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November 09, 2006

Billboard Comic Relief


  1. I'm proud to be a cracker! I loved this Dani! You're definitely one of us!!! We need to eliminate all gays, all pedophiles and all blacks! Let's get this gig started!

  2. Actually I would believe that Dani is a homosexual at heart, just as the kkk members have black hearts.

    You are what you fear and you attack to cover up that fact.

    You will see, that once Dani passes her fear of her own homosexuality that she will come out of the closet.

  3. @ danitheliar: Stop being so pathetic and get a life.

    Dani, this cracked me up :D

    Love, Maxime

  4. KKK - Don't get me confused with your group. I am all for getting rid of homos and pedophiles, but in no way am I a racists. One of my life long friends is a black man so I think you better find yourself another recruit. It's been fun and I've tolerated your jokes, but seriously it's getting old - so move right along.

    Hey Maxime - good of you to stop by. This poser of mine doesn't know who she's messin' with.

    Sorry sweetie, but lesbo relationships don't do it for me anymore - been there, done that and it ain't that great.

  5. Maxime you are also a closet homosexual. Come on you know you are.

    Dani, once a lesbo always a lesbo...hypocrite.

    Not only can I tell you are both homosexuals, but I see right through this religious put on you got going.

    You are closet atheists. No one in their right mind could believe in the fable of god. It is too outdated. The whole world is moving away from these sick and evil bible stories.

    Come now, just get of your lies and just be yourselves.

  6. And Moses said unto them, Have ye saved all the women alive? ... Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him. But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves.

    And we utterly destroyed them, ... utterly destroying the men, women, and children, of every city

    And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire.

    And Noah awoke from his wine, and knew what his younger son had done unto him.

    If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.

    The soul of Jonathan was knit with the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul ... And Jonathan stripped himself of the robe that was upon him, and gave it to David, and his garments ... and his girdle.

    very pleasant has thou been unto me: thy love to me was wonderful, passing the love of woman.

    If any man be ignorant, let him be ignorant

    And he had seven hundred wives, princesses, and three hundred concubines.

  7. @ danitheliar: Ehm, I'm not a perv thank you very much! I must say you're pretty funny. Knowing all about me and so on.. Only one thing: If you're so 'brave' making all the statements you do, why don't you put up your own name and blog/emailaddress?


  8. It's because this coward only wishes she could be a cool, awesome and righteous as us.

    Talk about being in the closet. She wishes she was me - bold, confident, intolerant and a judgmental bigot - Yup, that's right, and proud of it!

    She's a Dani wannabe! Otherwise - quit with the lies and be yourself - loser!

  9. Yeah, we're cool.. I would be jealous too :)

  10. Oh yeah you sure are cool homosexuals. I bet you commit homosexual acts while typing these antihomosexual messages. It makes you feel good.

    I don't want to be a hater like you. I am only pointing out that you are a hypocrite like all bible believers are.

    Peace be upon you closet atheists.

  11. I'm sorry, I'm confused. This was actually funny. I feel like laughing.

    Where am I?

  12. Danitheliar

    fundie stupid closet homosexual hater bigot god is so mean and evil and has white hair and all his followers are stupid women gay haters and BLAH BLAH BLAH

    If you're going to troll, at least learn how to be entertaining and original :) Like the KKK troll - at least he had a funny video.

    Limpy, check this out, esp the "Gay KKK".

  13. mymind,

    You are so entertaining I laugh every time I see your message, but hey I love trolls.

  14. everyone does realize that dani is a fake?

  15. Have I lost all my sense of humor? I didn't think one of those bill boards were funny.

  16. Its the kind of think I think I shouldn't laugh at but I do it anyway.

  17. It's okay Limpy - you can laugh - I won't hold it against you.

    MQM - LOL! Yeah I love the Chappelle Show. My husband did a show with all those clips on it. Absolutely hilarious! My favorite is the "gay boxing" - Friday Night Sissy Fight!

