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May 30, 2012

A LONG OVER-DUE Praise Report of Social Services: UNFOUNDED

*Note: This was originally suppose to be posted in March, but with all the online daily harassment from "friends & family" we were legally advised to withhold this report until now, in light of this most recent false alert being made online here at Homeschooling Pothead Parents Destroy Children's Minds.

Over the past several months we have diligently pursued the criminal investigation and gathered up all the evidence against Bob Enyart and those within his cult, as well as my own mother and brother for conspiring and covering-up the false report made about my family to Social Services.  But as we move forward I thought I should take a moment to write a long over-due praise report to the Adams County Social Workers for doing a such an honorable job while investigating our family.

Even months after our case was closed and all allegations were determined to be UNFOUNDED, our desperately crazy accusers have revealed their sin again and again in a multitude of words. In weakness, stupidity and fear of being publicly exposed things have intensified with death threats from our accusers while the conspirators continue to spread lies in hypocrisy by posting alarming messages addressed to the public to alert Adams County Social Services again and re-investigate our family, allegedly because our children’s lives are in danger.  You can see most of these messages in the comment sections on various websites all over the Internet.  The first one we noticed was at the Denver Post on Feb 25, 2012 (since removed after I flagged it for defamation).

Cowards from *The Kult of Konspiracy* who posted this alert (later changed blog setting to "invite only" now deleted) also created these Facebook pages to mock us and post more defamatory alerts. Most recently is a copy-cat of our page, GSDCM (since deleted), and these Homeschooling Potheads, Delusional Parents and Narcissistic Hate Bloggers - which have photos of our home address & my husband’s license plate alerting the public to call the authorities because we are “dangerous.”  (As of 6/6-2012 ALL FB hate pages & blogs have been deleted...that we know of.)

*Many of these alerts also ended with this line: 
"Social services is aware of all of this and did nothing. We wonder how children die. Let’s be proactive instead reactive when a child is in imminent danger.

Call Adams County Colorado Department of Human Services and tell them to reopen the case! (303) 287-8831"

*(Note: the summary of the language in the CPS report is almost verbatim as the messages going around the Internet by “NotBob” and other “Crazy” anonymous "Fool" accusers who were very close to us and would have intimate knowledge of the case.)


While at first we felt threatened and afraid, now it’s like sweet Manna from Heaven every time these silly fools make an appearance in a shallow attempt to cover up their shame and conceal their secrets - But the day has come, secrets are being revealed and our accusers cannot hide in the shadows for much longer.

Of course, every time we come across one of these phony messages, we simply add it to the growing “evidence file” and forward it right along to the authorities as well as to our nice Case Worker who we’ve been in constant communication with and have willingly cooperated together with since day one. Undoubtedly, Adams County Social Services knows how to do their job, very well, and these messages are incredibly insulting to the Government Agents who are clearly devoted to protecting children from harm.

Because of the untimely, bizarre, and extreme nature of our case, we feared the worst at when CPS first knocked on our door. But in a leap of faith and out of force, we ultimately had to surrender our children over to the government and let our lives be a testimony as they investigated our family. During this intense process, Adams County Social Services, the District Attorney Assistant and the local Police Department far exceeded our expectations in all areas. Through this unforgettable process (that still continues), we have found great joy through our trials and tribulations and comfort from the Scriptures. And as the TRUTH was told, that we are “Fundamentalist Christians” who "homeschool" our children and adhere to the Biblical teachings of “To Train Up a Child,” we hope we have established a good reputation with the county as well, since most "Christians" we know who have developed disgusting reputations which brings shame to the Body.

After the Social Workers finished interviewing our children, it became evident that we were good parents who love our children, and are deeply devoted to ensuring the physical safety and spiritual well-being of each one of them, despite the harmful intentions and despicable lies from our "Christian" accusers.

It is a widely known concept common among “Christian” circles and families all across the nation that, CPS is a dangerous, evil, out-of-control, ominous, power-abusing agency that takes kids away from good homes. Cult leader, Bob Enyart was hoping that the “godless government” would fulfill that expectation, which is why he and his conspirators made sure to accuse our family of every “alarming and concerning” thing imaginable to the depraved mind.

Unfortunately, in general, Child Protective Services has gotten a bad reputation over the years as society has grown accustomed to the media reports with sensationalized, heart-breaking stories of Government Officials violating peoples rights and intentionally tearing families apart, despite the alleged false allegations against the family in question. This was not true at all in our case, as our experience with Social Services was unexpectedly pleasant. Not too often do we read headlines of good deeds or criminal justice, but in our personal situation, Adams County Social Services proved to be God's minister of justice when we were falsely accused for child abuse and neglect. Ironically, the very government that Bob Enyart despises and tried to use for evil, judged rightly in the end.

