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February 24, 2012

Read the book “To Train Up A Child”…... And If You Get Reported To Social Services For Child Abuse, ALL Charges Will Be UNFOUNDED!

The very first line in the 3-page Child Protective Services report intended to destroy our family by having our six children taken away from our home said this: “Mr. & Mrs. Kekoa are fundamentalist Christians who base their doctrine of physical discipline on a book called 'To Train Up a Child' which encourages excessive physical discipline..."

And we owe it to Michael & Debi Pearl's book as the Biblical principals they teach proved to be worthy of praise by the government, and earned us a bright shiny gold star on our report!

For nearly a decade my husband and I have supported The Pearl’s Ministry because they offer practical Biblical wisdom and instruction which has revolutionized our family structure and transformed how we teach and train all our children.  The fruit of our efforts to try and live in obedience to the Scriptures became evident almost immediately as our  kids became an instant delight.  Over the years, my husband and I developed a stellar reputation as parents, and I personally have had the privilege of speaking at length with dozens of young moms from all over the globe who were seeking advice on effective child-rearing.  This book was also the basis for the child-training classes I used to teach at our former church, but little did I know, that those from within the Body would later report me to the government for "physical abuse" on my children.  Of course, that didn't stop me as women are still calling me for help because they've seen this "doctrine" work very well with our little ones.

Any parent with an emotional maturity level higher than the average ten-year-old, and with a proper vision and knowledge of the Pearl’s techniques, can have happy obedient children who bring "no greater joy" to their parents.  If their hearts are in the right place, this book is a *must-read* for all parents who want to truly experience the rewards of parenthood, and raise children who are delightful blessings from the Lord.  It’s also a fabulous tool if you want to have an UNFOUNDED report with the government!

Time and again I have spoken out In Defense of the Pearls, and due to the recent news in the media and the current criminal investigation we are pursuing as a family, my husband and I felt led to contact the Pearls to give them an awesome progress report based on their book, ‘To Train Up a Child.’

This is our open response to the article titled: "Is Book ‘To Train Up a Child’ Leading Parents to Kill Their Children?" 

NO, this book, ‘To Train Up a Child’ does NOT lead parents to kill their children - Quite the opposite!  Parents kill their kids because they are wicked in their hearts, and lack the wisdom and self-control to know better. The truth is, if you follow this book the right way, God's way, and are reported to the authorities, your case will be UNFOUNDED, as was true with our family!

After Social Services examined and interviewed our four oldest children, the investigators quickly determined that they were the "most polite, happy, well-adjusted, sweet, loving, hard-working, intelligent and obedient children" they have ever met (including his own child, one worker stated), therefore it was decided that there was no need to further examine the younger two kids!  Despite the intrusive violation of privacy, our older children had fun “socializing” and were even teaching the Social Workers how to properly train younger kids with a "rod" not to whine or touch things, and it was an impressive communication for everyone, especially us as parents once we read the full report.

By now you know that late last year our family was falsely reported to Social Services for child abuse & neglect, but what you may not know is that one of the many accusations made by cult leader, Bob Enyart of Denver Bible Church, was that we are: 
"Fundamentalist Christians who base their doctrine of physical discipline on a book called 'To Train Up a Child' which encourages excessive physical discipline..."

I know, I know….Why would Bob call Social Services, with a last name like "Enyart" & a conviction of child-abuse on his record?  He would "never" do such a thing, so they say, because everyone knows he “would despise such government interference” into our family.  Bob Enyart is a well-known convicted child abuser who admittedly has a "lengthy & unfortunate history with such harassment" - So it's impossible to think he would try to inflict such terror on an innocent family like mine, right?

Almost as impossible to think that twice divorced, Pastor Enyart, would continually tell another man's wife (and lifelong friend of Bob’s) behind closed doors that, "God would offer His blessings of divorce" while profiting & preaching up at the pulpit on “God’s Plan for Marriage" and "How to Love Your Neighbor.”  Nice cover, but not that clever to anyone who is paying close attention!

Now, you must wonder why would Bob dare report my family to Social Services for following the book, 'To Train Up A Child' when he promotes that same book and boasts about spanking his own boys?  Doesn't make sense.  Plus, he was also preaching about,“Raising Godly Children” and "Biblical Discipline" during the same exact months we were being investigated and under the microscope by the government, so naturally, he would never do something hypocritical like that, would he?  No, of course not!

