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August 13, 2012

Another *No-Name* wants to know the TRUTH about the CPS *Konspiracy* against the Kekoas --> "One can only imagine what is going on..."

^^^ That's the answer to your email, *KrookUSA* ^^^
"Nomen Nescio"  - N.N. is used to signify an anonymous or unnamed person. From Latin nomen, name, and nescire, not to know, be ignorant of. Together, I do not know the name. The term is, equivalently, said to mean "No Name".


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***UPDATE - 2 YEARS LATER 2014***


On JULY 16, 2012 -- Westminster Police Detective Dave Galbraith meets with Curtis Kekoa to discuss the self-inflicted vandalism done by the leaders of PersonhoodUSA, Keith & Jennifer Mason to their own home as a publicity stunt after failing to get $250,000 from their "pro-life" supporters and to discuss other criminal activity done by the Masons. *Watch (Over 1 FULL HOUR of PROOF) => 2012-07-16 | Westminster PD: PROOF PersonhoodUSA Keith & Jennifer Mason, "Pastor" Bob Enyart & Kimberly Kay Bowman = CRIMINALS & FRAUDS

ANTI-CHOICE, ANTI-GOVERNMENT & ANTI-POT PREACHER IN COLORADO WANTED FOR MURDER - GOT PROOF?  PersonhoodUSA X-Posed - LISTEN to this recording with Westminster PD from TWO YEARS AGO proving that the leaders in the PersonhoodUSA movement are VIOLENT CRIMINALS & FRAUDS who are continuing to organize high-profile Satanic crime all across Colorado.  Less than two months after this interview, Jessica Ridgeway was abducted, murdered and dismembered by an "experienced killer," and NOW history is repeating itself AGAIN as these criminals are currently involved in a conspiracy against Mark Redwine, father of Dylan Redwine who was also abducted and murdered by the same ShadowGov "small foreign faction" organization that murdered JonBenet Ramsey and Jessica Ridgeway.

Contact Westminster PD Detective Dave Galbraith at 303-658-4234 and ask him to follow up on this important info...

For more TRUTH X-Posed about *The Kult of Konspiracy* visit:


  1. Here is the email from one of the GUILTY parties in the *Kult of Konspiracy* who is desperately afraid of the TRUTH being revealed....

    "Nomen Nescio" | nobody@dizum.com
    August 13, 2012 | 4:44 PM

    So your BoycottBob page got deleted, you removed a bunch of "incriminating" posts and now you only allow "approved members" of your blog to comment?
    One can only imagine what is going on.

    I read some of the comments from NotBob and he/she/it has some pretty good points. Like this:

    So which is it Dani?

    - Obsessed "meaningless character assassinations with zero basis"

    Source: http://worstgenerationseed.blogspot.com/2012/02/read-book-to-train-up-child-and-if-you.html


    - "I still support the Pearls 100% without a doubt, and I will continue to value their timeless teachings, as well as share them with others!"

    Source: http://worstgenerationseed.blogspot.com/2010/03/in-defense-of-pearls.html

    Food for thought:

    - Does the book "To Train Up a Child" encourage several whippings/lashings/spankings as their primary form of "training"? or not?

    - Does or Doesn't the book "To Train Up a Child" teach and give examples of child discipline as early as 4 and 7 months old? (And isn’t 6 right in the middle of that?)

    - Do you or Do you not adhere to, emphasize, and promote the tactics and lessons of "To Train Up a Child"?

    - Do you or don't you and your husband smoke and ingest Marijuana? (The issue isn’t legality it’s whether the claims that you do and did are true or false)

    - Did you or didn't you take marijuana (THC) infused "magic muffins" while pregnant?

    - How can someone be slandering you when it is your words that they are quoting?

    You don't have to answer these questions because well no one can make you, and even better anyone with half a brain can see the "evidence" for themself.

    It seems that you are most upset that people you know have told and are continuing to tell your secrets, not that there is actually anything false being reported because according to your own contradictions I have yet to see any proof of false accusations.

    I'm sure you'll be incensed by my audacity to question the great Dani Kekoa on her own "turf" but you should be used to it with all the "being burned alive at the stake"

    "All Secrets Will Be Revealed"


  2. *Note for legal counsel, the police investigators & media journalists - these *Krooks* know no-bounds and need to be X-POSED...

