"Have No Fellowship With the Unfruitful Works of Darkness, But Rather EXPOSE Them!" ~ GOD, Ephesians 5:11

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June 12, 2012

*Krook*USA & the CPS *Konspiracy* Against the Kekoas X-POSED:

*Konspiracy KrookUSA* = ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART Criminal History & Arrest Record: 

*FACT:  Pastor Bob Enyart was CONVICTED of "CRUELTY TOWARDS A CHILD" - *More than ONCE - And it was for beating his GIRLFRIEND'S son after the couple had only been dating for two months. (Later of course, after marrying his third wife, Cheryl, according to Jefferson County Social Services, Bob physically abused his other boys at the time too, leaving bruising on all of them.) 

America wants to know who put a Twice Divorced, known Adulterer & CONVICTED Child-Abuser in charge of all these “Christian Pro-Life” organizations?  And how can Bob be a good spokesman for the National Organization for Marriage (NOM)?  For whatever reason, Bob doesn't want to "debate" this issue, so someone around him needs to have the guts to ask pastor Enyart why he conspired with members in his *Kult* to LIE to Social Services about the Kekoa family and continue to falsely accuse them of child-abuse while making mock pages to cover it up?

Here's a small sample of what else Bob has been up to secretly in the shadows - *Check out the *Krook*USA album (currently removed)A History of Harassment: Online Documented *PROOF* of a Conspiracy against the Kekoas to make numerous online false reports of child abuse to Adams County Social Services after the case was UNFOUNDED over 8 months ago. This began as soon as the Kekoas began X-POSING him on January 25, 2012 saying,  "It's Been Confirmed – Do We Have Your Attention, Bob Enyart?"

Are the Kekoas really just "paranoid & delusional" or are these *anonymous* attacks REALLY happening? EXAMINE the EVIDENCE before making ignorant judgments!  Look closely at ALL these photos & read attachment links here (currently removed)Denver Bible Cult & the *CRAZY* CPS *Konspiracy* by *Krook*USA, including several alerts to Social Services, mock FB pages & fake identities, admittedly created to mock our family, such as *Krook Kekoa* (with Dani's photo on it) later changed to *Krook Konspiracy*.

Thankfully, after three long months of dedicated daily harassment, the Facebook page made to mock the Kekoa family has suddenly shut down the week after they changed their position: 

(Created 2/2012 & Deleted 6/2012)
Copycat mock page of the Kekoa's Government Schools FB page

From 2/29/12 to 5/29/12

Description: "Paranoia that consumes a family because the parents are potheads...When you have 6 kids, get stoned, beat 'em, and keep 'em out of society!”

On 5/30/12

Description changed to: "We are in no way associated with American Right to Life, Colorado Right to Life, Personhood Colorado, Personhood USA, Pastor Bob Enyart, or Denver Bible Church. Note: The views, expressions, findings and opinions expressed in the comments on this Facebook page are solely those of the author(s)."

Of course, the evidence speaks for itself...

*QUESTION: What do Homeschooling Pothead Parents (now deleted 6/2012), Bob EnyartLive, Denver Bible Church, the fake Facebook ID's "Fool Hatery," & "CowardlyLiar" (both now deleted) and PersonhoodUSA all have in common when talking about the CPS conspiracy against the Kekoas???

 *ANSWER on March 27, 2012 they ALL mention:  Jennifer Mason, wife of Keith Mason, President of PersonhoodUSA! *Note: "Cowardly Liar" says that Jen is Dani's "best-friend" & "Fool Hatery" also says that Jen's daughter was "Danielle's daughter's best friend until their paranoia got the best of them..."  <<-- How would they know that, unless they were very close to Jen Mason & the Kekoas?


*Interesting FACT: On March 24, 2012, the mock page, Homeschooling Pothead Parents posted support for a page created by Bob Enyart who is known as the "key person" behind ProlifeProfiles.com.  

