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January 28, 2010


Further evidence that TRUTH is Hate to those who Hate the TRUTH!

Here is an email from some queer reprobate out in New York who is apparently extremely intolerant of me and my views.  (*UPDATE* 6/2012 - turns out this is from my brother, Dana Machado.)


Madam: I pity your new baby boy,and your other children too.
They are being raised by a horribly bigoted,intolerant,narrow-minded and self-righteous mother. They are doomed to be brainwashed to be
homophobes,religious extremists and and the kind of people who are not good for either America or the world.
I just hope that they will someday learn to repudiate your dogmatism and intolerance.You think that you're doing them a favor by homeschooling them. Well you're not! You're teaching them to have closed minds and be intolerant of any one who disagrees with them on religious or social matters.
People like you think they have all the answers,and you want every one else to side with you. You think that only you are Godly,virtuous,and patriotic. You label any one who refuses to hate homosexuals, believes in a woman's right to choose an abortion,is against the death penalty,
separation of church and state,etc as Godless,wicked,"moral relativists", (what a ridiculous term),immoral and communist.
But you are pathetically ignorant.
This nation was not founded upon what you preach and advocate.
What you advocate is the very oposite of what the founding fathers wanted for this new nation-theocracy and tyranny. Shame on you.
And furthermore, you and you rilk make a mockery of everything that Christ stood for.

Robert Berger, New Rochelle,NY.


WOW - how original! Thank you for the compliments - I'm absolutely speechless!


  1. I always get a kick out of hate mail like this. They think that they're insulting me, but I am proud to be an intolerant, judgmental bigot. Hatred of sin is a family value we embrace.

    I'm sure Jesus Christ would be so much more pleased if I taught my kids to be sodomite baby killers...now that's the Christian spirit!

  2. Dani, I wish this guy could see how happy and well behaved your children are. Probably wouldn't make much difference though. Happiness and innocence just confuses the pervs.


  3. Robert Berger: You closed your post with the following:

    "..you and you rilk [sic] make a mockery of everything that Christ stood for".

    Are you a christian, then? I have to wonder, as you seem to have no idea as to what the Lord Jesus Christ REALLY taught.

    Where in the Bible did God authorize child-killing or sodomy? (just 2 examples of behaviors you seem to advocate). You don't like the Bible? Very well...then kindly cite for me, if you would, where America's Constitution authorizes child-killing (i.e., murder) or homosexuality (sodomy).

    Both of the aforementioned 'behaviors' were frowned upon by our Country's founders; deemed serious crimes punishable by death, in most cases. Which of the original 13 American Colonies *legalized* these two types of practices?

    I hope you'll respond with something other than an uncontrolled rant. Thanks so much...

    Dr. Sardonicus

  4. Robert wrote: "I just hope that they [Dani's children] will someday learn to repudiate your dogmatism and intolerance."

    It appears Robert's mom didn't teach him to repudiate her dogmatism and intolerance, unless, of course, his dogmatism and intolerance were learned from someone else.

  5. Robert is just like my brother...using the Christian standard to judge someone else and then condemning Christians like us for being judgmental. Such intolerant hypocrisy!

    I love your kids because they're some of the happiest, most well-adjusted kids I've ever met. Keep up the great work Dani and Curtis!

  6. At Dr. Sardonicus,

    I agree with you. I am a born again Christian, one who came from a Catholic family and upon hearing the Gospel, I decided to get saved.

    Robert Berger is an example of a liberal false prophet. I've received a similar assault from some other person from Myanmar.

    By the way, I would like to tell everyone I hate sin but NOT the sinner. I hate homosexuality but NOT the homosexual.

    If you don't mind, check my blogs at my profile.

  7. wow this guy is NOT a moral relativist. He is a moral reprobate.

    Danielle is the one of the greatest mom's I have ever known and a definite hero of the faith. Her children would be blessed if they have even 20 percent of what Danielle has in the way of "intolerant" truth.

    2+2 does not equal 5, or any other number but 4. That is an example of real intolerance of any other way that is false and leads people to mistakes and failure in life.

    Keep preaching the truth and pray that this wicked intolerant man's heart will tenderize enough to accept the True God.