Considering the lengthy and detailed list of “concerns” and alarming allegations reported against us, our lawyer sharply informed us that CPS and the cops used a considerable amount of restraint since they were led to believe that we were about to kill our kids.

The Social Worker in our case was respectful when we exercised our Fourth Amendment right, which requires a search warrant specific to the concern, "particularly describe the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized." 

After I closed the door on her face, she went about the legal steps to issue us a court order to produce our children for interviews and examination and returned two weeks later with three cops. Throughout the whole experience, our Social Worker did a comprehensive investigation and she was extremely professional, polite, unbiased, friendly, and accommodating to our large family's needs, which was virtually the opposite of what we expected based on multi-media reports portraying all CPS workers as agents of Satan sent to demolish families and remove the children so the government can have them. In our case, nothing could be further from the truth as she made a point to highlight this part in the Investigatory Order Assessment Requirements.

In Section 7.202.62.H of the Court Order, it states this:

"The investigation shall include consideration of ethnic, religious, accepted work related practices of agricultural communities, and accepted child-rearing practices of the culture in which the child participates."

Shortly after the investigation, we began open and honest communication with our Social Worker as we knew we had nothing to hide, and it quickly appeared to us that a certain amount of mercy was shown towards our family's plight as we were treated exceedingly fair throughout the entire process. And once the interviews were completed with the children, it seemed obvious to the government officials that we were innocent of all child abuse and neglect accusations, and they interviewed my husband and I at our earliest convenience to finalize the investigation. Out of consideration for the unnecessary intrusion and terrorizing disruption it had already caused our family, efforts were made to speedily closed the case so we pursue a criminal investigation against our accusers. With dozens of pages worth of allegations from multiple accusers, Adams County Social Services could have tried to make our lives miserable, invade our privacy more and charge us with something random at will to remove our kids, but the social workers were more than understanding as it became very clear that our case would be completely unfounded. Of course, all of the circumstances surrounding our situation are unbelievable to imagine, and our story has to be one-of-a-kind, but we feel truly blessed to have been assigned to an honest government agency in Adams County Colorado with Social Workers who really are "all about the children" as they profess to be as an organization.

Once we obtained a copy of the Social Services report and read all the words of our accusers, it CONFIRMED our initial suspicions that were (and still are) being targeted by certain members of Denver Bible Cult, and we are continually being falsely accused by the same cowards who think it’s cute to hide behind a “cloak of confidentially” - foolishly assuming that can conceal their secrets forever, and still believing that abuse and manipulation of the child welfare system would result in the destruction of our family. But what they meant for evil, God has used for good. In the State of Colorado, since all of the allegations were UNFOUNDED, "confidentiality" does not apply when the accused is innocent and the accuser is GUILTY of conspiring to bear false witness, so we plan to pursue this to the fullest extent of the law.

The tragic truth about our situation is that we were falsely accused and betrayed by former church friends and close family members whom we trusted and allowed in our home, not knowing we were under their disapproving scrutiny as a double-agent the whole time. Because certain people had an unholy ax to grind with us for whatever reason, Bob Enyart sought out revenge after we left his cult once we discovered the level of corruption from within his life and organizations, and he began a character assassination campaign to defame us as parents. For our family, leaving a cult has proved to be the most dangerous, evil, out-of-control, ominous, power-abusing agency around, led by a Serial Relationship Killer, who makes CPS look like a bunch of Care Bears. But we aren't easily intimidated by career-bullies who claim to be Christians, and we have nothing to fear because now we have the law on our side as we move forward in this criminal investigation against our accusers and continue to release evidence to the public.

Referral/Assessment Summary [Actual language in the report]
Overall Findings: Report Unfounded by Adams County Social Services

  “There are no children likely to be in danger of severe harm. No further safety action is necessary. Parents met the basic needs of their children including food, clothing, and shelter. Parents ensure that they are a close family and work together as a family. Parents provide their children with a proper education and attend to their medical needs when necessary. This assessment is being closed and is unfounded for physical abuse, educational neglect, medical neglect, and injurious environment due to parental substance use. All of the children's needs are being met. At this time, no additional services are being put into the home.”


