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February 16, 2012

"Pastor" Bob Enyart's Denver Bible Church X-Posed - I Never Knew I Was Part Of A Cult.....Until I Left One!

It’s hard for me to imagine the disturbing reality of being involved in a cult.  Shame.  Embarrassment.  Regret.  Confusion.  Doubt in my own ability to see the warning signs and numerous “red flags” - How did this happen to my family?  Was my vision really that clouded or was I simply in denial while allowing an abundance of grace to cover a multitude of discrepancies noticed among DBC members and those in church leadership?  Either way, I can honestly say we enjoyed our exclusive, like-minded group of friends while it lasted, and we were whole-heartedly committed to the relationships we worked hard to establish at church over the years, until they betrayed our trust and proved themselves unworthy. Despite the apparent breakdown, we chose to stick around, and we tried to help fill the terrible void from within the Body that seemed to go virtually unnoticed by all while apathy and hypocrisy reigned. Now, I do have to admit, I am re-thinking a lot of things with regard to friends and the church, which is a good thing.  And after our latest experience, we don't ever plan to attend a church again - At least not anytime in the near future! ;-)

*Wikipedia describes the word “cult” in current popular usage usually refers to a new religious movement or other group whose beliefs or practices are considered abnormal or bizarre. 

For some reason, I was under the incorrect impression that a “cult” simply meant any religion or group that denies the deity of Jesus Christ (like the Mormons or Jehovah Witnesses), so I thought for sure that we couldn’t possibly fit into that category because Denver Bible Church openly believed in Jesus as the Son of God and Savior of the world, and it appeared that Pastor Bob Enyart had a solid, comprehensive understanding of Scripture, and seemingly taught his devoted followers the absolute Truth as defined by our Creator in the Bible.

Like many others across the country, we once valued Bob's great Biblical teachings, listened to him daily, and gladly promoted his study material online and abroad.  We currently own his entire media library (and paid thousands of dollars for it too), and we cheerfully donated to his various organizations because we believed in the cause at the time.  But over the years we have seen how things have rapidly deteriorated to the point of absolute spiritual desolation, moral decay and "Christian" corruption….More so than anyone from the outside can possibly imagine, and way more than anyone from within is willing to admit to themselves.

Attempting to understand fully How Cults Work, I soon learned that oftentimes a cult will have a slick well-rehearsed Public Relations front which hides what the group is really like, and praises their own efforts to engage in the culture wars by doing good deeds such as helping the poor…[or fighting to protect the lives of unborn babies by protesting abortion & nobly defending traditional marriage by opposing homosexuality].  Often these specific traits are proudly praised and identified with Pastor Enyart & members of DBC which isn't wrong, per se, unless it becomes a narrow obsessive distraction while ignoring other serious issues as real life relationship crumble before your eyes.

There once was a time when we loved, admired and respected Pastor Bob Enyart, and felt honored to be identified with Denver Bible Church, but unfortunately, that's not true anymore.  Like so many others who once agreed, Bob was a major influence in my strong moral convictions, my boldness in X-posing the Truth, in having a clear understanding of who Jesus Christ really is, in believing 100% in the accuracy of the Bible, and discovering absolute proof of God's existence, along with having a complete comprehension of scientific Creationism, while confidently rejecting Darwinian evolution.  Bob's ministry also heavily influenced our critical decision to abandon public education & homeschool our children, as well as encouraging us as parents to learn the Biblical approach to child-training and discipline.  If that weren't enough to boast about, additionally, Bob was largely responsible for influencing our “pro-life” activism, staunch stance against pro-aborts at political rallies, picketing high-profile neighborhoods during "holiday home visits",  the collaborator protests against Planned Parenthood, along with producing & performing elaborate publicity stunts for Bob on the hill-tops, collecting ballot signatures for the Personhood Amendment, and an adamant obligation to “rebuke the wicked” downtown at the annual “pervert pride" parades to complete the list of "achievements." 

But surprisingly, at the time we rarely considered our beliefs or practices to be abnormal or bizarre, rather we considered ourselves superior to the calling with exclusive connections, and oftentimes condemned other Christians for not participating in political activism at the devoted level of DBC.  And now, after much time and reflection, I realize we were in a cult, our practices were indeed bizarre or abnormal, and all those filthy works were done in vain as our failed leader, Bob Enyart, attempted to use his very own teachings and our personal beliefs against our family by making a false report to Child Protective Services in a derogatory way by accusing us of being "fundamentalist Christians..." and then some.

Looking back over the past decade, from all over the globe I could recall various Christians and heathens alike who identified Bob Enyart’s church as a mind-control cult, and repeatedly warned me and others to flee.  And over the years, many spectators have rightly judged Bob’s abnormal antics and bizarre behavior, and recently, some have openly criticized him for his deceptive ways, calling him out as a "shameless liar for Jesus."

But those who are deeply devoted within DBC will elevate Enyart’s teachings above all others, promote his radical ideas, pursue his personal plans and regularly parrot his phony propaganda in a willfully ignorant and idolatrous fashion.

See, the truth is, we never fully realized we were a part of a cult, until we left one!  It's unbelievably freakish to see the level of demonic deception embraced by the weak-minded drones who lack all discretion.  And the unrighteous, vicious attacks we’ve received from Enyart and his loyal “followers” have been nothing short of shocking - Makes me sick to think of the things they've done with no remorse.   As I began researching the definition and went over the checklist of cults months ago, I’ve been able to align many verifiable similarities in DBC, especially since my family has witnessed firsthand, what Bob and his corrupt cronies are shamelessly and eagerly willing to do to try and destroy any dissenters from the group.