  18. SC - Come on? You didn't think any of those billboards were funny?

    Oh well - can't win them all I guess.

  19. Nope...

    I think I've just been kicked out of Godis4Suckers, having angered some of the true believers by asking a few sincere questions. Bummer, as I really enjoyed the site.

    Well, Dani I guess you're a closet gay hating lesbo and I'm a "young, relatively uneducated" nutcase who can't think for herself. What's a girl to do? Let's drown our sorrows over some poisoned koolaid, shall we?

  20. Sounds Good MQM. Right-wing, religious fanatics like us need to stick together.

    The Suckersite is lame anyway. They can't handle the TRUTH.

  21. "One of my life long friends is a black man." Dani says!

    That is the most racist thing you can say, when covering up your secret hatred for all that is bad for the earth.

    Dani, we love and support you! We're not confusing you with anything. You're one of us!

    Please respond to my emails. Consider joining us and we will sponsor your website!

    This is not a joke, Dani. Please think about being one of our leading ladies in the crusade to fight off homos, pedophiles, blacks and Jews.

    We can do this as a team! Together!

  22. Thanks, but no thanks! I told you I'm not a racist. And you haven't sent me any emails - nice try though.

  23. How cute Dani, you have almost as many trolls as I do.

    Danitheliar: Can you prove any of these accusations you're flinging around at Dani? Or are you what we really know you are, a teenage adolescent playing on the computer in your mother's basement?

    You're in love with Dani, admit it. That's why you keep posting stupid rhetoric that a 2nd grader could refute with their eyes closed. The whole "Christians are hypocrites" thing? Please. You'll have to do better than that. You're in love with Dani. That's the only answer. Try not to get anything on your computer.

  24. @ danitheliar: Yeah, I must admit: I'm a homosexual. Next week, I'm going to move halfway across the world to Dani, so we can commit all kinds of homosexual acts and she'll leave her husband and kids and live a sinful life with me! Yeah.. You really got me there... Dumb*ss..

  25. Sadly, I have been deemed a troll by some 'free thinkers' at our friendly neighborhood atheist webiste.

    It seems like a lot of people define a 'troll' as anyone who disagrees with them. Geez, I thought I had to post anoymously and say snipey mean spirited things with lots of typos and cusswords. Being a troll just ain't what it used to be.

  26. MQM,
    I told you that the Suckers are not really free-thinkers. They live a sheltered life that must be free from all ideas other then there own. They can't handle a challenge.
    I thought a troll was someone that leaves a comment and than disappears, but the truth is they just delete your comments and say that you never had the guts to really engage them in a real conversation. You lasted longer then I thought, good for you. They can't handle the truth.

    Sorry Dani, The "Helping kids read gooder" I liked. But the others are just so crude and to close to what is really going on in the world to really be funny for me. But I enjoy your blog a lot, now that I have been put on the payroll. It also is way more fun then reading the Suckersite. They have become boring without any challengers. Poor things.

  27. Hey Sable I didn't realize you were 'suckered' too. I actually had one regular there post a very nice comment on my blog and some of the people were seemed sincere and helpful.

    What got me was they would say these really outrageous, 'out there' things, constantly insult Christianity etc. They gave me some URLS and they were horribly written rants. I was like 'you can't be serious'. Then some of them started in on me. This one old guy even tried to upbraid me for being 'offensive' by making an offhand comment 'you might want to pray about that'. Well don't upbraid me for being 'offensive' when your whole entire block is designed to offend and insult. You get what you put out! And for heaven's sake have a sense of humor.

    The narrow minded hypocrisy of some of these 'free thinker' types astounds me but they absolutely can't see it. When they accused me of failing to defend my POV, I told them, look you've already made up your mind that anyone who believes in the supernatural is either a moron or mentally ill or both, so why even bother?

