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March 09, 2007


By Joel Turtel

Here are ten reasons why parents should keep their kids in public schools:

1 -- Public schools can cripple your child’s ability to read. The schools use a special reading-instruction method to do this called whole-language (or balanced literacy). But that’s a good thing. Why do kids need to read anyhow? It only gives them ambitions to go to college. Parents have to shell out tens of thousands of dollars for college tuition these days, so if your child can’t read, you end up saving a lot of money.

2 -- Public schools can wreck your child’s ability to do math, with “fuzzy” math curriculums. But that’s a good thing. That way, your child will not strive to be a scientist or engineer and make a lot of money. Having a lot of money causes stress, and you don’t want your kids to be stressed in life, do you? Also, if your child grows up to be a supermarket check-out clerk, you don’t have to worry. The machine scans in all the prices and will tell your child how much change to give back to the customer.

3 -- Public schools violate your God-given parental rights to choose who teaches your child and what he is taught. But hell, aren’t we swamped today with too many choices anyhow? It’s only reasonable to let education “experts” who have been trained in our finest “teacher” colleges tell us how to educate our children. After all, haven’t these education “experts” done a superb job educating our children up to now?

4 -- Public schools give your child a “well-rounded” education. Your child’s day is filled with shocking sex-education classes, multiculturalism classes that spit on American values, save-the-earth environmental propaganda classes, drug-education classes that give your child all the dope about these drugs so he can choose wisely, and violence- prevention classes for those kids who get violent from being bored to death in public-school classrooms.

5 -- Public schools give your children great socialization. Where else can your kids smoke a joint in the bathroom, meet roaming drug dealers in the schoolyards, be raped or assaulted by violent bullies on the prowl for victims, and join a racial clique that promotes harmony among the students? That’s a lot better than the “bad” socialization of homeschooling that “isolates” kids from this wonderful interaction with their peers.

6 -- Public schools give your kids a great sex education. As parents, we don’t want to talk to our kids about embarrassing sex matters anyhow, so this takes us off the hook. Your child’s sex-education classes will teach her why homosexuality is a “normal” lifestyle and why sexual promiscuity is OK, as long as you remember to “protect” yourself. If your teenage daughter then decides to experiment and gets pregnant, that’s great also, because the welfare office will give your daughter monthly welfare checks, food stamps, rent subsidies, and free health care. What more can you ask for?

7 -- Public schools will give your child free drugs. Yes, Ritalin is now the drug of choice for millions of school children. But isn’t that a good thing? Ritalin will help your son stop “fidgeting” and “pay attention” in class, even though he is bored to death. Ritalin also helps the teacher maintain discipline in the classroom. After all, if your son disrupts the class by “acting out,” the other kids can’t learn anything, right? So Ritalin is a wonderful way to mentally strap-down your child to his desk.

8 -- Your child can “participate” in your school’s Teen-Screen program. These are “mental-health” screening programs that help determine if your teenager is mentally deranged. A health “expert” in your public school will ask your child questions such as, “have you been unhappy lately,” or “do you get along with your brothers and sisters?” From your bewildered child’s answers to these illuminating questions, the health “expert” will give his opinion as to whether your child might have a mental “disease.” He might then “recommend” that you take your child to a psychiatrist who might start your child on a cocktail of mind-altering drugs. But hell, having your child labeled with a mental “disease” isn’t that bad, is it? Your child will lose the confidence to go to college, and we’re back to advantage number one, where you’ll save a lot of money on college tuition.

9 -- Your child can stay in school for twelve years. Well, maybe he won’t know how to read a bus schedule or his own diploma after twelve years, but twelve years go by fast, don’t they? Why teach your child to read at home with phonics so he becomes a great reader in only two years? My God, what will your child then do with all his free time once he can easily read War and Peace? He might actually come to love learning.

10 -– Finally, public schools are cheap day-care centers. We all work hard these days because income, real estate, social security, and dozens of other taxes loot half our paychecks, and big-government-created inflation sharply increases the cost of everything we buy. So since we can’t save a penny, we can’t afford private day-care. That’s why we need public schools to house our kids while we make a living to pay the bills.

Parents, there are many other reasons to keep your child in public school, but I hope you get the point by now.




  1. Oh please, Ritalin works on calming a select amount of people who have a different brain structure for other people, this brain structure making them very hyper at times. ADD is scientifically proven to be completely biological. You might as well say tired people shouldn't be allowed to drink coffee.

  2. Josiah - Drinking coffee and popping addictive amphetamines are quite different from each other.

    Since when do we need to give small children mind-altering drugs just so they can sit still and concentrate? Ever think that perhaps the school environment requiring kids to sit at a desk indoors all day long away from their family is a bit unnatural for children?