Mind-control studies have identified a number of key steps in coercive persuasion:
1.       People are put in physical or emotionally distressing situations. [Social Services called on my family]
2.       Their problems are reduced to one simple explanation, which is repeatedly emphasized. [“Marijuana” use]
3.       They are subject to entrapment. [Abandonment, betrayal & isolation from close friends & relatives]

Late last year, August 2011, in less than one week after Bob was harshly rebuked by my husband and the former elder over Bob’s “dangerous” and “unbiblical” pastoral advice, and for offering “God’s blessing” of divorce without obtaining all the facts of the failing marriage first, my family consequently found ourselves the object of Bob's Narcissistic Rage as he orchestrated and allowed a vengeful, massive, church-wide *slander-n-shame* smear campaign against us.

This personal jihad deliberately designed to ruin our reputation was loosely based on an overheard private conversation in my own backyard by Bob’s sister-in-law, after she apparently relayed an alarming “concern” to Bob, who immediately then assigned his nephew the duty of making personal phone calls to upwards of a dozen or more families at DBC to inform them of the *urgent news* that the “Kekoas are smoking pot & promoting pot use.” 

The counterfeit Christian “concerns” were magnified when it was implied by Bob’s nephew to the group that we were walking around all day completely “intoxicated,” thus concluding, that because of this fabricated “drug problem” we allegedly had, our children were clearly in “great danger,” so naturally, something drastic must be done to “protect” our children from harm - Despite our long-upstanding reputation to the contrary, this misinformation was still presented as fact!  

Additionally, it was also mentioned to church members that we “broke promises” vividly imagined by Pastor Enyart, and it was wrongly told to our peers that we were already confronted by Bob and the elders, rebelled anyway, and didn't abide by their demands, so now it was necessary to collect numerous “letters” from so-called friends intended to “rebuke” my husband and I for our supposed sinful “pot use,” warn us of our wicked ways by urging us to stop the “harmful influence” Bob insisted we had on others, and he fabricated more foolishness as a crafty tool used to humiliate our family even more - Too bad for them, it didn't work!

Predictably to their pity, without knowing any further details or verifying any of the information about the simple facts regarding our current life situation and physical illnesses, the majority of DBC members who were alerted to this back-biting rumor, jumped right at the opportunity to condemn us without question, and instantly drafted their letters of “rebuke”, then submitted them directly to Bob at his request so he could present them to our face in a meeting he hoped to have with us immediately.   Of course, tough guys don't act alone, so Bob planned to be accompanied by at least an elder or two, his nephew (and who knows who else?) for a gang-up breaking session intended to slam us into submission, assassinate our character, and foam at the mouth over their personal beef and beliefs regarding the consumption a green herb that grows in the ground and can be used as medicine.

But when Enyart miserably failed to presents us with the lame letters, and we outright rejected his hard-earned efforts, we then quickly decided without hesitation to withdraw our family from under his authority, and chose to independently pursue liberty and freedom in Christ, instead of conforming out of fear due to Enyart’s self-imposed standards for what he “believed” to be “sinful”. 

Because we disagreed and challenged Bob’s position at one time, apparently he couldn't handle it and attempted to discredit us by sending out mass public emails (Nov 1, 2011), publishing online pamphlets (the "generic version" of his original  "rebuke" letter to us), public announcements up at the pulpit, and doing several opinion-based radio shows, painful to listen to, as Bob & co-host, Doug McBurney, act like grade-school bullies who cut up together like bratty little boys as they indirectly ridicule us on-air, and pretend to know what they're talking about as they broadcast their embarrassing diatribe world-wide for all to hear. (*Note, Bob & McBigmouth began doing these anti-marijuana radio shows the following Monday & Wed. Sept 26th & 28th after the first call came in to Social Services.)

Enyart has repeatedly tried to shame us into submission with idle threats, intimidation and slanderous, unsubstantiated insults by repeatedly and purposefully falsely labeling us as, “stupid and slow, mentally-ill, paranoid pot-heads, ect.”  in a seemingly clever case built up against us so we would not be taken seriously by others as “intoxicated drug-abusers” once these false allegations to Social Services finally surfaced, and we publicly exposed Bob's ill-intent after it was CONFIRMED.  

Those who are still blinded by Bob’s deception and disillusionment are void of all wisdom or understanding, but they're fully-equipped with cheap character attacks by denying reality with replies from Doug saying,“Only losers run away,” and others dismissing the facts in front of them by mocking our message and saying we've really, “Fallen off the deep end” this time.  Or even worse, they merely remain silent about this issue by covering-up all criminal involvement within the cult, and continue to obsess over non-essential debates as though our case doesn't exist.

Even though we recently left Denver Bible Cult for various reasons that built up over the years, it was largely due to the inconsideration and gross lack of compassion and understanding as demonstrated by Enyart’s latest irresponsible publicity stunt, and evil exploitation my family’s serious plight in the midst of various hardships we were suffering from at the time (including my life-threatening illness during pregnancy which hardly anyone cared about.)

After steadily succeeding in alienating us from our friends, Bob prolonged his own perverse agenda to conceal his disgraceful involvement in promoting divorce to a former elder’s wife (and lifelong friend of Bob’s - BTW) without her husband’s knowledge, and by unjustly seeking revenge on my family for rebuking him.  Admittedly, this tactic “backfired” on him because of how “poorly he handled the situation,” but it sure didn't deter him in the slightest from deliberately discrediting our family even further by divulging confidential private information he obtained through marriage counseling sessions years ago (which also mysteriously appeared in the CPS report), followed up with cruel & conniving comments and more malicious lies.  In an obviously desperate attempt to manage damage control and silence us, Bob secretly conspired with others to alert Social Services as a self-preservation process aimed at destroying the solid structure of our family by attempting to have the “godless government” take our children away.

But again, Bob FAILED, as all the alarming allegations were completely UNFOUNDED, and a criminal investigation is currently underway!  We have reached the point in our lives now to where we can no longer be silent or shamed into submission since we have come to learn the harsh reality that Pastor Bob Enyart is a very dangerous man who systematically destroys families while hiding under the “cloak of confidentiality,” posing as a "Christian" conservative holy-man, and passionate “pro-life” activist.  Do NOT be deceived my brethren - Underneath his phony facade, Enyart is a ravenous wolf in sheep’s clothing, leading a mind-control cult in Denver with a seared conscience, while preying on the hearts of the simple-minded who have already departed away from the faith.