    Shoot, makes me appreciate Phronk and Uber and all the other dissenters who post here.

  28. For those who disparage GIfS, come up with some legitimate proof for your extraordinary claims and bring'em on by. Otherwise, you're simply wasting our time. I don't have a problem with anyone who disagrees with me so long as they bring something of substance to the conversation. Until you can empirically establish the authority that all of your arguments appeal to- your Adult Imaginary Friend, you may as well be talking gibberish.

  29. Raindog, since it's supernatural and you are demanding 'natural' proof then you've pretty much answered your own question. Your radio's busted and you can only pick up one station - your own.

    GIFs is pretty much a playpen where people like you come to gripe about 'Xtians' and nurse their own prejudice, so cut the crap about bringing substance to the discussion.

    If you don't take it seriously, however, the site can be very entertaining and fun.

  30. MQM, I'd welcome even some so-called "supernatural" proof but you have none. It's all "I know gawd exists because the buybull tells me so and I know the buybull is true because it's gawd's word". In the real world, where folks use their minds for something other than rote and repetition, that sort of logic just doesn't fly. Substitute the Flying Spaghetti Monster for gawd in any of your arguments, and you'll get a little taste of what it feels like listening to your reasoning- like a wiretap on the patients at some Home for the Criminally Insane. That's why we asshat our commenters at GIfS, we've heard- and ripped to shreds, every argument from the gawdsquad starting with the buybull itself itself and going forward to every two-bit theologian who deigned to put pen to paper. Our fundie trolls are like telemarketers phoning at dinner time. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's annoying and our responses differ according to mood.

  31. The Suckersite is full of a bunch spineless FOOLS that fiercely reject knowledge and wisdom or anyone who opposes their particular brand of disbelief. They act like a group of teenage punks on a playground who band together in ignorance, conform to groupthink mentality and eliminate any outsiders only to make themselves look cool and protect their true idenity.

    Raindog – Don’t Lie! Legitimate proof is not welcome either because it would require half baked thought which might lead to enlightenment, so it is much safer for the Suckers to delete comments or alter them to fit their unholy agenda. GiFS is only designed for fellow atheists to whine and complain, while supporting fellow non-believers in throwing temper tantrums over the "xtian" fundies and believers in “gawd” who try to shed some light on their dark pitiful existence.

    MQM - Nice try. I didn’t even make it two hours over at the Suckersite which is why I posted this => If God is for Suckers, then Atheism is for Cowardly FOOLS!

  32. The sucker site is a waste of time. It is a blog put together by a band of brothers blogging from their mothers' basement in attempt to see how many people they can piss off. I didn't read one intelligent argument, just sarcasm and glib to cover up the gross inferiority complex of not having a social life. It is truly a monument to virginity.

  33. Raindogzilla who do you think you are fooling? Your comments hear make you sound like you don't understand who you are talking to. Do you not understand we all know the truth about your Suckersite? Go ahead and puff yourself up about all the things that you atheists over there think that you are.... but you guys are really just giving a bad name to ALL atheists, because it has been turned into some kind of cultish religion. I tried to tell that to Sean for a year! Now he is dead. You cut your nose off to spite your face. Your full of crap, you know it and we know it!

    Look at your logic. Poor you and the other atheist just trying to live life without the thought of God. " Why can't the xians just leave us alone", poor you. Then your over here at a Christian blog complaining that you can't get away from the gawd delusion. That doesn't make sence. But I understand it, you are playing a little game that always makes you look like you are coming out on top like a winner. It's almost like you have a verbal abuse addiction.

    You reject God with every fiber of your being. And yet you spend all your time saying that He is not even there. Living a life without God, but thinking about it all the time.

    What do you have to offer us Raindogzilla. Freedom? Doing what ever makes you feel good and with no one to hold you accountable? Make up rules then apply them only when it doesn't impact your needs? Make yourself feel luckier then others, in order to feel good about yourself? Life is meaningless and you see beauty in that? Stroke your ego and give only yourself credit for your life?