Makes about as much sense as Bob saying he "believes" my husband and I are a "great blessing” and a "great danger to those around us" in the same opening sentence from his "rebuke" letter.  But because we rejected him and withdrew our family from DBC, Pastor Enyart went on a fierce personal jihad against my family over medical marijuana because he “believes” what we were doing is “sinful”, while merely overlooking a destructive, ten-year plus Methadone addiction among DBC leadership & other prescription pill poppin' that's been goin' on with Bob's approval.

Of course, since Bob has said numerous times about himself, “I am not infallible,” we can forget all the numerous LIES he has told, and reasonably assume that Bob would, in fact, call Social Services if he really "believed" we were a "great danger" to our children, right?  After all, he probably did it because he really "cares" about our family.  And let's not forget that he did assign himself, as the pastor of DBC, the "protector" over all the children of Colorado, so how far would Pastor Enyart go to "protect" my children from our "harmful influence"?

Well, why don't you go ask Bob that question to his face? I dare any of you.  And before he LIES and mouths off some more, tell him that the tired-old snide remarks about the Kekoas being "stupid & slow, angry, mentally-ill, paranoid pot-heads" have been played last year and have already been proven UNFOUNDED by the government!  So try harder next time, Bob, and try to get some facts straight for once or at least get a new creative script for Christ's sake.

But I'll tell you why he called Social Services and made false allegations against our innocent family...

Bob Enyart is a criminally-minded con-man who can't handle rejection and because of his life failures and severely deflated ego, he vengefully sought out to destroy our family and ruin our good reputation. But “obviously that backfired" on him, eh? I bet he definitely "wouldn't do that again" would he?

See Bob, (who is "really smart" because he doesn't smoke pot) knows the book  ‘To Train Up a Child’   has received a lot of negative media attention over false allegations of child abuse leading to death, and what better way to cause alarm and harm than to say we are abusing our children because of the book?  Bob Enyart thinks he's really cleaver, but his seared conscience has him slippin' up his words as they reveal the dark crafty secrets of a cruel-hearted cult leader.

Of course, Bob is desperately banking on the blind, baseless belief system from his "followers," but everyone who matters all agree that only those with "extreme bias or dull minds" would ever believe Bob is completely innocent in this criminal matter.

**UPDATE 6/1/12**
A LONG OVER-DUE Praise Report of Social Services:

Referral/Assessment Summary [Actual language in the report]
Overall Findings: Report Unfounded by Adams County Social Services

  “There are no children likely to be in danger of severe harm. No further safety action is necessary. Parents met the basic needs of their children including food, clothing, and shelter. Parents ensure that they are a close family and work together as a family. Parents provide their children with a proper education and attend to their medical needs when necessary. This assessment is being closed and is unfounded for physical abuse, educational neglect, medical neglect, and injurious environment due to parental substance use. All of the children's needs are being met. At this time, no additional services are being put into the home.”

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  1. Hey Danielle's Mother and other family members reported you to Social Services!! Bob did not, show the proof. You are DOPERS and you are PARANOID. All you are doing is causing more reason for further reports to social services.

    1. Please share...WARNING: 2X convicted child-abuser & anti-pot preacher in CO wants to "protect" children...NOTICE THE CRIME ALL OVER THE METRO AREA? Watch & Listen to Police Recording FBI Las Vegas Citizens Division Jan 16, 2014: "CHELSEA HOFFMAN" Criminal Fraud = ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART Serial Killer in Arvada, CO (25mins) => http://youtu.be/UJhU0-pNxgs

      ChelseaHoffman.com is a CRIMINAL FRAUD. A fake page/ID like 'Calling Mark Redwine' used by a serial child-killer in CO who gets off on targeting victims, framing dysfunctional people and purposely misleading investigations of the crimes committed. There's a violent sexual sadist & home-invading serial pedophile working as a "pro-life pastor" in the Denver area who the cops & FBI refuse to talk to: Call Bob at 1-800-8-ENYART -- ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART = 666 = DAXIS = SON OF SATAN = GUILTY CHILD-KILLER! - DOB 1-10-59 - SSN# 152-60-4382 - FBI# - 678532LA7
      For more info visit the websites religious psychopath Bob can't do anything about:

