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September 30, 2009

WARNING!!! Think twice Before Taking the Swine Flu Vaccine! It Could KIll You!

JFK said it best in one of his last speeches! That threat still remains. However now, we have new enemies that want to unjustly subject us to a FORCED VACCINE that could potentially kill us! Please do yourself and your family a favor......INVESTIGATE this, do research, and let everyone that'll listen know what's going on! May GOD be with us all!


  1. I hear experts think that 100% of people who receive the vaccine will die at some point. OMG the government is killing us!

  2. You only heard partially correct - the experts think that 100% of people who receive the vaccine will die A LOT sooner as a direct result of the toxic injection!

  3. No yeah, you're right, the government is poisoning us for absolutely no reason. That makes perfect sense. Thanks for opening my eyes.

  4. It's not without reason phronk, the frigging science czar in Obama's administration John P Holdron has written a book called Ecoscience and in it he calls for reducing the population by roughly 80% if memory serves me.


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