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Robert Adolph Enyart = 666 Satanic Serial-Killer


***UPDATE - 2 YEARS LATER 2014***


On JULY 16, 2012 -- Westminster Police Detective Dave Galbraith meets with Curtis Kekoa to discuss the self-inflicted vandalism done by the leaders of PersonhoodUSA, Keith & Jennifer Mason to their own home as a publicity stunt after failing to get $250,000 from their "pro-life" supporters and to discuss other criminal activity done by the Masons. *Watch (Over 1 FULL HOUR of PROOF) => 2012-07-16 | Westminster PD: PROOF PersonhoodUSA Keith & Jennifer Mason, "Pastor" Bob Enyart & Kimberly Kay Bowman = CRIMINALS & FRAUDS

ANTI-CHOICE, ANTI-GOVERNMENT & ANTI-POT PREACHER IN COLORADO WANTED FOR MURDER - GOT PROOF?  PersonhoodUSA X-Posed - LISTEN to this recording with Westminster PD from TWO YEARS AGO proving that the leaders in the PersonhoodUSA movement are VIOLENT CRIMINALS & FRAUDS who are continuing to organize high-profile Satanic crime all across Colorado.  Less than two months after this interview, Jessica Ridgeway was abducted, murdered and dismembered by an "experienced killer," and NOW history is repeating itself AGAIN as these criminals are currently involved in a conspiracy against Mark Redwine, father of Dylan Redwine who was also abducted and murdered by the same ShadowGov "small foreign faction" organization that murdered JonBenet Ramsey and Jessica Ridgeway.

Contact Westminster PD Detective Dave Galbraith at 303-658-4234 and ask him to follow up on this important info...

For more TRUTH X-Posed about *The Kult of Konspiracy* visit:


  1. Character Reference Letter to Adams County Social Services for the Kekoas - by Kimberly Kay Bowman

    To Whom It May Concern,

    I am writing this letter on behalf of Curtis and Danielle Kekoa and their 6 children. My husband, Scott, and I have had the privilege of spending time and getting to know the family over the past couple of years. We are currently caring for our 3 and 4 year old grandchildren, Haylie and Brooklynn. The girls have been in our custody for almost two years. The Kekoa family have been a great support to us during this time. We have spent numerous occasions and interacted with the family as well as spending time at their home, and they have also spent time at our home.

    When I first met the Kekoa’s, I was warmly greeted by the three oldest children, Alina, Kiralee, and Hannah. The girls were very polite and outgoing. At that time Curtis Jr. was only 2 and Eddie was an infant. The children instantly took interest in Haylie and Brook, taking them by the hand and playing with them. All of the children are very polite and are always happy. I have been impressed with the older children’s respectful behavior and intellectual drive. The girls are often practicing spelling words, writing, cooking, sewing, and helping with household chores. Alina adores her siblings and spends her time entertaining and caring for the boys as well as playing outside and participating in arts and crafts. I have never seen the children act in a negative way towards each other. They are a pleasure to be around and we enjoy them immensely. It is rare these days to not have the focus on family in so many households, this however is not the case at the Kekoa home. There is never a television on or children sitting in front of a computer. The family is always together and interacting with each other. Saturday evenings are always the buzz because that is the one night a week that the family sits down together for movie night. I hear about movie night every time I see the children. The children are very respectful to their elders and always respond in a positive way to directions and corrections when given. I have never witnessed any fits or arguing in the Kekoa home. Communication is always demonstrated in a positive manner. The families home is alway presentable and the children are always clean and dressed well. Alina often tells me about her horseback riding therapy with great enthusiasm and joy. I have often listened to Kiralee and Hannah play the piano and sing. Curtis Jr. and Eddie are most often busy being little boys. Whenever I have spoken about the Kekoa children, I have described them as exceptional and I look forward to continuing to watch them grow.

    Curtis and Danielle are wonderful people and great parents. They always have their children’s best interests and well-being at the front of their priorities. Raising their children to be successful, responsible, honorable, and happy individuals is a very serious and lifelong job that is not taken lightly by them. The relationships that they share with their children and as a family unit is unique in todays society. I have gained great strength in sharing time and friendship with this family. They are very protective of their family and take great caution in what the children are exposed to. With that being said, they are also very open with them, discussing the many issues that plague our time. You cannot help but feel the life and love in their welcoming home. They share a loving and healthy relationship with each one of their children which is apparent in the way the children treat others. Hugs and praise do not lack in their home. I count on Danielle and Curtis in many ways which includes caring for my grandchildren when I need a sitter. Haylie and Brooklynn love spending time at the Kekoa’s home. They love the children as well as Danielle and Curtis...


    Kimberly Bowman

  2. As Kimberly Kay Bowman & Bob Adolph Enyart continue to get exposed for their crimes against children -the *Kult of Konspiracy* has left yet another false alert to Adams County Social Services on this thread about missing Dylan Redwine:

    "NotBob" said...