  2. http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/02/07/canada-spanking-idUSL2E8D1F1C20120207

  3. Seen or heard him in action enough times, if Bob is good at anything, it's manipulating.

  4. Dani's touting that because the Pearl's book "To Train up a Child" taught her how to abuse her children without leaving any marks that she's somehow a hero. I read the book to know what is really being taught here. They liken it to the Amish training a horse. Apparently animals must be beat into submission, why, because if your horse is pulling your buggy and doesn't immediately obey your commands then it could run you out into traffic and your family will die. Well I have news for you Dani, none of us are Amish, we don't ride in horse drawn buggies and neither do you. Secondly and most importantly, animals don't speak, can't understand more than a few commands and sure as hell can't reason. There is a difference between humans and animals, our intellect and our ability to reason (albeit some more than others).

    The Pearls and Dani believe that a child must be absolutely obedient 24/7, starting as early as 6 months old. One or two spankings is not enough, 6 or more "swats" or "Whippings" as they call them if you're a baby, if you're a toddler or young child you better watch out. Step out of line and you could be enduring the most severe of beatings, 20/30/40 or more "Whippings" in a row. Helpless defenseless children whose only security is their mother and father

    and those people are beating them. If they cry, it's more punishment. They scream and wail from pain and shock that the only people in the world they have to protect them are hurting them.

    Telling people not to over-do it may hold up in court for the Pearls/Dani but the problem is that people aren't perfect. A lot of people have anger and control issues. Yes in a perfect world we'd all be totally self-controlled and cool as cucumbers whenever something happens to irriatate or infuriate us, but we're not talking in the hypothetical, we don't live in Utopia. These are real people with a variety of personal issues that you may never fully understand, and these are children who are being injured, abused, fearful and tormented by the imperfect parents. You are giving people the justification to abuse their children as the first and only resort when they misbehave, authorized by none other than God himself. When the child steps out of line by grabbing a peice food cause they're hungry, the "rod" is immediately grabbed and the child's hands are swatted repeatedly. That's bad enough, but what about when the child is defiant. We've all seen it on tv more than enough times when parents lose it and immediately fly off the handle wailing on their kids. It's no wonder they beat the crap out their kids with the Pearls/Dani's discipline methods they are justified in using such extreme measures. I don't expect Dani to make the connection here, but hopefully someone else who has believed the hype will.

    I've raised a few children of my own. Combined I've only had to spank my children a handful of times, and I use "spank" loosely because our ideas of spanking are not anywhere in the same universe. My children are individuals, each one different than the other, not robots or horses beaten into submission. However different they do have some things in common. They aren't "rebellious heathen who indulged in the flesh" They are loving, strong, well mannered, respectful, and successful to all those that interact with them.

    For you Dani, who touts that her kids are happy and such a joy to be around, kudos to your kids. Not to you, not to your husband, to your kids. They are the most Christ-like, they love Mommy and Daddy no matter how much they've been hurt, wounded, and mistreated. They are resilent, they are adaptable, they are survivors.

    1. You said it right, CrazyAreU!

    2. This book is terrible and should have never been published, this opens doors for other abusers to make there abuse even more secretive then before.

  5. Well, well, well...Bob Enyart's cowardly, criminal cultists are still mouthing off and revealing even more of their sins in a multitude of words.

    "And whoever spreads slander is a FOOL. In the multitude of words sin is not lacking..." – Prov. 10:17-18

    While you still obsess over meaningless character assassinations with zero basis for your arguments, and continue to blatantly ignore the criminal involvement of Bob Enyart and Denver Bible Cult you foolishly reveal your own guilty association with key words and phrases found consistent with the multiple other allegations against us in the remaining pages of the Social Services report. Yes, we know that “One day all secrets will be revealed” but you are making this too easy. Thanks.

    We will line up these following selected phrases and other quotes from your revealing comments along side with what our accusers said to Social Services. Then in a matter of days, we will post them word for word publicly along with a list of names! If you are wise, you will shut your fat trap before you choke on your own vomit, but the most reliable thing about FOOLS is, they NEVER learn - HA! Of course, I don’t expect them to “make the connection” because they are too busy frantically covering up their crimes with more public slander and digging that huge pit for their grave.

