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February 24, 2013

Check Out Two NEW Blogs X-Posing the TRUTH About Pastor Bob Enyart's ShadowGov & Kimberly Kay Bowman's Conspiracies Against Kids

*R*O*B*E*R*T *A*D*O*L*P*H *E*N*Y*A*R*T = *6*6*6* = *DAXIS* = *SON of SATAN* Waiting for the "Small Foreign Faction" DNA Secrets to be Revealed & Justice to be served to the "Group of Individuals" responsible for this notorious crime. 

Journey Into the Cult of a CRAZY Cold-Hearted Conspiracy Against Children in Colorado with a CONVICTED CHILD-ABUSER ~ Plus Kimberly Kay Bowman's Confessions to Clinically-Ill Criminal Behavior along with a 
Well-Documented Lengthy & Unfortunate History of Harassment.


  1. The Cops should seriously talk to Kimberly Kay Bowman about Dylan Redwine. Kim Bowman has a long disturbing criminal history of exploiting missing & dead children. For years she's been involved in a criminal conspiracy to take kids from families and last year she confessed to a conspiracy with a CONVICTED CHILD ABUSER who is under investigation for MURDER! "Pro-Life Pastor" Bob Enyart is the religious psychopath who organized the abduction & dismemberment of Jessica Ridgeway. Kim's friend, Doug McBurney & Enyart are both connected to the 17 yr-old gamer, Austin Reed Sigg too and had him confess with "proof" to misdirect the investigation. Kim Bowman also stole $30,000 from the Ridgeway family while exploiting Jessica so it's any wonder what her motives are with Dylan Redwine.

    Home address & contact INFO:

    Kimberly Kay & Scott Bowman
    13400 W. 65th Avenue Arvada, CO 80004
    Phone #'s: 303-903-9851 | 303-685-8265
    Email: kb103@comcast.net | scottb39@comcast.net
    Kim's DOB: 10-26-64


  2. READ TRUE STORY by Rita Quigley DeRego - MISSING DYLAN REDWINE: Now It's Gotten BEYOND Ugly with Kimberly Kay & Scott Bowman


    Seems like history is repeating itself with a rampant Internet gossip system aimed at misdirecting the investigation and falsely accusing the family....the allegations from someone in the Dr. Phil audience about Mark Redwine's "sexual fetishes" or a "relative" that both Dylan and his brother Cory, had supposedly accidentally discovered pictures of the father's fetish semi-recently sounds awfully familiar to the false allegations against John & Patsy Ramsey...who were PROVEN INNOCENT in the MURDER of their daughter JonBenet in 1996.
    Keep in mind that the La Plata County police are have not said Dylan's parents are suspects, rather the evidence points to an abduction.

    UNLESS the Dr. Phil show or a family member goes on record to confirm that as fact, it's highly doubtful those claims are true, just more disinfo to misdirect the investigation in finding Dylan Redwine by cyber trolls on the Internet.

    Here are a couple quotes to consider:

    "When an innocent child is killed in her own home and the response of the justice system is as defective as it had been in JonBenet's case, all hope dies as well. A killer, compounded by a defective Police Department, a rampant Internet gossip system, and an irresponsible news industry willing to print and say anything that makes a story, had destroyed our dreams for the future. Our innocence had died." ~ John & Patsy Ramsey, The DEATH of INNOCENCE 2001

    NOW we don't need sleazy tabloids, we have Facebook.

    Like the BTK killer once said in the book Unholy Messenger, he had “always been amazed at how easily the police and the public could be misled, by just a few misdirected clues. People weren’t nearly as smart as they thought they were.”

    The Police in at least six jurisdictions are fully aware of Kimberly Kay Bowman's conspiracy against kids...the only question is WHEN will Law enforcement act to stop more innocent lives from being destroyed?

  3. DEAD BODIES EVERYWHERE! There is a SERIAL KILLER organizing hits in Colorado! Religious Psychopath, "pastor" Bob Enyart (KGOV.com) was on 7 News Denver 5:00pm the other day voicing his staunch support for the death penalty for murderers and mocking the government corrections system saying "Jail is a joke"....

    Death penalty up for debate in Colorado Legislature
    Lawmakers discuss repealing death penalty
    7 News - http://www.thedenverchannel.com/news/local-news/death-penalty-up-for-debate-in-colorado

    JUST 3 HOURS later that evening, the Department of Corrections (DOC) Chief Tom Clements was assassinated in the doorway of his home. ANY QUESTIONS?