Enyart slanders & misrepresents many people, politicians & pro-lifers, but he demonstrates a "pathological hostility towards Ron Paul".  Again - The general public wants to know who gave this CONVICTED Child-Abuser the authority to make & enforce radical decisions on the Life & Personhood of Children?


*Originally posted on March 23, 2012 on the mock-hate FB page: revealed this clue about the CPS conspiracy: "Danielle has told me personally...”

*NOW - Suddenly, that changed on 5-30-12 with the HPP admin saying:

"The people and organizations that Dani and Curtis Kekoa are slandering have no affiliation to or what is written on this Facebook page. Nothing has been discussed with any of the people or organization that the Kekoa's have named in their conspiracy theory. I do not know who made reports to CPS." 

*LOOK CLOSER *Krook*USA, that's not what you said over two months ago....And YET, on 5-29-12 the SAME  EXACT Alert to Social Services that has been circulating the Internet for months was posted on the HPPDCM page & again on 6-2-12 (both now deleted)

                                                        *Here are other alerts we noticed:
||  Pothead Parents |  March 25, 2012 (this profile has been removed) ||
|| Colorado Fool | March 25, 2012  ||  Colorado Fool | March 25, 2012  ||


"Curtis & Dani are slandering..."? -- Really?  --"No affiliation at all"? 
-- Are you absolutely certain that you "do not know who made reports to CPS"??? 
 Below is a demonic obsession with a collection of Kekoa family photos created & posted by the HPP admin(s) -  (some photo obtained through Dani' mother, Sherry Roberts & brother, Dana Machado) ANY QUESTIONS AMERICA?  ASK Bob Enyart & his *KROOKS* at DBCult to explain what this means...

The"Key Person" here on Twitter (now deleted) is also behind Homeschooling Pothead Parents...But there are many more "SECRETS to be REVEALED" ~ Please pass it along because there needs to be a “Series of CONSEQUENCES”, like Bob Enyart once said would happen for being him WRONG....

Care to debate the issue among *reasonable* people???

"Pastor" Bob Enyart of Denver Bible Cult is a criminally-minded, counterfeit Christian who has harmed many families & has tried to destroy my family through LIES, fear & deception. 
*Please help X-POSE the TRUTH about Pastor Bob Enyart, the CONVICTED Child-Abuser who is the "key person" behind PersonhoodUSA, a supposedly "pro-life" Christian organization attacking the Personhood of MY family & all others who disagree with him.

Enyart is *GUILTY as SIN of Criminal Conspiracy involving multiple members of Denver Bible Cult & PersonhoodUSA to make multiple false reports to Social Services against an innocent family with six kids who left his church in 2011 after he was rebuked for meeting with another man's wife & counseling her to divorce.



*In the comments, read selected email response from guilty parties who are trapped in the cult-mind-control and have contributed to the CPS conspiracy and/or covered it up...


  1. Email response Tue, Jun 12, 2012 at 2:38 PM:
    Ok Danielle,
    We have been reading your emails and you know what, you are not making people get mad at Bob Enyart, people are to the point of NOT feeling sorry for you but pity you.

    What a shame you don't use all this energy to care for your children and show them what a great mom you can be, instead of trying to ruining a man you have no proof of trying to destroy your family.

    I will pray for God to lead you in the right direction, and that you will listen and hope you can let go of the Marijuana, why do
    you think they call it DOPE..

    Look at this email how can you be proud of this...?

    DO NOT send us any more emails!!!

    Ruth & Larry Carroll

  2. YEAH Ruth & Larry - After looking at 100's of photos, that's what you came up with? Talk about sorry & pitiful, none of you mindless cultists can think for yourselves! Isn't your daughter, Becky poppin Prozac pills for her depression? Would you like to see her family & your grandkids trashed on Facebook & blogs like that?? It's too bad that Bob Enyart didn't spend some of his energy trying to save the Sutherland's marriage in his church last year instead of undermining that marriage, and counseling Susan to divorce w/o her husband knowing. Then Bob gathered his followers by trying to ruin MY family through LIES, harassment & conspiring to make numerous FALSE reports to Social Services after he was rebuked by Curtis! That's OK - we added your names to the list to suspects - the detectives are currently investigating. If you don't like the emails....go talk to the COPS! Or better yet, tell Gordon, the *Sheriff's deputy* - he was at the same meeting rebuking Bob.