    Many of the "NOTBOB" comments and other "Crazy-Are-U" anonymous defamatory remarks were randomly interchanged at different time-stamps on my blog and came from various IP addresses, including the IP Addresses located:

    -> IP #1 - Thornton, CO right next to Brian Jr. & Maxime Enyart's house (Bob's niece & nephew).

    -> IP #2 - Arvada, CO right next to Keith & Jennifer Mason's home (President & wife of PersonhoodUSA).

    -> IP #3 - Gilbert, AZ right off Superstition Freeway where Dana Machado lives(aka "Little Dune Buggy" & "Robert Berger").

    -> Many harassing comments and a Conspiracy CONFESSION on Feb 11, 2012 by Kimberly Kay Bowman who still stalks me and sends unsolicited emails demonstrating her obsessive manic BPD:
    "I have come to realize that since I became one of the back-biting evil Bobots that conspired against the Kekoa's I would become a fly on the wall...."

    Perhaps Kimberly Kay Bowman would like to explain to the COPS why she conspired against the Kekoas with members of Denver Bible Church?

    Conspiracy is a CRIME, ya know? Ever heard of "cached copy" on Google? We have EVERYTHING YOU ALL HAVE EVER DONE!

    What a creepy coincidence!?!? - My three best-friends and my one & only brother, online harassing me "anonymously" as a mob of slanderous ShadowLurkers under the direct mind-control of Bob Enyart...What are the odds??


    Cyber-Stalkers Beware: **Google gives up names, addresses, phone numbers and IP Addresses**
    Even though the IP was bounced through another country, they were still able to lift the veil of shadow "anonymity" and EXPOSE the Cowardly Criminals and prosecute them accordingly.
    *Just another good reason why it's always a good idea to tell the TRUTH, cause you never know who's watching what you say online....or what can be recovered through a cache copy...

    Watch => http://youtu.be/2yha7oa21YM

    Cyber-Stalkers can be traced....EVERY MOVE they make online leaves EVIDENCE of criminal activity. Don't be creepy or you'll get caught!

    Watch => http://youtu.be/eDxiCm_4Qqo

    And our personal favorite - $$ Awarded Damages: $11.3 Million $$ - Against a SINGLE cyber-stalker who LIED about this innocent woman being a child-abuser, dangerous and other nasty things online....IMAGINE what it will be against big corporate organizations and more than a dozen guilty individuals??

    We watched this one, 3 Times => http://youtu.be/BjxdbkoB9-g

  3. Interesting comment from netpyro on 12-02-2007:

    Hypocrisy that makes me crap my pants! Yes, more TOL/Enyart content.
    Let's start with their mission statement from his Denver Bible Church website:

    Originally Posted by Denver Bible Church/Bob Enyart
    OUR MISSION: Our church seeks to honor God by winning people to Jesus Christ and by discipleship of new converts to conform them to His image. We use the Bible in ministering to those seeking truth, both Christians and unbelievers. And we seek to train leaders for the ministry to plant sister churches.
    Any Christians or nonbelievers being won over to Enyart's brand of honoring God?

    Secondly, let's review Enyart's adultry and porn addiction as described on his Wikipedia page. and even more importanty, this article done on him by Denver's Westword Magazine which is definitely required reading for anybody even remotely interested in what makes him, TOL, and Denver Bible Church tick.

    But the ultimate hypocrisy? Bob and his followers claim that good old Bob Enyart wouldn't have been an adulterer if their ShadowGov constitution would have been in place!

    So let me get this straight Bob and the rest of your Christian Taliban, addictive personality disorder, followers: your faith is such that you feel God's law is overruled by Man's law and since Man didn't have a law in place to execute you for your adultery, all is hunky dory, it was fine to commit it even though you believe God said it is a capital offense?

    Last but not least is the way his followers claim that the Shadowgov Constitution is just an exercise, Bob Enyart refutes that himself in his WestWord interview:

    "Liberals talk about creativity and using technology, but nothing like ShadowGov has ever been conceived of before -- to build a parallel government, train men and wait for the opportunity. It almost certainly will never take over. But we want to be prepared, just in case."

    We need to keep a close eye on this child abusing, hypocrite, nutjob. He personifies the Christian Taliban and is brothers in arms with Fred Phelps. Their type are a much greater threat to the USA than their radical Muslim compatriots in the mid-east: we will have to fight them here.

    Eddie - Did you relinquish mod duties to Knight & Catty?