    I wonder how many homeschool kids have ADHD?

    I mean, what 9-year-old boy isn't hyper-active? And what kid on earth actually likes sitting in a classroom 7 hours a day, five days a week being bored to death?

    Sure, Ritalin works on calming a select amount of people who have a different brain structure for other people, but for the 20 school age children who are "diagnosed" with ADHD, only one actually needs the medicine.

    I just love how all the public schools have big poster signs on the walls saying "Proud to be a drug-free school zone" - yet dozens of kids are lined up at the nurse's office during lunch time to take their Ritalin.

  3. Actually Dani, if they did not have ADHD (or even just ADD), the drug would not work. It would have the exact opposite effect. Meaning the majority of those boys would be running about even more excitable than before. And realize that they dobn't just give them drugs and say that it's done ith. Many of these boys are also given special education advantages to help with their.....I wouldn't call it a disability, more of an irregularity.

    Dani, I hope you can appreciate the irony of your opening statement, considering caffeine is one of the most addictive drugs available on the market today. One that no one notices, practically because everyone is addicted to it.

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  4. Actually Josiah, Ritalin works on anyone whether you're diagnosed with ADD or not. Anyone who pops a pill will focus better. For adults it works like speed helping them to concentrate, stay away and multi-task. For children it slows them down so they can sit still and "learn" better. Why do you think so many college students along with many other adults take the drug recreationally? If you have a test to cram for or want to get stuff done – Ritalin is the new drug of choice because it works!

    Caffeine may be addictive, but it is not a mind-altering substance with dozens of negative and harmful side effects. Besides, it’s one thing for adults to take something, it’s quite another for small children to do so.

    Ever wonder why we have an epidemic of children with ADD/ADHD? What could be the cause of this sudden rise in short attention span and hyperactivity among children? Besides lack of discipline and ill-planned education system, why are millions of kids now suffering from this disease?

    Less than ten years ago in 1997, 5 million people, most of them school-aged children, were prescribed psychotropic drugs in the US. The vast majority were given the drug Ritalin for ADHD. The 1990s has witnessed a startling increase in the number of children diagnosed with ADHD and a corresponding increase in the use of Ritalin and similar drugs for its treatment. Ritalin use alone has gone up 700 percent since 1990.

    HMMM? Of course the pharmaceutical companies sure have a whole lot to gain by each child "diagnosed" and prescribed to take Ritalin - Talk about big bucks - $$$$!

    BTW, I have not heard of Will Widdoss, but I will look him up later tomorrow. Why do you ask?

  5. One more thing -

    My 12-year-old was dianosed with ADHD when she attended public school several years ago, and when we decided to pull her out and homeschool we took her off the medicine and she's done fine ever since.

  6. Gee, if these kind of things were going on in my public schools. I'd burn the place to the ground.

    But they're not. At all. Not even close. Maybe Jo Scott managed to find the absolulte worst public school on the planet, but that list isn't close to accurate when compared to the experience my children have had in public school.

    Although they are teaching the kids Spanish at the elementary school level. Should I be concerend about this? Can one-world government indoctrination be far behind? Oh dear lord you're right!!! I must pull them out of public school immediately!!

  7. Sorry if the message doesn't appeal to you or make you feel good, Parallax. Perhaps it's because the TRUTH hurts?

    >>"1. I and everyone I know went to public school and we are all able to read and write at a collegiate level."<<

    Lucky for you because nearly 40% of kids today graduate from high school, even though they can't read and write at grammar-school level.

    >>"4. I want to know what school you went to, because mine didn't have any of those classes unless you were remedial or in home economics."<<

    Read this => Pagan Religions Taught In Public Schools

    >>"6. As stated above, there were no sex ed classes beyond the one day where reproduction was covered in biology."<<

    Maybe it's been a while since you've been in school?

    Here is a link to several articles:

    => Sex Education & Public School Porn

    Oh yes, and let's not forget the homosexual agenda being force fed to children at school:

    => Same-Sex Marriage and the School Curriculum

    => How Homosexuality Is Being Promoted In The Classroom


    >>"10. This one, at least, I can kind of agree on. A good number of parents don't care about their children's education and treat the schools as day care. This should not be seen as the fault of the educational system however."<<

    Obviously parents have the number one responsibility for their children's education, but don't be fooled into thinking public schools are actually a good place for kids to be in.

    Here is a link to some news articles last year:

    => The "Trained Professionals" at Their Best

    Yeah, it’s not the fault of the educational system, just those who run the school.


    Limpy - Jo Scott didn't write this article, but practically every public school on the planet is just as bad with slight variations here and there. And believe me - your child's school is not special!