    Let's NOT forget who the TWICE CONVICTED Child-Abuser is: Ask Pastor Bob Enyart of Denver Bible Cult – He admittedly has a “lengthy & unfortunate history with such harassment…” And Bob has a LONG Criminal Record as a CONVICTED

    Robert Adolph Enyart's Criminal Record Public Doc: (*SOURCE: Colorado
    Bureau of Investigation)


    *FACT: On August 29, 2011, Pastor Bob Enyart of Denver Bible Church was rebuked by Curtis Kekoa (and two other men) for meeting with another man's wife & counseling her to DIVORCE without her husband knowing.....One week later, Bob began his slander campaign & holy jihad against the Kekoas over medical marijuana, they peacefully left his church....Next thing they know, Social Services is at their door on false allegations of child-abuse. - COINCIDENCE, COVER-UP or CONSPIRACY? - ANY QUESTIONS?

  3. Oh, so you felt "sorry" for us before? News to us. What? You don't feel "sorry" for us now? Instead, you feel "pity"? Pity is synonymous with "sorry" - you would've known that if you could think properly. Cultists can't think, but they think they can....yeah, you guessed it, pitiful.

    Ok, Ruth, since you wanna chime in like you actually know what's going on around you and in others' lives, didn't you and your husband sort of leave the church because of a disagreement with Bob over some soft-porn movie that Bob liked and Larry didn't like as much, anyway? Or was it the other way around? Oh well.....Hypocrites - with that little rumor-milled incident of yours, you and Larry were one of the FIRST couples to try to "ruin" Bob's already criminally damaged reputation, so go look in the mirror and cry over that and the fact that you're a *Carroll* whose ENTIRE FAMILY submits to an infamous has-been liar, ENYART, with a lengthy criminal history of CHILD ABUSE, trespassing, obstruction, and loitering to name a few. Let's not forget that Bob is a self-admitted "John" at WHORING - which is also a crime. We didn't ruin ENYART's reputation - he did it all himself in part by selling his perverse exploits on DVD's that don't sell AT ALL, anymore.

    We're just the HAPPY messengers. :)

    And what is the PILL DU JOUR for your family these days, eh, Ruth and Larry? What's in YOUR MEDICINE CABINETS, huh? It's all out in the open, right? Zoloft? Prozac? Maybe a little of both and then some? Yeah, the latter covers it - they call it *dope* for a reason, Ruth and Larry, and thank you for having a family name that embodies it to a "T." Reminds me of the ENYART family, the other white trash. Like ALL CULT LEADERS, Bob's probably *leveraging* your family's prescription drug use in ENYART'S favor in the same way ENYART used Mark's 10+ year addiction to methadone against him. Bob tried the same thing against us, the Kekoas, but FAILED, again, because FAILURE is the main characteristic of Bob Enyart's life. You remember that, don't you Ruth and Larry? Yeah, faintly. If you COULD remember anything beyond your one-dimensional understanding of the world, remember that you and the ENTIRE CARROLL FAMILY did NOTHING to try to help Mark with his addiction - and that goes for the ENTIRE CHURCH who DID NOTHING like useless wonders.....Except for the KEKOAs who traveled with Mark out-of-state where he detoxed off of methadone. You and the rest of your family BARELY remember it - y'all were probably too busy ignoring problems, poppin' pills, bakin' cakes, tebowing Christianity and Facebooking recipes while real families, like the Sutherlands, suffered at the hands of Bob Enyart, kind of how your family is suffering right now because of Enyart. Along with a handful of others, you two are fools in accordance with the cultist mentality. And if you don't want emails from people, use the *block* function, a simple task for most one-dimensional thinkers like yourselves.

    And like I've said to others for the 150th time this month, keep your garbage prayers to yourselves. We don't want them; we don't need them. See you in court.