    More people are going to die violent deaths until the LAW moves in on Enyart! So far, the ShadowGov terrorists are proving Bob's perverse point about the US Gov as he remains "above suspicion" as a "pro-life Christian" murderer - targeting the innocent right in front of everyone's face...

    Murdered corrections Chief Clements had higher profile in days before death
    7 News - http://www.thedenverchannel.com/news/local-news/murdered-corrections-chief-had-higher-profile-in-days-before-death


    I've been SCREAMING BLOODY MURDER since last year....NOW there's BLOODY MURDER EVERYWHERE!

    Someone at Crime Stoppers should ask the convicted child-abuser and serial killer Robert Adolph Enyart DOB 1/10/59 (Pastor Bob of Denver Bible Church) in Arvada about the assassination of DOC Chief Tom Clements [ http://www.thedenverchannel.com/news/local-news/tom-clements-murder-investigation-will-consider-his-refusal-to-extradite-a-saudi-arabian-national ], the murder of Domino's pizza delivery father of three, Nate Leon http://www.thedenverchannel.com/news/local-news/sources-police-believe-body-found-in-golden-is-that-of-a-missing-pizza-delivery-driver ], the ransom dead bodies in Cherry Creek & elsewhere [ http://www.thedenverchannel.com/news/local-news/woman-found-dead-in-cherry-creek-sunday-identified-by-medical-examiner-no-cause-of-death-yet ], serial arson attacks & home explosions [ http://www.thedenverchannel.com/news/local-news/3-people-injured-in-grand-junction-home-fire-explosion-residents-2-schools-evacuated ] and the mysterious disappearances of Annie Meyers [ http://www.thedenverchannel.com/news/front-range/wheat-ridge/police-search-for-51-year-old-leann-annie-meyer-of-wheat-ridge ], Dylan Redwine [ http://www.thedenverchannel.com/news/local-news/dylan-redwine-case-deputies-investigating-multiple-tips-to-find-possible-witness-in-case ], models Kara Nichols, Kelsie Schelling, Raven Cassidy Furlong, and countless other unknown victims. [ http://www.thedenverchannel.com/news/local-news/three-missing-colorado-women-have-online-profiles-on-model-mayhem-or-explore-talent ]

    Religious psychopath and political terrorist Bob is a dangerous mind-control cult leader who is the Charles Manson of a highly sophisticated ShadowGov criminal assassin ring that operates underground with hundreds of fake troll IDs and pages, primarily using Facebook and social medial outlets online to target victims, falsely accuse people and misdirect criminal investigations. Bob Enyart is currently being investigated by the BoulderPD in connection to the JonBenet Ramsey murder in 1996 and Westminster PD is investigating Bob in connection to Jessica Ridgeway, Austin Reed Sigg, Doug McBurney (TheSuperPsychoKiller)and Kimberly Kay Bowman for exploiting missing and dead children [ http://kimberlykaybowmanxposed.blogspot.com/ ].

    Six jurisdictions of police are already aware of Enyart's criminal activity and we have received multiple death threats for exposing them because they are afraid of their secrets being revealed as "pro-life" serial killers behind PersonhoodUSA.

    More lives are in great danger and time is critical as Enyart plays his twisted games with people's lives.

    Here is a CRIMINAL TIMELINE with Court Docs for Robert Adolph Enyart

    WATCH: The "DOCUMENT DUMP" Reverse Ransom Note to Mr. Adolph Enyart - JonBenet Ramsey's Murderer (originally posted 9-7-12)

  5. A Google search of "Enyart Sigg" shows a connection between Robert Adolph Enyart (1/10/59) and Austin Reed Sigg on the following web page:


    This appears to be a local YMCA baseball roster which was last modified May 27, 2008. The roster shows Robert Adolph Enyart's three youngest sons -- Dominic, Michael and Zachary -- listed as players with Austin Reed Sigg's younger brother, Parker Sigg. This website http://www.ourleaguesite.com/home.asp?eID=DFY says it has moved to www.denverymca.org.

