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February 11, 2012

A Response to Heather: "What About Open Rebuke of Abortion Doctors?"

***[ Since the scandal surrounding Bob Enyart's church & my family has evolved into a serious criminal matter, and my views on God's morality appears to have radically changed as a result, people are going to have honest questions and they deserve to have honest answers. 
Because this information is so critical, I will post relevant responses publicly on the front page of my blog so we can all keep a record of events, and so everyone who is observing can judge rightly for themselves by making an informed decision.]***

This is a response to Heather, who left the following question on this post:
Setting the Record Straight ~ An Open Apology & Public Repentance

“Dani, are you saying that you no longer believe in the open rebuke of abortion doctors and affiliates? If you're doing it for attention then I agree with you, but I know with our group we don't enjoy what we do and it is NOT for attention.”

Heather, No I am not saying that I no longer believe in the open rebuke of abortion doctors and affiliates. There definitely is a place for open rebuke and standing up for the Truth, especially for the unborn. What I am saying is that Christians, especially pastors, need to make sure that their own house is in order before they go out and “judge” anyone else or try to change the policies of the nation. Abortion is murder & and the life of an unborn baby deserves to be protected from the moment of conception. I haven’t changed my view on that at all, I just don’t think that protesting is the absolute most important calling a Christian can have in life, especially when it becomes a distraction from dealing with real life relationships.

See, at Denver Bible Church there are marriages that are falling apart because Bob Enyart *promotes* and *recommends* divorce behind the scenes (with no biblical grounds) while hypocritically preaching the opposite at the pulpit. "Pastor" Bob also likes to counsel other men’s wives, without their husbands being present, by saying they will have "God's blessing" if they divorce - despite having all the facts about the marriage crisis.  Of course, he is a bit biased towards divorce since Bob himself has been divorced TWICE, and so has his brother, and his oldest son (who is under 30), along with other members of DBC – And mark my words, it’s not too long before Bob and his brother have a third divorce under their belt.  Bob's nephew too, he'll have his first divorce in no time since no one at DBC encourages or promotes having a strong marriage on a REAL-life level.  Nah, they're way too busy protesting and debating, and tearing down fellow believers.

People in leadership at DBC were suffering from a REAL drug addictions, like Methadone for over ten years long and nobody cared or bothered to help, only lame excuses & apathetic responses. There is a virtual breakdown within the entire Body because of self-seeking pride, envy, and misplaced obsessions over meaningless protests & ignorant debates that seem to keep everyone just busy enough so they don’t have examine the sin in their own lives or attend to the REAL problems infecting everyone else around them like a deadly virus.

Pregnant women like me were suffering horribly from a life-threatening illness that put both my life & the life of my unborn baby at risk, yet instead of compassion or even an ounce of understanding, I received nothing but ill-informed condemnation, slanderous accusations and public exploitation because pastor Bob “believed” I was sinning since I had to consume a green herb called cannabis to sustain enough health and wellness for survival until I gave birth (to a very healthy baby too, BTW).

When a “minister of the Lord” starts imposing his man-made morality over “marijuana as medicine” by condemning innocent families (such as mine), while ignoring the Methadone addiction, the Prozac use among the elder’s wives, and the *promotion* of Zoloft to young moms with postpartum depression, not to mention Bob’s niece distributing her prescription drugs like Zofran and *recommending* it and Xanax to women in the church – the gross level of hypocrisy cannot go unnoticed, and Bob’s leadership really has to be called into question as to why the narrow focus and personal jihad against one of his own – One of the most respected families in his church who did nothing but minister to the brethren, be hospitable, try to help save marriages and help people with addictions or other afflictions.  We filled the void while no one else seemed to give a rip.

So while they continue to protest Planned Parenthood, debate about soft tissue T-rex fossils or publicly attack and bear false witness against an honorable, God-fearing, pro-life politician like Ron Paul, in secret, Bob Enyart maliciously conspired together in sin with church members to falsely report us to Social Services because we rejected his baseless “rebuke” over what’s in our medicine cabinet (or more accurately, our pantry since we’re talking edibles).  And once Bob is publicly confronted and called out on his shameless acts because it’s been CONFIRMED, everyone at DBC continues on in apathy by either mocking us, ridiculing the message in our video, ignoring the obvious “gigantic pink elephant” and collectively concealing this crime and covering it up together by making excuses for Bob and “taking his word for it.”

Don’t you agree that those major issues should be dealt with before they do anything else in public, especially "openly rebuking" someone?


  1. I agree that doing the "good" things can be a distraction from doing the "better" things. Charity begins at home.

    I think people need to stay out of peoples business. This transparency trend in the church today is not safe. Generations ago people didn't ask or answer nosey questions. Generations ago the pilgrims carried their Bibles in one hand and there rifles in the other. Christians need to guard there homes against nosey people.

    I pray the Lords protection over your family.

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  2. Dani, I can't begin to imagine the difficulty you and your family are going through right now. When I heard that your family had been reported to CPS, I was devastated. I sat down to draft a letter in your defense, but I realized I had already missed the deadline for submitting it.

    As things heated up between your family and DBC, I could only wonder what in the world was going on. I wanted to write to you many times, but I didn't know what to say. Instead, I decided to distance myself from the situation until the proverbial "smoke" had cleared.

    But now, since you brought me into this, I feel I must defend myself. I am the elder's wife who was taking Prozac. It saved my life from a devastating episode of depression. Before I began taking it, I tried many natural remedies, but nothing worked. My depression continued to worsen to the point where I was desperate for relief.

    Eventually, I called Pastor Enyart and asked him for his advice. It was difficult to admit to him that I was depressed to that extent, but he listened and did his best to comfort me. When I told him I was considering taking Prozac, he told me not to do it. I followed his advice for as long as I could, but my suffering continued to worsen.