    And yes, you should I be concerned about teaching the kids Spanish especially when they barely know the English language. And yes, a one-world government indoctrination is not far behind. But those things are the least of your worries. I would be more concerned about your kids picking up a few drug habits, contracting STD's, getting molested by one of their teachers, sexually assaulted, stabbed or shot to death. You would be in your right mind to burn the place to the ground. If you really love your kids you should pull them out of public school ASAP!

  8. Turn off the news, Dani. It's not good for you or your worldview.

  9. Hi Dani, long time no comment!

    Believe it or not, I kinda agree with you about public schools. It seems to me that private schools do so much more (with less funding!)

    But this is not a big issue with me, because I'm child-free and am not directly impacted.

    There's nothing in the US Constitution about "public" education ... nor is there anything about a "separation between school and state" ... but that seems reasonable to me.

  10. Hi FreeThinker!

    Great to hear from you again - it has been a while. I'm glad to know that you are still checking in from time to time.

    That's good that you kinda agree with me about this issue.

    You are a pretty smart guy (for an atheist), let me ask you a couple questions:

    If you did have children would you send them to public school? Why or why not?

    Do you think it is the government's responsibility to educate children?

    Interestingly enough, I just came across this website today => Alliance for the Separation of School & State!

    Seems like a reasonable idea to me too.

  11. "You are a pretty smart guy (for an atheist)"

    The implication, of course, is that that atheists are dumb. Yet, we're not the ones who believe in talking snakes, that the first woman came from a man's rib, and that the Earth and all its inhabitants were created in a few days. But this is the rubbish you would teach your children. It's no wonder that the ideas of fundamentalist literalists are looked down upon by people with a modicum of common sense.

  12. Lui - The implication is not that atheists are dumb. Freethinker, Phronk and Uber are among some of the most intellectual bloggers I know. The fact that they are atheists does not make them dumb at all, but since they fail to acknowledge God as their Creator it does make them fools.

    What is really DUMB is believing that we evolved from primordial slime after a cosmic accident in space, and the complexity of all living organisms came into existence through a series of random mutations over billions and billions of years. This is the rubbish you would rather teach your children? "Kids - your ancestors are monkeys and slime." Where is the common sense in that?

    It's no wonder that the ideas of evolutionists have led to school shootings, rape, and mass murder like the holocaust. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold (murderers at Columbine High school) had the same view as Hitler and Darwin - "Survival of the fittest."

    When you expel God from your worldview and replace Him with evolution, where the strong kill the weak, you live without moral consequences and life has no inherent value. Is that what you call common sense? Now that is the DUMBEST thing of all, Lui!

  13. "Lui - The implication is not that atheists are dumb. Freethinker, Phronk and Uber are among some of the most intellectual bloggers I know. The fact that they are atheists does not make them dumb at all, but since they fail to acknowledge God as their Creator it does make them fools."

    Oh, okay. It’s typical of religious doctrine to cast those who don’t fall for its nonsense as “fools”, all the better to make the brainwashed horde feel like they’re in possession of some great truth. They’re not, and never have been. What are in possession of is glorified hot air.

    "What is really DUMB is believing that we evolved from primordial slime after a cosmic accident in space, and the complexity of all living organisms came into existence through a series of random mutations over billions and billions of years."

    It must be so nice to be able to throw out a century and a half of scientific research just because it upsets your sensibilities. You've taken art of elevating arguments from personal, bigoted, prejudiced, emotional incredulity to the status of undisputable fact to new heights.

    "Where is the common sense in that?"

    Only someone utterly ignorant of evolution could say something like this, because once you know something about it, it makes perfect logical sense. Of course, it's initially counter-intuitive, because it seems to go against what we see when a craftsman makes a chair (you seem stubbornly unwilling to go past the “initially” stage. Perhaps you’re afraid of finding out that you can actually think, or that it will actually make sense. Nelson Mandela had it right when he said: “People’s greatest fear is not that they have no power, but that they are powerful beyond all measure.”). The chair doesn't make the craftsmen, after all. We seem almost predisposed to assume a top-down, mind-first order to things. The prospect of a bubbling-up process is deemed so strange and unlikely that it just can’t work. But as I've mentioned before, what seems intuitive to our uninitiated, ignorant minds - untempered by scientific insight, which has yielded truths so strange that no one could have imagined them without the necessary evidence-gathering and deep thinking - isn't the last word in matters of truth. Not even close. It might be the last word in what's easiest to imagine, but if that were all that counted, we wouldn't need scientists to begin with (it's strange that you yourself have often appealed to scientists saying this or that to back up your position, about things - like molecules and chemistry - THAT COULD NOT HAVE BEEN DISCOVERED WITHOUT SCIENTIFIC INSIGHT GOING BEYOND MERE PERSONAL CREDULITY. In other words, beyond the very thing that you take to be the ultimate arbiter in matters of truth).