"Now the Spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons, speaking lies in hypocrisy, having their own conscience seared with a hot iron, forbidding to marry [promoting divorce], and commanding to abstain from foods which God created to be received with thanksgiving by those who believe and know the truth."  
~ 1 Timothy 4:1-3


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***UPDATE - 2 YEARS LATER 2014***


On JULY 16, 2012 -- Westminster Police Detective Dave Galbraith meets with Curtis Kekoa to discuss the self-inflicted vandalism done by the leaders of PersonhoodUSA, Keith & Jennifer Mason to their own home as a publicity stunt after failing to get $250,000 from their "pro-life" supporters and to discuss other criminal activity done by the Masons. *Watch (Over 1 FULL HOUR of PROOF) => 2012-07-16 | Westminster PD: PROOF PersonhoodUSA Keith & Jennifer Mason, "Pastor" Bob Enyart & Kimberly Kay Bowman = CRIMINALS & FRAUDS

ANTI-CHOICE, ANTI-GOVERNMENT & ANTI-POT PREACHER IN COLORADO WANTED FOR MURDER - GOT PROOF?  PersonhoodUSA X-Posed - LISTEN to this recording with Westminster PD from TWO YEARS AGO proving that the leaders in the PersonhoodUSA movement are VIOLENT CRIMINALS & FRAUDS who are continuing to organize high-profile Satanic crime all across Colorado.  Less than two months after this interview, Jessica Ridgeway was abducted, murdered and dismembered by an "experienced killer," and NOW history is repeating itself AGAIN as these criminals are currently involved in a conspiracy against Mark Redwine, father of Dylan Redwine who was also abducted and murdered by the same ShadowGov "small foreign faction" organization that murdered JonBenet Ramsey and Jessica Ridgeway.

Contact Westminster PD Detective Dave Galbraith at 303-658-4234 and ask him to follow up on this important info...

For more TRUTH X-Posed about *The Kult of Konspiracy* visit:


  1. Things will get better friend. I pray you find a new church that is not a cult.




      DOB 1-10-59 | Social Security # 152-60-4382 | FBI # 678532LA7 | CO License # CO368941



      Watch videos "pro-life" cult leader Bob Enyart (the inadequate little bitch serial killer) can't do a thing about here: BOB ENYART LIES PLAYLIST

      Google "Bob Enyart 666 Arrest Record" & "Bob Enyart JonBenet Ransom Note"


  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Projection. Enyart is keeping silent because he needs to say nothing. The more you talk and hurl insults toward Enyart and DBC, the more foolish and unreliable you sound.

  4. Those horrible letters you were afraid of being confronted with? They were filled with pages and pages about how much people in our church appreciate all you have done, the example you have set, and the ministry you have accomplished in service to our loving Lord, along with urgent pleas that these matters be talked about in a civil and adult way rather than running away and shutting yourself off from everyone. Denver Bible Church never shut you off from anyone. Many people in the church reached out to you, and you slammed the door in *their* face and cut yourselves off. So many things in your article are 180 degrees opposite of what happened. Your rage and paranoia have shocked many of us to the point of being almost speechless.

    Anyone can come and go in our church, and people do it all the time. The leadership welcomes challenge and correction, and I have personally brought up issues of correction (including on scripture) to Bob, as well as personally confronting Pastor Bob on a matter of ethics and morality, in which I believed he was acting wrongly in a public setting. We never came to an accord on that issue (years ago), however he was nothing but exceedingly gracious and mature throughout the entire process, and is so to this day.

    Manipulate people for money? Our church has multiple policies that knowingly reduce how much money the church will bring in to cover its few expenses, and regularly urges church members to give to other ministries and organizations outside of our church, to the point where we are constantly behind in our bills. So many of these assertions are patently ludicrous on their face. Our church never passes the plate, and actively steers people away from giving money to the church, on an almost weekly basis.

    Despite all of the pain and chaos you and Curtis have caused, many of us hold out hope and continue to pray that somehow maturity will return, so the fruit of the Spirit may once again be evident in your relationships, and that reconciliation might be possible (regardless of whether you come back to our church or not). While there is life, there is hope.

    May the Lord bless you, even in ways that you do not want.

  5. What a lousy cult if they LET you leave.
    If someone at DBC turned you in to the gov't I'd kick them out myself, (physically). I think you're mistaken. What would lead you to believe that to be the case?

  6. You of all people should know, Doug McBurney. But you certainly were not going to LET us leave in peace, now were you?

    Guess things spiraled outta control a bit and now everyone's frantic about this criminal investigation against your Pastor, Bob Enyart, and little cronies like you. No one at DBC seems to care about those among you who are responsible for the malicious false allegations to Social Services against my family, but you will reap what you've sown and you're not fooling anyone.
    Once this info was released because it's been CONFIRMED, all you had to say was this:

    "It sounds like you're in the clear with Social Services according to the video. Praise the Lord! The most important thing to every person I know at DBC is that your family remains together, and that you all continue to walk with the Lord."

    Yes, we are in the clear. However - You, and everyone else involved at DBC, are NOT!

    As Bob said so himself, "One day all secrets will be revealed..."
    - YES, they will.



    That's right, Jamie Schofield, focus on money and ignore the facts! I was speaking of you when I wrote this:
    "Predictably to their pity, without knowing any further details or verifying any of the information about the simple facts regarding our current life situation and physical illnesses, the majority of DBC members who were alerted to this back-biting rumor, jumped right at the opportunity to condemn us without question, and instantly drafted their letters of “rebuke”, then submitted them directly to Bob at his request so he could present them to our face in a meeting he hoped to have with us immediately."

  7. Hello,
    I am very sorry for what has happened between you and Enyart. I don't know your "problems" with him, but I am sorry for all the hurt he may have caused you and your family. I have really enjoyed your FB page and your blogs. I have learned a lot and laughed a lot at the "idiots" in the public schools and government.