    Please help me spread the word about these abusers with severe mental health issues. Their story involving “To Train Up A Child” in a nutshell is below. Please feel free to copy and paste it elsewhere on the web.

    After a serious report of child abuse was made by numerous people against Danielle and Curtis Kekoa III, they are once again promoting their use of the abusive principals taught by Michael and Debi Pearl in the book “To Train up a Child”

    Their website:

    It took Social Services several weeks to actually investigate the report, giving the Kekoas plenty of time to cover up whatever might have been going on.

    Now Dani Kekoa claims that Social Services commends them for using the abusive tactics taught by the Pearls. The Pearls openly encourage “discipline”, as early as 6 months old, “Whippings” with the “rod” as they call them are ineffective unless it causes pain. The Pearls teach how to “Whip” in such a way that it causes pain but doesn’t leave any marks so that the “government” can’t prove the abuse. Someone needs to stop these abusers.

    Obviously Adams County Colorado doesn’t take child abuse seriously NOR substance exposed newborns given Dani Kekoa’s self admitted marijuana usage throughout her pregnancy. Apparently Colorado Social Services also doesn’t feel it necessary to examine ALL 6 children during an investigation, in particular the youngest two who are the most venerable and the potentially substance exposed newborn.

    Also alarming is that these children aren’t registered with any school district, aren’t involved with any church or social groups, or extra curricular activities and therefore have no visibility in the community. Outside contact of any kind is strictly prohibited. Social services is aware of all of this and did nothing. We wonder how children die. Let’s be proactive instead reactive when a child is in imminent danger.

    Call Adams County Colorado Department of Human Services and tell them to reopen the case! (303) 287-8831
    December 30, 2012 5:21 PM

    Dani Kekoa said...
    Yes, please do pass it along "NotBob" because the FBI is already well aware of the criminal conspiracy by Kimberly Kay Bowman & Bob Adolph Enyart to make false reports of child abuse to Adams County Social Services against my family. This is the same report that came back UNFOUNDED last year, but Bob and his kidnapping crew kept trying to take our kids away by lying to law enforcement & social services. Now that we are whistleblowers & have told the cops what we know about their childkilling ring, they continue with alerts like above. They know what happened to Dylan, the cops need to talk to them ASAP!
    December 30, 2012 6:45 PM

  3. Comments from: http://statement-analysis.blogspot.com/2012/12/dylan-redwine-reward-raised-to-20k.html

    *Check OUT DANI KEKOA'S VIDEO CONFRONTING CHILD-KILLER ADOLPH - CALL IN LIVE 1-800-8-ENYART at 3:00pm weekdays Denver time to ask Bob WHY he LIES! He ignored this tragedy since day one....Once an arrest was made on Oct 23, 2012, Bob & Doug FINALLY mention the MURDER of Jessica - In Hypocrisy of course, as Religious Psychopaths do "RIGHTEOUS JUDGEMENT" is coming ShadowLurkers - We are looking forward to it! ;-)

    On Oct 15, 2012, ten days after Jessica Ridgeway disappeared, "Pro-life" Pastor Bob started off his radio show saying “If you don't have anything good to say about the dead then don't say anything at all…..” …SILENCE............

    Then Bob started talking about the weather. Dani Kekoa, mother of six, called in twice on Bob Enyart Live to get on the air but Darrell Birkey answered and hung up when I ask why BOB is talking about Global Warming and NOT Jessica Ridgeway who was DISMEMBERED right down the street from his home & studio. Called right back and Al Sharin (Bob's father-in-law) answered, then hung up immediately when Dani said that the FBI is coming for ALL of them for what they did to that poor girl. Called back a 3rd time & left a message on the KGOV answering machine to let them ALL know that they are SCREWED! Child-Killing Cowards - Don't even have the balls to talk to a homeschooling "pothead" mother of six - Wonder what "Pastor" Bob is so afraid of?
    Watch here: http://youtu.be/-fH_2g9Xjbw

    December 30, 2012 9:23 PM


    The BOWMANS (and ENYARTS) are phenomenally stupid people....did the Westminster PD come get your inbred DNA yet? No? Good, because they will, THEY'RE SAVING THE WORST FOR LAST....it'll happen at about 4am-ish someday SOON when they serve warrants on ALL OF YOU....it will be a VERY UNPLEASANT experience, unlike the other 700+ times when the cops just asked for DNA and everyone complied - because they were interested in finding the KILLERS.....while you SCOTT BOWMAN and KIM BOWMAN and ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART were only interested stealing money from the Ridgeways.