    FYI - UPDATED INFO: Bob Enyart = SERIAL RELATIONSHIP KILLER. FAILED cult leader. Twice Divorced. Married three times. Convicted Child-Abuser x 2 - likes to "beat" children - his own and other children - with belts and injure them. Arrested eight times in Colorado for loitering, trespassing, obstruction of justice, resisting a POLICE OFFICER, and child abuse. (*Loitering* probably involved a prostitute.) Self-admitted ADULTERER. Solicitor of a multitude of Prostitutes. Addicted to Porn. Conspires to Falsely Report Innocent Families to Social Services. Hypocritically Preaches Against Sexual Immorality! Meets with other men’s wives in his church & encourages DIVORCE! Speaks in HYPOCRISY according the Scriptures.

  4. *FACT: In 2011- No thanks to “pastor” Bob, a former elder in his church, Mark Sutherland, is now DIVORCED after 30+ years of marriage from Susan, because Bob ADMITTEDLY met with Susan and *encouraged* her to divorce on multiple occasions without Mark's knowledge - behind Mark's back....and AFTER Mark, *elder* Gordon Carroll, Curtis Kekoa, John Mackie and Craig Fisher ALL (at different times) rebuked BOB ENYART for meeting with another man's wife behind the husband's back. Gordon Carroll's *rebuke*, however, was extraordinarily *soft* - practically none - and even more *short-lived* because Carroll, as an Arapahoe County Sheriff's deputy, is mentally and emotionally subject to the unholy whims of Bob Enyart, which is an EXTREMELY DANGEROUS PROSPECT for all of us who are subject to the governing authorities, ie. the cops. But that's what happens between cultists and their CULT LEADERS; the cultist identifies himself with the leaders and gives up his own identity, and thus is controlled by the cult leader. VERY DANGEROUS. Our guess is that ENYART has some dirt on CARROLL, like how ENYART had dirt on Mark for over ten years and used it against him.....like a good little narcissist cult leader who takes private, protected information gleaned from private *counseling* sessions and broadcasts it to the world for his own ill-gotten, personal gain - in violation of state "confidentiality laws" governing licensed clergy.

    *See Enyart's CO CRIMINAL HISTORY: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nFM6cJ04jyDkD7Kp-J_uUZGFWr57NhZWFxcJsaxEK9M/edit

  5. “...And if the Kekoas left because of wrongdoing on my part, I would want to know that and hopefully have the humility to confess and opportunity to make amends...” - Bob Enyart in a mass church-wide email sent out on Nov. 1, 2011, subject: “Dear DBC, our friends the Kekoas are hurt and possibly...”
    "Dear DBC,
    Our friends Curtis and Danielle Kekoa are hurt and possibly angry at me. Of course as human beings we tend to describe such difficulties in a way that justifies our own actions and blames others...."
    <-- I wonder WHY the Kekoas would "possibly" be angry at Bob? *ANY QUESTIONS?

    *[Is that possibly why Bob wrote this long-winded email & released it “publicly” to all the DBC members (and who knows how many others) to deceitfully describe why he thinks the Kekoa’s are “possibly angry” at him – as if this was relevant? Looks more like an effort to justify why he would want to “publicly” call the Kekoa’s out into a confrontation INSTEAD of honoring his word to do “anything” to “help” by writing a brief letter to CPS while the Kekoa’s are under investigation by the government authorities? It sure wasn’t “helpful” for Bob to indirectly insult our family and unnecessarily sound the alarm bells by going on his radio show railing against those who use MMJ.]

  6. [Here's an email response from Wendy Coward upon learning about the history of harassment against the Kekoa family: Wendy is a former DBC cult member, a former friend of Dani Kekoa & a good friend of Jennifer Mason of PersonhoodUSA.]

    Mon, Jun 11, 2012 at 8:50 AM:

    Please stop sending me this worthless garbage. I have a husband to care for and two beautiful boys to home school. You emails are pathetic and sad. Please remove me from your list. I will continue to pray for you and your amazing kiddos.


