain those thoughts, as far as being able to elaborately stage a crime like this. Whoever killed JonBenet is a criminal who knows these things. There is nothing in the background of the Ramseys to indicate any type of psychological problems, any type of anger that would be directed toward their daughter. There is just no background which suggests that the Ramseys would even know how to do these things.”]

      Bob Enyart: The unidentifiable DNA material under the fingernails was likewise collected by John, or by a few days of normal child’s play. That material did not come from an intruder, which would have suggested that JonBenet fought and struggled, getting the attention of her neighbors, but not her parents. To help explain to the police how they could have slept through the attack, Patsy Ramsey had taped their daughter’s mouth shut.

      [*How does Pastor Bob know with absolute certainty that the DNA material found under JBR’s fingernails did not come from an intruder? Why is he suggesting she didn’t fight or struggle during the violent attack? Also note, that to this day 2012, Bob Enyart claims the Ramseys murdered their daughter, despite the FACT that in July 9, 2008, prosecutors cleared the family of JonBenet Ramsey of all suspicion relating to her 1996 death using "touch DNA" technology. District Attorney, Mary Lacy wrote an apology saying the Ramseys's were "not responsible for the crime" and would be treated as "victims" from here on out. And it's only a matter of time before the real criminals are brought to justice - The FBI is coming for the ShadowGov "foreign faction" DNA very soon.
      *Watch video clip of "touch DNA" clearing the Ramseys => http://youtu.be/jvMcfMHsJY4 ]

    5. [*DETECTIVE LOU SMIT: “This case is probably one of a kind. I don't think you are going to run into a case like this again. But why, again, would a mother have to do all of these things if it is indeed Patsy that did this? There is also DNA under the little girl's fingernails, which would suggest very strongly foreign DNA. Perhaps they should throw it away if it don't mean anything. DNA is DNA. You have certain strong markers in DNA. It is foreign. It is male. It is in three different places. Don't take a good clue like that and just throw it away...you've got enough markers where you can at least point a very strong finger at someone if you catch him.”]

      Some may think this plan too involved for the Ramseys to pull off. However, John had built a successful defense contracting business, and Patsy had long ago managed to become Miss West Virginia. Further, they had help. Book author and FBI criminal profiler John Douglas wrote Mind Hunter, which reads in part like the JonBenet case in the use of duct tape, ligatures, and similar phrases in its ransom note. Investigators found that hardback in the Ramsey’s bedroom.

      [*This Mind Hunter book that was released four months before the murder and was likely a book that Bob Enyart studied for ideas since it was never found in the Ramsey’s bedroom or their mansion. According to someone by the name of Jameson on a forum called WebSleuths responding to Bob Enyart, John Douglas made that clear in his interviews that the Ramseys never heard of him until after the murder.

      Also, Bob is claiming that because John had built a successful defense contracting business, and Patsy became a beauty queen that makes it believable that they brutally raped and murdered their own daughter then cleverly staged the attack? The Ramseys are a “sharp” couple after all, as he said on his radio show. Spoken like a truly envious, religious psychopath child-killer who desperately needs to cover-up his sadistic sexual crimes.]

      Complete ShadowGov Analysis with links: https://docs.google.com/document/d/12O4wtmCpgdHKiOxDO5zosDH6RibPXaAZRiOB0bizm0o/edit

    6. Bob Enyart wrote this on ShadowGov.com about JonBenet Ramsey:
      "Some may think this plan too involved for the Ramseys to pull off. However, John had built a successful defense contracting business, and Patsy had long ago managed to become Miss West Virginia. Further, they had help. Book author and FBI criminal profiler John Douglas wrote Mind Hunter, which reads in part like the JonBenet case in the use of duct tape, ligatures, and similar phrases in its ransom note. Investigators found that hardback in the Ramsey’s bedroom."

      BOB ENYART LIES: We know this for a fact because John Douglas wrote about it in his book 'The Cases That Haunt Us', published in 2001. In the last part, chapter 6 is all about JonBenet Ramsey, about 100 pages. We would highly recommend reading it if possible because it's full of the clues that break the case. On pages 408-409 in a section titled 'Meeting the Ramseys', Mr. Douglas details how the Ramseys never heard of him before, much less read any of his books. On January 9, 1997 just weeks after JonBenet was murdered by Bob Enyart, Mr. Douglas meets John Ramsey for the first time.

      Here's the quote: (see attached pages 408-409)


      Around 9 A.M. on Thursday, January 9, I met with the Ramseys at Haddon, Morgan and Foreman law offices. The key meeting was with John...Patsy was not present for my initial interview with John.

      Upon meeting John Ramsey, I informed him who I was, shook his hand, and expressed my sorrow for his loss. As it turned out, there was some significance to the fact that neither he nor Patsy knew who I was. Subsequent to this, several sources, including Detective Steve Thomas, reported that Mindhunter, the first book I wrote with Mark, was on John Ramsey's nightstand. In this book we deal with staging crime scenes, and some speculate that one or both of the Ramseys had read it and "learned" how to outwit investigators to make it look as if someone from the outside had killed their child. First, I have to say that they—or anyone else—would not have learned this from reading this book. We didn't write a how-to course, and any good investigator would see though such a primitive attempt. Moreover, much as we would like to think everyone has read our books and know who we are, Mindhunter was not there on John's nightstand or elsewhere in the house, and I looked through the place carefully. Believe me, as an author you learn to spot your books anywhere and everywhere....This is just one small example of the mountain of erroneous information that has come out about this case. While I understand that John read Mindhunter after meeting me, he was completely unfamiliar with my work at the time of the crime.

      9-2012 | ShadowGov: Bob Enyart - JonBenet Ramsey Murder: The Clue That Breaks The Case - w/ Notes by Dani Kekoa & Detective Lou Smit


  4. Hey, ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART of ARVADA COLORADO where JESSICA RIDGEWAY'S BODY WAS FOUND. Call the Boulder Police at 303-441-3338, they're expecting your call. Make an appointment with Det Sgt Trujillo to discuss your twisted and perverted JonBenet Ramsey FANTASY and what you and your TERRORIST friends were doing Christmas Day 1996, because you certainly weren't with your sons. No sirree BOB, unlike JOHN and PATSY RAMSEY, you and slavewife CHERYL were childless that Christmas, because your now dead-under-mysterious-circumstances first exwife KRISTA had a restraining order placed against you only two months prior on 10/24/96 for beating your sons when they were "vacationing" with you that summer. You could only see your boys on the weekends, 8-8, no overnights, no holidays (and Christmas was on a Wednesday that year) since you like to HURT CHILDREN, boys in particular, just like that soft tissue SLAVEboy of yours, Mcburney. And you were COURT ORDERED to use NO CORPORAL PUNISHMENT ON YOUR SONS EVER, but of course that changed after Krista, your first exwife, died mysteriously on 3/9/99, just a couple weeks after you burned OJ's crap, coincidentally, because OJ MURDERED HIS EXWIFE AND GOT AWAY WITH IT. Wow. ENVY is a sin, yessirree BOB. Also, you were under COURT ORDER in 1996 to have no contact with the MAYNS BOYS, Cheryl's sons, because you were convicted of beating them relentlessly, as well. You weren't working, your lame show was CANCELLED thank GOD, and it was Christmas, you were at home, no children, BAD FATHER, no place to go except....hmmmmmm.....what were you doing that day? Oh, among other "things," you were protesting an abortionist's home, Dr Warren Hern of BOULDER COLORADO. Busy busy.

    BTW, don't forget to bring extra DNA with you to the Boulder Policer station, ENYART. THEY'RE GONNA WANT PLENTY OF IT. Yes, DNA - it's like God's way of saying "YOU'RE SCREWED" with a smile. I'm smiling. We're all smiling. Aren't you smiling. Turn that frown upside down and SMILE, CRIMINAL. Look good for the smoking gun. :)

    ADOLPH, know anything about a "small foreign faction" like your loony ShadowGov,com, or "beheadings," maybe a little something about "dismembering children" since you've been talking about it AD NAUSEUM, especially since 2008 when the Ramseys were exonerated, or anything about "Law enforcement countermeasures and tactics"? (Read the JonBenet ransom note.) Yes, you do, and so does GORDON CARROLL, a convenient Arapahoe County K9 Sheriff's Deputy, your CULTchurch ELDER and your personal "wordtripping" slaveboy / extremely poor slasher writer (terrible read, I assure everyone -- GordonCarroll.com) for over over 20 YEARS, UNFORTUNATELY, since the old DERBY CHURCH OF COMMERCE CITY COLORADO days. What, short on cash in 1996 because of the lawyers, say about $118,000? That reminds me of a verse you sickos know:

    PSALM 118:27b - "BIND the festival sacrifice with CORDS to the horns of the altar."

  5. here's your FBI# 678532LA7 -- wouldja believe the cops already had it?? not the Boulder cops, initially anyway, but they have it now....and a few other things....did the Boulder cops visit you yet, ADOLPH?? must be waiting for the go-ahead from the FBI.....anyway....

    .......you can verify it ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART (DOB 1/10/59) by calling 303-658-4336.....they're expecting your call .... BOY ARE THEY EXPECTING your call, friendly cops like Fred, one of many who want to beat your ass.....yes, we're talking about EVERY COP IN TOWN including the MAYNS who are COPS in YOUR TOWN OF ARVADA COLORADO, ENYART..... they know all about you ENYART, and believe me, they ALL want a piece of you....anyway, reach out and touch a cop, ADOLPH....no, not GORDON CARROLL....you've already *TOUCHED* HIM WAY TOO MUCH and he likes it too much, besides he doesn't count, he's not a real cop....no cop would ever be subject to you ADOLPH

    Anyhoo, VERIFY IT TODAY. Let us know if you also want to verify your driver license, social security, and whatever other numbers we got over here.....you're welcome, sweetie

  6. Hey, bob, you do realize the FBI is ALL OVER OUR US ON THE INTERNET, they're watching everything. You know this, you have to know this by now, which means you've REALLY LOST IT and you're probably ready to confess.....

  7. We see another one of your little plans BACKFIRING again, ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART DOB 1/10/59 with a FAT DISCOLORED UPPER LIP & MANBOOBS.....so, does this mean you like the new video about you?? http://youtu.be/-fH_2g9Xjbw

    The end is near.....oh, by the way, good job NOT COVERING YOUR CONNECTIONS TO THE SIGG FAMILY. Dang your stupid. Imagine what the FBI's found out about you by now?? Oooooooooo, and they're MUCH SMARTER THAN YOU, hahahahahaahahahahahahahahaahahahaha!!!!!


  9. the cops come for your DNA yet, you DNAhole?


    ....ah, ADOLPH, we're just playing around, the cops aren't watching, lighten up......you can go on about your usual racketeering on Colfax during the day, the cops won't be watching....promise.....

  10. ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART has been CONVICTED OF CHILD ABUSE TWICE, has been married TWICE, divorced THREE TIMES and has a criminal record longer than the WHIP HE USES ON THE SOFT-TISSUED FAVORITE.......duffy.....no, not you, mcburney....It's all about that MASTER/SLAVE BDSM thing, right ADOLPH?? all that stuff you used to watch as a kid.....you confessed it already on DVDs that you SOLD (past tense since no one buys your crap anymore.....ha ha!)

    here's your criminal record: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nFM6cJ04jyDkD7Kp-J_uUZGFWr57NhZWFxcJsaxEK9M/edit

  11. enyart's having a meltdown here.....https://www.facebook.com/governmentschools/posts/521232497906228?notif_t=feed_comment

  12. adolph, how's the full-blown fantasy life of yours coming along anyway?? from what i know about sick twisted faqs like you, REALITY IS FAR MORE WORSE THAN THE FANTASY. ah, soon, you won't have any more opportunities to perFECT that PERfect fantasy.....good thing, because you'll never achieve it anyway...and never have. you've failed all the other times, why should the next time be any less of a failure?? hmmmm??

  13. now i know why shadowlurkers are always getting beat up by women -- your foot soldiers are teenage boys, ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART -- no wonder why y'all have failed so many times. not even a bunch of girls.


    "if you'll permit the sarcasm" -ha ha! that's what you wrote to us last year, remember you SAP? HA! my, how things have changed in one year! so as for Bob Enyart Live, your WEAK radio *show* we have some ideas for you so you won't have to worry about talking about anything substantive as usual:

    -Murder Mondays

    -Torture Tuesdays

    -Wimpy Wednesdays

    -Thuper Thursdays

    -Faggy Fridays

    That's the new BOB ENYART LIVE daily lineup -crap crap and more crap that no one listens to. I crack myself up.