    You people SCOTT BOWMAN, KIM BOWMAN and ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART DOB 1/10/59 are extreme morons and GUILTY CRIMINALS, especially when EVERYONE EXCEPT FOR YOU KNOWS the Westminster PD, CBI and FBI are monitoring everything you do including what's happening on this thread. GUILTY. STUPID. CRIMINALS.

    BTW, Kim looks like hell......I mean HELL, as if ENYART was dictating every move that she makes in much the same way ENYART controlled KEITH AND JENNIFER MASON of PERSONHOOD USA right before that FRAUDULENT ORGANIZATION went down like the Titanic that took KEITH AND JENNIFER WITH THEM. Hey KIM AND SCOTT BOWMAN, you got a lot to look forward to including PRISON. They love illiterate whiteboy trash like you SCOTT in PRISON.

    ...tick tock knock knock FOOLS. And if you haven't noticed yet, EVERYONE HATES THE BOWMAN pigs.

    Google "Robert Adolph Enyart Arrest Record" - "Enyart Sigg" - "Enyart Scott Kim Bowman"

  4. Bet you weren't planning on us getting a copy of the Social Services report, eh Sherry? We'll here's come of the "TRUTH" in your own words that you shared with Adams County when you thought you were gonna remain "confidential & anonymous" and we wouldn't find out the real TRUTH behind the conspiracy to take our kids away! - Now, your LIES are catching up with you...

    *(NOTE- This is a phone message that Sherry Roberts left on Oct 5th which was the SAME EXACT DAY that the *2nd call* to CPS was made. The 1st call was on Sept 23, 2011 when Bob Enyart had Kimberly Kay Bowman, Jennifer Mason, Maxime Enyart and other friends & family make a false report of child abuse. Please listen to the words Sherry says, then read her words below that were in the CPS report => http://www.youmail.com/youmail/voicemail/message.do?ap=y&mk=ymaR0dIREpEwo1FREdHQkdCRUrCjULCjcKHQ8KNeXp5cnR8dsKD)

    *(Here is another call from Sherry on Nov 3rd explaining how we have "falsely accused" her and she only spoke to CPS for "10 mins" and told them "the truth" => http://www.youmail.com/youmail/voicemail/message.do?ap=y&mk=ymaR0dIREpEwo1CRURER0hJREFGwo1Cwo3Ch0PCjXl6eXJ0fHbCgw..)

    We will be transferring these messages to YouTube shortly to upload onto the web for the whole world to hear what a disgrace of a mom you are.

    The following is only 2 pages of a 50 page report...

    1. My Mom Sherry Robert's Allegations to CPS: “The TRUTH” in 10 mins (Taken directly word-for-word from the report)
      *Key: RP = Reporting Party | POC = Parents of Children | FOC = Father of Children | MOC = Mother of Children | CH = Children CW = Case Worker

      "RP states POC hit their children with wooden and plastic spoons on their hands. RP states POC do not believe in reasoning with the children and instantly turn to physical discipline instead of talking with the children. Both MOC and FOC administer the discipline. POC spank K8, H7, and A16 with a rod on their legs, hands, arms, and backside leaving marks. POC believe that the older the CH get, the more swats they deserve. When they are being hit, the children cry and are Visibly in pain. If they cry, they get spanked more to stop crying. The hitting leaves red marks, and RP has observed bruises on their bodies on their forearms, shoulders, and backs of thighs. RP also noted that she has seen bruises on the back and backs of thighs of CHILD A, age 16, who has cerebral palsy. H7 broke her leg 2 years ago at the age of 5, and the explanation seemed suspicious. The explanation from POC was that she and CHILD K, then 6, were sliding down the stairs. RP states this is suspicious, and thinks POC had something to do with the broken leg. Per the CH are taught not to talk, to be silent, to not cry, to not talk back, and that everything is punishable. They are taught to fear police and government workers, and they are not allowed to call Police Department.

      RP stated FOC controls the family, and MOC is completely dependent on him for everything. MOC does whatever FOC says and makes excuses for him. RP states the children are not allowed to have opinions, and can only speak when they are spoken to. MOC used to be involved in the community, but now she is isolated from the community and family members. FOC lost his job last week, they left their church, and no one can get in touch with MOC. Regarding isolation, RP is very concerned about FOC isolating MOC and the CH from society, family, and friends. No one is allowed into their home, and no one is allowed to see the CH. The CH are home-schooled, and no one ever sees these kids.

      RP (Sherry) states A16 is diagnosed with Ataxia, which is a form of Cerebral Palsy. RP thinks A16 is neglected by POC, and all of the other children are favored over her. RP states A16 does not get regular baths, she gets disciplined for "not knowing things," and does not get the physical assistance that she needs. RP says H7 and K8 are also expected to take care of A16. RP says K8 and H7 are also expected to do household chores, and get up with the younger children in the mornings, specifically E1, and quietly change diapers, make breakfast, and keep everyone entertained while mom sleeps.