  4. The Convicted Child-Abuser, Bob Enyart is anti-choice, pro-death (penalty) and anti-gay, and now he wants to take over the country..And that was back in 1999.
    "Publicity is Bob's goal -- there can be absolutely no doubt about that..."

    Read Westword's article "Thanks God for Bob" http://www.westword.com/1999-12-16/news/thank-god-for-bob/


    1999 - John Stewert, The Daily Show


    "We know what you did last summer..."
    Did you really think you were going to get away with it? --> Speaking of getting away with crimes - What were you doing back in 1999, BOB? Besides protesting MURDERERS? You were DEAD WRONG then & you're DEAD WRONG NOW - And There Will Be a VERY, VERY Long Series of Consequences...You can count on it, *KrookUSA* - This is going to hurt you, personally the most!

    -> Mid February 1999 Bob Enyart & Doug McBurney spent $16,000 to Burn O.J. Simpson Memorabilia in protest of murderers who kill ex-wives.
    -> Early March 1999, Bob Enyart's first wife, Krista mysteriously DIED after a nasty & lengthy custody battle over the couple's boys, and after many years of abuse, Krista had to get a restraining order against Bob due to "deep purple" bruising on the two young boys, Josiah & Nate (now adults). Bob's second ex-wife is gone too after a just a few weeks of marriage, but Enyart claimed it was because she was mentally ill and nobody knows of her to verify that fact!

    *The Rumor-Mill at Denver Bible Cult has Bob's first wife's death ruled as a suicide or drug overdose, but it's always been vague & secretive in the *Kult*...Things that make you go, Hmmm? One thing is certain - it just goes to show that those deeply close to Bob Enyart suffer greatly because he is a Dangerous SERIAL RELATIONSHIP KILLER who destroys everything in his perverse path!

  5. "Christian" pro-life Pastor & the criminal con-man behind PersonhoodUSA, "Enyart expressed NO REMORSE for the injury..."

    Robert Adolph Enyart Court Case#: 94M2658
    On June 26, 1994, the Arvada Police Department was contacted in reference to child abuse...[Reporting Party] informed officers that his ex-wife's boyfriend, the defendant Robert Enyart, beat [RP's] seven year old son with a belt leaving several welts on the victim...upon contact by officers with the defendant, Robert Enyart expressed no remorse for the injury and reiterated that this was his customary way of punishing his own children...when officers informed Enyart that the law indicates that you are not allowed to cause injury when disciplining a child and Enyart replied "that's a stupid law."
    - Jefferson County Court

    ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART Criminal History & Arrest Record:
    *SOURCE: Colorado Bureau of Investigation

    And there's more than one conviction of "CRUELTY TOWARDS A CHILD."


  6. On Sat. June 16, 2012 another poser from the Kult, *Tom Whiting* (friend of Kimberly Kay Bowman) left a message on our FB page Boycott Bob Enyart - The Convicted Child Abuser (*page currently removed)

    It's time for the "truth to be revealed" on this page -
    Pastor Bob Enyart on the unsubstantiated and paranoid accusations made by the Kekoa family:

    It is true what is said by Danielle and Curtis Kekoa at Boycott Bob Enyart -- The Convicted Child Abuser that I was convicted of misdemeanor child abuse for spanking one of our boys. I gave him five swats on the backside with his mom's belt. That left three red marks that were photographed fifteen minutes later by a police officer. I was charged and we underwent repeated jury trials, mistrials, and I won an appeal. But in the meantime whereas due to overcrowded Denver area courts the charges on many criminals were dropped including for a man charged with conspiracy to murder, eventually I was convicted and sentenced to four months in jail and we lost custody of our four young and precious boys. The harm done to them through social services getting them into the godless public schools was directly a result of me ruining my first marriage and thereby opening up our lives to increased interference by the courts. Today we rejoice that all our boys love us and we take comfort knowing that they believe in God as our Creator and reject lies like evolution and abortion.

