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September 10, 2009

What Would You Do?

(New World Order Rap)- by legendary political hip-hop artist Paris

This video speaks the truth about the political puppets in the US government and how the Illuminati elites are trying to usher in a New World Order.


  1. I gave up on it and dismissed it as a bad joke gone worse after hearing the minced and mixed words of Bush Jr in the first minute or so.

  2. If it didn't strike so many "real" chords, it would be funny.

    But America is quickly becoming the overripe tomato waiting to be plucked from the vine of freedom and morality
    and stewed in evil.

    I'm mad about it. Are you?


  3. I agree with persephone, Bush has said enough wicked and depraved things without the need of editing his words...

    Tony is right though too, all in the name of getting Immanuel Goldstein (aka Bin Laden) we have lost much of our constitutional liberties and sanctioned inhumane practices of torture and suspension of habeus corpus.


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