  8. Hello! Thank for printing my letter. I'd like you to know,however, that I am not "queer", but entirely heterosexual.Why do you assume that just because I don't share your hostility to homosexuals that I must be one?
    I don't condemn you for your religious beliefs.You have every right to them. But what disgusts me,and many other reasonable Americans, is how narrow-minded,intolerant and self-righteous you are,like so many other
    right-wing extremist Christians.
    Myself,I'm no left-winger. I believe in capitalism, but not the kind that denies help to those in need.
    I'm pretty much a mainstream moderate liberal. I'm a non-observant,secular Jew, but not an atheist.I'm a live and let live kind of guy.
    I don't hate Christians,Christianity,or Jesus.I'm not opposed to any particular religion. What I object to is people who want to impose THEIR religious attitiudes and soicial agenda on others and this nation as a whole. Self-righteus busybodies like you.
    What business of yours is the sex lives of other people? Or whether a women gives birth to a baby or not? Who appointed you judge,jury and executioner?
    Please keep your religion to yourself.I believe in free speech. You can express your opinions all you want on your blog or elsewhere.
    But I don't want you or other conservatives trying to interfere with the private lives of others or trying to coerce the government to make laws based on your religious attitudes. Is this too much to ask for?

    Robert Berger, heterosexual.

  9. What I object to is people who want to impose THEIR religious attitiudes and soicial agenda on others and this nation as a whole.

    And yet this is the exact same thing you, Robert, are attempting to do with Dani and the rest of humaity that disagrees with you.

    "I'm not opposed to any particular religion."

    That's becuase you don't care whether they are True or False; or you're either a liar or just extremely inconsistent in your arguements, becuase you surly are upset and oppose other peoples beliefs.

    Robert can you name one law that does not have a moral element to it? If not, you may want to re-state your position. I really don't think you're upset because anyone has forced anything on you! You are mad that others who disagree with and point out your own inconsitent irrational views - to inlcude homosexuality, home schooling, abortion etc..

    But what disgusts me,and many other reasonable Americans, is how narrow-minded,intolerant and self-righteous you are,like so many other right-wing extremist Christians.

    and you think you are tolerant? Good lord man - do the words irrational and illogical mean anything to you?

  10. Robert posted (in part) the following:

    "Please keep your religion to yourself. I believe in free speech.."

    Does this suggest that I can have a religious belief, but not mention it to others? haha Whatever happened to your firm belief in *free speech*, Herr Bergermeister?

    Both freedom of speech and religion are mentioned, specifically, in Amendment I to the Constitution, Robert. Please read it (for the first time, likely).

    Dr. Sardonicus

  11. Mark had a great response, very logical and well stated. I hope Robert will have enough courage to examine his comments/questions.

    In addition, Robert, please consider your own morality.
    Is tolerance the greatest good? Should we tolerate the horrific rape, torture and eventual murder of little 4 year old girls? Should we tolerate the starvation and eventual death of an innocent kitten? Should we as humans tolerate a scientist who puts identical twin children into two separate cages and performs experiments (physical and emotional) upon them?

    Would you tolerate a man who beastily rapes a young boy of 5 or 6 in the park? how about in his own home? in private?

    Is tolerance what we should strive for?

    I believe you would agree that it is not right to tolerate all things because you obviously don't tolerate the "religious wackos". I compliment you if it is true that you would agree to NOT tolerate certain things.
    If you are reasonable (which I believe you are) you would agree that we should not tolerate every thing.
    Please recognize that morality deals with right and wrong.

    You said:
    What I object to is people who want to impose THEIR religious attitiudes and soicial agenda on others and this nation as a whole

    Can you agree though, that it is GOOD and PROPER to IMPOSE on this nation as a whole the social agenda that we do not torment/torture innocent little children and pets nor put to death little chidren? Can you agree that there are some issues in which you DEMAND for any one to impose on this country? That if we were to be "libertarians" or apathetic towards certain wrongs, that we would not be "neutral" but would in actuality be condoning that which is wrong and thus be contributing to those wrongs. (If indeed you do consider murder/rape/torture of children and kittens to be wrong.)

    Please take the time to respond to this and to consider, to reason, to logically discuss without anger or bitterness so that we can come to a better understanding of one another and turn our conversation away from that which is so antithetical to you and I: narrow mindedness.

  12. Where is Robert's tolerance? He sounds to be pretty narrow minded himself & for someone who is obviously pro-choice, shouldn't he advocate your choice to homeschool your children? Shouldn't you have the choice to impose your religious beliefs on others? He believes in free speech as long you keep your opinions to yourself. What a hypocrite!