  7. It is pathetic & sad, Wendy, that the church, family & friends would conspire to falsely report an innocent family with six kids to Social Services, then create nasty mock pages posting demonic & derogatory images to cover-up the crime.

    Your hostile, defensive & cultic response reveals your apathetic guilt and further proves how really pathetic you are. FYI- Wendy, Your IP address has been traced to several of the harassing comments & high traffic volume on my blog, so the FEDS are investigating you too, all the way out in Tennessee. You probably should start confessing cuz the secrets will all be revealed...very soon...and your hands are not clean in this matter AT ALL.

    "God will not be mocked, you WILL reap what you sow..." - Wouldn't if be so sad if you & Jen Mason both lost custody of your kids right after your spineless husbands divorce you crazy ladies for what you've done in secret? Going against your own friends who helped you? Save your prayers for yourself - you're gonna need them.

    Talk about worthless garbage....hope your hubby, Jeremy hasn't paid for any more toothless hookers lately, sure don't want those beautiful boys of yours picking up bad habits like that from daddy...

    Jer must have picked up the habit from Enyart, he & his oldest son like hookers too.

  8. On 5-30-12 - Here is the exact quote from the admin at Homeschooling Pothead Parents (now deleted) - “I have never changed my position regarding my affiliations with anyone. I act alone without the advise or persuasion of any organization or persons.”

    Am I Jennifer Mason? No
    Do I know Jennifer Mason? I know of her, I am not personally a friend of hers.
    Do I know people that attend Denver Bible Church? Yes.
    Do I know Bob Enyart? Yes.
    Is Bob my spiritual leader? No
    Have I every attended Denver Bible Church? Yes, but not since 2009
    Do I support PersonhoodUSA? Yes.
    Do I support other pro-life organizations? Yes.
    Do I know people that attend Denver Bible Church? Yes.
    Do I know any of Dani's family? No.
    Does Dani Know me? Yes, she knows of me.
    Did I conspire to report her to CPS? No, there is no conspiracy. Dumb Dumb Dumb!
    Do I think Dani is a danger to herself, her children and society? YES!

  9. DBCult Member
    Sat, Jun 2, 2012 at 8:24 PM

    Time to block. We have reached out time and again in love, but to no avail. Their drug-induced paranoid delusions seem to know no bounds.

    No more words, but only silent prayers for these tragically broken people who are in desperate need of the healing of Jesus Christ.

  10. Jamie Scholfield, member of Denver Bible Cult who has been covering up the CPS criminal conspiracy against the Kekoas. The children's comic-book writer wrote this message in response to finding out that Bob Enyart & Jennifer Mason of PersonhoodUSA are "key persons" behind the mock facebook page Homeschooling Pothead Parents Destroy Children's Minds - OBVIOUSLY Jamie is still a SUSPECT....good thing his name was on the list we gave to the cops back in Feb & again last week! *P.S. More LIES...They NEVER "reached out in love" ONCE!


    *SUSPECT: On 6-2-12 Jamie Scholfield, member of Bob Enyart's *KULT* says this about the Kekoa family in response to the CPS criminal conspiracy at DBC: "Their drug-induced paranoid delusions seem to know no bounds...." <<-- The Kekoas "paranoid delusions"??? Are the Curtis & Dani simply imagining that there are multiple mock pages like this which simply know no bounds (http://www.facebook.com/HPPDCM), created 3 months ago to mock & harass the Kekoas on a daily basis to cover-up the CPS crime? What about the dozen or so "anonymous" alerts to CPS or the dozens of fake FB IDs like "Krook Kekoa Konspiracy* made to harass them?
    Better YET, why is Bob Enyart on this "Pothead Parents" Twitter account?

  11. Did you seriously just comment your own post 10 times?! Jesus you're a nutso. Time to check into the looney bin Ka-razy Kekoas

  12. Beezlebub Of The BallJune 12, 2012 at 11:47 PM

    Better YET YET, forget Bob Enyart, why is SATAN on that page!!!!