    Also, I just learned that Austin Reed Sigg's father, Robert Sigg, was involved in some mortgage scam in 2006. From what I've been told by Robert Adolph Enyart, his nephew, Sean Enyart, was also involved in a mortgage scam in 2006. According to Robert Adolph Enyart, Sean Enyart had stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars from two of his cousins, Brian Enyart Jr and Josiah Enyart, Robert Adolph Enyart's oldest son. Sean left Brian Jr and Josiah severely "underwater" on some condos near Yosemite St and Colfax in Aurora. Brian Jr still owns at least one of those condos, and in the last three years, it was raided by SWAT at least once. In 2007, Robert Adolph Enyart told my wife and I that he was "writing a letter" to some kind of mortgage authority in Colorado. I don't think anything ever happened to Sean, and Brian and Josiah didn't report Sean to the authorities since they both knew it was a fraudulent deal from the start. However, I now suspect that Robert Adolph Enyart was involved with Sean Enyart scamming his two cousins. Robert Adolph Enyart is the type of man to hurt his own children and family for his own benefit because he has no conscience. He had a restraining order against him in 1996 (Adams County) for beating Josiah, and he's been convicted twice of beating his wife's son, Stephen Mayns, when he was 7 years old (1995,1999 Jeffco). Stephen Mayns is now on the Jeffco SWAT.

    Robert Adolph Enyart is a dangerous conman behind a few rackets, and I believe he is connected to Austin Reed Sigg. Sigg reminds one of John Mark Karr, and in my opinion, this crime -- strangulation/dismemberment etc -- is far too complex for a single person to commit let alone an inexperienced 17 y/o boy who couldn't sneak attack a jogger. There is more than one person involved, and my impression is that law enforcement knows this. Also, today is the VERY FIRST time Robert Adolph Enyart has EVER mentioned Jessica on his 30-minute radio show. (www.Kgov.com) He didn't sound confident at all. I think Enyart's behind Sigg's confession to his mother, a hopeless attempt at diverting suspicion away from Enyart and whoever else is involved like his cohost, Doug McBurney. Also, McBurney didn't cohost with Enyart the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday following Jessica's disappearance. Who knows where he was for those three days?

    Thanks for ALL your hard work in this case. We think you're doing a great job.

    -Curtis Kekoa
    -Danielle Kekoa

  6. ---------- Forwarded message ----------
    From: Kirk Zimpfer Bob TROLL kirkz2006@yahoo.com
    Date: Mon, Mar 4, 2013 at 12:53 PM

    To: Dani Kekoa

    Just a thought -- have you considered your mother might have made a pact, probably in blood since that is how Satanists operate, with the DBC cult to turn you into CPS? After gaining custody of your children, she then would have turned them over to the cult and Bowmans to use them in their rituals and to feed their own perverse desires. If you believe everything you have been posting about DBC, Bob and the Bowmans, you have consider that a possibility. And, if all that is true, you are in way, way over your head and endangering your family by continuing to provoke the cult and its members. What you're doing is continuing to stick your hand into a bee hive and hoping not to get stung.

    I beg you to move, out of state if possible but at least to another location, turn over any additional information to the police, and never, ever, ever have contact with members of DBC, its leader or the Bowmans again. The danger is to great for you and your family to continue having contact with those in question again.

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    $$ - What about the recordings of our meeting with Susan Sutherland from Sept 2011 where she reveals her true reasons for wanting to divorce?? $$ (Over 1hr) - Sure paints an ugly picture of a miserable ungodly woman who had obvious financial interests in getting rid of Mark, hence the $500,000 life insurance policy that didn't go through after Curtis saved Mark from committing suicide. $$
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    $$ - Dani also personally had a bunch of juicy calls and meetings with Danielle Duffy, Kim Bowman, Jen Mason, Rachel Troyer & Maxime Enyart that the public will certainly find most telling. Some DBC elders and their wives revealed very damning details about the rampant gossip system, along with the prescription drug use, abuse and criminal distribution among members at DBC. Some of Bob's followers shared their intentions once they learned of a CPS conspiracy against us...hopefully they will follow through and save themselves?
    $$ - Conversations with the Rohrboughs went really well too, wonder if Brian still stands by his words??..."You're not dealing with Christians....Bob Enyart is perhaps the most deceptive & dishonest man around...he's an EVIL guy." - $$ - YES, we record EVERYTHING! $$
    $$ - We also have dozens of conversations with the police in six jurisdictions, lawyers and private investigators too...what do ya think those are worth? $$ (from 5mins to 2hrs) - We will release those recordings publicly very soon...one by one....for the entire world and their grandma to hear and judge rightly.
    $$$ - One way or another, you're all gonna be FAMOUS as the MOST HATED GROUP in the WORLD! - $$$
    Submit your donation suggestions to the Kekoas via email and we'll auction each recording off to the highest bidder. Minimum of $100 purchase - 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! ALL proceeds will go to fund the efforts to end Bob Enyart's serial child-killing career!