  13. What a compliment your being paid. Jesus said,"Enter by the narrow gate;for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it." Matthew 7:13,14

  14. don't expect a fair hearing from Dani, Robert. You dare to disagree with her on even the tiniest point and suddenly you'll be you'll be pol pot, liberace and Dr Tiller rolled up into one.

    Of course, by me ('a known reprobate') siding with you, she and her ilk will just say that it 'proves' her point about how evil you are.

  15. ok American Guy,
    please respond to my post/questions and that of Mark's.
    Give a good, logical argument instead of adhominum, unreliable, dismissal of everything that has been said.
    You're trying to tell Robert NOT to discuss the issues, NOT to have an open mind. It seems to me that you are doing the same. You don't want to give any evidence for your point of view, you just want others to remain silent.
    How can one learn? How can one improve? How can we discuss when people like you simply want to make random nonsensical comments that lead to a shut down of understanding and reason?
    Please reconsider your post and realize that discussion is the best way for people to learn and to understand one another.

  16. American Guy accuses Dani of not giving him a "fair hearing" when in fact she posted his entire letter (both of them!) and Robert thanked her for doing so. Again, a reasonable and logical defense of their de-facto religion / beliefs isn't their preferred means of persuasion - moronic comments seem to be the common denominator with those who defend the indefensible.

    @Rachel - sometimes we just need to know when we are tossing pearls before swine, except in this case -these folks cannot even come close to tearing us to pieces. ;) God bless.

  17. Thank you everyone for your comments - sharp crowd we have here. There's not much more I can add that hasn't already been said. Robert Berger responded through email and I told him I would post it here (as I did above), so hopefully he won't be a coward and will have the courage to continue the dialog on a public forum instead of attacking me in private.

    The blatant hypocrisy from someone with no moral compass is quite humorous, so we'll see if he has an ounce of intelligence to offer.

  18. Ahhh, great show.

    BTW, Dani, is the statement "TRUTH is Hate to those who Hate the TRUTH!" the reason why you hate subjects such as atheism and evolution? I've heard folks like yourself say such things are about hating God. Sounds quite loony. But I have been meaning to ask you that.

    And what's with the accusations? You called a heterosexual man a "queer reprobate." Why did you do that? It there some instruction in the Bible that tells you to falsely accuse?

  19. (In an email)

    Hello Ms. Kekoa ! I'm sorry if you got the impression that I hate you. I don't. I don't even know you personally. You may be a nice person, and not actually evil in any way.
    And if your children are well behaved, that's wonderful. They may very well be really nice kids. But what bothers me, from having read your blog for some tim,e, is the fact that you have the attitude that the Bible should be the basis of US law, and that for ewxample, because the Bible contains statements against homosexuality, therefore homosexual conduct should be illegal, and that what consenting adults do in private is any business of the US government.
    Well I have news for you. It isn't,and it's none of your business either.
    As long as gay people mind their own business and don't harm any one else or interfere with them, they deserve to be let alone, and deserve the same rights and priveleges as every other US citizen.
    America may be a nation in which the majority is Christian, but you should remember there are also millions of people here who are Jews,Muslims,Hindus,Buddhists and many other faiths, as well as atheists and agnostics. US laws MUST be religiously neutral, or else we will be a nation as tyrannical as Saudi Arabia or Iran.
    Just because the Bible says something is no reason to make any US law.
    And the founding fathers would have agreed with me on this.
    And I was not brought up by my parents to be intolerant of others.
    My family are non-observant secular Jews. We've alwayus been live and let liove people.
    And as I said, I don't condemn you or any one else merely for being a Christian. I just have a lot of problems with what people like you advocate for America.
    I also have nothing against peaceful,law-abiding Muslims in America or elsewhere who have nothing to do with terrorism and fanaticism.
    No, I don't approve of murder,rape or other terrible things. That's not what I mean by being tolerant. I just believe that people should be free to do whatever they want as long as they don't harm others, or harass them and ionterfere with their lives.
    I know you mean well in trying to raise your children to be good people.
    But unfortunately, with the belligerent and extremist fundamentalist Christian views on your blog, I'm definitely worried that you are going to make them intolerant of non-christians, and any one who isn't a right-winger. And you're far from being alone in this.
    Can't we all just get along?