    The remainder of what the Kekoas accuse me and our church of comes from their paranoid delusion. After promising their pastor that they were themselves not smoking pot and that they would stop advocating marijuana use to folks at Denver Bible Church, they began quietly urging various members to start smoking. We asked respected families who love them to write heartfelt letters about their own experiences with pot and to urge them to reconsider. With that the Kekoas broke fellowship and cut off a wide circle of Christian friends. At about that time Danielle's mother reported them to social services. Even with the disagreements, both my wife and I immediately and separately offered to help this family in anyway we could, privately or publicly. For the Kekoas to completely cut off dozens of longtime friends over pot might be hard for them to justify even to themselves. So they seized the mom's Social Services complaint against them and turned it into a wild accusation that their pastor conspired with others at Denver Bible Church and with their mother, someone I don't recall ever even having a conservation with, to turn them in. I haven't seen their online efforts at revenge but from all accounts their behavior is bizarre and tragic. Meanwhile, as a Christian talk radio host I've debated Denver's leading pro-marijuana attorney at HuffingtonPost.com/bob-enyart and our own website at KGOV.com/pot warns those trying to legalize pot about the harm they are doing.

    Then the Kekoas, continuing without a shred of evidence, along with cruel references about a young child harmed in a terrible accident, and bringing up sins of others long ago repented of, also absurdly and inexplicably accuse godly men of being homosexuals. Danielle in a published article has admitted that they've smoked pot virtually their entire adult lives. We believe they suffer from the typical harm caused by long-term pot use, including paranoia, disorganized thinking, social dysfunction and perhaps schizophrenia. As to the "inappropriate 'counseling' sessions with an elder's wife w/o her husband knowing," even the Kekoas know that this was at the request of the husband himself. And though I rarely counsel any woman, it is my policy and always enforced that as a precondition I will only do so with others present, typically, and as in this case, with my own wife there.

    Read more: http://worstgenerationseed.blogspot.com/2012/06/its-time-for-truth-to-be-revealed-on.html

  7. *FACT: In 2011 - No thanks to “pastor” Bob, a former elder in his church, Mark Sutherland, is now DIVORCED after 30+ years of marriage from Susan, because Bob ADMITTEDLY met with Susan and *encouraged* her to divorce on multiple occasions without Mark's knowledge - behind Mark's back....and AFTER Mark, *elder* Gordon Carroll, Curtis Kekoa, John Mackie and Craig Fisher ALL (at different times) rebuked BOB ENYART for meeting with another man's wife behind the husband's back. Gordon Carroll's *rebuke*, however, was extraordinarily *soft* - practically none - and even more *short-lived* because Carroll, as an Arapahoe County Sheriff's deputy, is mentally and emotionally subject to the unholy whims of Bob Enyart, which is an EXTREMELY DANGEROUS PROSPECT for all of us who are subject to the governing authorities, ie. the cops.

    But that's what happens between cultists and their CULT LEADERS; the cultist identifies himself with the leaders and gives up his own identity, and thus is controlled by the cult leader. VERY DANGEROUS. Our guess is that ENYART has some dirt on CARROLL, like how ENYART had dirt on Mark for over ten years and used it against him.....like a good little narcissist cult leader who takes private, protected information gleaned from private *counseling* sessions and broadcasts it to the world for his own ill-gotten, personal gain - in violation of state "confidentiality laws" governing licensed clergy.


    "Susan said that she thinks if she got back with Mark, she would be miserable for the rest of her life..."
    - Bob Enyart, August 29, 2011 (Just 8 days later on September 6, 2011, Enyart began his anti-Kekoa Jihad. That's the last time you and Curtis Kekoa spoke to each other on the phone.)

    ENYART, do you think that info was "privileged and confidential," you know, the type of "private communication" between a pastor and a layperson that is unlawful FOR ANY PASTOR to reveal to anyone else? Just wondering, because you told ALL OF US a lot about your meeting with Susan that Monday after Father's Day 2011.

  8. "The remainder of what the Kekoas accuse me and our church of comes from their paranoid delusion. After promising their pastor that they were themselves not smoking pot..." - Bob Enyart on 6-16-12

    Paranoid delusions - really? That's been long played out by now, Enyart. Tell the TRUTH - isn't that why you shut down all those pages you were running with Jennifer Mason? A little "paranoid & delusional" from all your LIES finally catching up with you?

    For the record: The Kekoas never made any "promises" to Bob - that conversation NEVER happened in real life, only in his "delusional" imagination. Why would we promise not to take the very herb that was sustaining my life at the time & the life of my unborn child? We wouldn't, it's that simple.

    So much for "pro-life"- right? There this exception as DBCult & PersonhoodUSA attack the Personhood of the Kekoa family over "pot" & falsely report them for child abuse.