    In a way, it's you who's acting more like an “animal”: I choose to use my highly sophisticated brain, built up over millions of years of cumulative, non-random natural selection to go beyond what seems most obvious at first, whereas you prefer to terminate your thought processes at the borderline of these hard-wired rules of thumb. You might be using your "common sense", but unfortunately that's all you're using. And that common sense is essentially 150 years out of date. Where would we be if the world's greatest scientists had also terminated their thought-processes at the borderline of mere common sense as dictated by traditional “wisdom”? Certainly we wouldn’t be having this conversation, as the computer you’re typing your messages on could never been produced.

    "It's no wonder that the ideas of evolutionists have led to school shootings, rape, and mass murder like the holocaust. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold (murderers at Columbine High school) had the same view as Hitler and Darwin - "Survival of the fittest."

    So basically, we’re not really talking about what’s true but rather what makes us feel better or what leads to less school shootings or holocausts (and no, Hitler and Darwin didn't have the "same views". Learn the difference between biological evolution and social Darwinism, which is a MIS-use of evolutionary theory)? In case you didn’t know, murder, rape and genocide were prodding along quite nicely before Darwin came along. The mere fact that you have to make lurid appeals to emotion, like this caricature: "Kids - your ancestors are monkeys and slime" exposes you as someone who cares nothing for the truth, but instead on a fairy-tale you call the “TRUTH”. I think that in some corner of your mind you must know this, but your pride prevents you from thinking at the level of an adult in these matters. It's more important to stick it to us atheists than it is to admit that your Bible fantasies are just that: fantasies.

    "When you expel God from your worldview and replace Him with evolution, where the strong kill the weak,"

    Two mistakes in there. I never believed in God to begin with, so for me at least, that doesn't apply. Secondly, fitness has a technical meaning in evolutionary biology, and does not refer simply to physical strength (though in some contexts in might, but it does depend upon the context). The subtleties of Darwinian evolution occupy more than a few sound bites, which is why many dumb-arse politicians and chest thumping religious flock-leaders think that it's not true. It's too much for their enfeebled intellects to handle, so they resort instead to murmuring.

    "you live without moral consequences"

    Yes I do.

    "and life has no inherent value."

    That's funny, I could have sworn I didn't commit suicide this morning.

    "Is that what you call common sense?"

    No. That's why I don't adhere to any of it (it must piss you off that I keep on defying your caricatures of atheists and evolution, which are nothing but absurd distortions of reality).

    "Now that is the DUMBEST thing of all, Lui!"

    You might as well have been talking to a brick wall, because none of that applied to me.

    "Ugh, here we go again."

    Yes, unfortunately. I'm more than happy to oblige, but I suspect Dani will keep on trotting out the same old arguments she's used numerous times before; I'll then debunk them all, and nothing will be achieved. Still, it can be so much fun! It gives me a chance to tune up my explanations of evolution because it forces me to be clearer about what it entails and how to avoid common misunderstandings. So if anything, Dani is only doing evolutionary theory a favour. She is impervious to reason, but for people who are less so, my arguments should have a more positive effect. It’s good practise, in other words.

  14. You're right, Lui - I might as well have been talking to a brick wall, because none of that applied to you at all.

    Just join the forces with your other atheist pals and continue to be willfully ignorant of the TRUTH!

    Keep living for today cause tomorrow you may die!

  15. "You're right, Lui - I might as well have been talking to a brick wall, because none of that applied to you at all. "

    Thank you for agreeing. Why did it take you so long to figure that out?

    "Just join the forces with your other atheist pals and continue to be willfully ignorant of the TRUTH!"

    Your obvious inability to address any of my points shows that the label applies more to you. You've resorted to the tactic of the desparate: lashing out.

    "Keep living for today cause tomorrow you may die!"

    Correction: SOME day I WILL die, and so will you.

  16. I can not believe you. I am a fourteen year old girl who attends public school and I have never been so offended in my life. Tell me Dani, did you attend public school? If so, what one was it, because you have NO IDEA what you are talking about. I am great at math, a fantastic reader, and an overall intelligent student, as are the majority of my peers. Sure we have a couple of duds at my school, but being exposed to people like them has only enriched my learning experience. And at least in public school, I know I am being taught factual information, not being brainwashed and fed crap about a fantasy world where I wont go because I support the baby-killers, the homos, and not murdering murderers to teach them that murdering is wrong (a.k.a. the death penalty). Yeah, public school has poisoned my mind and destroyed my soul, and I thank them for that and for not letting me turn out like you.


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