  15. what happened to KRISTA, ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART??? i mean, just two weeks before KRISTA MYSTERIOUSLY DIED on 3/9/99, you're burning OJ's crap on the LA courthouse steps in protest of OJ GETTING AWAY WITH MURDERING HIS WIFE. EH? what of it?! how much insurance did you have on KRISTA'S HEAD?? court docs say you had $100,000 on your head, which means you probably had $200,000 on Krista's! and what were you doing on Christmas night 1996, the same night JonBenet was strangled?? WHERE WERE YOU?? YOU WERE IN COLORADO, THAT'S FOR SURE!!!!!!! CHILDLESS, ALONE AND PISSED OFF.....WHY DO YOU HATE JOHN RAMSEY SO MUCH YOU ENVIOUS PUNK?! because JOHN RAMSEY was a SUCCESSFUL DEFENSE CONTRACTOR while you were some washed up software developer who worked for some.....who knows???? and who the hell cares??? we don't!

    by the way, have the Boulder cops come for your DNA yet, you DNAhole? No? must be waitin for the FBI go-ahead.....saving the worst for last since they've already taken 500 DNA from the rest of us INNOCENTS. hahahaahhaahahahahahaha!!!


    no but seriously, the FBI's not watching any of this.....nor is the Westminster PD........boo.....naw just kidding, seriously, just kidding!! gosh, relax already.....






  17. HEY CLASS - Guess What? The young boy "Pastor" Bob Adolph ENyart beat back in 1994....NOW he is ALL grown up & he's on the SWAT TEAM in Jefferson County. Let's all hope & PRAY to God that Officer Stephen Mayns will get some sweet revenge....Turn off the dash cam & let lose - We won't tell! *{Wink-Wink-SMILE}*


    "Only reason Bob has a record of abuse and they don't is the father of the boy that Bob spanked took immediate action." - *Curtis Cocoa*


  19. The Westminster PD is using Google Docs now...nice. Very useful tool! Right, ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART?! hA!


    "Police make arrest in Jessica Ridgeway Case - Google Drive"

  20. "I am a practicing attorney in the State of New Jersey, for approximately 30 years, specializing in the field of criminal law. I am also the uncle of Robert Enyart, who is scheduled to be sentenced before you Honor on May 2, 1995, for an offense involving child abuse [...] I am afraid as his allocution, Robert will NOT show REMORSE, for he verily believes he did no wrong [...] he is sometimes too rigid in his thinking [...] Surely, [Enyart] should not have represented himself, for as well all know, in that circumstance, YOU USUALLY HAVE A FOOL FOR A CLIENT, but, that is an example of that rigidity of which I spoke."

    -Adolph J. Gallucio, 4/21/95, to Judge Demlow, Jefferson County Colorado

    This is what your OWN UNCLE ADOLPH said about you, ADOLPH, that you had "no remorse" and are a "fool." See it runs in the family. Brilliance runs in the family, so does the name ADOLPH. Uncle Adolph knew what he was talking about. You are a fool, ADOLPH. You lost BOTH your child abuse cases. Ha Ha!! CRIMINAL. YOU LOSE!


    They (all the law enforcement agencies including the Westminster PD, the FBI and BOULDER PD) come for that DNA yet?? No?? Wonder why since they've gotten DNA from EVERYONE ELSE?? Hmmmmm..... that worst for last thing.... :) I can't wait! Let us know when it happens, will ya?? Thanks, sweetie.

  21. Bob Enyart MURDERED JonBenet Ramsey - If you have any doubt listen to this Bob Enyart Live show: Merry Christmas! Today we are sadly reminded of the need for Christ's first and second comings, because:
    * Tonight is the 10-year Anniversary: of JonBenet's murder. Bob Enyart's solution to the case is gaining popularity. Wikipedia.org lists Bob's Clue that Breaks the Case in the External Links section of their JonBenet Ramsey article, and we regularly receive emails (Bob@KGOV.com) thanking us for the powerful and convincing summary of the evidence.
    * FBI Agents Working: on the Ramsey case observed that sex offenders never leave ransom notes, nor ask for money; and kidnappers-for-profit do not first molest the child in the home, and certainly never leave the victim behind. But wait till you hear the Clue that Breaks the Case (or read it at ShadowGov.com)! http://kgov.com/bel/20061225

  22. *TRUTH & Victory! BREAKING CLUES in the MURDER CASE - by Dani Kekoa: JonBenét Ramsey Ransom Note - ShadowGov = "Small Foreign Faction" led by Convicted Child Abuser & Serial Child-Killer, Robert Adolph Enyart of Denver Bible Cult.
    This has been a work in progress, but in light of the recent child murders & abductions in the CO area, I thought I would blow the whistle a little sooner on who murdered JonBenet Ramsey so the community can be aware of the MONSTER among us. Some changes still may be made, but here it is...Boulder PD & Westminster PD have a copy too! ;-)
    Founder of ShadowGov.com, Pastor Bob Enyart of Denver Bible Church: A Twice Divorced, Adulterer, Porn Addict, Convicted Child-Abuser, a "Christian" radio talk-show host (KGOV.com), "prolife" spokesman for American Right to Life,
    as well as the "key" person" behind PersonhoodUSA and other “pro-life” organizations.
    Bob Enyart is also the Religious Psychopath who MURDERED Jon Benet Ramsey & framed her parents for the crime.
    READ Public Doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1e1OjFLI45j53YcCK_OA7AS8RmpXSRbC96EWcwEoGdTw/edit

  23. *NEWS ALERT: ShadowGov founder, pastor Bob Adolph Enyart of Denver Bible Cult in. Arvada, CO is Guilty of MURDERING Jonbenet Ramsey in her parents home on Christmas Day in 1996.....To this day he has gotten away with framing John & Patsy for murder, despite the PROOF of DNA from a foreign white male intruder. ShadowLurker, Bob is also responsible for the kidnapping, murder & DISMEMBERMENT of Jessica Ridgeway - this was NOT the work of an lone-teenage gamer. If at any point Mr. Adolph thinks the Kekoas are being less than honest or if he believes we are defaming his good character, surely he will have enough integrity to contact the Kekoas and ask them to stop lying. But since Bob has relentlessly tried to take our six children away since last year by making multiple false reports to Social Services, he has not responded to any of our dozens of attempts or contacts to confront the issue. Instead, Dani got hung up on when calling the BEL studio so Bob sent "anonymous" posers from the cult like "Tom Whiting" & "Curtis Cocoa" to pass the message along that Bob says we are "paranoid & delusional from pot" and has ignored us because he thinks the Kekoas are "insignificant" to him and not worth his precious time. So since "pastor" Bob has ignored the TRUTH and doesn't want to debate these criminal accusations against him, we shall assume it's only a matter of moments before the FBI comes and charges the entire ShadowGov mafia with horrendous conspiracy crimes against humanity & innocent children. Tic-Toc-Tic-Toc.... YAY ~ VICTORY!

  24. On Oct 27, 2012 11:48 AM, "Curtis Cocoa" wrote:
    > What a laugh, you think so highly of yourself  "Dani will share the key.." Please you're so ridic, why'd you cowardly block me from your page? Sure is easy to debate when there is no opposition This is why you have no credibility and people don't respect anything you have to say.
    > You're not smart, cunning or clever. Nothing you say makes sense and only you and you're hubby think you've solved a mystery. Everyone else thinks you're mentally disturbed, a liar, and a coward. Hiding behind you're copy/paste bullshit, and blocking anyone who exposes who you really are, a deceptive phony that claims to be a Christian, A loser that touts her children as her most prized treasure yet physically beats them with wooden and plastic spoons more times than they have fingers and toes, and mentally and emotionally abuses them by yelling and shaming them., You proclaim to be this great homeschooling mother, a modern day saint for homeschooling 6 kids, yet you literally spend all your time on facebook and your blog, ranting and.making unfounded accusations, you rarely sleep and you're always angry, how's that good for the little patience and short temper you already have? Anger, lack of patience, unrealistic expectations and a heavy hand don't make for a very safe environment. Your husband abuses you, always has always will. Your kids are little, ten and 9 year olds shouldn't be little mommies, especially not because Mommy is hate blogging all day. You chose to six kids, you knew you were being trapped when Jr was conceived two weeks after you left your hubby for abusing you. You've abandoned all family and friends you have no one. Your kids live in an abusive, controlling, purposely brain washing household, the only two people they have to protect them aren't, in fact it's the opposite. Now they're being told that the people they used to know and love, their Family, former church family are.psycho child killers that are out.to get them!
    > What's most twisted is that you can't see or don't care how mentally and emotionally damaging you have been to your own beloved children and can't see your outright hypocrisy as a Christian, a mom, a homeschooler, and someone that was supposed "falsely accused". What's scary is that you have convinced yourself that your made up murder conspiracy is real, and you've some how solved this great mystery that no one else can see, it's paranoid delusions of someone mentally ill.
    > You Do all of the things that you say you hate and are angry about but none of the things you proclaim to be so holier than thou for.
    > You've devoted every waking  moment of your life to trying to destroy Bob's, and are consumed by anger and hatefullness, The only person whose life is being destroyed is yours and your kids. Bobs going about his daily life not caring. Those that love you and you've abandoned have moved forward in their lives. You are the only one stuck in this never ending cycle of chaos.
    > Move on already, you need mental and emotional therapy and your kids need you

  25. ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART is having another hourly conniption fit on YouTube as *Ataulftheking* for ADOLPHtheenyart.....he's nervous. They come for your DNA yet Bob? No? They will. :)

    Noun -- conniption fit (plural conniption fits)
    A fit of anger or panic expressed verbally loudly and with overt bodily gestures.

    -yeah, that's definitely what's going on with Bob. Everyone say "hi" to the freak on YouTube.

    "Ataulftheking is Bob "Adolph" Enyart........he's got it bad....

    This guy's been terrorizing doctors for years with his violent brand of "vigilantism" -- that's why George Tiller is dead, murdered by a religious sociopath schmuck like ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART. Hypocrisy kills.

    They come for your DNA yet ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART 1/10/59?!?! they will :)



    "Still playing your vigilante game, eh? You are pathetic piece of shit. Good luck on your witch hunt , fat lazy slob." -Ataulftheking

    "Damn bitch- have another drink-LOL." -Ataulftheking

    "This person is a vigilante- why can't you see that? This person is going to get Bob killed. What is someone goes and finds Bob and hurt's Bob and it turns out Bob had nothing to do with any of this? Vigilantism is illegal." -Ataulftheking


    "ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART DOB 1/10/59, spokesman for Colorado Right to Life, which has demonstrated against Hern for decades, said that although his group doesn't condone Tiller's slaying, abortion providers should expect that violence begets violence.

    "If a Mafia hit man gets killed, people recognize it's an occupational hazard," ENYART said.

    *Broken windows into abortion doctor's life* LA Times, 6/5/09 (http://articles.latimes.com/2009/jun/05/nation/na-tiller-hern5)

    THEY'RE COMING FOR YOUR "VIGILANTISM" ass ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART :) can you feel it? we can. :0" -areyoublinddenver


    "If a Mafia hit man gets killed, people recognize it's an occupational hazard," ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART said.

    So, ADOLPH, you're saying that if someone comes and BEATS YOUR TWICE CONVICTED CHILD ABUSIVE ASS that it's just an OCCUPATIONAL HAZARD? Sweet...

    Google "ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART ARREST RECORD" -areyoublinddenver


    Facebook Thread: https://www.facebook.com/governmentschools/posts/499446180078987

  26. This is one of ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART'S many FRAUDULENT YOUTUBE ACCOUNTS: http://www.youtube.com/user/Ataulftheking

    Ataulf the king = ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART



  28. Peruse this, fakers....it's ALL the stuff about your prison-bound friends, the MASONS sand BOB ENYART:

    DOCUMENT DUMP - The Daily Beast & Religion Dispatches - Censored Comments

    Collection of Daily Beast & PersonhoodUSA Puff Piece, "DEAD EYE" Masons & Censored Comments


  29. Holier than thou prolie faker CAL ZASTRO doesn't want to be my friend anymore.....screw him.


    Hey ZASTRO.....REVIVAL! Your "pro lie" Personhood USA buddies are going to prison, and you might just be one of the lucky few, GOD-WILLING. The FBI's all over EVERY ONE OF YOU. It's all over. THEY'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS OPPORTUNITY FOR TH
    REE DECADES. I hope all of you get taken out by the feds, sooner the better. Couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch of hypocrite fakers & thieves who embody Matthew 7:21-23, and THAT MEANS YOU, ZASTRO, make no mistake. The FBI's had YOUR NAME for A LONG TIME, ESPECIALLY YOURS since you're connected to ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART and KENNETH TYLER SCOTT.