    Would Enyart's niece, Maxime's drugs of choice, Zofran & Xanax be OK? - Cuz she likes to pass those pills all around church... What about the *Deputy's* wife, Becky's Prozac pills? Or McBurney's admitted crystal meth use, guess that's cool? Or let's not forget Bob's oldest son, Josiah - he's a "pothead" too.

    Why is the Kekoa's medicine cabinet Bob's concern anyway & STILL under church scrutiny....Now, nearly a YEAR AFTER leaving his cult, he;s still obsessing over "pot"? Who gives a CONVICTED Child-Abuser the authority to "protect" our children, anyway?

    Even if we did break some "promise over pot" - Is that really a good reason to conspire with my mother & others from DBCult to make numerous false reports to Social Services & create several hate-mock pages to cover-up his crime and publicly defame the character of our family further?



    This is the personal story of a life-threatening illness where the *Kult of Konspiracy* claim, Danielle Kekoa is an "admitted child abuser" and a "harmful & dangerous" influence on others. Bob Enyart also publicly preaches to that the Kekoas live "in a deepening fog which puts others, including our children, neighbors, and first-responders, at the kind of increased risk that God does not require society to tolerate...." And Pastor Enyart concludes, "it is from that harmful influence that I want to protect the adults and, with Cheryl too, the children of Denver Bible Church, including..."

    Then Bob names all 6 of our children in the email on 9-14-11 as a warning. We also have over a dozen character references from members of the church that speak quite differently than the words they spew now.

    You can read this THC story below & decide for yourself if those accusations of child-abuse were correct & if suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum during pregnancy is a valid reason to report an innocent family to Social Service to have all six children taken from the home.

    THC = The Heavenly Cure: http://www.theheavenlycure.blogspot.com/

  9. The Characteristics of a Religious Sociopath
    "Despite their ability to know and distinguish good from evil, they suffer from a total lack of conscience and can do anything at anytime to hurt and harm another. In the church, this is usually manifested in destroying the ministries of people they disagree with. Black-listing pastoral candidates and pastors, for example, that don’t agree with the top leadership’s social agendas in the Mainline Church, is common. There are stories of Bishops and pastors that have undermined ministries, broken up marriages, leveled serious false charges against those that disagree with them, and taken and sold off congregational property to "win" their agendas with no remorse for the hurt, carnage, and damage they cause to others..."

    *Read more => http://revcjconner.com/?p=60

  10. *TRUTH Tellers vs. LIARS* RED FLAG: "Anti-Conspiratorial" - For such disinformationalists, the overall aim is to avoid discussing links in the chain of evidence which cannot be broken by truth, but at all times, to use clever deceptions or lies to make select links seem weaker than they are...They almost always have disdain for 'conspiracy theorists'...Ask yourself why, if they hold such disdain for conspiracy theorists, do they focus on defending a single topic discussed in a group focusing on conspiracies? One might think they would either be trying to make fools of everyone on every topic, or simply ignore the group they hold in such disdain. Or, one might more rightly conclude they have an ulterior motive for their actions in going out of their way to focus as they do..."

    Eight Traits of The Disinformationalist

    1. Avoidance
    2. Selectivity
    3. Coincidental
    4. Teamwork
    5. Anti-conspiratorial
    6. Artificial Emotions
    7. Inconsistent
    8. Newly Discovered: Time Constant

    *Not Paranoid, Pro-Paranoid => http://www.proparanoid.net/truth.htm#t1

  11. Fox & Friends' latest extremist guest and convicted child abuser blames teen pregnancy on teaching evolution in school...


    In a strikingly short interview, Fox News' Fox & Friends' Juliet Huddy hosted anti-abortion activist Bob Enyart to discuss the availability of birth control to students at a Colorado school, who have their parents' consent. Ignoring Enyart's multiple convictions and jail sentences that included abusing his stepson, as well as his history of outlandish and disrespectful behavior towards victims of AIDS, Fox gave Enyart a platform to say that the reason teen pregnancy has increased in Denver is because "Kids are told that they're animals...and we shouldn't be shocked when they behave like animals." It's no surprise that Huddy cut him off pretty early on in his rant:

    BOB ENYART (COLORADO RIGHT TO LIFE): This fails because it's wrong. Adam city high school, a denver suburb tried this. The pregnancy rate went up 40% and the headlines nationwide were 108 babies born in one school year. It's a tragedy. God did not make 14-year-old girls to be used by boys. This is a mistake.

    HUDDY: But the fact is in Denver, 41 1/2 out of every 1,000 girls, 15 to 17 have babies. That's a pretty high number.