    Respectfully, Robert Berger. New Rochelle,NY.

  20. Mr. Berger - Thanks for the apology, I accept. Surely you can see why I would assume you hate me given the insults and venom you were spewing out in hostility towards me, but you should know by now that my goal in running this blog was never to win a popularity contest - being hated is simply an occupational hazard to telling the truth.

    It honestly doesn't seem as though you are really a "live & let live" kind of guy when you are, in fact, condemning and harassing me for my views. And the reason why I labeled you a "queer" is because normal heterosexual men do not fiercely defend homos, or carry on in a blithering rant about how "gays" deserve the same rights, so it was an honest mistake on my part.

    It would be one thing if gays actually did mind their own business, but instead they are hell bent on pushing their unholy agenda out on every one else. The homos are force feeding their perversion to today's school children, through countless media outlets, prancing around on public walkways during pride parades and so forth. If they really wanted everyone to leave them alone, why do they go through such measures to be noticed instead of staying in the closet where they belong? It's harmful for others to be exposed to that lifestyle because it is one infected with all sorts of disease and death.

    You say that your main problem with me is that I think the Bible should be the basis for US. Law. Other than homosexuality (which was illegal and punishable by death 50 years ago), which laws in the Bible specifically are you opposed to? Murder? Adultery? Incest? Bestaliy? Rape? Stealing? Bearing false witness against your neighbor?

    Surely you can agree that a least most those things are a good basis for law in any civil society?

    *Read more on America's Criminal Code according to the Bible.

    Perhaps you can also take the time to address the points that Mark, Rachel and others have raised in this discussion?

    And for the record, I have every intention to raise my children to be intolerant of sin. We can all get along just fine once you grasp onto a moral compass, realize the hypocrisy in your views, and acknowledge that there is an absolute standard for morality!

  21. I just believe that people should be free to do whatever they want as long as they don't harm others, or harass them and ionterfere with their lives.

    Robert is nowhere near concerned about Truth or Justice. Harming others is simply a cultural, social, or political concept; having nothing to do with an eternal creator and law giver. The sooner he disposes of any absolute Truth, the sooner he will feel better about himself and his ideas of an unknowable non personal god. He will become all the more passionate in seeking others to join him in his “guilt free” and so called “tolerant” religion.

    Robert is afraid his guilt is actually real. Nothing cures a guilty conscience than a “religion” or worldview that contains an appeal to a non-condemning creator. In other words, an eternal creator concerned with True Justice, is his enemy. He refuses to acknowledge that God Himself took care of his sin problem, and Christ has become his stumbling block, which is a very desperate place to be.

  22. (Continued in an email)

    Hello! Since you disapprove of homosexuality so much, and cite passages from the Bible which supposedly condemn it, what do you want the government to do with gay people?
    Do you want the government to arrest,proseciute, imprison and possibly execute them,? If so, your attitide toward gay people is no better than Hitler's toward Jews.
    As a Jew, I am one of a people who have been persecuted for ages merely because of their religion. And you want to persecute certain people merely because their sexual preference is different from yours.
    Did I choose to be born into a Jewish family? Of course not.
    Christ was a Jew, and I don't think he would have approved of homophobia one bit. In the New Testament, there aren't even any quotes by Jesus about homosexuality.
    How would you like to live in Saudi Arabia, where only Islam is permitted, and all other faiths suppressed? How would you like to be executed merely for being a Christian? It's the same with homosexuality.
    And if the US government is going to abide by the supposed Biblical laws which you want it to follow exactly, do you think that the government should put up surveillance camers everywhere and arrest, prosecute,imprison and possibly execute gay people? Is this what Amnerica was intended to be? I think not.
    You have to realize that the Bible is nothing but an ancient book of miscellaneous writings by anonymous writers from ages ago. It is no more the "inspired wor dof God" than the Encyclopedia Britannica or the Oxford English dictionary.
    The Bble is nothing but a collection of legends and questionable recountings of ancient history. To make this interesting but in no way divine book the standard by which US laws are passed is not only stupid but barbaric.
    You are also pathetically ignorant about homosexuality and have been hoodwinked by a lot a myths about it.
    The vast majority of gays are just ordinary people who mind their own business and bother or harass no one. Only a tiny handful are guilty of molesting children, and those who do don't do it because they're gay.
    In fact, studies have shown that a child has a muich greater chance of being molested by a heterosexual adult than a gay person.
    No gay person has ever hurt me or tried to force me to be homosexual.
    I feel far more threatened by people such as Michelle Bachmann, Sally Kern, Pat Robertson, the "reverend" Fred Phelps, and other narrow-minded people than any gay person. And the religious right as a whole.
    This is why I am worried by people like you who homeschool their kids and think they are bringing them up to be Godly,upstaanding and moral adults.
    If you insist on homeshooling your children that is your right. But please don't teach them to be intolerant of gay people,or others you happen to disagree with and disapprove of.
    The right thing for you to do would be to tell your kids that GOD ALONE has the right to judge gay people, and to leave them be and let them live their lives as long as they do not harm them or others.
    Teach them to condemn only genuinely evil people.
    Go ahead, live your life according to your religious beliefs and bring up your kids in your faith.I have no problem with that.
    But please don't be intolerant of those who hold different beliefs and opinions from you. And above all, please don't try to coerce the US government into turning America, supposedly the "land of the free" into a theocracy no better than Saudi Arabia,Iran, or Afghanistan.
    One Talibban is enough. We don't need a Christian equivalent of this in America.