    Please don't lose any sleep over Bob. Controversy and "trouble" have always followed him. I know his testimony and his past. My family and I used to be "followers" of his. We attended his church for a short time . He was the initial reason I started homeschooling, but his very strong focus on abortion and homosexuality drove us nutty. Yes, both are evil, but I got tired of the lack of love and narrow focus. We felt like if we weren't spending all day picketing abortion mills or abortionists' homes, we weren't welcome in the group. t felt like staying there meant being angry at something all the time. I also had some issue with some points of his theology. He has always been very, very "single-mindedly" pro-life focused to the point of ignoring everything else (IMO).

    He and his "followers" always support candidates that are very right-wing conservative and very pro-life, but not necessarily President material. My husband and I laugh that he supports Santorum! Who is a bigger war-monger than Santorum? I prefer to support pro-life policies for the unborn, our soldiers, AND foreign countries' civilians. I also wonder if the Pope changes his mind on abortion, will Santorum ?
    As you, I fully support Ron Paul because I agree with all of his policies. I have no problem with states' rights because I believe that no law will change the hearts and minds of evil men. A President could make all abortion illegal and people would still murder there children and then, the next President could over turn that ruling. I believe we must change the hearts and minds of the people and then we won't need the law to tell them right from wrong because it will be written on their hearts.

  8. I just think the fact about him being unbalanced, and unloving in his approach is the main point. He didn't really care about people, he cared about his causes and getting attention from his publicity stunts. He wanted everyone to think like him and act like him. Were we glorifying the Lord Jesus Christ, or Bob? It did seem very cult like. We did not feel the love of God or love for the lost at DBC. The Lord had given my husband and I a passion for sharing the Gospel with unreached people groups and we didn't see that ever being the focus at DBC. Maybe the Great Commission wasn't part of their current dispensational thinking? The other thing that REALLY bugged me was the constant focus on arguing with Calvinists, never mind that they are saved and part of the Body of Christ. It was just like you describe: creating divisions! Any way, you get my point.

    I read the post about your pregnancy and use of the medicinal herb! First, I am so sorry that you suffered with your condition and then experienced abuse about it from The Body! I am LOL! at their ignorance. I am an RN and have worked in high-risk ante-partum so I am very aware of HG and the danger it posses to the mother and child. I had a very good friend at a former church who lost a baby to HG! You should have been shown compassion and understanding, not persecution!

    I have also worked in a hospital oncology unit. DAILY, I gave some patients RX marijuana pills, as prescribed by their oncologists for pain, nausea, and to increase their appetites. It was used very commonly at that time (around '90). How I wish my niece could have had some in one form or another as she SUFFERED so severely with nausea and pain during her battle with cancer. NO DOCTOR WOULD PRESCRIBE ANY……EVEN PILL FORM! We begged the doctors to consider it. My point is: I understand!! Dani, I have never smoked pot, nor do I drink alcohol, but I TOTALLY GET IT!

    Take care and God bless you.

  9. Follow the comments from the obsessive trolls on our Facebook wall here => http://www.facebook.com/governmentschools/posts/110141752446595

  10. Earth to Danielle... you know it's rude to just ignore someone when they've asked you a serious question. What could possibly lead you to believe someone at DBC turned you in to CPS?
    Saturday at 12:29pm

  11. Hey mcnugget. Isn't it enough you were embarrassed before about communicating with other men's wives? Never learn do you? You will, but not before that ego fails. Take a walk, princess, before your feelings get hurt....again. And take your boyfriends with you.

  12. Mcnugget's one of those "losers" who didn't provide a character reference letter for CPS when it was requested, same with Enyart and Duffy, Enyart's favorite soft tissue catamite. Mcnugget wanted to debate the issue, instead, as if he was someone important. As for Schofield, the comic book writer, well, we didn't ask him for anything, but for some reason he can't keep his mouth shut like mcnuggs. Schoff must think he's important, too. Eh. But "pain and chaos"? Sweet. Sweeeeet. Thanks for sharing...now get lost, sweetie, and take that great prayer with you.

  13. I called you to discuss CPS. You didn't call back. How can you expect me to write a character reference when you refuse to communicate? Besides, I didn't know what was going on in your home, and would not vouch for you. And apparently that was the wise choice, 'cause you're obviously mentally ill or deranged, or on more than just a little weed.

    And stop with the veiled threats Curtis, it's not funny, and I'm not some liberal puke that you can push around. I'll only warn you this once to cut it out and be civil.

  14. @Doug McNugget:



  15. It's so cute when fundies show their true colours.

  16. ‎*"Doug McBurney** I called you to discuss CPS. You didn't call back. How can you expect me to write a character reference when you refuse to communicate? Besides, I didn't know what was going on in your home, and would not vouch for you. And apparently that was the wise choice, 'cause you're obviously mentally ill or deranged, or on more than just a little weed.

    And stop with the veiled threats Curtis, it's not funny, and I'm not some liberal puke that you can push around. I'll only warn you this once to cut it out and be civil.
    Tuesday at 8:02am · Like · Dislike"*

    Huh? Only "warn [me] this once," Mcfly? Or else what? You're gonna lie some more? Oh no! Call social services on us? Go ahead, they're expecting your call. Want the phone number, too? Go ask Enyart; he’s had it since last September. Actually, you're gonna do nothing. That's what. Talk about a "veiled threat." BIG MOUTH, no substance.

    "He who guards his mouth preserves his life, But he who opens wide his lips shall have destruction." ~ Proverbs 13:3

    Did...did you...did you really say "it's not funny"? Really?


    Oh, no, Mcmuffin, it's about as funny as ever, very funny, especially with that lil' limp-wristed comment of yours. Thank you, and *boo hoo* - I feel you. Honestly, it was like manna from heaven for all of us who know that you're an empty skirt and have been for some time. Lots of folks have been *ROTFLMAO*, but I'm too "mentally ill" to understand what that means. Besides, I've been way too distracted rolling on the floor laughing my ass off for the last few days after seeing your weakness be put into YOUR OWN words. Ha! It's way too funny, sister. Way too funny, indeed.