  13. Mon, Jun 11, 2012 at 2:23 AM
    Dear Danielle Kekoa and Curtis Kekoa III, aka. "Chess Checkers", "Government Schools Destroy Childrens Minds", "Boycott Bob Enyart", "WorstGeneration X-pose", etc. You have continued to send unwanted and unsolicited harassing, threatening, and libelous emails. This reply constitutes an order to cease and desist any and all contact immediately. Do Not Contact Dana Machado again for any and all reasons under any circumstances.


    Then Dana leaves this comment on our Boycott Bob page Tuesday, June 12, 2012 11:30pm - http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=421637941192383&set=a.416690091687168.91616.407393485950162&type=1

    ‎"You'll probably just be on some new crusade, arrogant and obnoxious as always."

    Damn Dani, That was nearly four years ago. Time to get back to the basics!

    "Dani August 12, 2008 6:30 PM
    In addition, there is one particular comment from this post that I wanted to quickly and thoughtfully respond to because as my pastor Bob Enyart teaches, when somebody criticizes you for something, instead of immediately lashing back in denial, contemplate if what they are saying is true that way you can grow from your mistakes and change for the better. Some of the most honest insults might come from your enemies.

    So when Anonymous said this, it got me thinking - "It's VERY easy to speak with GREAT AUTHORITY about child-rearing, when your children are still small! It's extremely easy to be a cocky know-it-all when your kids are too young to even begin making their own choices. Wait 15-20 years Dani. Maybe, just maybe, by then you will have learned some humility. On the other hand, I doubt it. You'll probably just be on some new crusade, arrogant and obnoxious as always. I'm SO glad I did not grow up with a mother like you."

    It's true that my children are still young, ages 9 months to 13 years, and so far we have achieved our goal in raising them right by following Biblical instructions which does make it easy for me to think I do have some authority on the topic since several mothers ask me for advice on child-rearing because they see the positive fruit. This is not to say all of our methods are perfect by any means, but our children are extremely obedient, loving, joyful and confident in the Lord. We can take our kids to restaurants, grocery stores, a friend’s house, on a road trip across the country, or an 8-hour flight to Hawaii without fear of being held hostage with tantrums or bad attitudes because they are a delight to us and everyone else who meets them. Our girls have a strong desire to please us and make us happy in all that they do. They are very sensitive to the Holy Spirit, and when we discipline them, they demonstrate true repentance, and they love us even more for it!

    Now I don't want to be so arrogant as to assume that everything will turn out perfect in 15-20 years from now because there still exists much opposition by the flesh and sin can certainly creep into the lives of my children which could lead them astray. Knowing this possibility it drives me to be extra diligent in training them with the fear and admonition of the Lord so that when they are old enough to make their own choices, they will do so according to the Word of God, not according to the world. I strive to remain humble when offering advice to others knowing that I am far from a perfect mother and there is always room for improvement. All authority I have comes from Christ and I continue to ask for wisdom so I will raise all my children right until they are grown."


  14. Dang Dana - you have a long criminal record.
    Dana S. Machado Colorado Arrest Record - Google Docs

    That CRIMINAL RECORD is only for Colorado. Wonder what's going on in Arizona? Any snafus in Nevada? Cali?


    Let's not forget already catching Dana in his LIES & BETRAYAL.

    *On May 29, 2012, Danielle Kekoa's Brother, Dana Machado said the following on the Homeschooling Pothead Parents Destroy Children's Minds page: "Fact: Thinking I have anything to do with your bull shit "Konspiracy" is plain psychotic. I haven't said anything to anyone from that cult..."

