"Have No Fellowship With the Unfruitful Works of Darkness, But Rather EXPOSE Them!" ~ GOD, Ephesians 5:11

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February 13, 2012


"Now I urge you, brethren, note those who cause divisions and offenses, contrary to the doctrine which you learned, and avoid them. For those who are such do not serve our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly, and by smooth words and flattering speech deceive the hearts of the simple. For your obedience has become known to all. Therefore I am glad on your behalf; but I want you to be wise in what is good, and simple concerning evil. And the God of peace will crush Satan under your feet shortly.  The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Amen."
~ Romans 16:17-20


  1. If your gonna accuse people of spreading rumors and them calling names, spill it! If your going to X-pose people on the internet, don't hide behind swag!

  2. Dani, I am working on my response to you and your post. I did want to say this about your your quote here, How are you yourself not guilty of this. I have yet to see any evidence from you to prove what you are saying about Bob? I have however seen proof of some of his (according to you) accusations about you. You are becoming wrongly obsessive about "bringing Bob down and exposing him". You have at this point become no better than what you are accusing him of. Did you make sure all sin was out of your life before you started your attack? Don't get me wrong....I don't even know Bob and while I think my husband has listened to some of his shows, I never have. I have no agenda here or motive. I'll get back to you soon with my reply to your reply. :-) ~Heather~

  3. I just thought I'd remind you that you are the one that contacted me. YOU brought me into this. "This is a response to my friend, Heather, who left the following question on this post:" You called me your friend but when I question you, I'm NOT your friend. Did you expect me to just take your word for it? I don't know you or Bob so I had to do my own research to see what I could find out. The more you speak the more I can see that, right or wrong about all of this, you are wrong for the way you are handling it and the way you are responding to others. You asked me to spread around a rumor...what kind of person would I be if I spread this around without researching it? The more you speak the more I am inclined to believe that there is truth in what Bob may or may not be saying about you and the more I am incline to question what you are saying. I believe something has happened and I believe you have lost your way. Just remember ALL secrets will be revealed! If you had only done pot during your pregnancy, I wouldn't think twice about it but you by your own admission are a regular pot user. FYI you can call it what you want but it is still POT! Our family is praying for you! ~Heather~

    "Hope that helps clarify my position. Please let me know if you believe I’m wrong in any way." YOU told us to do what we have done....maybe you should lay off of the pot and get into the Bible

  4. This is a response to Lindsay, Heather, Kim and everyone else who keeps commenting & sending me emails, "rebuking" me, calling me names like "hypocrite" and saying I'm "foolish" because I refuse to battle and debate about homosexuality when there is a real CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION going on surrounding Denver Bible Cult & the false accusations against my innocent family!

    SO TAKE NOTE....this is to all my so-called "friends" in Christ:

    I'm not sure what the confusion is? I don't have a "new stance" on homosexuality, I already said I still agree with God that it's wrong, it's immoral and it's a sin. That has NEVER changed!

    What I have a problem with is the misplaced obsession over it when everyone conveniently ignores the FACT that "pastor" Bob Enyart is a confirmed liar, deceiver, idolater, reviler, extortioner, he sows discord, devises evil plans and he is a CRIMINAL who made a false report against my family to Social Services. That's the TRUTH. I'm sure it doesn't end there either - Bob's probably a closet homosexual too or participating in some vile form of sexual immorality he's covering up while railing against it in hypocrisy.

    Yeah - there is a reason God also told believers not to have fellowship with liars, deceivers, idolaters, revilers & extortioners, because it is destructive to everyone around them. But why no mention of those apparent SINS within the Body, why limit it to homosexuality and completely dismiss the rest?

    I really don't think any of you get it, nor have a desire to even understand the reality of the situation. I'm NOT going to debate homosexuality on my blog and I'm NOT going to allow comments only intended to generate strife, especially while everyone continues on in apathy ignoring the much greater SINS going on at DBC! No one gives a crap about how hurt and betrayed we've been by our so-called "brothers and sisters" in Christ, and all you guys wanna do is obsess and debate over someone's bedroom or medicine cabinet? Seriously, this is the very cult mentality I don't want anything to do with and Scripture tell us to AVOID.

    What's really foolish and what really hurts is everyone's narrow obsession and failure to acknowledge the obvious breakdown in Christianity while a CRIME is being covered-up.

    Until people start defending the Truth over all the horrible wrongs & injustices we've suffered, and start rebuking the failed church leadership at DBC, they have no right to tell me what to do, or criticize how I handle pursuing justice publicly. Bob has already publicly trashed our family numerous times, and no matter how many times he is confronted privately, nothing has been done to fix it. So now, we're taking care of the problem ourselves (with virtually zero support) by exposing Bob publicly for the criminal fraud. Vengeance will be the Lord's by bringing Bob's worthless kingdom to shame...

  5. Cont...

    As Scripture says in 1 Tim 4, Bob Enyart has been given over to demonic deception and he destroys relationships by counseling women to get divorced w/o their husbands present, and he alerted the government authorities after conspiring with members of his cult to have our children taken from us! Who knows what other scandal Bob is trying to cover up?

    Why hasn't anyone addressed this?

    I can recognize the Truth when an atheist points out that Bob & Will Duffy (his elder) are "shameless liars for Jesus" because they "lie, mislead and conceal on the trivial things" - surely we can conclude there are much bigger things they're covering up?

