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May 23, 2006

~ Deb & Dani Friends???

No – Could it be? After all this controversy, who would’ve thought?

So this circus phenomenon continues on, but now it turns in a positive direction. Can you believe it?

Recent events have led Deb and I to communicate through email and even talk on the phone together. Just as I suspected, Deb is a wonderful, fun-loving gal and I am so thankful that the Lord has used this situation to make us friends. While I still do not agree with her homosexual lifestyle, I believe we have reached some common ground here, and God is working in her heart and will convict her in His timing.

In an email to me, Deb wrote this:

“Thank you so so much for what you said. It really did make a difference---and with the approach that you took with me, I can really see what you mean. *THANK YOU*

I'm sorry that you and I both kind of struggled trying to get our messages across, and even though we both have our differences, I find you an amazing woman with really interesting outlooks. I hope that we can just squash this argumentive crap down the drain. :)

I really think it will show how God works through people. Know what I mean? Instead of just lashing out and either ignoring one another or just fighting-----we developed a friendship through this. Hmm. Interesting, huh?”

Interesting, indeed!

Let this be a true testimony of God’s grace and power for a “Neurotic Christian Lesbian” and an “Intolerant Judgmental Bigot” like me to become friends.

I am eternally grateful that Deb has been able to receive my message in the love that it was originally intended, and I am looking forward to seeing how our friendship develops. My prayer is that God will give me the wisdom to reach out to her in a loving way that will drive her towards repentance so she can bring glory and honor to the Body of Christ.

Be sure to stick around, this should be a fascinating story.

*Also, Deb is on vacation now, but she as invited me to be a guest blogger, so I will be writing something for her to post on her blog once she returns.

Please stay tuned for more...


  1. Controversy...izza good thing..."Makes no difference whether they loveya or hateya...az long az they're talkin''boutya.."


    Howard Cosell, Madonna and awhole buncha other attention-seekin' a-holes that prob'ly wind-up doin' better'n mostuvus in life...

  2. I just love your style Bunny, and the way you word things! You crack me up! Thanks for your concern, I am fully prepared for a mass feeding frenzy of Dani hatred, but it's a great opportunity to make everyone think. Besides, the insults don't bother me, in fact, I kinda like it. The hypocrisy in their arguments overflows like crap in a cesspool. The more they hate me, the more I know I'm telling the Truth. I am going to try a different approach so hopefully there won't be too much venom being spewed. We shall see!

    You should join the discussion once it posts. We could use some extra fun and spunk added to the debate.

  3. Hey Dani,

    I think this is very cool. I know Deb very well, and I am not surprised to find out that she extended the proverbial olive branch towards you. What I AM surprised about, is you taking her up on it. I think this is a great thing. Like I told you before, I think you are a great girl. Another time and place, you and I would more than likely be friends. I know you are ready to endure the Deb brigade that is ultimately going to hit you when you guest blog. You have that "screw you, this is me" kind of attitude that will get you through it.

    Above all though, I am glad that you and Deb could find a common ground...by this I mean, your mutual deep love of Christ, to find a way to get along. Sure, you two are at opposite ends of the spectrum, but you do share that in common. That alone is enough to make God smile, don't ya think?

    I'll be reading you, Dani, without judgmental eyes. I promise you that. I am ready and willing to carry on a discussion with you. I know you won't take advantage of the "guest blogger" situation to preach hate but rather, to teach.

    God bless you and yours, as always.


  4. The plot thickens....Well, I for one will continue to keep track of this. I think you will do just fine as the "guest poster" and am excited to see how it all goes. Good Luck, I will pray God gives you the wisdom and the words to impact people's hearts...

  5. Why am I unmoved by this post? Hmm ... maybe because although the thread mentioned in the post seems to have some resolution, I don't see her opinions changing drastically. She's been a Christian for a while now and has already squared her sexual orientation with her faith.

    As for her e-mail, I don't see anything peculiar or interesting about it. You two got in an argument and at this point have concluded that you both are more than two faceless proponents or denouncers of a single theological stance. Why are you treating this contact as anything out of the ordinary?

    Even people with such pointed opinions as yours can be acquaintances with a wide spectrum of people after it's been asserted that they can disagree civilly. Why, then, have you heralded her e-mail as a potential conversion-in-progress?

  6. Yamathan -

    I guess you would have needed to be following the past four weeks of discussion and seen all of the venom that we spewed out between us to really be moved.

    The story isn't over yet, so stay tuned if you want to see what happens. But certainly don't feel like you have to. Wouldn't want you to be bored or anything!

  7. He is unmoved enough to take the time to comment on it...!!!!

  8. Being "moved" and being curious about something are two distinct and in this case mutually exclusive processes. I don't know either woman or all of the controversy, so I'm unmoved by the announcement(s).

  9. I think it's great that we can come to a common ground. Yes, I am using the resort's wireless right now and checking in on ya! :)

    As far as the rude comments being made back and forth--let that be in the past and let's move on with a more productive discussion rather than bashing one another. I did say my peace, but I believe that other people will have some views that will make them look upon the past discussion with anger---on both our parts.

    I'll be back next Friday! Thanks for this post Dani!

  10. I want all the religions to be friends and then we'll have no more wars. :)

    Maybe all the religions are right and there are lots of happy gods up there.

    I like sunshine.

  11. Your message was not sent in love.

    Deb is being the bigger person by ignoring your idiocy.

  12. I have read through your blog(thanks to IT2M), and frankly it's left me a little nauseated.
    Christianity proclaims to be a religion of love, headed by a God of love. Yet you failed to couch your message(that homosexuality is wrong) in love, and instead choose to wrap it in hatred and condemnation.

  13. ABL, since when is being honest on how little I know or care about a situation looking down on Christianity as a whole? If it is now, I didn't get the memo.

  14. Small steps in the right direction, can lead to change. Change does not often take place overnight.

    Having read your blogs in the past, and getting to know you thought the Net, I feel that you will have an even greater effect in the future.



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