    I told you to "Take a walk, princess, before your feelings get hurt....again." But noooo, like a glutton for punishment or that infamous dog who keeps returning for more vomit, you keep blowing that mouth off pretty hard to the point where *it's no longer funny* wah wah, that you're "not some liberal puke that you can push around." Actually, you are a coward, and I am easily pushing you around with nothing more than "mentally ill” words. Ha ha. Yeah, it’s easy because you're a cyber-bully that nobody likes, but everybody likes it when a bully gets his. How does it feel, Mcnutt? It's pretty funny, and people are liking it, trust me. It was probably pretty *funny* when you were cyber-bullying other men's wives, eh? *pushing* them around like *pukes*: "Earth to Danielle." "Only losers run away." Remember that, coward? Apparently, when a man actually calls you out for the sissy that you are, all the sudden "it's not funny" anymore... I beg your pardon? But that's what cultists do, like your *pastor*, you go after the wives because you can't handle it when a man confronts you about being a coward...and a hypocrite...

  17. ...This is GSDCM - we all know how to handle little girl bullies around here. But oh, "It's not funny"? Please, princess. Don't cry on us now. That's just embarrassing.

    Speaking of the devil, your criminal cult leading handler Enyart needs to give you girls a new script, because it's obvious none of you can come up with an original thought, especially you. From "paranoid" to "mentally ill," it's been played out like your "Weakass Whorled View" that no one pays any attention to, either. And unlike your criminal *pastor* who's a convicted child-abuser with an affinity for hookers and secretly meeting other men's wives to encourage divorce, we've been exonerated of all the libel, slander and falsely reported allegations against us - no thanks to you and the Apathy which is Denver Bible Cult.

    You know what libel is, don't you, Mcmouth? It kinda sounds like you and Enyart on his failing radio program, multiple times, talking about "Why Marijuana Should Be Illegal" (http://kgov.com/pot) in between more *dugh* episodes about soft tissue, fishy tales and Tebow. Remember? I bet you do. At the time, it sounded pretty *funny* the way y'all were laughing at each other's jokes. What? You don't agree? Don't think I'm being "civil" enough for your sensitive self? Don't worry, I'll be civil; that's what the courts are for. Is it still *funny*? You betcha.

    You don't understand this, (though you should) but eventually, your handler Enyart will *throw you under the bus* WHEN things become even hotter for him and you’re no longer useful. It’s coming, so I can't expect he'd give you any new marching orders about "mental illness" any time soon. Heck, he can't even help himself, that charlatan is paralyzed scared. And I know YOU'RE incapable of anything original because YOU'RE a cultist, so I'll help you out *BRO*: A pervert who likes prostitutes, abuses his girlfriend's son because he won't bathe for *daddy* and then lies about the details and remains unrepentant for his crimes = MENTALLY ILL. You know what also causes mental illness, Mcfly? Crystal meth causes mental illness. Know anything about hittin' the ICE, Mcfly? I don't. Hello? Mcfly? Anyone? I asked you a question. EARTH TO MCFLY? EARTH TO MCFLY?!...

  18. I may be a little behind the times, but I don't think Colorado offers Medicinal Methamphetamine Cards, eh Mcfly? And please don't go and start lying to cover that up like you lied about some non-existent phone call that you never made to us. I'd rather you'd cry some more before you go lying, again, like nobody knows about your little *not so* secret. Yup, the walls have BIG ears, Mcnutt, but even worse for you and the other hypocrites, the walls have just as many fat mouths with hot heads like yours in that FAILED rumor-mill cult you call a *church.* And, Mcfly, you would've realized it was an email you sent (not a phone call) if you hadn't already been "on the road" for several days tweakin'.

    Betcha didn't know that James Craddock doesn't know my family any better than you after ten years. Yet somehow, it was easy for him and his wife to "vouch" for our family with a reference letter without wanting more info that no one, especially you, was entitled to. But you, Mcfly, along with your criminal *pastor* and rest of the Impotence (the elders) who also let it "fall through the cracks" because they were “waiting for the smoke to clear," just fell for the trap of not writing reference letters, altogether. All too easy, still. And like I said: "Mcnugget's one of those 'losers' who didn't provide a character reference letter for CPS when it was requested, same with Enyart and Duffy, Enyart's favorite soft tissue catamite. Mcnugget wanted to debate the issue, instead, as if he was someone important." Guess Craddock and the dozen-or-so others (now mostly *former* members) from your cult who ALSO provided references for us didn't think they were as important as you, Mcswelled-head.

    But don't worry, you're still Enyart's 2nd favorite soft tissue catamite. Put that feather in your cap; another penny for your light loafers. I just wanted to make that clear to you since it's clear to us. We all know you've aspired to be in that top position for a number of years now, like how you've aspired to be a "has been" in Enyart's uber-fading shadow. Great job for a man your age, for real.

    Don't cry, it's still funny. Ha ha and boo hoo. Chicken Mcnugget can't take his own "medicine," can he? His ego FAILED, like his daddy Enyart's ego last August when I rebuked him for undermining marriages in front of *elder* Gordon Carroll, another useless cultist who lives in fear of Enyart. Don't know anything about that, huh? They do. God-forbid you ask about it and start thinking for yourself. Yeah, you don't know much about anything, but you can certainly mouth-off like a moron without self-control. That's obvious.

    Now hear this: Get lost, punk. No one likes you, even Enyart, because you’re a bully who likes to pick on other men’s wives. But you already knew that. Now, it's just more *solid* in that big head, way more solid than you learning that "it's not funny" going after other men's wives. How's that lesson going for you, anyway, McNuggy? Wait, I don't care because I already know; it’s not going well for you at all.