    As a mother of 6, my first priority is to defend and protect my family from the back-biting, busybody "christian" perpetrators who were in my home and ate my food, then stabbed us in the back in the name of the Lord. Frankly, I'm not going to waste my time fighting with a lesbian out New York or anyone else across the country while my own family is still at risk in my hometown. The misplaced priorities literally make me sick and I would hope to GOD that if you were in this same situation as the victim of a crime, you would want justice instead of focusing on ignorant debates.

    If you're going to continue to attack me and misrepresent my moral position by saying I love "homos" and I'm losing credibility by siding with the heathens, PLEASE DON'T CONTACT ME ANYMORE. By doing so, you have categorized yourself with the rest of them, and you're not a true friend who I can trust. And frankly, I just don't have time for nonsense right now.

  6. Faithful are the wounds of a friend!!! Have I now become your enemy because I tell you the truth??? You are sitting here spreading vile evil rumors about Bob (closet homosexual....really???? not bitter are we??) while getting mad at him for supposedly doing the same. I have searched all over the place and can find NO place where he has attacked your family publicly! I however can not say the same for you. If this is all true you need to keep this between you and other Christians and you should NOT ask unbelievers to help you attack a fellow Christian! You are doing nothing but hurting the name of Christ, your own personnel testimony and causing God to frown upon your family. If he reported you for your pot use, then he did not falsely report you...you by your own admission are a pot head and not just during your pregnanacy!!! Like I said before, I have never met or even listened to Bob. I don't have to know anything about him to know that the way you are handling this is wrong...it is unscriptural!! And your REAL friends will tell you this not the supposed homos and sinners who have been so good to your family through all of this. You sound just like the world when you say things like this. You have brought this upon yourself and now I am left to believe that you are the one with the problem. I will continue to pray for your family and watch this situation but by your comments here I am left with only one conclusion at this point! :-(

  7. heather, don't mistake me for anything more than a superficial Facebook connection. You are NOT my friend & there's nothing "faithful" about the wounds.

    See the difference is, we are not spreading any rumors about Bob. He is a verifiable LIAR who tells women to get divorced, he has slandered us publicly on-air, at the pulpit, through phone calls to church members made by his nephew, with publications online & through mass emails! He's been confronted on the slander jihad against us multiple times & nothing's been done to correct it.

    And since I'm a "pot head" who needed cannabis for my unborn baby & I to survive my life-threatening illness during pregnancy (something you know nothing about), I guess that gives Bob a good reason to report my family to social services, since by his own admission he has assigned himself and the elders of DBC as the "protectors" over my children because he "believes" we are "harmful & dangerous" - So how far would Bob go to protect MY CHILDREN from me? Why don't you go ask him?

    Of course, my prediction is that once this all comes out and one day all secrets are revealed, everyone will still be apathetic & just make excuses and cover-up the lies by saying Bob called Social Services because he "cares" - Don't be so naive and gullible - it's pathetic!

    Your ignorance & lack of understanding is truly repulsive, Heather. For someone who admittedly knows NOTHING about me, Bob or the situation surrounding this crime, you sure have a lot of unrighteous judgments to make.

    Please stop leaving comments on my page as I will not publish any more of your garbage! Your delusions of grandeur are annoying me.

    Just take Bob's word for it and wait for calamity to come!

  8. Of course, Heather couldn't contain herself by telling me how "ashamed" she is of me, along with adding more cute little cheap insults about "pot" that make her sound exactly like one of Bob's mindless cronies - Very original!

    As I already told her, I'm not going to post any more of her baseless comments, but I will leave her with a final thought since she admits:

    "I don't know you or Bob so I had to do my own research to see what I could find out. The more you speak the more I can see that, right or wrong about all of this, you are wrong for the way you are handling it and the way you are responding to others..."

    Well, here's one last piece of advice Heather - take it or leave it.

    Try to exercise a tiny bit of wisdom & self-control before you make judgements on issues you know nothing about, especially this one! And you should probably quit telling other people what to do when you are completely ignorant of the facts.

    You say you don't know Bob Enyart, lucky you. Well, let me tell you something, my family DOES know Bob, very well, and he's NOT the honorable "Christian" man he pretends to be on-air, our protesting or up at the pulpit. We also know each of his family members intimately, we know personal details about their lives, and we've established a close relationship with each of them for nearly a decade, so I think we have a slightly better understanding of the Truth and how we should handle this situation. It would serve you well (and anyone else), to be patient and observe the facts as they unfold before you look too foolish by making ignorant assumptions & unrighteous judgments.

    We know what we're doing, and we know that Bob Enyart is scared to death! ;-)

    "Even a FOOL is counted wise when he holds his peace; When he shuts his lips, he is considered perceptive." – Prov. 17:28

  9. I'm sorry that you are going through such a hard time with these people and hope for nothing but better times for you.

  10. Your pious ranting shows a severe lack of perception and abundance of ignorance.

  11. See the difference is, we are not spreading any rumors about Bob. He is a verifiable LIAR who tells women to get divorced, he has slandered us publicly on-air peluang usaha kecil sampingan , at the pulpit, through phone calls to church members made by his nephew, with publications online & through mass emails! He's been confronted on the slander jihad against us multiple times & nothing's been done to correct it.


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