    Respectfully, Robert Berger.

  23. Robert, what do you want the government to do with child molesters?

  24. Some one here asked what should be done with child molesters, implying that that this is somehow comparable to being gay! Holy cow! How can you equate the two?
    Child molesters are sick individuals who need to be imprisoned and given
    psychiatric help. They are a grave threat to children.
    Homosexuals are consenting adults and what they do in private does not harm any one else. Talk about non-sequiturs!
    And it's wrong to execute child molesters. They ar mentally ill, and mentally ill people should not be executed. I'm against the death penalty,period,like many other people. It does not reduce crime,or make us safer from criminals. And in fact, US states which don't have the death penalty have lower murder rates than those which do.
    In Iran, gay people are executed. I see absolutely no reason why we should make our nation as barbaric as this.
    All the European countries abolished the death penalty long ago, and their murder rates don't even come remotely close to those in the USA.

    Robert Berger.

  25. Robert, after you respond to this post, I'll tell you how homos are comparable to child molesters.

    You correctly said child molesters are a "grave" threat to children and then you turn right around and say child molesters shouldn't be executed. So if you walked in on someone molesting your child, you'd wait until he was done then refer him to a psychiatrist or would you do everything in your power to stop him, up to and including lethal force?

    Then you incorrectly say the death penalty isn't a deterrent. How would you know that? For all intense and purposes, there is no death penalty in this country. When the death penalty is correctly enforced, it's definitely a deterrent. And besides, whether it were a deterrent or not, it's a just punishment for ruining a child's life for as long as they live.

    So, Robert, you've admitted child molesters are a grave threat to children so it would follow you would like to see fewer instances of child molestation. That being the case, if a child molester were painfully executed within a couple of days after being convicted, would there be more instances of child molestation or fewer instances of child molestation?

  26. The RFSB Awards are back- get your nominations in!

  27. Hello ! Do you really think that executing child molesters will stop other child molesters from committing their sick acts? Of course it won't.
    And executing them in a cruel way is just plain barbaric. We are not a nation of barbarians, nor are we run by barbarians... yet.
    Child molesters are sick people. They need to be kept in isolation and given psychiatric help.

  28. Yes Robert, without a doubt, executing child molesters will stop other child molesters from committing their sick acts!

    What's really barbaric is some pervert sodomizing young boys and raping little girls for fun. It's actually quite merciful and just to swiftly and painfully execute violent rapists, murderers, and child molesters that way it serves as a deterrent for other criminals and prevents the offenders from continuing to harm other innocent people. We become a nation of barbarians by NOT executing such criminals and locking them up in a cage like animals, or worse, letting them roam free to continue terrorizing society.

    Child molesters are indeed sick people, but what's even more sick are people like you, Robert, who want to show compassion towards child molesters by giving them counseling.

  29. Robert, homos are comparable to child molesters because both are sexual deviants. All but the willfully ignorant can plainly see that men and women are sexually compatible and men with men and women with women are not sexually compatible.

    Child molesters are cowards and the last thing they want is to be painfully executed shortly after performing their dirty deed. Swift, painful execution would not only drastically reduce instances of child molestation, but also murder, rape, kidnapping, and homosexuality. By not having an effective death penalty, society has condemned hundreds of thousands of people to unspeakable pain, suffering, and death.