    IS THAT A FACT, DANA? So, "NoBob" - How do you explain why you posted this same EXACT alert to Social Services?
    *Link --> http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=416633555026155&set=a.407561855933325.90065.407393485950162&type=3&theater

  15. Remember writing this last week, Dana Machado? If you don't want us to contact you, don't contact me, your sister.
    "Undear Dani kekoa : I knew Bob Enyart was a piece of shit long before you learned of what an abomination he is.
    You are an abomination,too. I'm appalled that you're about to give birth to your sixth child. You should not be a mother,
    because you are brainwashing and indoctrinating your poor kids with nothing but ignorance,bigotry,hatred and stupidity.
    You may not physically abuse them, but you have abused their minds ! And you have the gall to accuse our public
    schools of "indoctrinating" kids ! You should be removed immediately from the world's gene pool . People like you are a cancer on the face of humanity . You have absolutley no redeeming virtues., and neither does that piece of vomit Bob Enyart, who is part of the Americna Taliban.
    People like you and Enyart scare the hell out of me and other sensible, sane and rational Americans/.
    You don't want "freedom" at all . You want to turn America into what it was never meant to be - a primitive,backward, brutally repressive evangelical Christian theocracy no better than the Islamic theocracies of Iran and Saudi Arabia.
    Your "pro-life" stance is pure hypocrisy, because you would want to see any of the precious fetuses you whine about executed by the government if any of them turned out to be homosexual when they grew up. You make me want to vomit, you disgusting piece of filth!
    I am disgusted by ignorant,inbred Hillbilly Bible-thumping assholes like you , and I'm ashamed to live in an America where so many scunbags live . As I've told you before, you are not even a real Christian, just a bigoted little piece of shit who uses Christianity to justify your vile bigotry. You are a twit with a twat! If I believed in hell, I would say, GO TO HELL !
    And don't assume I'm a homosexual because I'M NOT ! But you have, which just proves that great old saying:


    Apparently he missed the memo: February 09, 2012 - DANI'S WORDS OF TRUTH- Setting the Record Straight: An Open Apology to “Lesbian” Deb & Public Repentance for Following Bob Enyart
    "...To begin, it would only be right to *set the record straight* (no pun intended), by publicly confessing my wrongdoings and openly apologizing to many bloggers whom I offended in Christ’s Name, but particularly, I want to apologize to Deb for how I mistreated her..."


  16. Dana - What is your point? I still agree with my words - now I'm purging myself from Bob & all TOXIC relationships so I can achieve that goal with six kids. Against all odds...We're still standing tall!
    A LONG OVER-DUE Praise Report of Social Services: UNFOUNDED ~ Summary:

    “There are no children likely to be in danger of severe harm. No further safety action is necessary. Parents met the basic needs of their children including food, clothing, and shelter. Parents ensure that they are a close family and work together as a family. Parents provide their children with a proper education and attend to their medical needs when necessary. This assessment is being closed and is unfounded for physical abuse, educational neglect, medical neglect, and injurious environment due to parental substance use. All of the children's needs are being met. At this time, no additional services are being put into the home.”

    *Read full report here: http://worstgenerationseed.blogspot.com/2012/05/long-over-due-praise-report-of-social.html

  17. Post my comment coward and I'll respond to your lies.

  18. Nope I don't, cause you know I didn't. It is so poorly written I can barely read it. If I did send it, I would have sent it directly from my normal email, just like I always do.

    I don't know what's more offensive you saying I wrote this unedited, nonsensical garbage or you being so ignorant as to think I wrote it. Some pointers as how anyone that truly knew me, could tell I didn't write it.

    1. "Undear Dani Kekoa" - Who says that any way, and I why would I address you as Dani Kekoa

    2. I never knew Bob Enyart before you

    3." I'm appalled that you're about to give birth to your sixth child." - I knew your 6th child was born in October 2011, so why would I write that "last week"

    4. Americna Taliban - Obvious misspelling not to mention that I just don't talk that way, it's laughable to the point of ludacris. Maybe Curtis wrote it pretending to be me.

    5."You don't want "freedom" at all . You want to turn America into what it was never meant to be - a primitive,backward, brutally repressive evangelical Christian theocracy no better than the Islamic theocracies of Iran and Saudi Arabia." - What!? that doesn't even make sense.

    6. "Your "pro-life" stance is pure hypocrisy, because you would want to see any of the precious fetuses you whine about executed by the government if any of them turned out to be homosexual when they grew up." - Again, that doesn't make any sense, and I am "pro-life" so whatever.

