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July 14, 2008

Video Fruitcake

Adults Say the Darndest Things:

Part 1

Part 2

Some people are such fruitcakes!
Go Bob...err, I mean Frederick!


  1. Ok, watching the first few minutes, all I see is a dude right out of the 70s baiting a simple person into contradictory statements, immediately falling into the Reductio ad Hitlerum fallacy, calling the person names, and actually thinking he's clever and making a good point. This guy resembles a whiny 9 year old more than a respectable leader.

    "Fruitcake is not vulgar". Like a kid saying "shiitake mushroom" and thinking he outsmarted his parents.

  2. Phronk – It’s easy for Bob to appear cleaver when he’s up against a caller like Lisa who is so monumentally stupid that she can’t even form one sentence that doesn’t reek of confusion and complete contradicts the point she’s trying to make. Lisa is a morally bankrupt MORON who doesn't know right from wrong and Bob proved that point brilliantly!

    And no – “fruitcake” is not vulgar, only an immature twit like you would think so.

  3. Exactly. She obviously ain't so bright, or at least hasn't thought through her ideas much, so how is it clever to bait her into looking like an idiot? It's like beating a kid in an arm wrestling match and proclaiming himself the strongest man on earth. He didn't prove anything brilliantly.

    I never said fruitcake is vulgar, but name calling is name calling. Which makes him a childish hypocrite when he makes a big deal out of her calling him an asshole or whatever.

    Watching those two go at it demonstrates how religion obviously gives no objective basis for morality. And on a lower level, it's like watching two 9 year olds say "I know you are but what am I" at each other for 15 minutes. The only immature twits here are those who actually respect such silliness.

  4. There are many like Lisa around. And many of them are seemingly intelligent if you don't question them too closely. Further, if anybody who watched this exchange isn't appalled by how confused and nutty Lisa is and can find something to praise Lisa about in all this - then that person is willfully stupid.

  5. It's nice to see that the old multiple times married & divorced, porno-addict, child abusing Bob Enyart is still be lauded as the paragon of Christianity.

    And it's nice to see the "I think I look like Tom Selleck but really look like a pedophile" hypocrite spreading his own savory brand of hatred and malice.

    Does this idiot actually think he's going to "hate people into faith"? Frankly, I believe most people who are ever unfortunate enough to meet this jerk would rather - if given the choice - spend eternity in hell than spend one minute in heaven with Enyart.

    Enyart and his arrogant, hateful drones are a disgrace to Christianity.


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