    "For rulers are not a cause of fear for good behavior, but for evil. Do you want to have no fear of authority? Do what is good and you will have praise from the same; for it is a minister of God to you for good. But if you do what is evil, be afraid; for it does not bear the sword for nothing; for it is a minister of God, an avenger who brings wrath on the one who practices evil." -ROMANS 13:3-4



    BE VERY AFRAID OF THE AUTHORITIES IF YOU DO NOT HAVE RESPECT FOR THE GOVERNMENT - For the TRUTH WILL PREVAIL in the END - YAY for Westminster PD - Go get those sick-twisted, hypocritical child-killing pieces of crap in the ShadowGov who thi
    nk they are above the law. "For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to evil. Do you want to be unafraid of the authority? Do what is good, and you will have praise from the same. For he is God’s minister to you for good. But if you do evil, be afraid; for he does not bear the sword in vain; for he is God’s minister, an avenger to execute wrath on him who practices evil." ~ GOD, Romans 13:3-4
    *DOB: 1-10-59 *Website: www.KGOV.com

    *Google "Robert Adolph Enyart Arrest Record"
    *Source: Colorado Bureau of Investigation: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nFM6cJ04jyDkD7Kp-J_uUZGFWr57NhZWFxcJsaxEK9M/edit

    *Pastor Bob Enyart of Denver Bible Church is the founder of www.ShadowGov.com and he is currently under criminal investigation and strong suspicion for other violent crimes against children. He is also the spokesman for American Right to Life, creator of ProlifeProfiles, as well as the "key" person" behind Personhood Colorado and PersonhoodUSA. ALL FAILED!

    *X-Pose the TRUTH: www.GenerationXpose.com

    Pastor Bob "Adolph" Enyart of Denver Bible Church: PROOF He's a Serial Relationship Killer -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xpopHszgD4o&feature=share&list=PLEBD58F8FCD74DFC4



  31. Bob Enyart *Curtis Cocoa* sent two emails to Dani Kekoa this morning - one at 4:40am & another at noon. Here's my reply: "Guess church is over....up all night obsessing in fear again? Waiting for that unsuspecting moment when the FBI smashes in your door & catches you in the unholy act of sodomy & child sacrifice? Why are you hiding behind a fake identity, pastor? Envious of my husband, Curtis I see. Always have been. He's a better father to your son, Josiah than you were. He's a better brother to your brother Brian than you were. He's a better uncle and Curtis is a better friend to your friends then you ever were. He's a way better counselor than you too & a woman's dream for a husband. Yeah it must suck to be such a monumental loser knowing that EVERYONE is onto your weakass checkers game. Don't you think it would be better if you actually had the balls to put your name to the emails you write? That's okay, if I were a pussy like you I would want to pretend to be someone else too.

    It's so funny to see how a sadistic sexual psychopath child-killer projects himself onto others. It's almost textbook how royally delusional you are. Drug fueled orgies, eh? Trading spouses? You can't play mind fuck games with me anymore faggot. Why don't you talk about the blood, urine and feces you guys like to drink together during your child sacrifice ceremonies? Now that you're hosting "dismemberment" courses in your basement for future ShadowGov terrorists - surely those snuff films you make pay top dollar? Why are you still telethoning for 5 months now? Is your good reputation starting to get a little stained, Bobby?

  32. ...
    Tell me pastor, SBTC= Strangle Bind Torture Children.... Did I break the clues to the case or what? How about that key to the puzzle? Yeah, I'm pretty proud of myself, I must say... But for you, your life is falling to pieces - it must be so frustrating as a pedophile preacher who is stuck in the closet like John Wayne Gacy. Rape any little boys lately? What will the FBI find under your crawl space copy-cat? You're not even a clever serial killer...all you did was take ideas from Manson, BTK, Richard Ramirez, Gacy & David Parker Ray - No original thought at all, but I bet you have your own custom designed "toy box" don't ya?

    Bet you really got off on garotting that little 6 yr old "seductress" Jonbenet to death. Can't control your lust pastor, so you rape little girls as a political statement then frame an innocent family? Nice! Bet you and Doug like to jerk off together remembering the glory days... while the sheriff's deputy takes notes for his novel. But those days are long gone and we are fastly approaching the 1 year anniversary when you said "One day all secrets will be revealed..." - Nov. 1st is coming... wonder what the Lord has in store for you then? Looks like your brilliant plan is really going to backfire this time...it's gonna get really Hot up in here.

    I must be upsetting knowing that your whole life work is about to go up in smoke...And speaking of going up in smoke... we're working on this video project - burning our garbage - ten years worth -up in smoke! You're gonna love it, promise. Now be patient - don't go taking your anger out on your boys again... you have beat them enough already. Ya know, they are going to be bigger than you one day.... just like Stephen Mayns who is now on the JeffCo SWAT TEAM. Hopefully he'll beat the shit outta you before the public wants to skin you alive and behead you for what you did to Jessica Ridgeway.

    It's a good thing that I was such a devoted student yours all those years...NOW I'll get the credit for taking your bitchass down. I bet that's gotta hurt too? A homeschooling "pothead" mother of six....Ouch? I'd definitely smoke to that! HA!

    Why don't you save yourself the supreme embarrassment, and go kill yourself. Pour you & your cult a nice big glass of kool-aid and call it a day - ok? You are the kind of dangerous threat that puts Society, neighbors, first-responders & children at the increased kind of risk God does not want us to tolerate.

    READY TO BE FAMOUS? You're welcome!"

    With the Love & Righteous Judgment of Jesus Christ ~ Dani

    PS: Almost 300 Views in three days... Wonder what "Pastor" Bob is so afraid of? Watch here: http://youtu.be/-fH_2g9Xjbw

  33. SERIAL KILLERS "BODIES IN BARRELS" - Get READY America - Adolph has connections in Australia and his ShadowGov assassins are far more evil & dangerous than these group of individuals who abduct innocent victims, torture & dismember them while preaching against homosexuality & pedophiles. Oh and there was also a teenage boy that witnessed the details & was first taken into custody while a sting operation went down for the grown psychopath killers in the group.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=1fIoCGSM4dE&feature=youtube_gdata_player

    > By the way Bob - the FBI is also curious about that SOUND PROOF ROOM in your dungeon?  And you still haven't told me how I scored on The Clues That Break The Case.  Did I ace it, or what? No Gold Star? Come on.... SBTC = Strangle Bind Torture Children Children - ShadowGov Breaks The Case???
    > VICTORY!  Watch out for those millstones.... SMILE your on camera!
    > ~ Dani

  34. ShadowGov Satanic Rituals...We know what you've done & we know what you plan to do in the cover of darkness - Blood rituals, Dismemberment. Animal/human sacrifice, Satanic revels: Sexual rituals. Sacrifice preparation: kidnapping, holding and ceremonial preparation of person for human sacrifice. Sex rituals and human sacrifice of woman/child.

    Oct 29th- Sacrifice preparation: kidnapping, holding and ceremonial preparation of person for human sacrifice.

    Oct. 28 - 30th- Satanist high unholy days: Related to halloween. Human sacrifices.

    Oct. 31st- All hallow's Eve (Halloween): One of the two most important nights of the year. Attempts are made to break the bond which is keeping the doors to the underworld closed. Blood and sexual rituals. Sexual association with demons. Animal and human sacrifice - male or female.

    See Satanic Calendar: http://www.theforbiddenknowledge.com/hardtruth/satanic_calendar.htm

  35. **************************************************
    Kara Nichols missing since Oct. 9 was believed to be coming to Denver for work
    Nichols was last seen in Colorado Springs

    Posted: 11/01/2012
    Last Updated: 5 hours ago

    By: Phil Tenser

    COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A woman from Colorado Springs was believed to be headed to Denver for work in early October, but hasn't been heard from since.

    According to El Paso County Sheriff's Office spokesman Sgt. Joe Roybal, Kara Nichols, 19, was last seen in Colorado Springs. She was normally in regular contact with her family and friends and was last seen on Oct. 9, but has not been heard from since Oct. 10.

    Roybal said investigators are concerned her disappearance could be suspicious.

    Nichols is described as a white woman, 5 feet 8 inches tall, 120 pounds with blond hair and green eyes.

    Anyone with information is asked to call Detective Cliff Porter at 719-520-7227.


  36. http://kdvr.com/2012/11/07/ridgway-family-orders-foundation-stop-using-jessicas-name/

    ==>Ridgeway family orders foundation to stop using Jessica’s name

    WESTMINSTER, Colo. — When 10-year-old Jessica Ridgeway vanished, the whole state of Colorado felt like they had lost a member of their own family.

    Her loss, inspired a group of 10 friends to start the Colorado Missing Children’s Foundation. The foundation used Jessica’s image to raise money.

    In an exclusive interview, the foundation’s spokesperson, Melissa Harding, says they raised money, some of which went to the family.

    “We raised nearly $6,000. We gave the family over $2,800,” Harding said.

    The foundation claims when the money stopped coming, the family got a lawyer.

    Wednesday, only FOX31 Denver cameras were there when the Ridgeway family served the foundation with a cease and desist letter.

    According to the letter, Jessica’s name is used repeatedly by the foundation both on their website and on a Facebook event for a fundraiser called the Purple Ribbon Tattoo Event scheduled for Saturday.

    “Your organization has ‘Remember Jessica’ prominently displayed on the advertisements for this Purple Ribbon Tattoo Event fundraiser and you are selling ‘Justice for Jessica’ bracelets, and ‘Jessica Ridgeway’ window decals for purchase,” the letter said.

    “The family has tried to address this issue with you informally by repeatedly asking you to stop using Jessica’s name as a fundraising tool for your organization,” it continues. “You have not respected the family’s wishes and are continuing to make money off of Jessica’s name.”

    The foundation allowed FOX31 Denver reporter Justin Joseph to listen to a voice mail from Jessica Ridgeway’s aunt which it says shows the foundation had a good relationship with the Ridgeway family.

    “Hi, this is Rebecca Ridgeway. I’m sorry for (the disagreement). I believe you’ve helped raise awareness for the world and I’m truly grateful for that.”

    When Fox 31 Denver reached Ridgeway, she felt differently.

    ”They’re liars,” Ridgeway said. “Tell the public this is not about the money. This is about the fact Jessica’s name and image is not theirs to use.”

    The foundation says it will comply after the next event which is scheduled this weekend.

    The Saturday fundraiser, scheduled to happen at the Springhill Suites hotel in Westminster, is asking for a $20 donation for a tattoo or $5 for a temporary tattoo. The event will also sell T-shirts, decals and bracelets, according to a flyer advertising the event.

    The foundation’s website has numerous photos of Ridgeway and flyers for the Light Up the Night for Jessica event that took place the week she went missing.

    The foundation members claim they filed paperwork with the Secretary of State on Friday. The paperwork had not appeared on the Secretary of State’s website as of Wednesday.

  37. 3/8/2012
    Kimberly Kay Bowman - Law Suit “Threat” blog comment at GenerationXpose.com after she & her husband Scott were accused of giving us a Death Threat on Feb 27, 2012.

    “This is in no way a threat. Neither Scott or I have left comments on your blog, your Facebook page or on the internet newsfeeds using false identities, as you have claimed. I have not used the alias' NOTBOB, CrazyAreU, U-Are-BLIND, or any others. Every comment we have published was written on Kim's blog, or on our Facebook pages and we have not concealed our identities. I am politely asking you to remove our names from your internet socializing sites. You have made false and damaging allegations, and we have been advised to ask you to remove them. If you fail to do so, we will follow thru with a lawsuit.

    In Colorado, state law makes criminal libel a felony carrying up to 18 months in prison and a fine up to $100,000 for the first offense. In general, web libel is posting false information about someone that defames them, commonly accusations of criminal acts (death threats).

    Please understand that we would like to avoid any further contact with you in a legal or non-legal environment.”

    Dani's reply below...


  38. Kim, You start off by saying “This is in no way a threat” yet you threaten us by saying, if we fail to do what you say, “you will follow thru with a lawsuit.”

    So before you come on here threatening us, you might want to be reminded of your public confession on Feb 11, 2012 that you left on my blog (then deleted), and published on your personal blog the next day (then later deleted), which admits to your involvement with Denver Bible Church and the criminal conspiracy against my family:

    Kimberly Kay said...“I'm not going to get into detail and "expose" the facts regarding each "team", they know who they are and what they have done or said...I have come to realize that since I became one of the back-biting evil Bobots that conspired against the Kekoa's I would become a fly on the wall. I have my own issues and frankly, this is going into a direction that will not produce any winners.”

    Conspiracy is a crime in Colorado | C.R.S. 18-2-201
    (1) A person commits conspiracy to commit a crime if, with the intent to promote or facilitate its commission, he agrees with another person or persons that they, or one or more of them, will engage in conduct which constitutes a crime or an attempt to commit a crime, or he agrees to aid the other person or persons in the planning or commission of a crime or of an attempt to commit such crime.
    (2) If a person knows that one with whom he conspires to commit a crime has conspired with another person or persons to commit the same crime, he is guilty of conspiring to commit a crime with the other person or persons, whether or not he knows their identity.