    When there is no death penalty or when it is not administered justly, society is saying to its citizens that it doesn't matter how heinous the crime that is committed against you or a loved one, the absolute worse the perpetrator will receive is a lifetime of playing basketball, lifting weights, watching TV, and basically just hanging out doing nothing. And in addition to that, society also tells their citizens that their tax dollars will have to go to keep the murderer of their child alive and to feed him and keep him warm in the winter. And if the murderer had no financial resources, the victims' families tax dollars even go to a public defender to help defend the scumbag! As a wise man once said, and continues to say, we no longer have a justice system. Now it's just a system.

  30. So for those of us who live in the real world, you know, where talking snakes, magic trees and invisible men in the sky don't exist, can you explain why homosexuality is bad and why it should be punishable by death? Further more, how does a consensual act between 2 adults become just as heinous an act as a emotionally and physically painful forced act between an adult and a child? How is a monogamous homosexual couple any more a threat to society than a monogamous heterosexual couple? If you want to use the sexual deviancy argument, what about, say, someone who has a foot fetish? Or someone who is into voyeurism? Or someone that likes to masturbate? Or someone that gets off on a good spanking? Or a straight couple that prefers to engage in anal sex? Or an unmarried straight couple that is fornicating? Should we just round up all these people and haul them off to death camps like the Nazi's did to the Jews? Is that what you want?

  31. Persephone 66, you may need to add another 6 to your name. It’s clear that you were not raised in a home were either of your parents were religious. No religion glorifies homosexuality nor do they tolerate it, and that goes for those that prefer to masturbate and have premarital sex. Gay people can live their happy gay lives as they wish but for some reason being gay all alone isn’t any fun, they want to adopt non gay little boys and teach them that it’s ok to have two daddies that have premarital sex, don’t believe in GOD and want to force the world to understand their pain. The Nazi’s and the Jews is the best example you could come up with? You sound like crazy Ingrid Newkirk. I’m sure if the government decided today to round up all the gay people in the world and torture them to death there would be a short line of gay’s willing to take one for the team.

  32. Dear Anonymous,

    I have a reason for the "66" at the end of my name. Adding another 6 symbolizes something I don't believe in, but thanks for the suggestion. It's quite clear you are completely clueless and sadly misguided.

    Both of my parents are religious, though the follow different paths and couldn't agree or even comprimise on what to teach me religiously. My father was supposed to be the one to take me to church since he was the one that went against my mother's will and had me baptised Lutheran. Save for that time, he never did. I'm quite thankful for this. I found my own path which is one of science, realism, atheism. I have yet to find any proof of the existence of any god. I have made a bit of a hobby out of studying religions. That being said, I ahve only founf that Judaism, Christianity and Islam clearly do not tolerate homosexuality, but that is only in their most fundemental forms. Most other religions tolerate it, accept it, or don't even make an issue of it. Same goes for premarital sex and masturbation. Did you know that in Ancient Greece and Rome they were pretty ok with it? That some Greek art depicted it? That the Spartans encouraged it in their military? That transgenderism is accepted in some eastern cultures? That polyandry is acceptable and even the norm in the east as well?

    As far as beign gay alone is concerned, gays are not that much different from straight people. They too desire to marry and start families. And since a gay couple cannot have children of their own, they do the same things a straight couple would do if they couldn't have children, including adopt.

    Just the same, just like straight people, they do teach their children their beliefs. They even allow their children to choose their own path in life.

    The Nazi's and Jews were the easiest examples. I could have just as well brought up the Romans and Christians.

    And why to you say some would be willing to have themselves tortured and put to death "for the team." That whole idea just sounds so silly. No wonder you posted this anonymously.

