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March 19, 2012

Just More Manna From Heaven. Thanks Bob Enyart, You Dirty Fraud! You're Gonna Be Famous - HA!

At the HuffingtonPost today: Robert Corry and Bob Enyart In The Great Debate - More like the great monumental embarrassment for Enyart as he desperately does damage control speaking out against the "dangerous & harmful" consequences of using medical marijuana as though he were trapped in a "Reefer Madness" hysteria skit.

On the legalization side we have Robert Corry, a Colorado-based attorney specializing in criminal defense and civil rights. He has defended more medical criminal cases than any other attorney in Colorado and is the only attorney to win multiple acquittals for defendants facing medical charges.

On the anti-legalization side we have Bob Enyart, a talk radio host on Colorado-based KGOV radio and a pastor at Denver Bible Church who is outspoken about his belief that should remain illegal with exception for prescription-based medical use.

Robert Corry is a Colorado-based attorney specializing in criminal defense? Really? Bob is so smart - good thing he doesn't smoke pot!

Don't be deceived, Enyart is also on the same side of the drug war argument as the cartels. The losing, murderous side of the argument. Pro-life with exceptions all the way. A lifetime of hypocrisy condensed into being slammed on the Huffington Post, and that's just the latest.

From KGOV.com Bob Enyart asserts with authority, "Likewise, the pot user's child will likely grow up to smoke pot...And it is from that harmful influence that the pastor and elders of Denver Bible Church want to protect the adults and the children of Colorado..."

*How far would pastor Bob Enyart & DBC leadership go to “protect” our own children from us since he thinks we are so "harmful and dangerous"?

Apparently, convicted child-abuser, "pastor" Bob feels so strongly about this medical issue that he will call Child Protective Services on members of his own church if they have to consume cannabis for any health reasons whatsoever, and Bob will deliberately try to destroy any family if they dare not "abide by his agreement" or leave his cult-like church. Currently, Enyart's ministries and radio program are failing miserably because he's a *Christian* hypocrite, a wolf in sheep's clothing involved in a scandal with my family because we left his church last year. A Christian homeschooling family whom Bob Enyart conspired against to levy false allegations of child abuse to social services.  Also, as a "Pastor" or a person in leadership, Bob is a mandatory reporter, so if he really believes the garbage he preaches, he would have to report us to Social Services. Either way, he's a lying scumbag!

*INTERESTING FACTS:  Bob Enyart is a convicted child abuser who's on a third marriage. He's also an adulterer; his first wife killed herself (so he says). Enyart also likes to secretly meet with married women behind their husbands' backs and encourage them to divorce. But everyone around him ignores this fact. Enyart's oldest son, 27, uses cannabis ILLEGALLY and has done so all of his adult life and for much of his childhood.  By Bob's standard, it's because he, as the father, must be a pothead. Enyart's hypocrisy doesn't end there. Not even close.  In his cult, Enyart's surrounded himself with drug users including meth heads and prescription pill poppers, his own niece's drugs of choice are Xanax, Zofran and Zoloft, a former elder in his church was addicted to methadone for 10 years and Bob didn't care. Bob even partakes of prescription narcotics himself, last time in 2010 when Enyart's back problems were too much too handle while he was serving time in El Paso county jail for trespassing at Focus on the Family headquarters in Colorado Springs.

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*UPDATE 3/22: Bob Enyart gets spanked, again.....so the results are skewed? ...something to do with "commets" being too fast for him? Enyart's so intellectually dense, dishonest and dangerous that not even ONE of his cult followers will tell Enyart he has no clothes. Truly, it's like watching a sickly overweight walrus in clown attire cry before it dies in a glorious meltdown. So much for convicted child abusers who like hookers. But totally entertaining. :)

Pastor Bob Enyart (KGOV.com) believes in conspiracy theories of the worst kind. And he's never touched cannabis, even whilst child abusing. Pathetic moron. Stay stupid, k? Please don't be a narcisissy and blame your failures on crap like "commets". Thanks for your cooperation.