    For real, go and do yourself a favor, cut your losses, follow your girlfriend's lead and FINALLY "Take [that] walk, princess, before your feelings get hurt....again." You don’t want more; we all know you don’t want more. I don't wanna make Denver Bible Cult’s favorite red-headed stepchild any *redder* than he already is - some people may think "it's not funny." Know what I mean, Mc? But you're a fool and will probably continue to pop-off at the mouth like a fool. Forget reference letters; we can certainly count on you to mouth-off in another tantrum. Right, boy?..

  19. ...And unlike your two-face, I don't "veil" much of anything. I certainly don't hide behind or take orders from another man like you do with Enyart while pretending to be “my own man.” Weak.

    So, for the hundredth time, GO AWAY, and stop acting like an obsessed boyfriend, already. Stalking is not only a crime in Colorado, it's sissy and that’s worse. You've been ditched along with Denver Bible Cult. Fill out a hurt feelings report and deal with it. Bye. (https://docs.google.com/open?id=0Bz7HpyXNDVFVZmVjMzczZDEtNmMxZC00YmM0LThmZWQtMGJkZWJiZTFjMTNk)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. JUSTICE FOR JESSICA? The FBI knows that the boy Austin Reed Sigg did NOT act alone! Don't be deceived parents - Our community is NOT safer cause the criminals who organized Jessica Ridgeway's kidnapping, murder & dismemberment are still out there!

      JAN 2, 2013 -- Listen to 30 min conversation w/ LaPlata County Sheriff's Office Detective Tom Cowing => http://youtu.be/9tsOXXFexPA

      JUNE 24, 2013 -- DYLAN REDWINE TIP - Calling Mark Redwine Facebook Hate page = BOB ENYART KILLER - La Plata Sheriffs Office http://youtu.be/pKT1tgZtX0A

      Who MURDERED Dylan Redwine? Ask "Pastor" Bob Enyart, he knows & he's trying to frame the father for the crime on Facebook Calling Mark Redwine -- Call 1-800-8ENYART & tell Bob to turn himself into the FBI or more kids like Dylan & Jessica will DIE!

      GOT PROOF? Listen to dozens of Police Recordings here => www.PoliceRecordingsKekoas.blogspot.com

    6. "Pro-Life" Serial Child Killers in CO who conspire together using Facebook to target victims - the FBI knows about these criminal suspects & so should you! 
      When History Repeats Itself, Will We Notice?  Watch new video by Chess Versus Checkers here => http://youtu.be/MTuRTPtPetw 

      Who Murdered JonBenet Ramsey, Jessica Ridgeway & Dylan Redwine? Ask "Pro-Life Pastor" Bob Enyart, He Knows -- Call Bob Enyart LIES at 1-800-8-ENYART & tell him to turn himself into the FBI or MORE KIDS WILL DIE.

      "VICTORY, S.B.T.C" = *Strangle Bind Torture Children* & Shadowgov Breaks The Case

      Psalm 118:27 "Bind the sacrifice with cords to the horns of the altar."

      "When the suspect's background, post-murder behavior, and physical evidence are put together, the identity of this monster will be clear to someone who knows him." ~ The Ramseys

      ...AND WE KNOW EXACTLY WHO THAT MONSTER IS = *ROBERT *ADOLPH *ENTYART = *666* = *DAXIS* = *SON of SATAN* waiting for the "Small Foreign Faction" DNA Secrets to be Revealed & Justice to be served to the "Group of Individuals" responsible for this notorious crime and many more crimes against children.

      THE WORLD'S MOST EVIL SERIAL CHILD- KILLER is ShadowGov Founder: "Pastor" Bob Adolph Enyart of Denver Bible Cult in Arvada, CO 
      DOB: 1-10-59 | FBI# - 678532LA7 | CO License# - CO368941 | SSN# 152-60-4382


      (*Note: 17 yr-old Austin Reed Sigg did NOT act alone in murdering Jessica Ridgeway - It was a ShadowGov conspiracy organized by "Pastor" Bob.)

      *Google: "Bob Enyart JonBenet Ransom Note"
      "Bob Enyart Jessica Ridgeway"
      "Bob Enyart Austin Reed Sigg"
      "Bob Enyart Dylan Redwine"
      "Bob Enyart Kimberly Kay Bowman"
      "Bob Enyart Child Abuse" (click images too)

  20. Is it wrong to find these comments entertaining?

  21. If you aren't entertained, then you're one of the retarded cultists. Little girls. Altar boys. Impotence. Perpetual adolescents.

  22. Well then I guess I must be doing something right. I can't join a cult, it conflicts with my being a rationalist.

  23. Oh Boy, did GSDCM/Curtis Kekoa III forget to take his meds today or what. Stark raving mad rantings that go on and on and ON! Childishly antagonizing Doug McBurney with homo-erotic fueled ranting and raving, with the intellect of a backwoods shitkicker.

    How do you Dani, feel about GSDCM/Curtis Kekoa III having such a hatred for women and anything feminine that he uses it as one of two primary methods to insult another man. The other being homo-erotic. His rants are filled with all kinds of homoesque metaphors. Me thinks the man doth protest too much.

    GSDCM/Curtis Kekoa III must get off on the power and control of butt fuc#ing another man, yet he hates it in himself so much that he becomes enraged. Maybe the memories of his past homo encounters (or yours) drive him nuts.

    Why don't you go over to Doug's house, Curtis, and say those things to his face, or are you just all talk, afraid that Doug might invite you in for some "afternoon delight" and you won't be able to resist. (No offense Doug, all offense Curtis)

    Dani, I may not like everything you say and think, you are kinda bonkers yourself at times. But please, leave the level of trash and ignorance your husband brings off of your blog. That is if he'll let you!

  24. I don't get it, you seem to think that everyone on this planet, past, present and to come, has or will have the same life experiences as you. For some reason, we're all gonna do every drug that has ever existed, have twisted sexual encounters with so many partners (of both sexes) that we lose count, abort every baby that our out of wedlock escapades produce. That we must follow the buttoned up plan that you've had to create for yourself in order to rectify the bad decisions you've made as a public school adolescent and in your "before and after Christ" marriage.