    Get your rocks off insulting Christians at your suckersite, because it is a pretty safe bet. Insult....insult...insult. If you logically follow your leaders like Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris. You will be soon living in a world of intolerance. Who can challenge you?

    The thing is while you enjoy your power to delete every Christian commenter, you will have NO excuse. You can not pull the, "poor me I did not have enough evidence to see your work" when you have to make an accounting of your life in front of God.

    Do you need us to start praying for you? We will. You need it. I would not say that on your blog, because I learned that it would just make your brand of atheists twist in repulsion like a alligator caught at of end of rope. That is just what you like the world to believe, that prayer is so offensive. I don't live by the suckersite rules outside of your sheltered little nook of the "free thinkers".
    I will assume prayer is what you need Raindogzilla and that is why you are here.

  34. atheists insult xtians. xtians insult atheists (not all, of course, of either group). both groups fight tooth and nail for what they believe. too bad you all can't meet in the middle and show each other some respect.

    no one can PROVE that god does or does not exist. debating the issue can be informative IF done with respect from each side of the debate.

  35. Though I am an atheist anonymous, I don't seek the abolition of religion. We all have to share this world together.

    I believe that any person who has a conscience seeks a system of beliefs or ethics to lead a good life. Religious people believe that books like the Bible or the Quran contain the laws and commandments of an almighty deity who watches over us and will reward those who obey the laws and punish those who disobey. As for someone like myself, I seek to lead a life that brings maximum benefit to myself and my family within a context of respecting the community. If I want to be wealthier than I am (not that I am wealthy at present, though I did make Forbes list of the 200 million wealthiest Americans), then I spend only on the things I need and save more money, and be a good employee at the firm I work so that they pay me a higher salary. I do not seek to advance myself by stealing from or deceiving others. To do so would just contribute to a climate where it is acceptable for others to defraud or rob me.

    There are plenty of problems in this country where people from different ideological spectrums or run the gamut from atheist to true believer can work together. I hope to have a post on my blog about this sometime in the near future.

  36. Tommy, I wish more atheists were like you.

    Also, I have to tell everyone that the GIFs people who attacked me apologized and said I could continue posting on their site. I thought that was really nice of them and I apologized for insulting them.

    The thing is, tolerance is about tolerating people who are completely different in their ideology and worldview. Treating them with respect and civility. Unfortunatly, some people see it as trying to force everyone to accept some kind of generic worldview and demonizing anyone who disagrees as 'intolerant'.

    Sable, my friend and I actually did pray for the GIFs folks. I think perceiving God can be blocked in a person's mind by certain strongholds. So naturally it just seems completely stupid to them.

  37. MQM, Good I'm glad hear that you have been praying for them also.

  38. sable chicken and mqm--can either of you admit that some xtians are just as bad as atheists (etc) in being disrespectful of others beliefs (or lack of belief)?

    sounds like you are ok bashing atheists who give you a hard time but dont acknowledge that some xtians have the same behavior.

  39. To Anonymous

    Number 1, are you calling me an xtian? Do you know that insults me and the God that I worship?

    Number 2, Now I'm pissed off, because I know that you know that being called and xian is irritating. And you are doing this to be disrespectful of my beliefs.

    Number 3, You must think that because I am a Christian, I don't have a right to be angry.

    Number 4, If you are just an atheist and not a Satanist why do you continue to refuse to disrespectfully use the word Christ?

    Number 5, What in the world makes you think that I don't call Christians on their crap?

    Number 6, Turning the other cheek, doesn't mean walking away.

    Number 7, If Christianity is going to be challenged, by the evangelical style atheism, and with the force that I been seeing, I want to unite with as many Christians as I can.