Read all the great comments from the HuffingtonPost article, here's one of our favorites: 
"What I see here is an endorsement of alcohol and prescription medications by Bob Enyart. Has Bob been dipping into the communion wine stash? Alcohol killed 34,000 Americans last year due to health effects alone and prescription drugs killed 20,000. has never killed anyone due to overdose. Bob also asserts that alcohol diminishes the "likelihood of dementia". According to the CDC, alcohol causes "neurological problems, including dementia, stroke and neuropathy". Anyone that has been to a bar after 10 PM will attest that alcohol makes people very stupid. Bob, if you are serious about saving us from ourselves, please campaign for a return to alcohol prohibition instead of lying to cover your hypocrisy. Your comparison of cannabis use to the holocaust disqualifies you from being an authority on the subject of cannabis use."


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  1. Bob Enyart is a liar. It's sad and pathetic that someone has to gain support through lies and misleading people through articles that are clearly biased. For example, the "study" that focused on marijuana use and car accidents did NOT consider that the drivers were using other substances. Not only that, it did not consider who was at fault during those accidents. If you have a study that focuses ONLY on marijuana use and car accidents, it's CLEAR that only marijuana use will be the culprit in those accidents.

    These are the kinds of things that anti-marijuana activists do to sway opinion to their side. They indoctrinate thousands of others with lies and then extrapolate nonsense based on those lies. But, it all sounds good because it came from some "study".

    People say that marijuana kills braincells. That comes from the Heath/Tulane Study. I challenge any of you to look up that study and find out WHY it was DEBUNKED? This is an example of how people like Enyart use fraudulent studies to justify their nonsensical views against marijuana.

    These men are nothing more than liars and charlatans.

  2. Women with large breasts increase my lust. They should outlaw those things.
    Seriously, your arguments are poor using alcohol and tobacco as an alternative? Really?
    Comparing smoking pot to rape and murder. I think you have serious problems that need professional help.
    Quit mindlessly following church doctrine and open your eyes and see what evil the war on drugs has done to us. Even crazy Pat Robertson has seen the truth and speaks it.

  3. The prohibition of Earth's most widely beneficial plant species is a crime against humanity. Read page one of your Bible, Pastor. It is indeed GOOD.

  4. Is this a joke? You shouldn't use cannabis because it "gets you high"? Is the author aware that cheese increases dopamine, the same chemical that heroin releases? Caffeine gets you high, so do energy drinks. I fundamentally disagree that any substance should be illegal if it "gets you high". Better outlaw adrenaline, yoga, meditation and exercising then. They get you "high". Also, using a Christian God a reason to "not get high" is tantamount to a hate crime. What about Rastafarianism? Ridiculous, weak-minded article.

    So it is a real article. I too, thought this was parody on par with the Onion. Go back to your church, Pastor, and read your bible. Genesis 1:29 "And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for food." How can you blaspheme God's creation like this? It is you who are morally wrong, not those who use the God-given Cannabis HERB.

  5. Fantastic job on the reefer madness! You want to talk about fringe cases? People DIE from peanuts and you can overdose on water. Red meat has been linked to death. Any substance can have negative effects but the vast majority of cannabis consumers do not have any problems with this plant.

    Only a drug dealer would ignore the benefits to legalization and want marijuana to be kept illegal. Why? Life is too good for them at the moment - they can sell to anyone and enjoy huge profits selling a product with a demand that's never going away. It's easier to push harder drugs - this cannot happen if cannabis were sold in the same way as alcohol.

    Cannabis promotes neurogenesis, is a neuroprotectant and activates hyperpriming - a phenomenon where you're able to access more of your memory which enhances creativity. If you list three of your favorite musicians there is a good chance that one of them consume and benefit from cannabis. Large epidemiological studies show that those that consume cannabis have less incidence of cancer than those who abstain. Other large studies show that mental functioning in middle-age users is no different from non-users. States with medical marijuana have seen a 9% reduction in road fatalities and a 5% reduction in suicide rates - cannabis saves lives!

    Sure a minority of people have problems with cannabis, but we don't lock people up who have problems with fast food or pharmaceuticals - we treat it as a health.