    ENYART: That -- the major reason for that is that our school curriculum today all over the country is officially godless. Kids are told that they're animals, that they've evolved from animals and then we shouldn't be shocked when they behave like animals. We need to teach kids that they're special. Girls are worth waiting for. They're worth waiting until marriage. They're not there to be used by boys and this policy --

    HUDDY: Lori [Casillas (COLORADO YOUTH MATTER)] -- go ahead, real quick, "this policy" - Ok, Lori, I I want to get your side. I'm sorry, I'm sorry Bob, to cut you off. I need to get to Lori, though.

    After a brief rebuttal by Lori Casillas, from Colorado Youth Matter, the interview was abruptly over, signaling that perhaps producers regretted having Enyart on to spout his views about evolution being taught in schools and "girls" not being taught to "wait...until marriage."

    Fox hosted the same Enyart who, in 1999, was convicted of misdemeanor child abuse for beating his now-stepson with a belt, and served 60 days in jail. Enyart was jailed again in 2009 after being convicted of trespassing during an anti-abortion protest of the Focus on the Family headquarters. He also excused the murder of Dr. George Tiller by an anti-abortion extremist as simply "an occupational hazard," and likened Tiller to a "Mafia hit man," saying:

    If a Mafia hit man gets killed, people recognize it's an occupational hazard.

    Fox hosted the same Enyart who read the obituaries of gay AIDS victims live on his former T.V. show while playing the song "Another One Bites the Dust." First-class all the way.

    Fox & Friends has displayed a disturbing pattern of not vetting its guests prior to giving them airtime. In March, Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy appeared to be thoroughly embarrassed by the wacky statements tea party activist Victoria Jackson made during an interview with him. And after Brian Kilmeade hosted right-wingnut radio host and homo/Islamophobe Bradlee Dean to protest building a mosque in New York City, we asked: "At what point will Fox News either take responsibility for vetting the guests before allowing them a platform to speak, or take ownership of the hateful positions its guests spout?" The answer, apparently, is: not today.


  12. *Please X-Pose this CPS Criminal Conspiracy! FACT: We supported the Pro-life personhood movement for nearly a decade. I have six children & the leaders of the PersonhoodUSA movement attacked my family - Why? Go ask pastor Bob Enyart and the leaders, Keith & Jennifer Mason - Why are they protecting and covering up for criminals? Bob & his "people" have done nothing but mock us, with "paranoid delusion" insults, they've repeatedly tried to have our children taken away by conspiring to make false reports of child abuse to Social Services. And after all the FAILED attemtps, the Mason's framed us for a "violent vandalism" crime against their home after being exposed for making multiple hate-pages against my family like the *Kult of Konspiracy* - PersonhoodUSA pretends to fight for the rights of the unborn while they attack the Personhood of the innocent & refuse to fight for the living!

    7/11/12 - Article from Religion Dispatches: Personhood Leaders’ Smear Campaign Debunked ‘Violent attacks’ reported are more likely personal vendetta by disgruntled ex-collaborators - by Lara Riscol

    Personal, Not Political:
    The most serious threat to Mason’s claim is that police are investigating the case as a personal vendetta by fellow pro-life Christian activists; an approach that has nothing to do with the pro-choice movement. Despite last week’s conservative media frenzy, the Mason case is officially personal—it’s “coincidental,” not politically motivated or associated...
    Police Investigator, Spottke informed RD that Mason had asked the police to talk to someone they knew well who’d posted “pretty derogatory remarks” on The Daily Beast, specifically against his wife.

    The nasty reader comment at the start of this article didn’t stop with critique of character. Read original full text read:

    "These people are evil, judgmental, self-righteous ego-maniacs—Bob Enyart, a convicted child abuser is the man behind PersonhoodUSA & currently the Masons are under investigation for criminal conspiracy & online criminal libel for making numerous false reports of child abuse against an innocent family."

    Bob Enyart is an influential pastor of the Denver Bible Church, under whose auspices the Masons organize—he’s an inflammatory anti-gay, anti-choice activist and national radio host, arrested for protesting Focus on the Family as too liberal. A quick search of Enyart and the Masons turns up a pair of disgruntled former co-agitators, Dani and Curtis Kekoa, an anti-government Christian-Right couple out to expose all three Personhood USA leaders as criminals and frauds.