    We're not all foolish heathens that had to learn the hard way Dani! The majority of us can see the line drawn in the sand and choose not to cross it over and over again. We don't need a husband to beat us into submission. Your one size fits all, fortune cookie wisdom coupled with inane babbling and out of context bible verses has gotten stale.

    And who is this GSDCM character? Is that your husband aka Curtis Kekoa III, what a psycho.

  25. Danielle's mom called Social Services and her family members reported her. No one from Denver Bible Church had anything to do with it. Bob Enyart would NEVER do that. The Kekoas are just PARANOID, stupid and mentally-ill, POT-HEADS, that's why they accuse their church.

  26. I know my mom was involved in speaking to Social Services because she told me, but she claims she's being "falsely accused" and points the finger at Denver Bible Cult. Somebody is LYING!

  27. Enyart is simply having a knee jerk reaction to you leaving the church and now realizing that it is indeed a cult. How can he ever make accusations against you and your family when he has done so much more damage? In The Denver post, it states, “Enyart was convicted in 1995 of misdemeanor child abuse resulting in injury for inflicting bruises, welts and broken skin on the buttocks of his stepson, Stephen, who was 7 at the time. The misdemeanor case took two trials in Jefferson County and almost five years to play out. 'It's been a very long process, it's been very hard on Stephen,' said John Mayns, the boy's father and custodial parent. Through the lengthy process, Enyart claimed that he did nothing wrong, saying in 1997 that "taking a boy to the woodshed" was once "politically correct.'' Enyart did not address the court Friday. But Mayns said the discipline was more than a mere spanking. "He did not spank him, he beat him,'' Mayns said. The beating with a belt, for which Enyart was sentenced to jail, happened in the boy's mother's Arvada home. Enyart disciplined Stephen, at the behest of the boy's mother, Cheryl, for refusing to take a shower. The couple was dating at the time, but was not yet married."

    He wasn’t even married in this “union” and he was a convicted child abuser. He is taking all that has happened to him and pawning it off on you now. He wants to look better and he doesn’t want to be exposed for what he truly is. And to have mediated in between a marriage without the other spouse being there is unethical.

  28. I don't attend any BIBLE church, as I only attend churches who preach the KJV and who believe the bible is the infalliable word of God, but I must say that some of these comments on this page that are coming from supposed "christians" are so far from God, I'd definitely not conclude that any one of you have been saved or should be sure of your salvation. What a terrible bunch of posts. Also, whoever the person is who leads this blog and has bright red hair and a ton of makeup on is no one whom I'd take biblical advice from, considering it's clear that she does not follow the bible by the way she chooses to "appear" Yes, appearance does matter because others see you from the outside first. If she ever came to me with a biblical tract or with the gospel of Jesus Christ, I would definitely think SHE was in a cult from the way she looks. This church she's speaking about does SEEM like it may be a cult, just from the angry comments coming out and some of the factual evidences, but either way either way "CHRISTIANS" act accordingly, your testimony has just been ruined. ugh. Shame on you.


    "After a serious report of child abuse was made by numerous people against Danielle and Curtis Kekoa III, they are promoting their use of the principals taught by Michael and Debi Pearl in the book "To Train up a Child" Their website: http://worstgenerationseed.blogspot.com/2012/02/read-book-to-train-up-child-and-if-you.html

    It took Social Services several weeks to actually investigate the report, giving the Kekoas plenty of time to cover up whatever might have been going on.

    Now Dani Kekoa claims that Social Services commends them for using the abusive tactics taught by the Pearls. The Pearls openly encourage "discipline", as early as 6 months old, "Whippings" with the "rod" as they call them are ineffective unless it causes pain. The Pearls teach how to "Whip" in such a way that it causes pain but doesn't leave any marks so that the "government" can't prove the abuse. Someone needs to stop these abusers.

    Obviously Adams County Colorado doesn't take child abuse seriously NOR substance exposed newborns given Dani Kekoa's self admitted marijuana usage throughout her pregnancy. Apparently Colorado Social Services also doesn't feel it necessary to examine ALL 6 children during an investigation, in particular the youngest two who are the most venerable and the potentially substance exposed newborn.

    Also alarming is that these children aren't registered with any school district, aren't involved with any church or social groups, or extra curricular activities and therefore have no visibility in the community. Outside contact of any kind is strictly prohibited. Social services is aware of all of this and did nothing. We wonder how children die. Let's be proactive instead reactive when a child is in imminent danger..."

    *[Pretty smart linking to the very article and website dedicated to revealing Bob Enyart and his guilty associations. But then again, we're not dealing with the brightest crayons in the box. Of course, I alerted our Social Worker right away & we submitted this to the cops as well for PROOF - IP addresses can be tracked & used as evidence - FYI.]

    Reported as abuse: Don't libel
    Defamatory or libelous comments will be removed. This is wikipedia's defiinition of defamation (from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Defamation ): "The communication of a statement that makes a claim, expressly stated or implied to be factual, that may give an individual, business, product, group, government or nation a negative image. It is usually, but not always, a requirement that this claim be false and that the publication is communicated to someone other than the person defamed (the claimant)."

    We are building up quite the criminal charges against these debased fools. How stupid can someone be?

  30. I was in a cult-ish church and the whole thing was exposed very effectively back in the early days of the internet via a message board called FactNet by exposers who remained anonymous. I used to be very close to the leadership in that church.

    Years later I was at a party where the originator of the Factnet message board on our church and the son of the founder of the church were attending. The son of the Pastor pointed out the exposer to me, gave her a hug and told me that that person was the exposer (along with her husband who was a pastor in that ministry) and that he has always remained friends with them even while they were exposing the ministry. The son (who went through hell as a result of the expose) told me he was thankful for what the exposer had done.

    I applaud you for not being anonymous while you expose the evil - you are protecting others from being imperiled as you have been.