    VICTORY ~ Dani
    X-Pose the TRUTH:

  8. ***DOCUMENT DUMP***



    ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART (DOB 1/10/59, SSN 152-60-4382, FBI#678532LA7,
    KRISTA LYNN CRISLER: Adams County CO Child Custody/Support 1991-1997 - Google Drive

    *Krista's MOTION for EMERGENCY PROTECTIVE ORDER AGAINST ADOLPH ("Petitioner became aware of a number of bruises and welts on the buttocks of Josiah [age 13]. He informed her that the Respondent [Enyart] had spanked him during the vacation as a form of discipline [...] There were about 5 bruises in number each measuring about 1 inch in width and 4 inches in length and deep purple in color [...] Petitioner reported this incident to the Lakewood police department and took the child to their family physician for treatment. (See Dr. Hoskins' Report - attached as Exhibit A) [...] The Respondent [Enyart] has been convicted for child abuse for similar conduct concerning his step child on February 6, 1995 in Jefferson County Court [...] This conviction was for child abuse under section 18-6-401 CRS [...] Petitioner is very concerned for the safety and welfare of her children in light of the Respondent's prior abusive conduct toward her children [...] CRS Section 14-10-124 (1.5)(1) states that when a party is a perpetrator of child abuse under section 18-6-401 CRS, it is not in the child's best interest to be awarded joint custody to said party [...] Petitioner believes that the Court should protect the children from possible continued abuse" http://url.ie/gayl)

    **COURT ORDER GRANTING EMERGENCY PROTECTIVE ORDER AGAINST ADOLPH ("Order for the Emergency Protective Order of the Minor Children: It is therefore ordered that Respondent will not be permitted to have visitation with the minor children, Josiah and Nathaniel until further of this Court, and it is further ordered that this matter be set for a hearing on the merits of the Petitioner's [Krista] motion." http://url.ie/gayo)

    ***COURT'S REVIEW OF EMERGENCY PROTECTIVE ORDER AGAINST ADOLPH ("The court has reviewed emergency protection order -- the court disagrees with excessive corporal punishment. The court's concern is with the children. The court believes the respondent [ENYART] crossed the line between spanking and abuse C.R.S. 14-10-129(B)(X). The children are authorized to spend every other weekend w/respondent. Overnights are ordered to cease and parenting time shall be 8am-8pm unless extended times are agreed to by the parties or by court order. The children shall not be removed from Colorado w/o agreement of petitioner [KRISTA] in writing or order of court. Any discipline shall not be done w/leather belt or any other instrument. If the order is violated and the children have marks from discipline, and if the matter is returned to court, resp will be in specific violation of the court order and attorney shall, after this hearing, inform respondent [ENYART] of possible consequences." http://url.ie/gayp)

    ****MINUTE ORDER LIFTING PROTECTION ORDER with RESTRICTIONS AGAINST ADOLPH ([ON 12/29/97, ADAMS County Court Judge Thomas R. Ensor signs the order lifting the PROTECTIVE ORDER WITH RESTRICTIONS] ORDER: "1. The protective Order entered by Judge Phelps is hereby lifted effective immediately. Respondent's Parenting Time is reestablished to the same Parenting Time Schedule Respondent had prior to the entry of the Protective Order by Judge Phelps. 2. Respondent is to complete a parenting course of his choosing and provide to the Court evidence of his completion of the course. 3. Respondent is to use no corporal punishment on the minor children while they are in his care." http://url.ie/gayv)



  9. Hello Kekoa's,

    I think that there is a lot of really interesting content on this site. If there is any truth to any of what you are saying, I would like to know, as I have family members who work with the Masons and Bob.

    However, it is difficult for me to believe much of what is on this site. I think we could both agree that the structure and design of this site is a little lacking. I see tons of accusations, "facts", and other articles about Bob Enyart and the Masons but I am having trouble understanding the whole narrative.

    I would recommend the following:

    1: Change your site theme. You claim Bob Enyart is basically the Anti-Christ and some other shadow government sneaky evil stuff. But if you look at his website: kgov.com -> he looks like a relatively sane radio host with a normal website. Your site looks like it was put together by someone hiding in their basement wearing tin foil helmets to keep out the aliens and Illuminati.