  6. Bob, I'm sure we all agreed that smoking tobacco should not be encouraged. Yet we do not threaten tobacco users with arrest and imprisonment. Maybe you believe that it's immoral to use a certain drug. If so, would you care to explain to us why you think that alcohol be exempted from your personal moral condemnation. And even then, you still need to explain why you think it should be a crime to imbibe certain plants, and not others.

    law enforcement and rehabilitation are mutually exclusive. Would alcoholics seek help for their illness if doing so were tantamount to confessing to criminal activity? Likewise, would putting every incorrigible alcoholic behind bars and saddling them with criminal records prove cost-effective?

    Prohibition means that certain plants/concoctions/drugs are sold only by criminals and terrorists who are heavily armed. This is a direct result of the failed policy of prohibition. - A policy that guarantees that those who sell these certain plants/drugs/concoctions cannot defend their business interests through peaceful and legal channels; a policy that guarantees those same entities the power to bribe and threaten police officers, judges, and politicians, while terrorizing whole neighborhoods.

    Very few people wish to see an end to prohibition because they desire to experiment with drugs; they can already obtain them 24/7 at a variety of bars, parks, schools and street corners. No, they wish to see proper regulatory-legalization because they are witnessing, just like the rest us, the evils of prohibition.

  7. Marijuana does not cause psychosis, cancer, lung destruction, or – I can't believe you actually put this – stupidity. Have you read any of the recent studies? Dr. Donald Tashkin of UCLA did a study which concluded that even heavy marijuana smoking does not cause lung cancer. In fact, the general population of people who do not smoke anything are more at risk for lung cancer than the 'pot-smokers'.. Look it up. The study also showed that THC discourages the formation & growth of cancerous cells, so, we can even say that smoking marijuana reduces the risk & even prevents the spread of (if not kills) cancer cells. THC is only one of ≥60 cannabinoids in marijuana, & is the only one which is psychoactive- thus, to make more money, criminals have been breeding the plant to make the trait of higher THC stand out- they only make more money off of this b/c marijuana is illegal- supply & demand- economics 101.

    Car crashes don't count as 'death by marijuana'- similarly, we don't arrest & imprison the guns for shooting people. Of course, driving while impaired is dangerous, & I do not condone it at all, but this has nothing to do with marijuana.. how many pharmaceuticals come with a label that says "do not operate machinery"? Same thing. The point is, that you'd have to smoke ≥1500 pounds of marijuana in under 15 minutes to die from it.. & even then, it would be from asphyxiation.. not the plant.

  8. Pastor Enyart would have us believe that the only way to rid the world of the demon weed marijuana is to reinvent the inquisition. Not so.

    People balance their behavior every day with no similar need for threats of persecution and punishment. Intervention is an extreme measure, to be used only when one is certain of being free of guesses and fallacies. And as Montaigne noted, it is ranking one’s conjectures at a high price to burn a man alive on the strength of them.

    The idea that marijuana constitutes a harm in the absolutist and uninformed sense that Pastor Enyart conveys is ridiculous. Despite how useful the state or theologians find prohibition, it is prohibition itself that constitutes the real evil, and not a mere pot plant.

  9. A majority of people who say no to legalization have:

    1) Never tried it
    2) Have drank alcohol
    3) Are misinformed about the health benefits (you don't have to just smoke it, you can eat it too)
    4) Fail to understand the direct ties between organized crime and prohibition....history book please.
    5) Need to stop worrying about everyone elses actions, you aren't my momma.

    So, legalize, decriminalize, tax it and get over it!

  10. Not only is Bob Enyart's argument not particularly persuasive, it's actually fairly offensive. He starts by equating indifference to casual cannabis use with moral relativism. So if I don't want my taxpayer dollars squandered pursuing and imprisoning stoners then I'm ok with rape and the holocaust? It is intellectually bankrupt arguments like this one that makes people like myself so dismissive of religious conservatives. Even the suggestion that getting stoned is somehow morally equivalent to genocide or rape invalidates the rest of his preachy pablum. Further, his defense of alcohol and cigarettes shows that social conservatives are more interested in reflexively defending a perceived status quo because they fear change than they are in dealing with any public policy issues in a pragmatic or useful way.

