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January 31, 2005

"Free Love" Has a Price Tag

“Free love” is an ideology that love and sexual relationships should be shared amongst many and not be confined to a long term relationship or limited to one person.

The era of "free love" in the United States began in 1960 with the introduction of the birth control pill which launched the 1960’s sexual revolution. Those which support the “free love” ideology tend to see the traditional institutions of marriage and family as oppressive and old fashion. Supporters of this “free love” myth do not want to be held responsible for their sexual behavior as they continue having sexual relations with numerous people.

But the reality is that sex has a price tag: loss of self respect, purity, reputation, unwanted pregnancies, along with sexually transmitted diseases which can cause cancer, infertility, and even death. It is because of these anti-institutional views, “free love” cultures are suffering dramatic consequences, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, and they are passing a curse down to the next Generation.

The sexual revolution that took place during the 1960’s has shook America's moral foundation. The breakdown of marriage, single parent families, fatherless children, welfare state dependency, STD’s, pornography, drugs and youth crime are all linked to the "permissiveness" of the sixties.

In America we have a new generation living without limits, morality and self-control, and Generation X is paying the price for the “free love” era of the sixties. With overwhelming amounts of evidence supporting the danger of the “free love” philosophy, not much has been done to change it.

The United States has become so intertwined with sexually-related issues that it has become a major political issue in many arenas: The courthouse, workplace, schools and the media have all embraced this “politically correct” mindset and they force feed it to the American public. The major "politics of sex" are a woman's right to kill her own unborn baby and equal rights for homosexuals, previously reserved for heterosexual couples including adopting children. “Alternative” lifestyles must not be discriminated against or it is punishable by law. Homosexuality is now socially acceptable and no longer stigmatized as it once was. Teenagers can assume their right to have sexual relations with whoever they want. Through the public schools and Planned Parenthood, teens can get any form of birth control they choose and can get an abortion done without parents permission.

One hundred years ago the idea of sexual politics would have been unthinkable. The 1960’s, which unleashed the so-called sexual revolution has destroyed many American families today and the aftershock is wiping out the Generations to come.

In order for our country to experience a revival, Christians needs to return to God’s Word and live our lives the way God designed it to be from the beginning: One man and one woman; fruitfully multiplying the earth; teaching and training their children in the ways of the Lord; faithful to God and committed to each other.

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