    Despite your public confession to conspiring against us, Kim, for some reason because I refused to publish the numerous “anonymous” comments I was receiving, you began writing more slanderous things about my family posting lies all over your own blog for people to comment on and follow the events of "The Crazy Kekoa Camp" Saga, featuring us as drug-addicted, drug-pushing parents and warning of the dangers we pose to society. Day after day, you publicly talked trash about my family, Kim, you twisted & perverted the circumstances surrounding my life-threatening illness while pregnant, you made absurd claims that I put the lives of my children in danger and blatantly lied some more day after day with defamatory comments trying to provoke us and call my husband & I out into a public confrontation. We tried to ignore you and keep the focus on Bob Enyart’s criminal involvement in falsely reporting my family to CPS, then one day your blog was gone.

  39. Cont. to Kim... Remembering my final communication to you last Dec. 2011 when I said, “We are just trying to live in peace, and avoid strife or conflict at all costs...at least for now...Glad you understand. Our life has already been turned upside down and trashed by everyone as it is, we just don't need the insults anymore from anyone,” perhaps you had another change of heart, realizing that you “didn’t like what you saw in the mirror” and because you were “hurt over the loss of our friendship,” you made some bad choices by deliberately posting libelous remarks about me even after I helped you in your time of need. So you made the right choice again, to delete all the defamatory posts made public about us, and then you wrote another post to “publicly apologize” again, for wrongly “exposing the Truth about the Kekoas” according to Kim.

    Right at this same time multiple identities began trolling my blog and our Facebook page, posing as a social worker "warning" me to "tone it down", others and you demanding “PROOF” and alerting multiple news sites to contact Social Services again because we are so “abusive to our children.”

    Then we received a death threat one from the fake names “U-Are-Blind” saying, “You should be careful dude, you like to call out and antagonize a lot of people, but you're not so careful about people knowing where you live...you never know what kinda crazy is really out there, and you aren't the only one that owns guns.”

    Now of course, it’s a well know fact that Scott publicly brags about all his guns, and the last text message he sent Curtis was cussing him out in anger, so we wanted nothing to do with you two. But what was particularly alarming was the following day (2/28/2012), when you published another public response admitting that you “suffer from borderline personality disorder (BPD), which is a pattern of unstable and intense interpersonal relationships characterized by alternating between extremes of idealization and devaluation” episodes. You also went into great length and detail defending Scott’s image, saying he is a “misunderstood” man, the “least aggressive person” you know, and go on and on to say how “he never directs his anger toward anyone but himself.” That’s great, but then you underhandedly warn us that, “Scott’s growl is getting louder” and later relay a message from Scott to Curtis telling him he, “better put his big girl panties on and start acting like a little lady, cause the big bad bear is getting a bit agitated.”

    You also said that neither you or Scott have left comments on my blog using false identities, yet, by your own admission on 2/11/12 when trying to post comments on my blog (the above story I re-posted in order), you said this to offer an explanation for the multiple misplaced comments:

  40. Kim Kay Bowman wrote this in Feb 2012: “My first part got lost in cyber space when I posted it. Doesn't matter! The part 2 of 2 should say part 2 of 3. Part 2 is labeled under ‘Abortion - The Truth’. If you want me to fix the error, you will need to delete my first post. Blogger will not let me. If your confused, join the club :)”


    (Of course, you have since taken every single post on your blog with all the false and damaging allegations about my family thinking you can conceal your lies, but not before I saved them all to my hard-drive as evidence.)

    There are no need for threats, since you insist that you have “not used the alias' NOTBOB, CrazyAreU, URBLIND, or any others, and you claim that every comment you have published was written on Kim's blog, or on our Facebook pages and you have not concealed your identities,” I will have to take your word for it. And since you politely asked me to remove your names from my blog, I will honor that request and take those specific comments down, provided you leave us alone so we can all avoid any further contact.

    I’m sorry it had to come to this, Kim, but when you associate with cowardly criminals who conceal their identity and conspire together to spread slander, post defamatory comments, impersonate a government social worker or make death threats, you are guilty by association. Like the old saying goes, you are who you hang out with, and DBC cult members are lying, deceiving, back-biting, double-minded, dirty-rotten scoundrels, and the companion of fools will be destroyed. Hopefully you will choose your "friends" more wisely in the future.

    ...And NOW Kim is going down for conspiring with Jessica Ridgeway's killer - Pastor Bob Enyart who organized he abduction after we told him to turn himself into the cops for murdering JonBenet Ramsey and framing her parents for the crime.

  41. http://kdvr.com/2012/11/07/ridgway-family-orders-foundation-stop-using-jessicas-name/

    GSDCM 3 hours ago

    They say TV adds 450 pounds, and Kim looked like hell no thanks to her failed BYPASS SURGERY.....Kim Bowman's on METH obviously -- too bad there's no MEDICINAL CRYTAL METH licenses available, but marijuana's legal!! ha ha!! up to one ounce punks. Bet that burns worse than your meth fumes, hope so anyway. You can get up to 20 years in Colorado for meth....don't know what the federal penalty is for meth, but the FBI will work that out with you BOWMANS...so, smoke on TWEAKERS!

    Google "Robert Adolph Enyart Arrest Record" - "Enyart Sigg" - "Enyart Scott Kim Bowman"

    Everyone hates KIMBERLY BOWMAN.

  42. http://kdvr.com/2012/11/07/ridgway-family-orders-foundation-stop-using-jessicas-name/

    GSDCM 3 hours ago

    The BOWMANS (and ENYARTS) are phenomenally stupid people....did the Westminster PD come get your inbred DNA yet? No? Good, because they will, THEY'RE SAVING THE WORST FOR LAST....it'll happen at about 4am-ish someday SOON when they serve warrants on ALL OF YOU....it will be a VERY UNPLEASANT experience, unlike the other 700+ times when the cops just asked for DNA and everyone complied - because they were interested in finding the KILLERS.....while you SCOTT BOWMAN and KIM BOWMAN and ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART were only interested stealing money from the Ridgeways.

    You people SCOTT BOWMAN, KIM BOWMAN and ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART DOB 1/10/59 are extreme morons and GUILTY CRIMINALS, especially when EVERYONE EXCEPT FOR YOU KNOWS the Westminster PD, CBI and FBI are monitoring everything you do including what's happening on this thread. GUILTY. STUPID. CRIMINALS.

    BTW, Kim looks like hell......I mean HELL, as if ENYART was dictating every move that she makes in much the same way ENYART controlled KEITH AND JENNIFER MASON of PERSONHOOD USA right before that FRAUDULENT ORGANIZATION went down like the Titanic that took KEITH AND JENNIFER WITH THEM. Hey KIM AND SCOTT BOWMAN, you got a lot to look forward to including PRISON. They love illiterate whiteboy trash like you SCOTT in PRISON.

    ...tick tock knock knock FOOLS. And if you haven't noticed yet, EVERYONE HATES THE BOWMAN pigs.

    Google "Robert Adolph Enyart Arrest Record" - "Enyart Sigg" - "Enyart Scott Kim Bowman"

  43. GSDCMLess than a minute ago
    CURTIS COCOA = "PASTOR" ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART of Denver Bible Cult. meets at 11am on Sundays at 72/Oak at the school. Enyart is also there at the school every weekday at 3pm because he likes to be around little kids all of the time, ENYART has after all been convicted of child abuse TWICE. ENYART ALSO LIKES TO GO ON BOYSCOUT CAMPING TRIPS. WHY IS A CONVICTED CHILD ABUSER AROUND CHILDREN??

    Speaking of mental help, you ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART were court ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation by Jefferson County Mental Health, just one consequence of just one of your CHILD ABUSE CONVICTIONS. You wrote all about it, remember, you wrote it by hand while you were on probation after serving jail time for beating YOUR GIRLFRIEND'S SON, the son of a Jefferson County law enforcement officer.

    CHECK IT OUT, your INTERVENTION probation "supervision agreement" --


    It's now a GOOGLE DOC, forever in the CLOUD, making public documents EXTREMELY PUBLIC for many generations about CONVICTS LIKE YOU ENYART. You're welcome, sweetie, but don't thank us, thank GOD and the FIRST AMENDMENT.

    In your own handwriting, you wrote that your address is 6126 BRAUN COURT, ARVADA CO, 80004. Is your home phone # still 303-883-2435? I sure do hope so. Would you like us to give out your email addresses and cell phone #'s too? I know people can still call you 24hours/day TOLL FREE at 1-800-836-9278. Anyway, you also wrote that you completed the REQUIRED MENTAL HEALTH EVALUATION. You also wrote that you would ENROLL IN A 36 WEEK DOMESTIC VIOLENCE PROGRAM & PROVIDE PROOF OF ATTENDANCE; and that you would not "PARTICIPATE IN ANY ACTIVITY THAT PRODUCES OR IMPLIES A DIRECT OR INDIRECT THREAT TO ANOTHER PERSON." You broke that promise a long time ago, ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART.

    You can also check out your COLORADO ARREST RECORD (CBI) here:


    That's also a PUBLIC DOC also made EXTREMELY PUBLIC by GOOGLE, the god of the internet (you're welcome, again). It says you've been arrested AT LEAST EIGHT TIMES in Colorado for things such as TRESPASSING, LOITERING, OBSTRUCTING, RESISTING AN OFFICER, AND CRUELTY TOWARD A CHILD TWICE. That's a VERY VIOLENT HISTORY. Most recently in 2008, you were ARRESTED IN COLORADO SPRINGS for trespassing FOCUS ON THE FAMILY because you envy Dr James Dobson's success. 2008 was also when THE RAMSEYS were cleared of JonBenet Ramsey's murder. You had to keep everyone busy and distracted in 2008 because of that, didn't you ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART?? Yes you did, because you WERE AFRAID PEOPLE AROUND YOU were going to figure out where you were when JONBENET RAMSEY DIED CHRISTMAS NIGHT 12/25/1996? (You also envy JOHN RAMSEY because he was actually successful in the DEFENSE CONTRACTING BUsSINES where you FAILED....much like your marriages.) Where were you that night ADOLPH?? You were in Boulder. You definitely weren't with your children because you just had a restraining order placed against you for beating your own sons.......but that's for another GOOGLE DOC coming your way very soon.

    Did the BOULDER PD CONTACT YOU YET, ENYART, about some DNA they're wanting from you?? No? They will.......or they'll just get it from the Westminster PD or FBI when they come visit you REALLY SOON for their own swabs of inbred ENYART DNA :)



  44. CURTIS COCOA = "PASTOR" ROBERTA ADOLPH ENYART DOB 1/10/59 of DENVER BIBLE CULT on 72nd/Oak in ARVADA in the school on Sundays at 11am....and ENYART is there EVERYDAY at 3pm --- HE'S A TWICE CONVICTED CHILD ABUSER.

    WATCH ====>> *WANTED* "Pastor" Bob Adolph Enyart LIES - Jessica Ridgeway's Murder - FBI is COMING! ====> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-fH_2g9Xjbw

    ENYART's also been married THREE TIMES and DIVORCED TWICE because of his fascination with prostitutes. As it says on the Westword:

    "...his wife, Krista, who gave him Josiah and a younger sibling, Nathaniel, now fourteen, walked out after eight years of marriage, fed up with a husband more devoted to adultery than to her. (You read right: Enyart repeatedly committed an act punishable by the death penalty under the Mosaic system -- "but I wouldn't have done it if the Mosaic code was in place.")...After Enyart's late-Eighties divorce from Krista, whose death earlier this year (the family has asked that its cause be kept private) resulted in Bob's getting sole custody of Josiah and Nathaniel, and a brief second marriage ("I was desperately lonely, but I was also on the rebound," Enyart says), he met and fell for Cheryl Mayns, John's ex-wife. Before long, they were engaged, and Enyart began taking a fatherly interest in Cheryl's kids."

    ["Thank God For Bob" Westword, http://www.westword.com/1999-12-16/news/thank-god-for-bob/]

    In 1996, his now dead-under-mysterious-circumstances exwife Krista Crisler got a restraining order AGAINST ENYART for beating their sons, Josiah and Nate.

    ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART FBI #678532LA7, Driver License #CO368941 --lives in Arvada CO where Jessica's body was found.......Google "ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART ARREST RECORD" - he's been convicted of child abuse TWICE and he's UNREPENTANT...coward

    TICK TOCK KNOCK KNOCK did the FBI come for you DNA yet? NO? They will :) you DNAhole


  45. Read the TRUE STORY by Rita Q. DeRego about why the Ridgeway family got a lawyer...Bob Enyart is scared to death of the TRUTH.