  11. Cannabis has for more uses than alcohol, be it spiritual, medicinal, clothing, a replacement for paper products, reducing tumors in cancer patients etc. Everyone should be able to grow it, its a god given right. All this money being used to prosecute it should instead be put toward educating people, especially kids, on the fact that it is a plant and a medicine and has its proper use and misuse. If you are really desperate to get high as a child this in most cases a parental issue. If you teach your kids between right and wrong, including your own misgivings (alcohol, tobacco, drugs etc.) you empower them to become better than you ever were. As an example kids like to choke each other out in school to get high, it takes no drugs at all, simple as restricting your breathing and waking up in a euphoric state. Its dangerous and it can and has killed kids in the past. The internet is a tool to learn. Maybe parents might be upset that information such as this gets out on the internet, but if they don't learn it here, they learn it from other children at school. There are literally thousands of chemicals and plants, some of which are in your own household to either get high with, or worse, kill yourself with trying to seek a high. Cannabis is a spiritual and medicinal plant, a food source, and many other uses in Ethnobotany.

  12. Bob Enyart am I stupid? I have smoked pot and not just a little, I have always thought raping a woman violently or non-violently is completely wrong. However pastor maybe the bible should be made illegal since it contains violent rape of woman? The reader could become confused and think since its in God's book it is ok. You attribute Cannabis use to bringing ills to society, when in reality it is bad parenting and how restricted education is in the country to the point of feeding kids absolute lies. Millions of people also believe things that have been proven to not be true, Cannabis has been under false attack for a very long time. Really your argument could be used for legalization, they use to say cigarettes were good for you and even then said Cannabis was bad. So you see now the truth is coming out just the same did for Tobacco, that Cannabis is in fact not bad for you, has medicinal properties yet it remains a schedule one drug. As for killing anyone it is wrong no matter the reason, yet it happens and I would do it to protect myself and it would still be wrong!

  13. The article says you have 2 knowledgeable people, looks to me like you have 1 knowledgeable person and 1 person spewing antiquated propoganda which has been disproved repeatedley. Being high on cannabis is not in any way comparable to being drunk. The millions of people that think "pot" makes you stupid, as he states, have never done it, but know very smart people who have and do smoke whithout even realizing it.
    By his "moral" standards, fast food restaraunts should be banned from selling super sized meals as they promote gluttony, another sin.

  14. Americans need to recognize that our "free" society is slipping away. That its future will NOT be based upon the idea of personal responsibility.

    With the recent outburst of state and federal regulations that give power to Employers to fire if they don't like how you use your health insurance (while keeping you chained to employers for affordable insurance); to men in pointed head gear claiming that "personal responsibility/choice" MUST align with GOD'S law...

    That if your personal choice is not condoned by God/biblical text, its evil must made illegal.

    The 2010 mid-terms politiks have also revealed that this ideal of a "neutral" government "envelope" is at risk.

    Whose state and federal politicians have spent the lion's share of their Teat Party/Evangelical time, writing bills that declare that Americans cannot be trusted to make good choices for ourselves or our families... that we are both "on our own", and "owned".

    That we must have the force of government (God) and that fear of "punishment" (Hell) on the books because we are like irresponsible children who need direction.

    This "war on drugs" is a symptom.

    Personal responsibility, choice, right to privacy in our homes... GONE.

    Other Americans passing through those Teat Party/Evangelical states who do not "behave" may find themselves confronted by a "Zimmerman" who decides good v evil in the blink of an eye...

    We have become what we went to war with the day after 9/11.

  15. “The pastor's argument is staggeringly stupid.”

  16. How about we make organized religion illegal? We'll call it a Schedule 2 Religion, and it can only be prescribed to healthy people wishing to instill religious brainwashing and ignorance into their minds. "Hey I'm completely normal, with a rational mind. Can I have a dose of that organized religion? Pass it on down. Please don't Bogart that religion, the rest of us want to be insane too!"