    2: Make a "The Simple Version" or "The Saga" page where you start from the very beginning and tell your tale in chronological order. Seriously, I have no idea what hell you are writing about half of the time. Start from the beginning and tell everyone what happened. Provide proof as needed. Avoid I WILL WRITE IN ALL CAPS CUZ THEY ARE EVIL statement. Make it so someone who is visiting your site can actually understand what you think, instead of being overwhelmed by all of your content and assuming that you guys are psychotic.

    As I said above, I have family members who might be doing business with Enyart and I would love to understand how he slighted you in the beginning, before you found out that he is a child murdering monster.


    1. Hey "Frankly" - Can't you read? NO TROLLS ALLOWED!

      Obviously your mental capacity is severely limited but I assure you, TROLL that there is nothing about Bob Enyart that the Boulder Police Detective don't already know and rest assured that ALL evidentiary leads are followed up on by the Boulder District Attorney's Office. Tic-Toc-Tic-Toc....


      Everyone wants to know why pastor Bob's DNA was on the panties of the 6 yr-old princess in addition to the "touch DNA" sample he left when pulling her pants down to sexually assault her...

      It's been over six months since the Kekoa's alerted the Boulder Police about Bob Enyart being a #1 Suspect in the JonBenet Ramsey murder case so clearly they are still working on it..Can't have another John Mark Karr, can we? At that time we presented the detectives with the following:

      *JonBenet Ramsey Ransom Note - Bob Enyart's ShadowGov = "Small Foreign Faction" - w/ Notes by Dani Kekoa & Legend Detective Lou Smit

      *Bob Enyart's ShadowGov "Small Foreign Faction" & the Sadistic "Group of Individuals" who MURDERED JonBenet Ramsey

      Not only is the Kult of Konspiracy leader, Bob Enyart an "Experience Killer", a child murdering monster, a political terrorist and a religious psychopath, he is carefully skilled in the art of deception, cyber-bullying tactics and making slanderous false accusations through an organized defamation campaign and rampant Internet gossip system aimed at silencing his targets and victims.

      *GOT PROOF? - HISTORY of HARASSMENT 2011-2013 - by Pastor Bob Enyart Denver Bible Church Conspiracy Against the Kekoas - *Kult of Konspiracy* & Homeschooling Pothead Parents Mock Hate Pages

      Read this for more "Proof" -
      Kimberly Kay Bowman & Her CRAZY Cold-Hearted Conspiracy Against Children with Pastor Bob Enyart ~ Plus Kim's Confessions to Criminal Behavior

      ~ VICTORY in the TRUTH!
      S.B.T.C -- *S.B.T.C = *Strangle Bind Torture Children & *Shadowgov Breaks The Case

      Bad-Boys-Bad-Boys - Watcha Gonna Do? - Watcha Gonna Do When They Come for YOU?


      To this very day, "pro-life pastor" Bob Enyart and his ShadowGov mafia have refused to address these murderous allegations nor has he even attempted to clear his name with the police.

  10. In honor of Mother's Day today, I present to you........

    TOP 6 WORST MOTHERS of the year.... What kind of mother conspires with a CONVICTED CHILD-ABUSER to harm an innocent family? Ask these disgraceful women:

    #6) Dani Kekoa's Mom: Stupid, Selfish Sherry Roberts went against her own daughter & six grandchildren to make multiple false reports of child abuse to Social Services to have the kids taken from the home, but her lies were UNFOUNDED! Now Sherry will die a lonely old hag knowing her only daughter hates her guts with a passion & prays for her kneecaps to get blown off so she can no longer run from her sick reflection & the problems it brings. You're right, mom, I am "not how you raised me to be." Thank God for that!

    #5) Sleeze-bag Susan Sutherland who is dried up & bitter after her illicit meetings with "pastor" Bob were exposed, her office affair with Drew flopped, then divorce with Mark became the goal. Susan got greedy & wanted her husband dead despite the needs of her children, but she lost the $500,000 life insurance when Mark failed to commit suicide as she & Bob planned, then her scandalous actions ultimately got her oldest son Matt, KILLED. Isn't that right, Susan?

    #4) Mentally-ill BPD Krazy Kidnapper Kimberly Kay Bowman who's an admitted drug addict, and thankfully had multiple abortions in between 4 failed marriages - saving those babies from suffering. Kim's shameful deeds are so depraved she's a great danger to her living children which is why her own daughter rejected her years ago. That pedophile preacher Bob willfully uses Kim who gets off on organizing abductions & murderous schemes then trolls around online exploiting missing & dead children with her white-trash doper partner, Scott. Drink the Kool-aid already, Kim, mmmkay?