  46. http://kdvr.com/2012/11/07/ridgway-family-orders-foundation-stop-using-jessicas-name/


    (303) 667-4918
    (720) 515-5468 -- that's your GOOGLE # sucker
    (303) 881-0376

    HERE'S YOUR WORK # (303) 463-7789 -- ask for the TWICE CONVICTED CHILD ABUSER when you call

    google 'ENYART SIGG' ---- ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART is connected to AUSTIN REED SIGG -- EMAIL ENYART AND ASK HIM.... He'll lie to you ALL ABOUT IT.





    1-800-836-9278 --ask ENYART what he was doing the night JONBENET RAMSEY WAS MURDERED IN BOULDER COLORADO, THEN TELL HIM TO CALL Det Trujillo of the BOULDER PD at 303-441-3338 so ENYART can blab to the cops about that CHRISTMAS NIGHT 1996 when bob the criminal was A CHILDLESS LOSER.....

    They want your DNA ENYART!! ha ha ha!!

  47. Enyart admits that he's Phronk.....


    GSDCM9 minutes ago
    AHA!! we called that one too!! YOU'RE SO PREDICTABLE ENYART!! seriously, you're like a machine.....it's unbelievably creepy......if you weren't such a disgusting piece of human garbage, it would've been close to "impressive" ---- but you're evil. The most you can do in life is FAIL......you succeed at failing. ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART DOB 1/10/59

    ....but really, how do you do it?? all of these fake ID's?? how do you keep up with them?? tell us......you truly are a RELIGIOUS SOCIOPATH to the core......COME ON OUT OF THE CLOSET ALREADY......END THIS WHOLE THING ON YOUR TERMS. take control already.....


    GSDCMLess than a minute ago
    Jay Bebe = Phronk = ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART 1/10/59

    ......tee hee, we always knew you were king of the LAVENDER MAFIA, sir ADOLPH ENYART........

    you need to come out of the closet already ENYART....remember your infamous coffee spilling incident of 2012, how you daintily lost your grip on a cup of coffee because of your chronic wrist problems?? it was all over the huffington post's comments section, how everyone's gaydar was simply **FLYYYYYY-iiiiinnngg** of the maps er whatever you and doug discuss during pillow talk at night. Where'd that link go? hmmmmmm....

    "Should Marijuana Be Legalized For Recreational Use? Robert Corry And Bob Enyart In The Great Marijuana Debate"


    You lost the debate, especially since marijuana is legal now, up to one ounce, that means your son, Josiah Enyart, will no longer be the criminal you wish for him to be. But anyway, there are 2960 comments on that huffington post debate you lost and all of them know there's something wrong with your wrists....

  48. To Bob & the Lavander Mafia - we totally called this months ago too & "Jay Bebe" aka Bob confirmed it again on the kdvr thread by saying "Phronk" says hi. "Phronk" was an atheist blogger named Mike from Canada who engaged in an intimate several year long debate with me on my blog over atheism, evolution, homosexuality & provoke my reaction & defense of Bob Enyart, whom I deeply admired as my pastor at the time. Turns out he was role playing all those years as part of his perverted fantasy. He even did a radio show about "Phronk" after Bob debated that character several years ago...that's how we knew it was him because that what narcissistic pastors do. Looking back, he was probably most of the anti christ bloggers who debated me for years. Thank God I spoke to Deb personally so I know she was real. Talk about a twisted mind fuck.

  49. In case you were not aware, I'm not, nor have ever been, Bob.

    Let me also say that Bob is a lunatic that does not require a moon.

  50. On KDVR: http://kdvr.com/2012/11/07/ridgway-family-orders-foundation-stop-using-jessicas-name/

    J. left this comment 4 hours ago
    Having worked with non-profits organizations myself, I was curious to know more about this story. I looked up some of the representatives of this foundation that were featured in the news video. That led me to the facebook page of Ben Bargas, who is seen in the KDVR video opening the cease and desist letter. On facebook and other new sources he is described as the organizations Director of Operations, as well as a board member.

    Go to facebook and look up Ben Bargas, Westminster Colorado. Then, under his Work and Education section, click on "The Darkside”. Scroll down just a smidge until you see the internet meme-style photo of two kindergarten age children (boy and girl). The boy is shoving a whole banana into the little girls mouth. Click on the photo to see the full picture. At the bottom of the photo is the phrase "TAKE IT ALL YOU FILTHY WHORE". Bargas adds a comment of his own: "YEA ALL OF IT!!!!!!" Again, this is a photo of two kindergarten age children…….and it is being used to make a joke about oral sex. This was posted on November 3rd, 2012.

    Continue browsing through his photo albums via his "Darkside" work page, or just his personal facebook page. In addition to several comments and graphics regarding anal and oral sex (including a reference to anal fisting), there are countless other images posted that would cause many parents to feel upset if their child’s name and likeness had been associated with this man and the organization he works for. Images such as…….using a photo of Anton Lavey, deceased founder of the original Church of Satan, for his employment profile pic; a bloody clown with a baphomet on his forehead, the Tin-Man butchering Dorothy with an ax and the quote "And Now I have a Heart". A man snorting cocaine, to which Mr. Bargas comments “f**k ya”.

    He posted a graphic of a nude bloody woman in a shower wearing a pentagram and wielding a large knife then commented next to it "Come to the darkside we got milk and cookies". A picture of a character from the Hellraiser movies with hooks in her skin, to which he comments "the things I would do to you". He made sure to post a picture of the things his girlfriend gave him as a gift – sex toys and pornography. But these are not even the most attention grabbing images………

    There are two separate images of a young female child, covered in blood, holding a bloody baby doll. In one image, the child is holding a knife and appears to be the aggressor, but in the other image the child appears to be the victim of torture. And next to each photo Bargas comments “Darkside”. On September 2, 2012 he also posts an image that reads “It’s only murder if they find a body otherwise it’s just a missing person”. He comments next to the image “I allways keep this in the back of my mind”.
    On October 3 2012, Mr. Bargas’ girlfriend posts a graphic to his wall of a satanic ritual ceremony. A group of robed people praise a large baphomet goat figure while a nude woman is on her hands and knees. Another robed and hooded person offers a small baby up to the satanic baphomet goat figure. The comment to the side is "This is for the darkside".

    Obviously we live in a free country and these people have a right to do whatever they want within the confines of the law and constitution. I am not accusing them of any crimes. I am simply saying that most parents would not want their child’s name or likeness associated with a man who publicly chooses to live his life this way. I think that’s a pretty fair and reasonable, don’t you?

  51. Thanks for confirming that, Charles. We figured that you were not Bob for several reasons - 1st you are honest about who you are, Bob is definitely in the closet & has a lot of pent up frustration because he clearly wishes he could wear a dress. 2nd you got banned TOL for speaking the Truth about what a lying POS Bob is which is another dead give away since Bob owns that forum and censors criticism & lastly, you made a video...sounding much more masculine than Bob, pointing out his hypocrisy over gay marriage & being a CONVICTED CHILD ABUSER who falsely accused my family. You stood up for us Charles and we will never forget that....and we have much more respect for you as a man in drag than we do for a "prolife" pastor who is a serial child killer....the news about JonBenet Ramsey should spread like wildfire & everyone is gonna want Bob's head on a platter. YAY!

  52. Message to Jefferson County Social Services - After Scott Bowmans & members of Bob's cult sent me another email threatening to have our children taken again.

    Date: Nov 9, 2012 11:04 AM
    Subject: Kim Bowman is Ordered by Jessica Ridgeway Family
    Cc: "Scott B." , "Kim Bowman" , "Bob Enyart"

    ATTN JeffCO Social Services - Please see the latest news below regarding the Bowmans.  Read the comments in the Fox 31 KDVR Article at the top of the list - it has many eye witness statements about the scandal that puts the Bowman's granddaughters, Hailey & Brooklyn at great risk since the Bowmans are conspiring with Jessica Ridgeway's murderer, Pastor Bob Enyart of Denver Bible Church in Arvada. Sigg & Enyart are connected.  Also note that I was the only person to testify in court so Kim could get custody of those 2 girls, so if she and her husband Scott really believe that we are dangerous child abusers and drug addicts, then my testimony should not be valid. (Of course, it goes without saying that Bob Enyart's boys need to be interviewed & examined too so I reported him for child abuse as well.)

  53. On KDVR Curtis Cocoa" = Bob Enyart left this comment after we exposed him for murdering JonBenet Ramsey & Jessica Ridgeway - 20 hours ago:
    Lies and Deceit, never in my life have I've seen such holier than thou pious bigots that are completely and utterly two faced in the way they live their lives.

    Dani used to live as a lesbian, Curtis aka GSDCM is a wife-beater and porn addict, who also used to host his own "Christian" radio show. Both have advocated and protested for the pro-life agenda and against homosexuality. They have six children who they claim to "home-school" but they spend all of their time hate blogging/facebooking to the wee hours of the morning day after day, hour after hour. They have also been investigated on more than one occasion for child abuse/neglect, by Adam County Social Services. Did I forget to mention that Curtis was dis-honorably discharged from the Air Force Academy for breaking into mail boxes and stealing the mail of his fellow cadets, yes that also is truth.

    The Kekoas left Bob Enyarts church after they were scolded for encouraging people in the congregation to use Marijuana for their ailments as "The Heavenly Cure" because the church is anti-marijuana/drugs.

    What about Meth? Well I don't know if they do that, but I do know that they used to take a lot of Ecstasy and have swinger drug fueled orgies with their friends spouses. Did you know that they have a mentally disabled daughter who is 16 and has next to no therapy or special needs care her entire life. It's horrific and sad, I hope you're not still taking her Adderall.

    I wish I was joking, sad but true stories.

    Dani Kekoa - 19 hours ago
    "Lies & Deceit" from Bob Enyart's fraudulent ID "Curtis Cocoa" who is a caught serial killer that likes to project his own psychological problems of abuse & drug fueled orgies onto others. This is a psychopath Pro-life pastor desperately hoping his last failed attempt to read from the same old script he used to falsely report our family to Social Services after we caught him meeting with another man's wife - Susan Sutherland. Speaking of Social Services - As you know Bob ALL your lies were UNFOUNDED, but considering your lengthy & unfortunate history of violence towards children I thought it was necessary to contact JeffCo Social Services to report you & Cheryl to have your 3 boys questioned & physically examined in addition to having the Bowman girls examined. Have they come with a court order to produce your children...it's been exactly one year since you conspired to have our children unjustly taken...my my how the tables of justice have turned. NOW you are going to be the most wanted man in the world for what you did to Jessica Ridgeway & JonBenet Ramsey. What is the "occupational hazard for being a child killer" again? There's lots of people who want your head on a platter...not to mention the FBI that's about to bust you & all your ShadowLurking thugs. Good thing meth keeps you up for weeks...lots of scheming & cyber-scandals to keep you busy.


    Curtis Cocoa - 18 hours ago
    The more you talk the crazier you sound. Just cause you say it's so doesn't make it true.

  54. KDVR -http://kdvr.com/2012/11/07/ridgway-family-orders-foundation-stop-using-jessicas-name/

    Curtis Cocoa - 20 hours ago
    Looks like Dani and Curtis Kekoa of Northglenn,CO are still trying to use this family's trajedy for their own perverted vendetta against Bob Enyart and their former friend Kimberly Bowman. You are sick and need mental help.


    Dani Kekoa - 18 hours ago
    And Bob Enyart is still using fake identities AND the Bowmans to cover his ass for murdering Jessica Ridgeway, JonBenet Ramsey, his 1st ex-wife & Lord knows who else?


    Curtis Cocoa - 18 hours ago
    Pretty bold and shocking claim that the true murder of this poor child hasn't been caught, don't you have a soul?


    Dani Kekoa - 18 hours ago
    They are coming for you, Bob - can you feel it?

  55. Kacie Thompson2 days ago
    Is this the Dani Kekoa that runs the Facebook page “Government Schools Destroy Childrens Minds” and the blog “Generation Xpose”? The Dani Kekoa that reported on that FB page the police took her and her husband’s DNA when they were investigating THIS murder case? The Dani Kekoa that exploited this childs passing on Facebook to link it to a personal vendetta against her ex pastor, Bob Enyart? The Dani Kekoa that reported on Facebook that WPD had not caught the person truly responsible and included graphic details about how this child was murdered? The Dani Kekoa that for over 5 years has encouraged her followers to read “To Train Up a child” a book/manual that promotes hitting a baby as young as 9months old with the “rod of god”: as a form of discipline, like sticks, spoons, etc?

    Is this that Dani Kekoa?.... talking about other people’s mental health?


    Dani Kekoa - 1 day ago
    Is this the Kacie Thompson that works as a fake identity for the convicted child abuser BOB Enyart? The Man who organized the murder of Jessica Ridgeway? Wow you guys sure are getting desperate!