  17. ...and pro-murderers claim that abortion doesn't kill babies. The evidence is there, you just choose to discard it so that you can carry on with your sin. Hemp is a great resource, but I don't see potheads fighting for the paper mills, only the high. Sad that proclaimed fundamentalist Christians are agreeing with anything written in this grossly libral media source. It's apprent that marijuana and the evils it brings has completely taken over your lives. You honestly don't have much left to lose, and I hope the most precious of your gifts aren't lost in the incredibly worthless energy you are putting into your allegation. Whomever reported you to CPS were just in doing so. The CPS reporting system makes it impossible to know who the anonymous reporter/s are, just for the reasons you are displaying. Your heart is hard and you have stepped far away from the grace of God. I pray for you and your children.

  18. Hey Enyart, does marijuana make you lust after hookers? Cuz hookers were your weapons of choice when you killed your marriage by cheating on your first wife, who later also killed herself. Just axin'. And how much crack or meth does it take before you have enough courage to go whoring by yourself, ENYART? Haha. Still, way too funny, scared little girl.

  19. Just too funny. I'm so proud to be an Atheist, we don't have this kind of drama.

  20. Danielle has told me personally that the names of those who reported and/or were interviewed by CPS are all *blacked out* in the "proof" they say they have. It's not "CONFIRMED", it's all in their head, hearsay and conjecture. Which is why there's all the theatrics & still no evidence. They are trying to trap their "enemies" into saying something on FB or their blog to see if it matches anything said in the report. And if it does, well then that means that person is who's name is blacked out, right?! Right, because it couldn't possibly be that more than one person formed the same opinion or came to the same conclusion about them. That could *never* happen!!

    1. The comment showed up on the Homeschooling Pothead Parents the same day and came from the IP address in Arvada, CO from the home of Keith & Jennifer Mason of PersonhoodUSA - my former best friend.

  21. So it went from Bob hearing "the news that [he] hopes isn't true, that Social Services somehow inserted themselves" into our family (10/8/11), to Bob saying, "I can't imagine someone from our church doing such a thing...It seems to me extremely improbable and it would be shocking if anyone related to our church talked to social services..." (11/1/11). NOW we have an anonymous coward of the cult who defends Bob by saying, "Whomever reported you to CPS were just in doing so."

    My how the story changes once the heat is on - just as we predicted, silly fools.

    Then we have another anonymous dimwit who created this Facebook page last month (http://www.facebook.com/HPPDCM) in mockery of us to keep a record of events as we slowly release the "proof" - And because Bob’s criminal conspirators are really super smart, they left the same exact above comment all over our FB page before I even published this one on my blog. Enyart's cult sure aren't the brightest crayons in the box cuz they are definitely falling for the "trap" - HA - Continually snared by the words of their mouths. Of course, innocent people aren't worried about falling for any “trap” since they have nothing to cover-up, unlike some people we know whose names are not *blacked out* at all.

    Wonder how this is going to look on pastor Bob and all his "Christian" pro-life sham organizations? We know the person who created that FB pot page is intimately involved in knowing our accusers. Not very clever....that reputation you're building up isn't looking too stellar, missy.

    Oh, and they last "friend" from DBC that I talked to *personally* decided to "take Bob's word for it" and ignore all the “proof” to the contrary - Next thing we know, her daughter stabbed herself in the eye with a steak knife...or that's what they say happened. Sure wouldn't want Social Services getting wind of a child abuse & neglect case like that, now would we? That could *never* happen...Calamity is still coming!

    *Never say Never*

  22. The above "Anonymous" comment on March 23, 2012 6:47AM came from the IP address in Arvada, CO from the home of Keith & Jennifer Mason of PersonhoodUSA. That same comment was posted on the Pothead Parents FB page(now deleted)before I approved this comment on blogger.

    "Danielle has told me personally that the names of those who reported and/or were interviewed by CPS are all *blacked out* in the "proof" they say they have. It's not "CONFIRMED", it's all in their head, hearsay and conjecture. Which is why there's all the theatrics & still no evidence. They are trying to trap their "enemies" into saying something on FB or their blog to see if it matches anything said in the report. And if it does, well then that means that person is who's name is blacked out, right?! Right, because it couldn't possibly be that more than one person formed the same opinion or came to the same conclusion about them. That could *never* happen!!"

    Of course, Jennifer knows I only personally told that info to her...too bad she fell for the trap! NOW we move forward with legal...thanks for the "PROOF" Jen! ;-)

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