      Regarding medical and educational neglect, CHILD A age 16, has a form of cerebral palsy. CH does not receive any special services, nor has she received any educational services. POC keep her isolated from the other CH. The only special services she has gotten has been from MGMOC (nana) who has gone and picked her up and taken her to horseback-riding therapy 1xlwk. FOC is currently not allowing MGMOC any contact with MOC or the CH. RP stated that A16 hygiene is also not properly maintained. CW asked if she has ever noticed any marks on A16 and said she.has seen bruises on her back and the backs of her thighs.

      POC are very wary of opening their door to strangers, and it will be hard for DSS to make contact with the family. RP states no one would notice if they were missing. CW advised that because of the hx of violence in the home and the social isolation of the family, that if no one makes contact with MOC in the next day or two, to call PO for a welfare check and/or file a missing persons report. CW provided with the number for Northglenn PD."


    2. Too bad for you guys, ALL ALLEGATIONS were COMPLETELY UNFOUNDED - LIARS!
      READ here: http://www.generationxpose.com/2012/05/long-over-due-praise-report-of-social.html

      Referral/Assessment Summary [Actual language in the report]
      Overall Findings: Report Unfounded by Adams County Social Services

      “There are no children likely to be in danger of severe harm. No further safety action is necessary. Parents met the basic needs of their children including food, clothing, and shelter. Parents ensure that they are a close family and work together as a family. Parents provide their children with a proper education and attend to their medical needs when necessary. This assessment is being closed and is unfounded for physical abuse, educational neglect, medical neglect, and injurious environment due to parental substance use. All of the children's needs are being met. At this time, no additional services are being put into the home.”

    3. After I personally warned my mother Sherry Roberts repeatedly of Bob Enyart's & Kimberly Kay Bowman's criminal involvement with Jessica Ridgeways murder and how dangerous Denver Bible Cult is...Sherry wrote this back in reply to the whole group of criminals she originally conspired with:

      ---------- Forwarded message ----------
      From: "Chess V. Checkers"
      Date: Oct 23, 2012 12:28 PM
      Subject: Sherry: "Kimberly" Bowman - Missing Jessica Ridgeway from Westminster, CO Facebook page
      To: , "Bob Enyart" , "Bob Enyart" , "Kim Bowman" , "Scott B." , "Connie Sharin" , "Jennifer Mason" , "Jennifer Mason" , "Keith Mason"

      Reply All -
      Sherry Roberts: runnerbear@comcast.net wrote:
      > We all know this is trash. They are really reaching for attention. Maybe it is a far cry to alert the police and ss that they are so disturbed that they really either need help or need to be put away. I will take the children and care for them properly and those two can get the help they need. I sure miss my daughter and really miss those kids. Wish she would come back to who she really is. We need to send every email to the police and ss thay the Kekoas send us. Let's keep them totally aware. I am sorry she is doing this to you too. Let's keep praying.


      Don't worry Sherry, the cops & social services already know about how you conspired to take the Kekoas children. They are coming for you & your closet homo son too.

      Nice job, "mom" - and you expect me to pretend this didn't happen & let you see my children??? Go tell the police & Social Service all about us - Again...they are waiting for your call.

      Save your prayers & Burn in HELL ~ Dani

      X-Pose the TRUTH:

  5. ---------- Forwarded message ----------
    From: "Mom" Sherry Roberts
    Date: Jan 1, 2013 5:51 PM
    Subject: Re: DEATH THREATS - 09AAnderson "I'm Bob Enyart and I'm going to kill you for my own amusement..." - JonBenet Ramsey Murderer comment on "UP IN SMOKE! The Kekoas Burn Bob Adolph Enyart's LIES! - Don't Buy WORTHLESS GARBAGE!"

    Hi Danielle. Once again I am making an attempt to communicate civilly with you as your mother and grandmother of your children. I am hoping you are having a good new year and that your Christmas was good. I missed all of you and thought about you as I always do.

    If you could see it in your heart and with such graciousness to let me see those grandchildren, that would be the best thing that could happen to me. I would like to see you as well. Time is so precious and so is family. Alina will be 18 and it breaks my heart that I cannot celebrate that with her. Any chance we could have a moment to see each other?

    As always - I will forever love you, Danielle and I wait for the day you would want to reunite with me. Just as you tried to with your Dad for healing and for future happiness - I would not reject you but welcome any civil conversation or visit.