    Dani Kekoa - 1 day ago
    Hey child killer - have they come to check your crawl space yet or have they seen those snuff films you made? Pastor Bob Enyart of DENVER BIBLE CULT murdered JonBenet Ramsey from Boulder, CO and when we told him to turn himself into the cops he freaked out and organized Jessica's abduction. Sigg & Enyart are connected and this is all a part of a larger satanic ritual abuse underground network. BTW - if they haven't come for your DNA yet, they will! Tic-Toc-Tic-Toc.


    Curtis Cocoa - 20 hours ago
    Get help, you are mentally ill and need Jesus
    3 replies

    Dani Kekoa18 hours ago
    And you are a MURDERER & You need to turn yourself into the police!


    Curtis Cocoa - 18 hours ago
    That's a bold claim for someone with no evidence, the voices in your head are lying to you Dani.

  56. Curtis Cocoa - 19 hours ago
    Dani Kekoa = False Accuser and deranged narcissist likes to exploit families of missing children


    Dani Kekoa - 18 hours ago
    You must have me mistaken with Kim Bowman, Mr. "Cocoa" - Look up the phrase Projection Identification or the word Gaslighting. Coming on here speaking lies in hypocrisy - condemning others for the EXACT SAME THING YOU ARE DOING! It's like when Jesus taught about taking that Log outta your eye before you judge, but Bob & the Bowmans have the entire redwood forest on crack in their eyes. PLEASE READ PSALM 109 Pastor - it's our personal prayer for you! No Mercy - Shame & Disgrace along with sudden calamity await you coward!

    Curtis Cocoa - 18 hours ago
    Remember when you threatened to kill Bob Enyart right after calling him a "faggot" I do, anyone else confused by the hate mongering bible quoting Kekoas?

    If anyone has any doubts, you can contact me through facebook, I have all Dani's hate mail saved.

  57. Cont from the KDVR thread:

    Scott Bowman - 2 days ago
    People are quick to judge others from postings of people like Dani Kekoa, that uses pot daily around her kids! Dani, you got your DNA taken because you and your husband are crazy dopers who harass others for over a year now, and sending crazy emails to the police.

    Dani Kekoa - 1 day ago
    Don't worry Scott, The FBI already knows the whole story and I just got off the phone with Jefferson county Social Services to tell them the truth about you and to take back my testimony. Have they come for your DNA yet? It's coming...


    Jay Bebe = Bob Enyart 17 hours ago
    Kekoa's are freaking loonies


    Dani Kekoa - 1 day ago
    Oh and Jeffco asked for copies of the confession to the criminals conspiracy Kim wrote about in addition to copies all the hate pages you made against my family. And I just told them to contact Westminster PD & the FBI to verify that the Bowmans have conspired with people who kidnap & kill kids. Sounds like Hailey & Brooklyn are the two little girls who are really in danger...especially since Enyart their master is a violent child abuser, and a psycho sexual predator. Oh & MMJ is legal, but meth is not.. Here is JeffCo Social Services #303-271-4357 - Doesn't pay to be a criminal


    Dani Kekoa - 1 day ago
    Oh Scott, since I was the one who testified for you in court so you could get custody, I know have a moral obligation to turn you in before severe harm happens to these girls. JeffCo wanted copies of ALL the emails you sent too, as well as the full report we turned into the police back in Feb when you gave us a DEATH THREAT. We said no problem, might take all weekend since we have hundreds of files, but the Social Worker was really interested in having the PROOF.


    Curtis Cocoa - 18 hours ago
    Everyone knows that you're talking out of your cornholio


    Dani Kekoa - 18 hours ago
    Not the cops! Hahahahahahah! Or Jeffco Social Services....hahahaha! Or the FBI HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  58. Curtis Cocoa said 19 hours ago
    GSDCM = Curtis Kekoa III unemployed wife abuser

    Dani Kekoa-18 hours ago
    Curtis Cocoa = Pastor Bob Enyart = Convicted child abuser, twice divorced, addicted to adultery, porn & hookers, murdered his 1st ex wife Krista Lynn Crisler & lied about it wile protesting against OJ Simpson, Bob's ShadowGov murdered JonBenet Ramsey & framed her parents for the crime & organized the abduction & dismemberment of Jessica Ridgeway when the Kekoa exposed Enyart for the sadistic sexual predator he is. Catching a "christian" serial child killer has been a full time job, but we bet our life's savings on it cuz that's how positively sure we are that you deserve to fry, Bobby boy for your crimes against humanity for two decades.

    Curtis Cocoa - 18 hours ago
    No matter how many times you copy/paste from your Word Doc, it still won't cover up you and your hubby's lies and abuse of you, your children, your Pastor, your former friends, and now the innocent Ridgeways.


    GSDCM - 18 hours ago
    ....speaking of unemployed, how's that 5th month of BEGGING PEOPLE FOR MONEY on that thing you do that no one pays any attention to??? You know, your ability to rip people off ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART DOB 1/10/59 ended when this video of you was released last January:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7rYRs80PrI ---- "It is CONFIRMED. Do We Have Your Attention, Bob ADOLPH Enyart?"

    you're welcome, entard

    Jay Bebe - 16 hours ago
    I still don't understand how this is related to Jessica Ridgeway and the Foundation, utter shock of how absolutely mental you guys are.


  59. Dani Kekoa - 2 days ago
    Also note that Kim admittedly suffers from BPD Borderline Personality Disorder and she is one of the most delusional & disturbed individuals I ever met. She targeted my family a couple years ago & last year conspired with "Prolife christians" to make multiple false reports to Social Services saying we were violent child abusers & drug addicts. After all charges came back unfounded she made several mock hate pages intentioned to incite violence against my family & have our six children taken. These were very professional demonic blogs & FB pages dedicated to destroying us. We have been exposing them for the violent child predators they are, but their evil delusions & lust for greed seem to know no bounds. But the clock is ticking for their entire Kult of Konspiracy - GAME OVER - They know they are caught!

    Curtis Cocoa - 18 hours ago
    Did you know that the Dani Kekoa suffers from Narcissist personality disorder and paranoid schizophrenia and Curtis Kekoa suffers from Bi-Polar disorder and sociopathy.

    Dani Kekoa - 17 hours ago
    Uh, you must be projecting again Enyart. You should really have your head examined. Oh is this what happens when a serial child killer cracks in half? Check-mate Adolf da crownless king.

    Jené Dorn - 2 days ago
    Makes me wonder why they are so proud to be on the news for negative things...

    Dani Kekoa - 2 days ago
    Because religious psychopaths like these thrive on chaos because they have no conscience and feel no remorse for their evil actions. They are publicity whores addicted to the attention & will do ANYTHING for another fix. Kim is extremely needy and is desperate for attention, no matter how perverse or twisted the motives. She has been pulling off schemes for many year to feed her addiction. She & her husband Scott conned me into testifying for her in court so she could get custody of her two granddaughters.

  60. peakbloom - 2 days ago
    I have two blog posts about this subject at my blog---www.yourandmytruestories@blogspot.com

    The posts were written in Oct. One is entitled: Jessica Ridgeway: No Exploitation Zone.
    You will also see a comment written in by Ms. Bowman at my blog.

    I attempt to remain neutral in all blog posts--but what went on in this situation (as I stated in my blog) is one of the worst cases of cyber bullying against the Ridgeways (or anyone) I have ever seen.

    As always--it's up to the readers to decide.


    Scott Bowman2 days ago
    More lies!

    Dani Kekoa - 1 day ago
    DNA doesn't LIE....Have you been tested Bowman? Social Services come do a child welfare check yet?? Awe, who's gonna believe a criminal like you Scott? You conspired with Jessica's killer & have stolen money from the Ridgeway family...yeah, good luck with your baseless insults - the public is gonna want to skin you alive! We are looking forward to it. ;-)

    Debbie Siewerd - 23 hours ago
    I have had the priveledge of meeting Scott and Kimberly and the little ones and they are 2 of the nicest people that i have ever met. There is NOTHING evil about them. They have good hearts and will go out of their way to help anyone. Dani you need to put yourself in check before someone slaps a liable or def of character suit on you. You sound quite unstable so God bless you...

    Dani Kekoa - 23 hours ago
    Obviously you don't know the Bowmans very well, Debbie. You will though, very soon and you will be brought to shame for defending them. Go to www.GenerationXpose.com for the TRUTH & the confession to a conspiracy by Kimberly Kay Bowman.


    Curtis Cocoa -19 hours ago
    Pretty Hypocritical that peakbloom aka. Rita would talk about cyber bullying and remaining neutral when she is aligned with the Kekoa's who cyber bullied a 16 year old boy for appearing to be gay and have continued a nearly year long campaign of cyber bullying Bob Enyart along with multiple people from Denver Bible Church and countless others that have dared to disagree with them.

    Now Rita is making indirect claims on her blog http://yourandmytruestories.blogspot.com/ about these people being involved in murders and kidnappings with no evidence or facts, she said "And yes, some former and current church members are indirectly involved with Jessica Ridgeway and JonBenet Ramsey and other high profile stories and people.
    ". Intentionally misleading people to believe that because they were falsely mentioned by the Kekoas that there might be an ounce of truth. She's not a journalist and her blog isn't journalism, it's sensationalism, and trash. It's no closer to journalism than TMZ.

    How are readers really supposed to decide when they don't have even half the facts, and those that oppose the Kekoa's wild accusations are blocked/banned from commenting. It's a one sided story and you're promoting it, something a true journalist would never do.

    Dani Kekoa-17 hours ago
    Getting nervous as the Truth unfolds, eh Enyart? As you said, this is going to hurt you personally the most. And we are really looking forward to it as I'm sure the Ridgeways & Ramseys are too.


  61. Curtis Cocoa - 19 hours ago
    Only a person that has severe mental illness would believe something so asinine, and would use the pain and grief of the Ridgeways for their own sick agenda.

    Dani Kekoa -2 days ago
    The Ridgeway family is right - Kimberly Bowman & those who conspire with her are LIARS, CRIMINALS & FRAUDS! Those who take part in exploiting Jessica or attacking the character of the Ridgeway family are the ones responsible for her murder. They are notorious for making FAKE websites, putting out disinfo, cyberbullying, and all out verbal assaults on anyone who challenges them as part of the process to silence the TRUTH and cover up their crimes. Please warn the public of Pastor Bob Enyart of Denver Bible Cult in Arvada - he controls Kim Bowman and they are ALL under investigation for being SERIAL CHILD KILLERS! For the TRUTH about these sadistic monsters go to www.GenerationXpose.com


    Jocelyn Johnson - 2 days ago
    I have followed the Foundation's web page since it was formed as 'Missing Jessica...'. It started out great. However, when a family member inquired as to where the monies being raised in Jessica's name were going, they were not given an answer. The family wanted to know where the money was going, simply to know if it was to 'good' things. They didn't want more. They didn't want to control it. When they pushed the issue, one of the founders got angry and spent two hours ranting on the site in several post threads about how ungrateful he thought they were, and how offended he was that when the money from the first tattoo event was dropped off not 'all' the family members stopped to talk to his wife and thank her. This instigated several slanderous, bashing posts against the family by both followers and the founder who claimed to be Kim's husband. I watched in horror as it unfolded and turned uglier and uglier by the post. Two hours later, everything was deleted. But ever since, any post on their site mentioning the Ridgeway family follows suit. Ugly negative uninformed posts, followed by deletion. Posts supporting the foundation's story stay up, while posts supporting the Ridgeways, or simply suggesting that maybe the ugliness should be halted are always deleted.

    After this, the Ridgeways asked for the foundation to sever ties with Jessica and announced they had started their own site. The foundation continued to use Jessica's name and photos. The family asked several times (privetly) for the foundation to cease. This instigated more site posts and bashing's. Finally, the family was left with no choice but to file for a court order forcing the foundation to sever it's affiliation with Jessica's name and likeness. If you watch the foundations site after news casts, or as they post things relating to the Ridgeways, you can see the public attacks begin, expand, and ultimately be deleted. I believe the foundation wants to aid people, but the way they are handling this issue is disgraceful, disrespectful, and harming all involved.

    Dani Kekoa - 2 days ago
    You are exactly right, and this is far from the first time Kim & her husband Scott have done something like this. Our family was a victims of the same type of cyberbullying & disinfo smear & planer campaign. Go to www.GenerationXpose.com for a year's worth of "PROOF" documenting the online criminal conspiracy Kim confessed to with Jessica's *real* murderer - Pastor Bob Enyart...who also exploited Sigg to take the fall for the group.


    Scott Bowman - 2 days ago
    More lies from Dani. We, and many others are going to the police about you Dani and all you HARASSMENT!