    A blog set up by the Kekoas details the soap-opera betrayal that forced them from Rev. Enyart’s flock and to break their years-long friendship with the Masons...

    Although the police can’t confirm that the Kekoas are their “persons of interest,” one look at the Kekoas’ Facebook page, “Boycott Bob Enyart, the Convicted Child Abuser,” (with its image gallery of screen shots from the now-deleted Daily Beast comments list) is enough to make it a plausible theory..."


  13. TRUE STORY: PersonhoodUSA, Bob Enyart, Masons, Kekoas--PART 1 - by Rita Q. DeRego

    "Dani told me her family has been the victim of a conspiracy by Denver Bible Church members and the pastor of that church, Bob Enyart. She stated there has been an online battle to destroy their reputations. And she also believes DBC church members (under Enyart's instructions) conspired to report her and her husband to Adams County Child Protective Services for gross child abuse and neglect.

    I later found out that Adams County came back with the charges unfounded...

    Then it began to unfold. A lot of what she was writing, was coded for the church members. I finally understood some of it. The public would have a hard time understanding it though--and that was obvious by the few members of the unknowing public who wandered onto these Facebook pages or blog sites.

    People set up pages to mock the Kekoas on Facebook. And then a very professional blog, Kult of Konspiracy, that also mocked the Kekoas.

    I became alarmed when I noticed the mockers posting pictures of the Kekoas children on these pages. Especially since one of their children is a special needs young lady.

    The Kekoas were accused of all manner of things. Child abuse. Drug abuse. Domestic violence. General cruddy behavior. Curtis was accused of being a sexual abuser...

    And whether the accusations against the Kekoas are correct or not--I come to one conclusion that has not changed, even as more information came in--and that conclusion is: Whether the accusations are true or not, the public methods used are criminal or borderline criminal in my opinion...

    My conclusion: Even IF the Kekoas were these lying, paranoid, mentally-ill, child-abusing, lazy, slobby, drug-abusing criminal types there were being accused of...The other side loses. Why? Because there is a higher accountability for people in church leadership positions. It works that way internally within churches. And even in the secular world that is understood: The minute you are a non-profit and/or start asking for donations and/or claim some moral or spiritual teaching--there is a higher accountability than from the average Joe or Josephine who goes to these churches or groups for guidance and support.

    I am not a computer expert. But I did a few computer things and discovered (with not total certainty) that there does seem to be a link to Bob Enyart (or at least someone with access to his account) and/or church members--and these online attacks. (UPDATE: At this time, this suspicion is being reviewed legally).

    Dani did some IP address tracking on her computer to see where some of these attacks are coming from. She told me some of the most vicious ones are coming from Jennifer Mason, communications director for PersonhoodUSA. According to Dani, she and Jennifer were very close friends at one time.

    I actually looked in person at what Dani found on the computer. And yes, some of the online attacks are coming from the Mason's home address--or at least within a few feet of their home. And also startling, some of the online attacks are coming from an address in Denver, where some other prominent pro-life organizations are located. And that changes the complexion of this...

    Here's the thing that most people (who weren't very close to the Kekoas don't know). The Kekoas are the types to save everything. And I mean everything...

    Read more of this TRUE STORY: http://yourandmytruestories.blogspot.com/2012/07/true-story-personhoodusa-bob-enyart.html

  14. GOT PROOF? PersonhoodUSA X-Posed - LISTEN to this recording with Westminster PD from TWO YEARS AGO proving that the leaders in the PersonhoodUSA movement are VIOLENT CRIMINALS & FRAUDS who are continuing to organize high-profile Satanic crime all across Colorado. Less than two months after this interview, Jessica Ridgeway was abducted and murdered, and now history is repeating itself as these criminals are currently involved in a conspiracy against Mark Redwine, father of Dylan Redwine who was also abducted and murdered by the same ShadowGov organization that murdered JonBenet Ramsey and Jessica Ridgeway.


    *Watch here (over 1 full hour of PROOF) 2012-07-16 | Westminster PD: PROOF PersonhoodUSA Keith & Jennifer Mason, "Pastor" Bob Enyart & Kimberly Kay Bowman = CRIMINALS & FRAUDS" => http://youtu.be/NTH9Nn0t5oY

    Contact Westminster PD Detective Dave Galbraith 303-658-4234 and ask him to follow up on this info...


    For more TRUTH X-Posed about *The Kult of Konspiracy* visit: 


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