    Here are a few *GOLDEN McNUGGETS* - Meditate on these words onlookers, and keep watch for the actual words in the very lengthy & detailed Social Services report coming very soon...

    CrazrAreU (Enyart or his partners in crime) say these specific things found in the CPS report which have not been released publicly, YET!

    “Secondly and most importantly, animals don't speak, can't understand more than a few commands and sure as hell can't reason.”

    “Dani believes that a child must be absolutely obedient 24/7, starting as early as 6 months old. One or two spankings is not enough, 6 or more "swats" or "Whippings" as they call them if you're a baby...If they cry, it's more punishment.”

    “You are giving people the justification to abuse their children as the first and only resort when they misbehave...When the child steps out of line by grabbing a piece food cause they're hungry, the "rod" is immediately grabbed and the child's hands are swatted repeatedly.”

    “My children are individuals, each one different than the other, not robots or horses beaten into submission.”

    Calamity is coming suckas...........Oh and BTW - Thanks for your IP address, I hear it comes in real handy, and helps prosecute and convict criminal stalkers!

  6. Dani,

    Meaningless character assassinations? I hardly see your point, where is the meaninglessness when you are constantly proven wrong by being called out on your bullshit. To those that read your blog and encounter your hate filled, ignorance fueled rants and raves I think it's very poignant. Zero basis? I used YOUR comments, YOUR posts, the book YOU promote "To Train up a Child" and interviews with the Pearls that are readily available online, as the basis.

    Any likeness that my comment has to your "Report" is because everything I said about you and your beloved book came straight from your mouth or the mouth of Pearls. Whether it be from your blog, the book, or interviews with the Pearls. Don't think you're so clever, you just repeat the same tired bullshit every single day.

    I really think you're insane, certifiably insane. Do I need to start including a Bibliography and a Works Cited reference so you can stop with the ignorance? Did you even graduate high school? Don't answer that it's rhetorical. Look it up.

    All you did was post excerpts from my comment, I don't see any side by side comparison as you promised, so what gives. You are so full of yourself and in such a rush to try and discredit me that you make yourself sound even more foolish.

    "blatantly ignore the criminal involvement of Bob Enyart and Denver Bible Cult". WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT! This post, my comments weren't about Bob, your sick obsession with him is beyond bizarre. I've said it before I'll say it again. Don't know Bob Enyart, never been to Denver Bible Church, you're a moron.

    "If you are wise, you will shut your fat trap before you choke on your own vomit". What is that a threat? what are you gonna do, call the big bad Curtis on me so he can call me a homo mcnugget or a princess.. scary. The vomit comes from knowing that there are six children that have sadistic and psychotic parents, parents that have been taught how to defeat a system designed specifically for people just like you.

    Sadly it is you that is the public school fool that never learns, if you took half the time you do to rant about Bob and abortion and "homos" you might actually be able to gain enough wisdom to realize how uneducated, and crazy you actually sound. But then again I think you thrive off the drama. Why else would you keep the never ending cycle of ignorant rants and antagonizing rants. You're not helping anyone, your only true success is turning people away from the God that you proclaim to be trying to turn people too.

    Whatever list you supposedly have when you cultishly and childishly chant "Yes, we know that “One day all secrets will be revealed”, my name won't be on it, and if you did somehow manage to get my name from my IP address, which is impossible without a Warrant, then you would already know that. Stalkers!? This is your blog you blathering idiot. Actually on that note. Thanks for your blog, I hear it comes in handy when prosecuting child abusers.

  7. Wow are your blatant twisting of bible scriptures to fit your own purposes is outright.

    Proverbs 10:17-19 actually reads:

    17 He who keeps instruction is in the way of life, But he who refuses correction goes astray. 18 Whoever hides hatred has lying lips, And whoever spreads slander is a fool. 19 In the multitude of words sin is not lacking, But he who restrains his lips is wise

    Doesn't this describe you? Who's blog is overflowing in a flood of slander and multitude of words. Directed at people for all walks of life. It is you and your husband GSDCM who lack any ounce of restraint.