    Dani Kekoa - 1 day ago
    You already did that when you falsely accused us of murder...remember that Scott? In addition to everything else that has backfired on your stupid ass, this will too. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA CALAMITY IS COMING CHILD KILLERS!

  62. Cont on KDVR http://kdvr.com/2012/11/07/ridgway-family-orders-foundation-stop-using-jessicas-name/

    Kellerbearboo comments 2 days ago
    You know, if I was the FBI..... I'd be investigating this organization to see if they have any links to the killer. Seriously. We've all heard of satanic child kidnapping rings. I'd be curious to know if the killer, and the people running this "organization", were in cahoots.

    There are just too many things about the way these people behave that sets off red flags. I looked over their facebook page and was blown away by comments they made trying to draw sympathy to themselves, while at the same rate allowing people to post vitriolic comments about the Ridgeway family. That's very satanic.

    I'm sure these people will post some defensive or hateful replies to what I just wrote. Go for it....it only incriminates you further.


    Dani Kekoa - 2 days ago
    Kimberly Bowman is in FACT under criminal investigation by the FBI for conspiring with a highly sophisticated underground network of kidnapping & child-killing while pretending to be "Prolife christians" - the Leader of this ShadowGov is "pastor" Bob Enyart of Denver Bible Cult in Arvada, CO - this Experienced Serial Killer has been getting away with murder for decades and is currently being investigated for the murder of JonBenet Ramsey. Google "Document Dump Ransom Note" for more info or go to www.GenerationXpose.com for the TRUTH about these sadistic child killing criminals.

    Scott Bowman - 2 days ago
    More serious accusations that will bring criminal chargers against you, Dani the drug addict!

    Dani Kekoa - 1 day ago
    Yup those are serious accusations - so are you denying your involvement with the murder, Scott? Cuz the cops have already talked to us several times and we told the the whole TRUTH about you! Nervous yet? You should be! BTW tell Kim that meth diet she's on makes her look like crap! But congrats on dropping 100 lbs since we had you over for Thanksgiving last year. It's gonna be a long lonely holiday season now that prison bells await you. And we are THANKFUL for THAT!

  63. Dani Kekoa - 2 days ago
    And make no mistake - THIS IS A SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE CULT that Kim is involved in. They kidnap kids, kill them then exploit their missing bodies.

    Kellerbearboo - 2 days ago
    I believe it, and I will definitely check out the link you posted. Their character is what gives them away.....when I saw on their facebook the way they were promoting themselves - trying to draw public sympathy to themselves, while simultaneously allowing so many hateful comments against the Ridgeway family - the alarm bells went off for me. Quite a sophisticated brand of evil.

    And further....I live several states away from Colorado, yet I heard about this case as soon as it happened. We have Amber Alerts, and every news station in the WORLD was running the story.....FOX, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, the AP, Reuters, Good Morning America, The Today Show, and every major newspaper in the world. From what I understand, the entire community came together to search for Jessica, as well as National resources. I don't know the Ridgeways, but I'd be willing to bet that they didn't need this organizations help.

    Kellerbearboo - 2 days ago
    My gut tells me the same....that the people running this phony group, and the killer, are involved with eachother. If you have credible evidence, you should go to the police ASAP.


    Dani Kekoa - 2 days ago
    Oh we turned them into the police on day one when Jessica went missing. We have mountains of more than credible evidence that will bury the Bowmans & the entire cult led by Enyart. Kim was so scared of us exposing her that she falsely accused my husband & I of murdering Jessica to frame pastor Enyart so the cops came & took our DNA...Of course that only lent more credibility to our claims & they took our story directly to the FBI. Go to my website (www.GenerationXpose.com) to see the video I made calling Enyart on his radio show (Bob Enyart Live) telling them the FBI is coming for what they did to Jessica...next thing we know Sigg - the dungeons & dragons gamer confessed. Sigg & Enyart are connected too BTW.

    Scott Bowman - 2 days ago
    More lies that will get you jail time!


    Dani Kekoa - 1 day ago
    Well be sure to call the cops and tell them your side of the story, Scott. Of course the FBI has been monitoring your every move since last month when we turned you in...but feel free to keep exposing yourself further...it's quite comical to see how Enyart is cracking in half and using you as worthless pawns. How does it feel to be used by your master? Get ready to meet Bubba big boy.

  64. Jené Dorn - 2 days ago
    DO NOT TRUST CMCF! The have blocked me as well.. I posted the cruise was done by someone else not them and they deleted the post and blocked me! I asked where the money went and they did not respond and just deleted my posts.... The have people on their page and KIMs page bashing anyone who tries to question them AND the family!!! on Kimberleys page it says greed is evil and she prays for the family!! She is claiming this is all over money... which in fact it is over Jessica's name!! Why cant they stop the slandering of others and just stop using this precious girls name??!?! Thats all the family is asking... not what is going on with the money and no asking for money!! A FRICKEN NAME! If they had no wrong doing with donations in the first place they would have no problem answering these questions that have been asked... but they dont answer and delete and block.. that shows guilt right there! Kim may have had a good idea in the beginning, but the money started coming in and she handled it all wrong... as much as I like the idea of this foundation... i can see in the future more problems and see it going no where... asking for food and gas and cell phones and prepaid cards to run the command center because they didnt have the money... but yet.. where did the money come from to get an office space... so either they had money to feed them selves during the command post and were just taking advantage of the situation or they didnt have the money at the time and used donation money ment for the family for an office building... which was it??? If ya had money for the office... you had money to feed yourselves!! to many shady instances and too many mistakes...

    Stephanie Hoff - 2 days ago
    it is all about the money for CMCF !!!!

    Dani Kekoa - 2 days ago
    You are right, Kimberly Bowman cannot be trusted. She has been involved in a criminal conspiracy to take children from their home with a known convicted child abuser from Arvada named Pastor Bob Enyart. Kim admitted to this conspiracy in Feb when she and a group of individuals tried to unjustly take our six children after we began exposing Enyart & his followers as criminals & frauds. Google "Kim Kay Confession to a conspiracy against the Kekoas" or go to www.GenerationXpose.com


    Karen Rundle -2 days ago
    I find it amazing that so many people are questioning Kim and CMCF's actions, but rather than offering any proof, CMCF and their minions instead only offer insults to anybody opposing their actions. Honestly, read the comments on here. If someone offers a good thought, the reactions from a certain few are "put down the bong" or "you live in your mother's basement" - seriously? Do you actually know that person and what they're doing or where they're living? Or are you so immature that you're just offering insults because you're in the wrong and don't know how to rectify the situation?

    Once again, I'm sure the Ridgeways appreciated EVERYONE's efforts during the search for Jessica. They just have issues with the fact that a foundation is using her name and image to raise more money for something having nothing to do with Jessica's legacy. Jessica's family intends to do acts of charity with the donations they have received in Jessica's name. Given how shady CMCF is being, I'm not sure they could say the same.

  65. KDVR cont. http://kdvr.com/2012/11/07/ridgway-family-orders-foundation-stop-using-jessicas-name/

    Rebecca Ridgeway - 3 days ago
    It has NEVER been about money! That is what some peooke want you to believe. I have messages from the admins on the page telling me, a family member, that I am evil. I have asked them to gain profit from Jessica Ridgeway and they have ignored my pleas. We are so very thankful for all the help bringing attention to this horrible act, and have never asked for money of even thought about money. We are setting up a foundation in Jessica's make for a scholarship for children. All we ask is for the family to be incharge of Jessica's name. Is that really so wrong? If you knew the real truth then you wouldn't be saying these things. When admin of a site will not have a civil meeting with the parents of a child who's name they plan on using for their own money there is a problem. Think about it


    Karen Rundle- 2 days ago
    Stand strong, Rebecca!! We're all behind you and your family. Kim and her group will get bitten by karma, and hopefully soon won't be an issue at all. You and yours are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Dani Kekoa - 1 day ago
    We know the TRUTH about Kim Bowman's criminal conspiracy...they are extremely morally depraved religious psychopaths who have run murderous schemes like this for years. They are the blood thirsty greedy back bitting deceivers who have been relentless in trying to take our six kids & we have been relentless in exposing them. We got your back Ridgeways...and the Bowmans are deathly afraid of my husband & I. Once this is fully exposed you will see this entire child killing cult go down in biblical fashion. We will laugh at their calamity & we will mock when their terror comes suddenly...suddenly they will be broken without remedy - thank you Lord!

    Gaby Olds - 3 days ago
    I don't even have the words to describe how sad I am reading your hateful and disrespectful remarks towards this wonderful family. Kimberly Bowman gave them every dime? Where do you get your facts. She gave them a little money at first so she could let the public see this. The events she held to raise money for Jessica, none of it, not a penny went to the Ridgeway family or the Jessica Ridgeway Foundation. That's fraud. She exploited a precios child who was brutally murdered and a grieving family to make money. Thaf's disgusting. How is that ever okay? She refused to let them be a part of the Missing Jessica Ridgeway from Westminster site. If she was so dedicated to them as you say, why did she refuse to let them be a part of it? That seems really legitimate. Even now that she is supposed to stop, she will still do one more of her Jessica fundraiser with the purple ribbon tattoo. This has nothing to do about the money for the family. They just think its wrong for someone to turn the death of their child into the business of making money, the majority of people who have morals do. I apologize that you lack them. Your hateful remarks towards this family are heinous. They just suffered the ultimate tragedy, we should be respectful and as supportive as possible to this family as they grieve for their beautiful Jessica. You should be greatfu this didn't happen to your family and stop throwing stones at this one. No one should endure such a tragedy, but for people like you to think it's okay for others to make money off their pain is devestating and truly unfortunate. Are you evil? Or do you just not like facts?

  66. http://www.dailycamera.com/news/boulder/ci_21968239/not-forgotten-how-boulder-da-police-crack-cold

    ***BOULDER DAILY CAMERA********Watch the video, notice DA Garnett's body language about the "state" of the JonBenet Ramsey murder investigation @ 4m30s :)***

    'Not forgotten': How Boulder DA, police crack cold-case murders

    Garnett's office has cleared 8 cold-case homicides through conviction, confessions since 2009

    By Mitchell Byars Camera Staff Writer
    Posted: 11/10/2012 04:00:00 PM MST

    Looking at 5640 Arapahoe Ave. today, it's hard to imagine the Boulder apartment complex was strung up with crime tape and alive with police officers.

    But that was exactly the case on Nov. 1, 1994, the night that Boulder city worker Marty Grisham was having dinner with his girlfriend, answered a knock on the door and was met with four gunshots to his head and chest.

    With no eyewitnesses, little evidence and no arrests, the sudden and violent shooting remained unsolved for 18 years.

    Then, this past January, police arrested 36-year-old Michael Clark, a friend of Grisham's daughter who was one of the initial suspects in the case. Prosecutors said Clark shot Grisham to hide the fact that he forged checks that he stole from the victim.

    Late last month, a Boulder County jury found Clark guilty of Grisham's murder, bringing finality to a case that went nearly two decades without it.

    The conviction marked the eighth cold-case homicide that the Boulder County District Attorney's Office has closed with either a guilty verdict or an admission of guilt since current DA Stan Garnett took office in 2009.

    In the last three years, Kevin Elmarr was found guilty in the 1987 strangling of Carol Murphy, Diego Alcalde was convicted in the brutal 1987 beating death of Susannah Chase and Scott Kimball admitted to killing four people between 2003 and 2004, and pleaded guilty to two counts of murder.

    "The benefits of working these cold cases is that it brings resolution to issues that matter to a whole lot of people," Garnett said. "These are not just crimes against the victim, they're crimes against the whole entire community, so the community has an interest for us to solve the case."

    While in some murders -- such as Chase's -- a new piece of evidence such as an out-of-the-blue DNA match arises and solves a case, most cold cases require hard work and manpower to slowly piece together what little evidence there is in order to convince a jury.

    "It's a huge amount of work," Garnett said. "But if you love trials, love courtrooms and love seeking justice in cases like the people here do, you're willing to put time and effort into it."

    The Clark case was just one example of the work and the perils of trying a cold case. A suspect from the day of the murder until he was arrested 18 years later, no one piece of evidence arose to break the case open.

    "Police weren't waiting for this big forensic break," said Assistant District Attorney Ryan Brackley, who was the lead prosecutor on the Clark case. "They went out an re-opened the case and just put good old fashioned police work to it."

    Prosecutors were successful in closing Grisham's murder, and, with improving technology and a DA's office willing to take on cases, Brackley said it hopefully will be one of many more to come.

    "I'd like to believe in Colorado, with the type of training that we have and the resources and experience we have, no murder case should be considered too cold," he said. "That's certainly the philosophy we have here in Boulder County, and I think it's the growing philosophy throughout the state."