    #3) Mrs. PersonhoodUSA, Jennifer Mason has an unhealthy online obsession & an adulterer husband who travels so she let the convicted child abuser rape her mind & sodomize her skull until her daughter stabbed herself in the eye from severe parental neglect. Dead eyes, cold soul & "negative energy" from mom = toxic danger. Wonder how long it will be before Jen's oldest daughter has to get an abortion after getting pregnant by daddy Keith or uncle Bob? Will they make an exception for rape & incest in the Mason case?

    #2) Sadistic 3rd wife, Cheryl Enyart who let her boyfriend Bobby beat her boy's bare butt before marrying that son of a b*tch so he could beat them some more. Then they had three more sons together to satisfy Bob's lustful appetite for young boys rear ends, child porn & snuff film production. Something is really deranged with that woman!

    #1 WORST MOTHER EVER...Speaking of that son of a b*tch, Connie Sharin gave birth to the spawn of Satan, named him Robert "Adolph" Enyart 666 after a Nazi dictator & nurtured him in the twisted environment of child sacrifices, blood sex orgies & regular Satanic Ritual Abuse ceremonies which groomed her son to be the most EVIL serial child-killer in the world. Connie should have taken a coat hanger & mutilated her womb a long time ago. May God wipe her descendants off the face of the earth, erase their name from the Book of Life & open up the fiery pits of Hell to swallow them down into the belly of the beast!

    Without these mothers, the world would be a better place for children to live.

    ~ Dani
    X-Pose the TRUTH

    Awe Kim & Scott, Paranoid much these days? Did your landlord in Arvada find out that you conspired with a convicted child-abuser and now you're wanted by the FBI for exploiting missing & dead children???....You're welcome LOSERS! NOW it's a public doc...give it to your lawyer & we'll see you in court tweakers!


  12. Question: What do these clinically-ill crazy women have in common? Jodi Arias & Kimberly Kay Bowman?
    Answer: Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) - One minute she's sweet & sincere, the next minute she'll slit your throat - So Watch Out!

    Do not be deceived by the "religious" motives of these women or let them fool you...thankfully, sociopath Jodi Arias is facing DEATH for her murder conviction, but tragically Kim Bowman is still free exploiting missing & dead children while conspiring with a convicted child-abuser who is wanted for murder.

    X-Pose the TRUTH:


    Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) -- emotionally unstable personality disorder, borderline type -- a condition in which people have long-term patterns of unstable or turbulent emotions...intense and unstable interpersonal relationships, unstable self-image, feelings of abandonment and an unstable sense of self. People with BPD often engage in idealization and devaluation of themselves and of others...Impulsive behaviors are common, including: substance or alcohol abuse, eating disorders, unprotected sex or sex with multiple partners...Manipulation to obtain nurturance is considered to be a common feature of BPD by many who treat the disorder...a special problem of psychotherapy with people with BPD is intense projection....



    Crazy Psychopath BPD Killers ALWAYS Project themselves --
    Psychological Projection -- is when a person unconsciously rejects his or her own unacceptable attributes by ascribing them to objects or persons in the outside world instead. Thus, projection involves psychically expelling one's negative qualities onto others, can also be established as an attempt to obtain or justifying certain actions that would normally be found unacceptable. This often means projecting false accusations, information, etc., onto an individual for the sole purpose of maintaining a self-created illusion...


  13. Who are the gaslighters in your lives?
    Gaslighting is a form of psychological abuse in which false information is presented with the intent of making a victim doubt his or her own memory and perception. It may simply be the denial by an abuser that previous abusive incidents ever occurred, or it could be the staging of bizarre events by the abuser with the intention of disorienting the victim.

    Cult leaders flamboyantly prancing about as *pastors* => These "psychopaths frequently use gaslighting tactics. Psychopaths consistently transgress social mores, break laws, and exploit others, but are also typically charming and convincing liars who consistently deny wrongdoing. Thus, some who have been victimized by sociopaths may doubt their perceptions."


    Identify the Psychopaths in your lives...

    Psychopathy is a personality or mental disorder characterized partly by antisocial behavior, a diminished capacity for remorse, and poor behavioral controls. Grandiose sense of self-worth, Pathological lying, Cunning/manipulative, Lack of remorse or guilt, Emotionally shallow, Callous/lack of empathy, Failure to accept responsibility for own actions, Many short-term marital relationships, Promiscuous sexual behavior, Criminal versatility...



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