  8. Now we're receiving death threats from Bob & his cronies, This was left for us on our facebook page last night:

    'U-Are Blind' said: (This is the same anonymous coward as 'CrazyAreU')

    "What PROOF, proof that you believe in and teach principles that are widely and easily available through your blog, interviews and the book itself. I can only hope the CPS report states "that animals don't speak and sure as hell can't reason." That's your proof, you're so dumb.

    Oh and btw real tough talker when I didn't even know you were posting "slanderous" things about me, just saw it now. Are you gonna call me a homo mcnugget or a fairy princess, oh no please don't, I don't want big bad Curtis or his wife to get mad.

    You're a fucking joke. You should be careful dude, you like to call out and antagonize a lot of people, but you're not so careful about people knowing where you live. A Google search is all it takes. Now, I would NEVER do anything to harm you or your family, but there are a lot of people out there that would, you never know what kinda crazy is really out there, and you aren't the only one that owns guns. Just saying man, you should really reign yourself in. Besides looking like a total ass you could be putting your family in danger."

    Since then they have removed it, but we know who they are!

  9. As I commented in your recent post saying the exact same thing, I'll say it again. It wasn't a death threat. Instead of trying to re-create everything I said (hopefully you'll be honest enough to approve this and the latter) I'll sum it up. I didn't threaten you. I said I would "..NEVER do anything to harm you.." I warned you that your husbands vile and vulgar comments are directed towards people from "DBC", people that come from the same school of CRAZY that you do. And that you never know what people are capable of, especially crazy ones.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Hey CRAZY - You sound like you suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder. Threatening us with guns then saying you would "NEVER harm us" isn't going to play well in court, psycho! But it might get you committed if you keep displaying such emotional instability - Hope you don't have any young children at home! Don't you know that EVERYONE IS WATCHING??? EVERYONE!

    Your "obsessive aggravation" with my family is going to get you caught! But your inability to control the thoughts in your own mind proves that you are under the "Mind-Control" cult. Time for you to step back before it gets really ugly. Cut YOUR losses, seriously.

  12. Takes one to know one huh? If you feel threatened I feel sad for you. I'm no where near where you live and wouldn't waste my time. the "NEVER" in all caps was to emphasize the word cause I had a feeling you'd take one line out of an entire paragraph and run with it. Just like you do with every comment left and every bible verse you quote. Get real. I will take a step back, not because I'm SOOOOOO scared of you loonies or your idle threats, but because I don't see the point in arguing with people that can't reason or make rational thoughts like ignorant little children. I can feel myself getting dumber with every word of yours I read. For now I'll just read your blog in silence like I've done for years and laugh in silence at you instead of out loud.

    Cut MY losses, you must be kidding, or getting pretty desperate and tired of being made to look foolish.

  13. Hey Kim Bowman - your BPD is acting up again. You should take your meds. Don't you have some MMJ forum to spout off your brilliant psycho-babble, or are you getting more aggravated and desperate cuz no one cares to listen to your ignorant blithering rants? Gee wiz, For someone who is "proud to be drug free" You sure have some mental problems and emotional instability - what's your excuse?
    You should really quit stalking me, it's getting creepy and borderline criminal.

  14. Who's Kim Bowman? What did she say?

  15. How can someone be stalking or harassing you on a public blog? Especially one that you harass them on continually. Plus, It's not like these people are calling your house or messaging your personal email. I also thought that there were criminal charges in the works, now it's just "boderline" criminal?


    "After a serious report of child abuse was made by numerous people against Danielle and Curtis Kekoa III, they are promoting their use of the principals taught by Michael and Debi Pearl in the book "To Train up a Child" Their website: http://worstgenerationseed.blogspot.com/2012/02/read-book-to-train-up-child-and-if-you.html

    It took Social Services several weeks to actually investigate the report, giving the Kekoas plenty of time to cover up whatever might have been going on.

    Now Dani Kekoa claims that Social Services commends them for using the abusive tactics taught by the Pearls. The Pearls openly encourage "discipline", as early as 6 months old, "Whippings" with the "rod" as they call them are ineffective unless it causes pain. The Pearls teach how to "Whip" in such a way that it causes pain but doesn't leave any marks so that the "government" can't prove the abuse. Someone needs to stop these abusers.