    ......read more at:


  67. For those just tuning in "Bob Enyart" is "Phronk" -one of the psychopath's many phony ID's used to deceive me, spy on me and maintain this imaginary cyber affair as Bob lives out his perverse fantasies. Go to www.Phronk.com to see the reactions of a serial killer once he is caught...

    Here's my last comment: KNOCK-KNOCK....

    Have they come for you yet??? What about that "small foreign faction" DNA?

    Don't you think it's time to take off the mask ADOLPH and tell the world what kind of MONSTER you really are underneath?

    Grow a pair already, have a half ounce of dignity and turn yourself into the police child-killer...you've been caught Bob Enyart - Everyone already knows who you are and what you've done...it'd be a lot safer for you to give up and confess to your ShadowGov strategy now that your "brilliant" plan has FAILED & BACKFIRED for the last time. What do you have left to lose? You've killed all the relationships in your worthless life - No one trusts your LIES because you can't manipulate them anymore...your days are done....but you're finally gonna be famous, SO SMILE!

    YOU'RE WELCOME! Now go do one right thing in your life for once...either turn yourself into the law or KILL YOURSELF! Either way we'll be happy! *CHEERS*

    Read comments "Disguises" - http://www.phronk.com/2012/10/disguises.html

  68. Here is the full email I sent to Bob and his entire cult:

    > TIC-TOC-KNOCK-KNOCK - Bob Enyart...So what does it feel like to be watched by the FBI and all surrounding police jurisdictions every single moment of your last remaining days?  Stressful to say the least, I bet. Do religious psychopaths like you get stressed out with all that scheming, scandals and fraudulent identities to maintain around the clock?  Or are you merely consumed with FEAR constantly now that it's been confirmed?
    > Have they come for your "small foreign faction" DNA yet? Have to wonder why not... Don't you think it's time to take off the mask "Phronk" & X-pose that MONSTER hiding in the closet?  Grow a pair already & turn yourself into the cops, child-killer...You've been caught in cold-blood Robert Adolph Enyart - 6*6*6!
    > Everyone knows who you are, ShadowLurker Daxis & what you've done to JonBenet Ramsey & Jessica Ridgeway...Not to mention your poor ex-wives and countless other innocent victims who suffered at the hands of your deluded criminal conspiracies!  Where is Cheryl anyway?  Has JeffCo Social Services come to examine the boys of the convicted child abuser yet? Amazing how the tables have turned in just one year and how "One day ALL secrets will be revealed..." - just as you said, pastor.
    > Time to confess coward, and admit that your ShadowGov strategy & "brilliant" plan to take America back has FAILED & BACKFIRED for the last time.  Whatcha got left to lose in your miserable life now?  What's left? No friends. No church. No more radio show. PersonhoodUSA has failed for good...it's all gone! No one respects your work, especially those closest to you. In Fact - Everyone HATES you, God certainly does. And those that don't despise you, it's only because they don't know of you...Yet. PATHETIC LOSER!  You're done. Give up. It's over for you, Bobby boy.
    > You KILLED all the relationships in your life with your LIES in hypocrisy, and you destroyed everything in your self-seeking path of demonic deception! - You cannot manipulate people's minds anymore, pastor, and each passing day presents new great dangers for you as millions of honest, God fearing, American citizens want your head on a platter or a millstone around your neck - *RIGHTEOUS JUDGEMENT* - Remember that, Bad Boy?  So watcha gonna do when they come for you?  Save yourself the royal embarrassment...You will be brought to SHAME & calamity will come suddenly...suddenly you will be broken without remedy!
    > Either turn yourself into BoulderPD you sadistic, child-raping murderer, and confess to your crimes against humanity - OR - Please do us all a favor & KILL YOURSELF - For Real!
    > We're totally good with either choice you make - Just put us all out of our misery - OK?!
    > YAY You're finally gonna be famous after all these years of FRAUD & FAILURE ~ SMILE! 
    > You're Welcome, Bob! :-)
    > VICTORY ~ Love Dani,
    > Your former most devoted fan, now turned into your very worst enemy!

  69. Denver Bible Cult LIST of *KROOKS* - I'm sorry friends, is my back hurting your knife?

    *Krook* is an admitted identity created to "mock" the Kekoa family & is shared between Bob Enyart, Jennifer Mason of PersonhoodUSA & who knows how many other *Krooks* from Denver Bible Cult, like the "shameless liar for Jesus" - DBC elder, Will Duffy or others.

    Dani's former best-friend, JENNIFER MASON of PersonhoodUSA or Bob Enyart are behind this online CRIMINAL conspiracy against the Kekoas-Who's left then, besides the fly on the wall, Kim Bowman?

    Well for starters, there's Dani's other best-friend - Bob's niece & nephew, *molar-mouth* back-stabber, Maxime from Holland & her hubby, with *man boobs* Brian Enyart Jr. who started the slander campaign over MMJ & have been in on this scandal since the beginning in Sept. 2011 to impress Uncle Bob. Thanks "Lil' Sista" Maxime - Call your Mom, tell her I'm sorry & go home!

    *There's the betrayal of Bob's brother Brian Sr. & his 3rd (soon to be dried-up X) wife, Jen Enyart who have worked as double-agents for Bob and internal sell-outs while remodeling our house.

    From the very beginning, we have elder-boy, former KGOV producer, Bob's *favorite soft-tissue catamite* Will Duffy & his sad excuse of a wife, Danielle Duffy who let it "slip through the cracks" while our family suffers at the hands of her husband and pastor.

    The silent ShadowGov *Sheriff* deputy in Arapahoe Cty & DBC elder, Gordon Carroll who knows the TRUTH & has covered up Enyart's crimes since 1999 - Same with his proud Prozac pill poppin' wife, Becky, who's still waiting for the "smoke to clear".

    *Earth to Doug McBurney - He's still an original player too - "Only LOSERS run away", remember that Doug? Who's the LOSER PUKE NOW? I see 4-ONE-WAY tickets back to Japan in your near future...but you ain’t on the plane. You'll be riddin' jet rockets to hell!

    DBC Elder James Craddock & son Josh who writes for WND, LifeSite, and other phony "pro-life" publications. The Craddock family is very close to Bob and have covered this crime up since the beginning like useless pawns.

    Ungrateful, bitter Susan Sutherland has always been a suspect because she’s the woman pastor Bob counseled to divorce & who also works for PersonhoodUSA. How's the color of the grass on the other side, Susan now that you're a free women with co-worker, Drewboo? Sure would want you to be "unhappy" now would we?

    As a useless mouthpiece for Bob, Mr. "Truth Seeker" - Darrell Birkey parrots the LIES that his pastor didn’t counsel another man's wife or suggest that Susan Sutherland should divorce her husband, Mark. Now Darrell, pastor Bob and everyone else who's been "bearing false witness" against the Kekoas is going to "have to answer to GOD for your slanderous deceit." And you'll have to answer before the Judge too - this is NOT going to help your case either! ;-}

    The wannabe warlock, Jamie Scholfield ignorantly mouths off with this as a defense for Bob,
    "The Kekoas drug-induced paranoid delusions seem to know no bounds...."

    "Paranoid delusions"? Beg your pardon, Jamie? Hope you have fun writing children's fantasy stories behind bars, Pervo....Good thing you never had your own children...Bob ever talk about "Online Serial Adultery" to you?...You're just ticked off cuz you are married to your mom and the Kekoas never trusted you enough to let you be alone with their kids.

    EVERYONE'S STILL A SUSPECT - Start Pointing Fingers & Naming Names Cuz EVERYONE in the *KULT* is GUILTY!

    And we gave everyone’s name, addresss, phone #s & emails to the COPS, along with everyone else at your FAILED rumor-mill *Kult of Konspiracy* church, BOB!

    LIST OF KROOKS: http://worstgenerationseed.blogspot.com/2012/08/kim-kay-confesses-to-conspiracy-against.html

  70. YouTube:

    Google "Bob Enyart JonBenet Ransom Note" and "JonBenet Ramsey Touch DNA"


    DOB: 1-10-59

    FBI# - 678532LA7

    CO License# - CO368941


    Call the DET TRUJILLO at the BOULDER PD 303-441-3338 and email BouldersMostWanted@bouldercolo­­­rado.gov, tell everything about ENYART!! We did. ;)

    Google "Enyart Protesters gather outside courthouse"

  71. Enyart is showing signs of weakness & fear on Yahoo today:


    "Which type of occult was JonBenet Ramsey sacraficed to?
    It is extremely obvious that JonBenet was sacraficed by her own parents. Even the name JonBenet represents devil in a different language. There are numerous signs in the letter that it was occult related as well. I don't feel that real satanism is involved in sacrafices. I have a feeling some people may take the scriptures of satanism into different meanings and bwcome warped in their beliefs. What type of occult was responsible for JonBenet's murder and other sacrafices alike?"


    Here's our reply:

    *BREAKING NEWS* DNA doesn't LIE - Psychopath Killers Do!
    Jessica Ridgeway & JonBenet Ramsey were Murdered by the same MONSTER: *R*O*B*E*R*T* *A*D*O*L*P*H* *E*N*Y*A*R*T* = *6*6*6* = *DAXIS* = *SON of SATAN*
    *ShadowGov leader Bob Enyart is a Sadistic Serial Child-Killer in a "Small Foreign Faction" waiting for All Secrets to Be Revealed!
    JonBenet Ransom Note was signed by the ShadowGov ~ "Victory! S.B.T.C"
    *S.B.T.C* = *Strangle Bind Torture Children* & *S.B.T.C = *Shadowgov Breaks The Case*

    ShadowGov = The “Small Foreign Faction” includes the following “Group of Individuals” from Denver who've been bound together for over twenty years: Master-mind Convicted Child-Abuser, Pastor Bob Enyart who wants to take over the country, Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Deputy & snuff-style horror novelist, Gordon Carroll, Ex-US Marine & BEL Co-Host, Doug McBurney, who has a business called Bound Inc. Other criminal offenders such as Kenneth Tyler Scott & countless political assassins. Ken also filed a $10 million law suit against BoulderPD and late term abortionist, Dr. Warren Hern just 9 days before JonBenet was found dead.

    *Google "Bob Enyart JonBenet Ransom Note" to learn about the "pro-life" convicted child abuser & cult leader in Denver GUILTY of brutally murdering Jonbenet Ramsey & framing her parents for the crime. His ShadowGov is the "Small Foreign Faction" with a violent "Group of Individuals" who run an organized & sophisticated underground network of Satanic Ritual Abuse against children.

    *Google "Robert Adolph Enyart Arrest Record" & "Bob Enyart ShadowGov" for more PROOF of his guilt.

  72. If you tell the TRUTH long enough, often enough and loud enough, people will believe it... *Department of Homeland Security Recording on 2-25-2014 - PLEASE SHARE re: Domestic Terrorist ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART FBI# 678532LA7 | ShadowGov.com = "Small Foreign Faction" | Watch & Listen here: http://youtu.be/rDTik70nu1Q

    ShadowGov.com = "Small Foreign Faction" founder, "Pro-Life Pastor" and "Christian" radio-show host Bob Enyart Live has a long violent criminal history with a conviction of conspiracy and two convictions of "cruelty toward child", plus Bob Enyart has an FBI# - 678532LA7...so why the fuck won't the police or the FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation go talk to this dangerous domestic terrorist with the FBI# about these high profile violent crimes?

    Call toll free 1-800-8-ENYART - DOB: 1-10-59 | FBI# - 678532LA7 | CO License# - CO368941 | Social Security# 152-60-4382


    Still waiting after over a year for the "Small Foreign Faction" DNA Secrets to be Revealed and Justice to be served to the "Group of Individuals" responsible for these HIGH PROFILE MURDERS!


    GOT PROOF? Listen to hours of recordings with the police:

  73. GOT PROOF? PersonhoodUSA X-Posed - LISTEN to this recording with Westminster PD from TWO YEARS AGO proving that the leaders in the PersonhoodUSA movement are VIOLENT CRIMINALS & FRAUDS who are continuing to organize high-profile Satanic crime all across Colorado. Less than two months after this interview, Jessica Ridgeway was abducted and murdered, and now history is repeating itself as these criminals are currently involved in a conspiracy against Mark Redwine, father of Dylan Redwine who was also abducted and murdered by the same ShadowGov organization that murdered JonBenet Ramsey and Jessica Ridgeway.


    *Watch here (over 1 full hour of PROOF) 2012-07-16 | Westminster PD: PROOF PersonhoodUSA Keith & Jennifer Mason, "Pastor" Bob Enyart & Kimberly Kay Bowman = CRIMINALS & FRAUDS" => http://youtu.be/NTH9Nn0t5oY

    Contact Westminster PD Detective Dave Galbraith 303-658-4234 and ask him to follow up on this info...


    For more TRUTH X-Posed about *The Kult of Konspiracy* visit: 


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