    Number 8, I really don't think God wants all Christians to be like clones. He as different jobs for different Christians. And it's not my job to try to pick every little speck of saw dust out of my brothers eye....(just the ones that are bigger than the log that is stuck in my own eye)

  40. i'm no atheist and i write xtian because its shorter. x just an abbreviation for christ.

    good that you dont see ever xtian as the same

  41. "good that you dont see ever xtian as the same"
    Aren't you cute.

    OK, would you like to tell me what your belief or lack of belief is in?

  42. Anonymous sez: sable chicken and mqm--can either of you admit that some xtians are just as bad as atheists (etc) in being disrespectful of others beliefs (or lack of belief)?

    sounds like you are ok bashing atheists who give you a hard time but dont acknowledge that some xtians have the same behavior.

    Actually I totally am aware that there are scads of obnoxious Christians out there. In fact I was involved in an internet battle w/the world's most obnoxious Christian (possibly). He kept harassing this nice Wiccan guy (who was very fun to talk to). Then he started in on me when I challenged him. He used some doctrinal differences that my church had to try to 'expose' me on the web forum and have me kicked off as a heretic. What a piece of work.

    I guess what gets me is I see every Tom, Dick and Harry out there Christian bashing and they end up acting just as obnoxious and bigoted as the people they are criticizing. But they are so smug and self righteous they can't see what they are doing. It's a double standard that baffles me.

  43. There are idiots on both sides of the equation for sure.

    I am willing to think that something beyond our sights could have been involved in the creation of the universe. Both I also believe in evolution. I don't believe in the God of the bible, I believe the bible to be a collection of parables and lessons used to guide folks thousands of years ago. Today I think the bible has its place in the world but not literally. I would like to think that even God could change as people have.
    I guess one day I'll know if I'm right or wrong. Or I'll simply be dust and have no knowledge of anything.

  44. Why are rejecting the God of the Bible?

  45. because I dont believe he exists as written. I don't believe the bible to be the word of god but a collection of tales, etc written by men (who may have done so to offer hope to people.)
    I see the bible stories as similar to native american myths.

    i think it just as likely that the universe came to be from a bunch of chemicals (etc) banging together as I do a god standing up and presto chango -here is earth/man.

    there is no proof of the god of the bible. i find it rather odd that god would be so involved with man for years then stop. iknow, free will, and all that but i dont think i can accept a god who stays so far away (imo) from the earth/people he created.

    a question:(meant seriously)...what good is a god who doesnt intefere in the madness of this world?

  46. Dani, when people question your beliefs, you call them losers and act as if you are being persecuted. Yet, you show billboards insulting the faiths of others-Mormonism and Roman Catholicism? What gives?

  47. Jennifer - In case you didn't notice - the first two billboards made fun of Christianity. These are meant for humor and it's sad that there is a lot of truth to them. The Catholics cover up pedophilia - what can I say? Mormonism is a cult. Public schools are dangerous. Atheists are FOOLS. ALL branches of religion are messed up - It's only believing in Christ that counts.

    Sorry if you can't handle a little comic relief.

  48. Hey, if an Atheist like me can laugh at Christians AND Atheists, you can too! Lighten up, Jennifer!

    Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to eat at T G*I Friday's.


  49. Geez, maybe I was having an off day and I didn’t articulate myself very well. I’m not completely humorless. However, there are some people who might find the billboards insulting to Catholicism and Mormonism. Yet, Dani can’t handle people questioning her own faith without getting called fools or “loosers.” It’s actually kind of funny. If I wrote a sitcom, I’d totally base a character on Dani. She gives me so much material.

  50. Anonymous said..
    "a question:(meant seriously)...what good is a god who doesnt intefere in the madness of this world?"

    God condescended down to the world, (that He made), as a man. He lived a sinless life, we rejected and killed Him. He shown us that Jesus is really the Son of God and can triumph over death. Ball is in your coart. He came here suffered under His own creation's hand and you want Him to do more for you. He died for all of our sins, have you acknowledged that?


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