    Obviously Adams County Colorado doesn't take child abuse seriously NOR substance exposed newborns given Dani Kekoa's self admitted marijuana usage throughout her pregnancy. Apparently Colorado Social Services also doesn't feel it necessary to examine ALL 6 children during an investigation, in particular the youngest two who are the most venerable and the potentially substance exposed newborn.

    Also alarming is that these children aren't registered with any school district, aren't involved with any church or social groups, or extra curricular activities and therefore have no visibility in the community. Outside contact of any kind is strictly prohibited. Social services is aware of all of this and did nothing. We wonder how children die. Let's be proactive instead reactive when a child is in imminent danger..."

    *[Pretty smart linking to the very article and website dedicated to revealing Bob Enyart and his guilty associations. But then again, we're not dealing with the brightest crayons in the box. Of course, I alerted our Social Worker right away & we submitted this to the cops as well for PROOF - IP addresses can be tracked & used as evidence - FYI.]

    Reported as abuse: Don't libel
    Defamatory or libelous comments will be removed. This is wikipedia's defiinition of defamation (from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Defamation ): "The communication of a statement that makes a claim, expressly stated or implied to be factual, that may give an individual, business, product, group, government or nation a negative image. It is usually, but not always, a requirement that this claim be false and that the publication is communicated to someone other than the person defamed (the claimant)."

    We are building up quite the criminal charges against these debased fools. How stupid can someone be?

  17. This pisses me off because of the false allegations against the pearls. So of course I don't believe all the other accusations spewing out of this crappy write-up.

    "It took Social Services several weeks to actually investigate the report, giving the Kekoas plenty of time to cover up whatever might have been going on."

    Wow. Really? They admit right there they're fabricating accusations cuz they don't even know what you might have been actually going on. And then they shoot themselves in the foot by instigating the entire county as not caring about all these children. And then the last paragraph. I want to flick this person right between the eyes. What do you say to that crap? The accusation that your children's very lives are in danger, that immediate intervention by everyone everywhere is needed to save them from their parents. It's beyond disgusting. Proverbs 6:16,19

  18. Once again, reality is vindicated. Criminals = still stupid, retaining their perfect record. At least we can count on them for exposing themselves as dumb animals, transitional forms - the mutants who manage to win all those "Darwin awards," thank you very much. Oh well, someone's gotta fill up my RSS feeds. It's macabre, but it's *better* than having absolutely no quantifiable purpose in an otherwise meaningless life of which they're all too aware. Hence the Prozac, crystal meth, hookers, booze, adulterous affairs, divorces and so on. These criminals are kinda-but-not-really like carnies, useful on some sub-freakish level, only lower. No, even lower than that - all the way to the *lowest of low* to where they *live* and have unsuccessfully tried to drag us down. They're just envious, but we don't have time to deal with their many low-points like we use to, not anymore. And in spite of their stupidity, we stood unaffected and continue to stand *high* above their perpetual *low* - Sheol.

    Oh, wait, they have been useful to us, at least since Jan 25, 2012.
    (http://youtu.be/C7rYRs80PrI.) Almost a thousand views. Thanks! Not bad for a family they've unjustifiably turned into their worst and last enemy, praise God! Hope they're not expecting any non-Darwin awards or accolades - not for them, anyway. Not anymore.

  19. HeyCrazyLady - What goes around, comes around. But it's coming around on you ten-fold. Careful what you wish upon others cause you will reap what you sow. This is our final warning to the resident BPD stalker: If you don't stop spreading lies about us, we're going to really start telling the TRUTH about you to the right authorities - and we both know that your reputation is not quite a stellar as ours. And tell big papa that his growl doesn't scare us in the slightest.