    Finally, when I thought I couldn't go on any longer, I decided to try taking Prozac as a last resort. Slowly, I began to feel better. Prozac doesn't change your mental status overnight. It has to build up in your system for several weeks. Those were difficult weeks, but little by little, I began to feel like myself again.

    I finally reached a point when I no longer needed Prozac and I gradually reduced the dose until I was completely free of the medication. I am very thankful that it was available when I needed it. The only reason I would recommend it to anyone, is if I felt they were suffering the way I was. The young mother at our church was one such person.

    Depression is a serious medical condition that often has a genetic component. My family has a long history of the disease, which sometimes led to tragic circumstances. Prozac and other SSRIs are amazing discoveries of modern medicine. They are able to make more serotonin available to receptor cells so that brain function can return to normal.

    I do not want to get into a long debate over everything that has happened at DBC. I just wanted to set the record straight concerning my own experience. I don't expect you to understand. You are going through your own trials and tribulations, right now. Life is full of painful experiences! But I will continue to pray that, with the help of our Lord and Savior, you can overcome them and learn from them.

  3. And don't worry Becky, I didn't forget to respond to your defensive comment about Prozac, I will "set the record straight" shortly, it's just been a bit difficult these days to find the time, if ya know what I mean? Just those same minor "trials and tribulations" we've been facing for 6 months or so because of YOUR failed busy-body church, and I have no time or desire to debate these issues with anyone.

    But I did want to take a moment to personally thank you and your husband, Gordon Carroll (Denver Bible Cult elder & Sheriff), for being so incredibly consistent with the Enyart flock of failures in displaying gross levels of apathy & hypocrisy during a serious crisis in our family, such as having Social Services show up with police force to take our kids.

    You & Danielle Duffy (2 of the 3 elders wives at the time) both couldn't seem to find it in your hearts to fit our family’s urgent request in your busy schedule. Talk about hard to “imagine” that neither of you could find even 10 minutes to write a one-line character reference letter to Social Services. James Craddock (Bob’s elder) managed to write a few lines for our family on time, and he’s way busier that all you ladies. Nope, our only request of your family in 5 yrs of phony fellowship, and you couldn’t even fit it around your cake-decorating schedule to help us since you realized much later that you, "already missed the deadline for submitting it." Good thing all those SERIOUS allegations were completely UNFOUNDED, and we got to keep our kids. And Will Duffy’s worthless wife had an equally revolting excuse as she just simply, "Let it fall through the cracks." - NICE excuses! So Thanks Ladies - Titus 2 all the way!

    Of course, Pastor Bob, who also ignored our requests, even though he said he would do “anything, anything at all” to help, but instead he was frantically obsessed with writing a 6-pg + 3-pg self-defense, and slanderous mass email sent to countless unknown people on Nov.1, 2011 - One day after the deadline. Check your junk email box - read it, and ask yourself, even if 2% of Bob’s words were true, WHY would he releasing something like that publicly on a massive scale while we are under an intense Social Services invetigation? What is Bob’s purpose in explaining at length in a letter laced with lies why he believes we are “possibly angry” just days after we were court-ordered to produce our children to the “godless” government on false allegations of abuse & neglect?

    Now of course, I don’t expect you (or anyone else from DBC) to understand the tremendous hardships we’ve gone through as a family since early 2011, simply because the deliberate lack of understanding seems to be a toxic characteristic among all the ill-company surrounding Bob Enyart’s cult.

    No need to reply in another self-defense, Becky, I got your message loud & clear:
    While my family is getting burned alive at the stake by the hands of so-called “believers”, you & Gordon are sitting back waiting for the "smoke to clear." Well - It's getting hotter up in here & I hope you're feeling the HEAT cause we aren’t the ones getting burned anymore!

    Wonder how it looks to the detective that your husband, *The Sheriff* is surrounding himself with verifiable criminals and helping to conceal these criminal sins surrounding the very church he is a miserable elder at?

  4. A bishop {overseer} then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, temperate, sober-minded, of good behavior, hospitable, able to teach; not given to wine, not violent, not greedy for money, but gentle, not quarrelsome, not covetous; one who rules his own house well, having his children in submission with all reverence (for if a man does not know how to rule his own house, how will he take care of the church of God?); not a novice, lest being puffed up with pride he fall into the same condemnation as the devil. Moreover he must have a good testimony among those who are outside, lest he fall into reproach and the snare of the devil….I write so that you may know how you ought to conduct yourself in the house of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth. 1 Timothy 3:1-9, 15

  5. If any {elder} be blameless, the husband of one wife, having faithful children not accused of riot or unruly. For a bishop must be blameless, as the steward of God; not self-willed, not soon angry, not given to wine, no striker, not given to filthy lucre {dishonest gain}; But a lover of hospitality, a lover of good men, sober, just, holy, temperate; Holding fast the faithful word as he hath been taught, that he may be able by sound doctrine both to exhort and to convince the gainsayers. For there are many unruly and vain talkers and deceivers, especially they of the circumcision:Whose mouths must be stopped, who subvert whole houses, teaching things which they ought not, for filthy lucre's sake. One of themselves, even a prophet of their own, said, the Cretians are alway liars, evil beasts, slow bellies. This witness is true. Wherefore rebuke them sharply, that they may be sound in the faith; Not giving heed to Jewish fables, and commandments of men, that turn from the truth. Unto the pure all things are pure: but unto them that are defiled and unbelieving is nothing pure; but even their mind and conscience is defiled. They profess that they know God; but in works they deny him, being abominable, and disobedient, and unto every good work reprobate. Titus 1:6-16


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