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September 08, 2009

Educate Before You Vaccinate!

Here is a list of quotes, articles and links to expose the dangers of the Swine Flu vaccine so you can make an informed decision about getting injected:

"You have a 40 times greater chance of being struck by lightning at some point in your life than having your life saved by the swine flu vaccine." -- (Source: National Weather Service statistics.)

H1N1 Swine Flu Appears Similar to 1918 Pandemic Virus; WHO Recommends Vaccines Use Live (Attenuated) Influenza
But why, you ask, would governments want to inject their populations with live attenuated influenza DNA? And why would the World Health Organization aggressively promote such a measure, especially since the number of swine flu fatalities so far is exceedingly small? There are numerous theories on that. I don't claim to know the right answer, but here are some of the theories being talked about by people in the know (people who aren't fooled by Big Government / Big Pharma propaganda)...

Vaccine May Be More Dangerous Than Swine Flu - By Dr. Russell Blaylock
...It is obvious that the vaccine manufacturers stand to make billions of dollars in profits from this WHO/government-promoted pandemic... One must keep in mind that once the vaccine is injected, there is little you can do to protect yourself—at least by conventional medicine. It will mean a lifetime of crippling illness and early death.

Pandemic H1N1 Swine Flu: What About You & Your Family?
...You, your family and residents of your state are governed by federal and state public health laws whenever the government declares a national “public health emergency.” These laws, which contain provisions for isolation, quarantine and vaccination of citizens, may or may not be enforced by government officials during a declared public health emergency involving outbreaks of communicable infectious diseases...

Why Swine Flu Vaccines Just Don't Add Up: Doing The (Fuzzy) Math
...How many people have to be vaccinated with the new swine flu vaccine to save ONE life from a swine flu fatality?
This question is easy to answer - If the vaccine were 100% effective (that is, they prevented every death that would have otherwise occurred)...it turns out that you would have to vaccinate 200,000 people to save ONE life from swine flu...

"Cancer and other vile diseases are daily inflicted on virtuous families by vaccination." - Dr. Edward Haughton, BAMD, MRCS

Flu Vaccines and the Risk of Cancer
...Despite substantial evidence—and even admissions of concern—the FDA appears to be flagrantly ignoring the potential for harm caused by this new cell line technology. The U.S. government have poured billions of dollars into flu shot development and is recklessly approving the use of cell lines for products that have a questionable necessary pandemic vaccine. Let the buyer beware.

The Truth about Flu Shots
...To date, not one scientist or public health official has come forward with the proof of a novel H1N1 flu virus and the media is generally uninterested in the fact that proof of a "virus" associated with a novel swine flu strain is nonexistent...

"All vaccination has the effect of directing the three values of he blood into or toward the zone characteristics of cancer and leukemia...Vaccines do predispose to cancer and leukemia." -- Professor L. Vincent - founder of Bioelectronics

NaturalNews.com - Top Headlines of Swine Flu Propaganda and other Health Relation Topics.

PandemicFluOnline.com - A collaborative effort of several health freedom, vaccine awareness, and government/pharmaceutical wathcdog individuals and organizations. Our intention is for this website to be your one stop resource for accurate information on the flu pandemic, the known dangers of the H1N1 pandemic flu vaccine in production and what you can do to protect yourself, your loved ones and your community from the potential of adverse effects from mass vaccination with an experimental vaccine.

National Vaccine Information Center - Dedicated to the prevention of vaccine injuries and deaths through public education and to defending the informed consent ethic.

"If the State can tag, track down and force citizens against their will to be injected with biologicals of unknown toxicity today, there will be no limit on which individual freedoms the State can take away in the name of the greater good tomorrow." -- Barbara Loe Fisher, Co-Founder NVIC

Don't Take Swine Flu Vaccine!
Don't be a guinea pig for the piggy flu vaccine! The shot kills!

"The only safe vaccine is a vaccine that is never used." -- Dr. James A. Shannon, National Institutes of Health


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