  33. Why homosexuality is bad and why it should be punishable by death:

    1. AIDS.
    2. Homos can't give blood and when they used to be able to, they infected many people with AIDS.
    3. Not one Boy Scout has ever been heterosexually molested by a scout leader.
    4. Homos make up only 3% or so of the U.S. population, yet they have assaulted half of the sexually molested children.
    5. Many of the girls molested are hurt by known bisexuals.
    6. If a homo avoids contracting AIDS, his life expectancy is only 41. If he does contract AIDS, it drops to only 38.
    7. Homos encourage children to have homosexual sex.
    8. More and more, speaking out against homosexuality is eroding our First Amendment rights to free speech.
    9. NAMBLA's slogan is, "Sex by eight or it's too late," and they ain't talking about the time.
    10. Homos are against nature.
    11. No mother would wish homosexuality for their son or daughter.
    12. Homos make me and millions of others sick.
    13. Many homos don't want to be homos.
    14. Many homos break out of homosexuality.
    15. 95% infidelity rate among homo couples.
    16. Percentage of homosexuals who say they have engaged in:
    3-way sex 48%
    group sex 24%
    bondage sex 20%
    (The Advocate, 08/23/94)
    17. The average male homosexual has 251 sexual partners in his lifetime. (Journal of Sex Research, 1997)
    18. High rate of anal cancer among homos.
    19. Hepatitis A and B more prevalent in homos than heteros.
    20. Men suffering terribly and dying from AIDS don't believe homosexuality was the best choice for them.
    21. Homos wonder if previous partners they've lost touch with have survived.
    22. Homos' families are heartbroken.
    23. High rate of disease, high rate of suicide, and high rate of drug and alcohol addiction.
    24. No falling in love with your wife and growing old together. No children or grandchildren. Just a lonely old man.
    25. When homos see pictures of themselves as little boys, they wish their life would have turned out differently.

  34. Wow. It's like talking to a Muslim extremist about Americans. I would have said it's like talking to a KKK member about African-Americans, but there's enough over-uised cliches posted here. Good thing trash like you has no chance of ever getting things the way you want them. I mean if you did, it would be a violation of my 1st ammendment rights. Then folks like myself and my partner would be inclined to move on to the 2nd. Just keep that in mind there Mr. Gay Basher, there's a lot of "us" that are armed. There's a lot of "us" that have been in the military. Ironically enough to ensure that you have the freedom to be the bigoted moron that you are.


    Sure, I could waste my time rebutting every one of your cliched statements, but it turns out, I got better things to do. I'll just leave you with this tune by Tim Minchin to listen to.


    You should listen to more of his music. He speaks the truth. Real truth, no the bullshit that fairy tale book of yours feeds you.

  35. Hello Ms. Kekoa: Scott Evans's statements about homosexuality show how pathetically ignorant and misinformed he is about this topic.
    First of all, by no means all gay men are highly promiscuous. Only a limited number are. And sexual promiscuity is just as dangerous for heterosexuals, of who I am one. And I've never been guilty of heterosexual promiscuity.
    Not only that, there are far more elderly gay people than you realize who are in resonably good health. The notion that they "encourage children to have gay sex" is ludicrous. And yes, studies have shown that a child has a much greater chance of being molested by a heterosexual than a homosexual.
    NAMBLA is in no way typical of gay men. The vast majority are not sick perverts like this group. Even they reject NAMBLA.
    The vast majority of the world's AIDS victims today are in fact heterosexual.
    No one "breaks out" of homosexuality. You are either gay or you are not. Unfortunately, some have been coerced into trying to "escape homosexuality". This is like trying to escape left-handedness. I'm a southpaw, but straight. Did I choose to be a leftie? Not at all.It just happened that way. It's awfully hard for me to write with my right hand.Why force me to?
    Mental problems of gay people such as depression and suicidal tendencies are not the result of their sexual identity but caused by the
    intolerance and hate they experience. And many gays are perfectly happy as what they are.
    By no means all parents of gay people are upset by this. Some are perfectly accepting,as they should be.
    Gays should be executed? Why not execute the Jews,too, just like Hitler.

  36. As a teenage girl, and christian myself, i am appalled. this blatant display of homophobia is horrendous. obviously there are certain facts, but mostly those here choose to argue using opinions not based on any real information. that being said, you are certainly allowed to have your opinions and dani i even applaud you for broadcasting yours but i hope to god that you do not put your hate into action because discrimination is illegal.