    Please think about it. Please do not write me back a hateful reply. I pray for all of you every day. Your Mom

  6. ---------- Forwarded message ----------
    From: "Dani Kekoa"
    Date: Jan 4, 2013 8:45 AM
    Subject: Re: Sherry.... DEATH THREATS - 09AAnderson "I'm Bob Enyart and I'm going to kill you for my own amusement..." - JonBenet Ramsey Murderer comment on "UP IN SMOKE! The Kekoas Burn Bob Adolph Enyart's LIES! - Don't Buy WORTHLESS GARBAGE!"
    To: "Mom" Sherry Roberts
    Cc: "Dana Machado"

    Apparently you are more stupid now than ever, Sherry, to think that I forgot what you've done to my family and you're quite arrogant to assume that I could ever forgive you -OR would even want you in my life...not that you'd ask for forgiveness cause your wicked pride, self-seeking envy & foolishness have taken over you.

    Just so you know, my life & marriage as been better than ever & more fulfilling without your constant toxic influence & ill-scrutiny, so let me be crystal clear to you "nana":
    YOU WILL NEVER SEE YOUR GRANDCHILDREN AGAIN - EVER! GET IT?? NEVER! PERIOD!!! - So Don't Ever Ask Again! Good Lord woman - you so are unbelievably dense & you sure do have a f*cked up way of showing love, - Good thing I am nothing like how you raised me to be, you were right about that - but I did learn what NOT to do by you, so thanks "mom."

    How easily you forget to remember that you conspired with a group of SADISTIC SERIAL CHILD-KILLERS to have my wonderful children unjustly taken away by LYING repeatedly to Social Services with Bob Enyart, Kim Bowman and the rest of those scandalous hogs, including your pedophile son Dana. Why should I trust you Sherry? Seriously, have you really forgotten what you've done to my family?

    Last year when I warned you more than once of how harmful, dangerous & evil Bob was, you repeatedly refused to humble yourself or acknowledge how hurtful, sick & perverse your great plan to was to report us for "child abuse" - WHY? Because you are a selfish, soulless, cold-hearted bitch who is dumber than a box of moldy rocks. Frankly, I hope you, Dana, Bob, Kim, Jen, Maxime, Susan and the rest of the *Kult of Konspiracy* DIE a painful death and burn in the fiery pits of HELL for all eternity so the world can be free of religious psychopath, backstabbing double agents of Satan who seek to destroy innocent families, and so you ALL can face the righteous judgement you deserve while the rest of the world lives in PEACE!

    Obviously you didn't even bother to read the DEATH THREAT to our family you replied to, but for the record, pastor Bob Enyart is scared of us cause we found out he murdered JonBenet Ramsey and countless others. Your buddy Bobby is a Satanic cult leader who runs a pedophile sex ring out of Denver & he organized Jessica Ridgeway's abduction & dismemberment - GO ASK HIM! The FBI is planning an arrest any day now for the many guilty parties and your name, number & address was on the suspect list heading to prison or mental institutions.

    So Sherry, please don't play me for a fool - ok? The cops know what you've done and so do we. ONE DAY ALL SECRETS WILL BE REVEALED.... so you might as well kill yourself now before Bob sends one of his SuperPsychoKiller ShadowGov assassins like Doug McBurney over to break your knee caps, slice your ankles open so you can never run again, then cut your head off & rape your dead body & toss your mutilated torso in the dump. Nice friends you chose to team up with, lady...hope you get exactly what you deserve! Maybe then you can think about what exactly you have done and face the consequences for the choices you made???

    Calamity is coming for you too Sherry....and we will laugh & mock when your terror comes - count on it!

    Sincerely, with contempt & hatred
    ~ Dani

  7. On Dec 31,2012 - This email was sent out to the BoulderPD & NorthglennPD along with hundreds of "pro-life" followers of Bob Enyart & dozens of news outlets:

    ATTENTION Boulder Police & NorthglennPD - The JonBenet Ramsey murderer is waiting for you to arrest him now and so are we...
    ShadowGov founder, pastor Bob Enyart of Denver Bible Cult knows he's caught for murdering JonBenet Ramsey because his "small foreign faction" DNA was left at the crime scene, so either someone is impersonating that pedophile preacher in Arvada as "09AAnderson" or that child-killing criminal is finally coming outta the closet to show us how tough he really is...

    Sun Dec 30 17:39:29 MST 2012
    Comment posted on ChessVersusCheckers YouTube: http://youtu.be/UrGpEcq28OQ

    09AAnderson has made a comment on UP IN SMOKE! The Kekoas Burn Bob Adolph Enyart's LIES! - Don't Buy WORTHLESS GARBAGE!