    7. "I'm ashamed to live in an America where so many scunbags live" - "scunbags"? plus I love living in America, no place I'd rather be.

    8. " If I believed in hell, I would say, GO TO HELL !" - I do believe in Hell

    9. "And don't assume I'm a homosexual because I'M NOT !" - What? I've never assumed that you assumed I'm homosexual, quite content with my sexuality thank you.

    10."NEVER ASSUME , BECAUSE IT MAKES AN ASS OUT OF U AND ME." - That is so weak, gimme a break.

    You can hate me all you want SIS, and post my "Criminal" record all day every day for all I care, but at least give me the credit to know I wouldn't write this ignorant shit.



    1. Dana, I simply asked if you remember writing that hateful message...who said anything about sending it by email? As far as you know, it was among the dozens of unpublished "anonymous" comments left for me on my blog?

      After all the lies you've already been caught in, why do you continue to play me for a fool? Isn't it bad enough that you & mom betrayed me on the deepest level & violated my trust by conspiring with our enemies & covering up the CPS crime led by Enyart & his sick twisted drones? Why so eager to join with demonic forces against the Truth?

      Sadly, the only credit I can give you is the fact that you took an active part in trying to destroy my family by making false reports to Social Services to have our kids taken, and then you cowardly attacked us "anonymously" online. Why come against your own flesh & blood & and take part in the violent exploitation of your six nieces & nephews when you gathered up groups of people to come against me over the photo of the boy in lipstick you gave me? There's nothing more personal than someone trying to hurt my kids - For that, I can never forgive you or mom for what you've done cuz neither one of you can EVER be trusted AGAIN around my family - you all are toxic & don't deserve to be in our lives. Bob is a piece of shit, that we can agree on, but he used you both as pawns in his psychopathic plan, and as a result, all of our relationships have been permanantly destroyed...FOREVER!

      Bro...I don't hate you, your betrayal hurts me the most & has brought the most tears & pain in my heart....you are not the kind of loyal brother I thought I once had....and now I know that your betrayal & back-stabbing goes way back further than I care to believe......Isn't that right, "Mr. Berger"?

  19. How's personhoodUSA, Bob? Is Keith Mason still afraid of you? Are you still talking to Keith's wife behind his back? You know you got her in a lot of trouble, *konspiring* with her to make those anti-Kekoa hate blogs and pages? You should stop meeting with other men's wives behind their husbands' backs, BOB ENYART. You have a nasty habit of doing that. In fact, that's what you did the Monday after father's day, 2011, exactly a year ago. You met with Mark Sutherland's (now ex) wife, Susan Sutherland, and encouraged her to divorce Mark among other things. Ah, yes, you remember. Is Susan Sutherland still working for personhoodUSA?


  20. *GOT PROOF? - HISTORY of HARASSMENT 2011-2013 - by Pastor Bob Enyart Denver Bible Church Conspiracy Against the Kekoas - *Kult of Konspiracy* & Homeschooling Pothead Parents Mock Hate Pages - Plus IP Addresses, Fake IDs, Private Emails & Hundreds More to come...


  21. GOT PROOF? PersonhoodUSA X-Posed - LISTEN to this recording with Westminster PD from TWO YEARS AGO proving that the leaders in the PersonhoodUSA movement are VIOLENT CRIMINALS & FRAUDS who are continuing to organize high-profile Satanic crime all across Colorado. Less than two months after this interview, Jessica Ridgeway was abducted and murdered, and now history is repeating itself as these criminals are currently involved in a conspiracy against Mark Redwine, father of Dylan Redwine who was also abducted and murdered by the same ShadowGov organization that murdered JonBenet Ramsey and Jessica Ridgeway.


    *Watch here (over 1 full hour of PROOF) 2012-07-16 | Westminster PD: PROOF PersonhoodUSA Keith & Jennifer Mason, "Pastor" Bob Enyart & Kimberly Kay Bowman = CRIMINALS & FRAUDS" => http://youtu.be/NTH9Nn0t5oY

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