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October 29, 2009

Funny Flashback from 1999: Burn OJ Simpson

Check out this hilarious news headline from Jon Stewart on TheDailyShow.com featuring America's Most Popular, Self-Proclaimed, Right-Wing, Religious Fanatic, Homophobic, Anti-Choice Talk Show Host, and my pastor, Bob Enyart:

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  1. Wow he spent all that money just to stick it to OJ? I am not ususally inclined to the Judas logic of "what about the poor?" but I tend to think that indeed there were more worthy causes than spending lots of money with the end goal of destroying OJ's memorobilia because he got off at least in the courts of man.

  2. Well I think that it was a great way to set precedence by making an unforgettable statement that we should not honor murderers or idolize their memorabilia no matter how famous they are. The money came from donations all over the country from people who wanted to contribute.

    I have to had it to Bob Enyart - he is a genius! This was a historical event and a priceless publicity stunt that will always be remembered.

    Would it have been better if he (or someone else) spent $16,000 on OJ's memorabilia and then put it on display somewhere to be glorified?

  3. "Would it have been better if he (or someone else) spent $16,000 on OJ's memorabilia and then put it on display somewhere to be glorified?"

    That's actually what I argue above, 16,000 federal reserve notes is alot of money to spend to make a publicity stunt...and a forgetable one at that. So yes my point is that indeed it would have been a better use of that money to buy a playground set or help low income church members with a down payment on a house than to burn some scumbags memorobelia.


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