  37. Scott Evans: you do realize that you, in your list of reasons why homosexuals should be executed, stated that because homosexuals have an increased likelihood of contracting a disease, should be murdered. YOU STATED THAT BECAUSE THEY HAVE AN INCREASED LIKELIHOOD OF CONTRACTING A DISEASE, THEY SHOULD BE MURDERED. Are you aware of what a horrible person you are? I have a family history of breast cancer which increases my chances of contracting this and other cancers, shall we murder me as well? And this is only the beginning.
    "24. No falling in love with your wife and growing old together. No children or grandchildren. Just a lonely old man."
    I'm sorry, but is this a reason to kill them? Many straight men become "lonely old men" as well, does that mean we must execute them as well?
    "9. NAMBLA's slogan is, "Sex by eight or it's too late," and they ain't talking about the time."
    The sick, screwed-up perverts from NAMBLA make up an extremely small and insignificant portion of gays, so why should they all be punished or judged due to NAMBLA's disgusting views?
    "7. Homos encourage children to have homosexual sex."
    That is a lie. That is a flat out lie. The fact that you would make a statement like that only proves your immaturity and ignorance.
    "25. When homos see pictures of themselves as little boys, they wish their life would have turned out differently."
    Many, many people wish their lives could have turned out differently. How is this, in ANY WAY, a reason to EXECUTE them?
    "17. The average male homosexual has 251 sexual partners in his lifetime."
    First of all, I did my research and more recent statistics show the average male homosexual has 38 sexual partners in his lifetime. And either way, many straight males and females have numerous sexual partners in their lifetimes as well. Are you stating that these people also deserve to be executed?
    I do not have the time to go through and ridicule and disprove each and every statement made in your list of "Why homosexuality is bad and why it should be punishable by death", AKA "Why Scott Evans is an ignorant, hypocritical, unknowledgeable, judgmental, sophomoric idiot" but please keep in mind that there are bigger issues to worry about other than gays, most of whom are wonderful and innocent people. And please keep in mind that I am a fifteen year old heterosexual girl who is already a better person than you will EVER be.

  38. why heterosexuality should be punishable by death:

    1. AIDS
    2. many heterosexuals are stingy and mean and wont give blood, even though they can.
    3. heterosexuals dont allow gay people to join boyscouts. and also, please fuckin prove that information. oh wait. YOU CANT. so basically, it was a complete lie.
    4. Half of sexually assaulted children were molested by straight people.
    5. Many girls molested are hurt by known heterosexuals
    6. Gay peoples age is only made shorter than it should be by religious freaks who think its against nature and kill them. like the Nazis and Klu Klux Klan.
    7. Heterosexuals encourage kids to have straight sex.
    8. Speaking out that you are straight is somehoe eroding our First Amendment!
    9. They forced the group NAMBLA to be made.
    10. heterosexuals are going with nature. jeez, dont they know that being different is the new hip thing nowadays?
    11. All horrible mothers that dont allow their children to be who they truly are are heterosexuals.
    12. heterosexuals make my stomach feel funny! boo-hoo!
    13. Many heterosexuals dont give a crap about homos who want to be a homo.
    14. Many heterosexuals realize that they are actually gay.
    15. Heterosexuals lie about the infidelity rate of homo couples.
    16. Heterosexuals are involved in 3-way sex, group sex, and bondage sex every goddamn day.
    17. The average male heterosexual sleeps with a different girl every week.
    18. heterosexuals have anal sex.
    19. Being a dick is more prevalent in straights than gays.
    20. Men suffering and dying from aids wish they hadnt done a lot of things. Such as be an asshole to gay people.
    21. Heterosexuals somehow think that can read the minds of gays across the nation.
    22. They also think they know how gays feel.
    23. There is a high rate of disease, suicide, and drug and alcohol addiction in heterosexuals.
    24. No falling on love with your gay lover and adopting children who need loving homes.
    25. They still think they can read minds. And they are liars.

  39. Sodomites are perverted based on the following definitions of the word PERVERTED:

    1. Changed to or being of an unnatural or abnormal kind.
    2. Turned from what is right; wicked; misguided; distorted.
    3. Affected with or caused by perversion.
    4. To affect with perversion.
    5. To lead astray morally.
    6. To turn away from the right course.
    7. To lead into mental error or false judgment.
    8. To turn to an improper use; misapply.
    9. To misconstrue or misinterpret, esp. deliberately; distort.
    10. To bring to a less excellent state, vitiate, debase.
    11. Pathology. To change to what is unnatural or abnormal.
    12. A person who practices sexual perversion.
    13. Pathology. A person affected with perversion.

    Seduce, corrupt, demoralize, divert, mislead, misguide, pollute, defile, impair, degrade.

  40. Just one more reason it's wise to be homophobic:



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