  20. ‎"You are snared by the words of your mouth; You are taken by the words of your mouth. So do this, my son, and deliver yourself; For you have come into the hand of your friend: Go and humble yourself; Plead with your friend. A worthless person, a wicked man, Walks with a perverse mouth; He winks with his eyes, He shuffles his feet, He points with his fingers; Perversity is in his heart, He devises evil continually, He sows discord. Therefore his calamity shall come suddenly; Suddenly he shall be broken without remedy." - Proverbs 6

    We take great joy in knowing that God will rightly punish those who do such things, but that doesn't mean He can't use us as His faithful servants to bring about justice on our accusers. The ironic part is that the calamity they will receive, is the same calamity they helped would befall us. God's minister, the government knows who the real child abusers are, and it's not us. If only these wicked people would imagine for a moment really reaping what they've sown so they don't get snared by their lying words even further, but fools never seem to learn, do they?

    1. Dani, while most of us (especially the one who disagree with you) are against child abuse, are you for it? You should be locked up if so? It makes me sick to even think that people like you are completely against the children that you were talking about. Parents with at least half of the clue will be able to raise their kids without ever resorting to violence, let alone read that sick book that is written by the Pearls. My parents abused me many times as a kid; thanks for reminding me, you jerk (sarcasm)! As for that Bob Enyart thing, no one is destroying your families, you drama queen! "WAAAAAAAH, BOBBIE IS RUINING MY FAMILY AND TAKING AWAY MY BABIES TO MAKE THEM FORGET ABOUT GOD CALL THE POLICE AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!111111" Seriously, grow up and get a life! I bet you probably enjoy beating up your kids. You should be ashamed of yourself! If you think that all kids only exist to serve and obey their parents 24/7 (yes, that includes not ever being allowed to play and even act like kids), well, you're sadly mistaken! This is the 21st century...so I hope you give up on your Stone Age mentality and replace it with the 21st century mentality. If you really want to have real, healthy parent-child relationships with your kids, then you must stop focusing on their behaviors and start focusing more on their personalities; if you want to have kids who will really love you, then you must learn to love, accept and respect yourself beforehand. If you really want to do God's work, then at least just try volunteering at some soup kitchen or something; just let kids be kids in pace. Again, get a life!

  21. Wow. I'm only 25. I'm not married, I don't have kids. And yes, I was spanked as a child. But lady, you and your views, and the pearls and Bob, are all a bunch of wackos. Oh and by the way, I happen to know from personal experience that it is really hard to convict parents of child abuse if the kids aren't wearing bruises or broken bones. So obviously you were going to get away with it because the book teaches you to hurt your children without being caught. I bet you use that quarters in the sock trick as well.

    You want to know why I turned out well? And believe me I did. I'm a photographer with no criminal history. I don't do drugs or drink. I believe in and have a strong relationship with God. I respect people, most of all my family. You want to know how I got that way? It wasn't because my parents tried to break me. Any form of corporal punishment actually caused me to lash out. No, it was because my grandparents are wonderful people and would take me way to 'visit' them as often as they could. They showed me love and compassion. They never once hit me, yelled at me, threatened me. They didn't make me attend church or read scripture. They taught me by example who I wanted to be. And respected me as my own free soul. They guided me to who I am today.

    You're not Godly. And you should be ashamed the hatred to draw towards the faith by being genuinely bad people. I hope your kids get out of there, seek some counseling, and use you of an example of what not to be.I hope you find your way. You are so lost. Stop trying to get others lost to feel less alone. If you just ask for help you will receive it. But don't spend any more time walking away from the teachings of your Lord. Consider the harm you're doing to your children. And try to perceive the great, trusting, healthy, safe, and violence free relationship you could have with them if you find yourself back in Jesus' footsteps.

  22. Wow just wow the back and forth ot this is amazing I cant believe you guys would do this I understand child abuse is wrong but truthfully if her children are alive and well she did what the book was ment to promote, which wasnt abuse my father used a belt when I was young and I was an awesome child, and I think parent because of him, I in no way feel i was abused. And thats what this book I think promotes if more parents would do things the way they did in the 50's we would have people shooting people, theft, etc. Trust me I watch children five of them and I would so promote the book because they are sodisrespectful they neer the rod , calling their own mother a bitch and beating her its because there was no saying of spare the rod spoil the child type thing if you see first hand what the rod sparing does and then see whatna good spanking for doing something that you know society would deem bad you would promote the rod , also you say its child abuse but are real quick to beat your child as soon as the hit you or call you a cunt or a bitch or something on those lines . So hush all you so called abuse criers y poo u disgust me




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