    "Hi I'm Bob Enyart and I'm going to kill you for my own amusement. I'm going to ask for a ransom but then not take your body with me.
    The Ramseys are guilty."


    See some more of Bob Enyart's threats and continued false accusations against the Ramsey's on this YouYube page => http://youtu.be/-Aly2fPK-XE

    Dani Kekoa 3 days ago to *totalrandomcrap* YouTube page owner:
    "By now you should know that you are talking to JonBenet Ramsey's murderer. 09AAnderson = Robert Adolph Enyart. Anyone still blaming the Ramseys at this point is either a complete moron or GUILTY!"


    09AAnderson 19 hours ago reply:
    "Ah, wrong! But clever. You're definitely next. I'm gonna garrotte you good motherfucker. BTW, the Ramseys did do it and Robert Adolph Enyart is your mother."

    09AAnderson 3 hours ago
    "You won't even see it coming. I'm the chill wind that wakes you in the dead of night. I'm the darkest shadows in the farthest corners of your house. I'm watching you right now and when I decide it, the last thing you'll see is my face.

    Here's another death threat from 09AAnderson (Bob Enyart) 3 weeks ago in response to the following comment about who murdered JonBenet Ramsey. We turned this threat into NorthglennPD along with Doug McBurney's "TheSuperPsychoKiller" Death Threats so they should be on file with Officer DiGiovanni. I attached most of the snaps.
    The Killing of JonBenet Ramsey - part 1 => http://youtu.be/nQjlFPxJAEs

    Dani Kekoa 2 months ago
    Phony "Prolife Pastor" Bob Enyart of Denver Bible Cult is the religious psychopath GUILTY of murdering Jonbenet Ramsey & framing her parents for the crime. His ShadowGov is the "Small Foreign Faction" with a "Group of Individuals" who kidnap, rape, torture & murder for a perverse political "mission from God" to judge the world. Google "Document Dump Ransom Note" for more info or go to GenerationXpose (.)com. Bob also is responsible for the DISMEMBERMENT of Jessica Ridgeway.

    09AAnderson 3 weeks ago
    "Tosser, I'm going to gut you like a fucking fish."

    So NOW we shall see what the police do cause we've been waiting all year to catch these criminals...

    1. Open Message to JonBenet's Murderer: "Pastor" Bob Adolph Enyart the religious psychopath of Denver Bible Cult - Either turn yourself into BoulderPD you sadistic, child-raping murderer & confess to your crimes against humanity-OR-Please do us all a favor & KILL YOURSELF - For Real! We're totally good with either choice you make. Just hurry up - OK? YAY~You're finally gonna be Famous after all these years of FRAUD & FAILURE ~SMILE! You're Welcome :-) ~ VICTORY
      *Google "Bob Enyart JonBenet Ransom Note"

      *JONBENET RAMSEY MURDER Suspect=Religious Psychopath, SERIAL RAPIST & CHILD KILLER in the DENVER AREA who is AFRAID of his "small foreign faction" DNA! CONTACT Pastor Bob Enyart & TELL HIM TO GO KILL HIMSELF! DOB: 1-10-59 - SS# 152-60-4382 -FBI# - 678532LA7 - CO License# - CO368941 Denver Bible CULT tollfree1-800-836-9278 OTHER #s 303 463-7789, 303-883-2435 Call his Google# 720-515-5468 email: BobEnyart@gmail.com | Bob@KGOV.com | curtislikesboysiii@gmail.com | denverbiblechurch@gmail.com

      Here are his known addresses: 6126 BRAUN COURT, ARVADA CO, 80004


  8. This is one of the Denver Bible Cult criminals who my own mother, Sherry Roberts has conspired with to make false reports of child abuse to Social Services -

    *DEATH THREAT ALERT: TheSuperPsychoKiller (https://www.youtube.com/user/TheSuperPsychoKiller) is Doug McBurney and he is demonstrating his guilty murderous rage on YouTube after we told him the FBI is coming for his DNA - Doug also raped & murdered JonBenet Ramsey with Bob Enyart in Boulder, CO on Christmas day 1996 and their ShadowGov assassins are also responsible for the RAPE & MURDER & DISMEMBERMENT of Jessica Ridgeway from Westminster - Read Doug McBurney's violent PsychopathKiller comments towards the Kekoas below....

    TheSuperPsychoKiller has replied to your comment on Real Crime: Who Killed the Pageant Queen? Part 1

    TheSuperPsychoKiller 1 month ago
    Fuck you asshole. Kill yourself you fucking stalker. I hope the Kool-Aid guy breaks into your help and rapes you repeatedly!

    TheSuperPsychoKiller 1 month ago


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