    This use of fear and intimidation and guilt and ESPECIALLY character assassination is the reason that detractors are most often forced to go underground. The leadership is using you as an example of what will happen to anyone who questions in even the smallest way. It's pretty sick stuff being done in the name of Jesus.

  31. Thanks for the encouragement to keep pressing on in Truth, Sally Jo Pyle. Almost the entire church has remained completely silent on this issue as the leadership uses fear, intimidation, guilt, manipulation and character assassinations to coerce people to stay and be bonded together in covering-up sin. But these cowardly bullies are still trying to destroy our family by continuing to alert Social Services (again just yesterday) with more lies to have our kids unjustly taken away. They can't intimidate us. We have NO FEAR. They tried their worst and they failed, miserably. Their wicked plans "backfired" & now it's about to blow up in all their faces. And we will laugh at their calamity & mock when their terror comes. There will not be any sweet reunion after this is exposed. Psalm 109 is our only prayer for these evil people. And if anything happens to us, We know who the suspects are.

    Pretty sick stuff indeed. Not to mention if you are cut off the group, You lose your entire social network at once. All of your friends, gone instantly, then next comes betrayal & backbiting. They tried to intimidate us, but failed again. So we left their broken church and everyone else behind, but most people wouldn't be able to handle that so they compromise in sin and end up being given over to Satan. We sure have seen this with our own eyes again and again. But being alone has been a Wonderful blessing for our family because it has strengthened our bond even more as we have been forced to draw strength upon the Lord and seek guidance thru His word. The scriptures have comforted us the entire time, and there's no stoppin' us now. We are going to set the example by not letting these people get away with these crimes. They have met their match, and we are the last family they will ever try to destroy again. Game over. better confess before more charges are pressed.

  32. Still waiting for the charges... you're a liar and the betrayer, you betray God, you betray the scriptures, you betray your church, you betray your friends, you betray your kids, you betray your family, you betray YOURSELF!

  33. The above "NOTBOB" comment on March 7, 2012 3:27 PM came from the IP Address in Thornton, CO right next to Brian Jr. & Maxime Enyart's house.

    Still waiting for the charges? Who's the liar and the betrayer? You betray God, you betray the scriptures, you betray your church, you betray your friends, you betray your kids, you betray your family, you betray YOURSELF!

  34. ATTENTION: *Kult of Konspiracy* & Denver Bible Cult members of Arvada, CO - Time to get serious - NOW! Call the cops and tell them what you know about Pastor Enyart - No more fun & games - there is a missing girl and a DISMEMBERED body right in your hometown! *CALL Westminster PD at 303-658-4336 before it's too late!

    That means YOU Cheryl Enyart & Takako McBurney - Your husbands, Bob & Doug are in BIG trouble and the whole nation is coming after your family for justice. Nate & Josiah - Your DAD has gone CRAZY and he's been beating you bad since you were young boys. And your Mom is DEAD cuz of him too! Get back at that sick bastard & hand his walrus ass over to the LAW for Righteous Judgement! You too, Brian Jr. & Maxime Enyart - turn in Uncle Bob and run for your lives - that could have been your daughter, Lili that was dismembered out there. Keith & Jennifer Mason of PersonhoodUSA - still want to take Bob's word for it? Think of your children and how their lives are at stake. Susan Sutherland, turn in your boss that you were secretly meeting with otherwise you're going down with him too. Hey Sherry Roberts & Dana "Dune Buggy" Machado - You better start confessing to your betrayal of your family, otherwise you're going down with these criminals in Biblical proportion. AND for Christ's sake, Connie Sharin - Your son is proving to be the evil "Adolph" you named him to be - Put an end to his holocaust for good and call the FBI - NOW! Come on Kim & Scott Bowman - No more "DOPER" insults - Talk to the police about your predator pastor and be sure to tell them ALL about the criminal conspiracy you already confessed to earlier this year...Think of your precious grand-daughters being beheaded by Bob, and all cut up into little pieces like garbage! Go tell the TRUTH about that sadistic, viscous child-killer you hang out with - or go down with him!


  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Christ "loves" the CONVICTED CHILD-ABUSER ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART so much that He wants Bob to violently KILL HIMSELF.

      “Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to sin, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were drowned in the depth of the sea." —Jesus (Mat. 18:6)


    2. THRICE-DIVORCED TWICE-CONVICTED CHILD-ABUSER ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART is a GODDAMNED SATANIST who parades around as a Christian. Just go ask his dumb ugly fuck mother.

      ROBERT*6 ADOLPH*6 ENYART*6 = 666 = PUTZ

  36. What is glaringly obvious here is that these folks were ok with DBC until they were disciplined. The vitriol and utter insane rambling is evidence enough at least for me to see that DBC is very effective in combatting evil. Why else would these people be acting so demonic?

    1. "Jimbo" = Bob Enyart troll = GUILTY of MURDER!

      DBC = Devils Bible Cult & Destroys Born Children

    2. Christ "loves" the CONVICTED CHILD-ABUSER ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART so much that He wants Bob to violently KILL HIMSELF.

      “Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to sin, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were drowned in the depth of the sea." —Jesus (Mat. 18:6)

      THRICE-DIVORCED TWICE-CONVICTED CHILD-ABUSER ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART is a GODDAMNED SATANIST who parades around as a Christian. Just go ask his dumb ugly fuck mother.

      ROBERT*6 ADOLPH*6 ENYART*6 = 666 = PUTZ


  37. EXCLUSIVE RECORDINGS: JonBenét Ramsey Murder Suspects Revealed—LISTEN: Boulder Police Tip IGNORED | Internal Affairs DIRTY Deputy Gordon Carroll "Law Enforcement Countermeasures & Tactics" | The Department of Homeland Security Domestic Terrorists "Small Foreign Faction" | The FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation Satanic Serial-Killer & Shot-Caller


    The JonBenét Ramsey murderer has returned & the Boulder Police have known who it is since 2012!

  38. Enyart also teaches the heretical theology called "Open Theism" which teaches thatvthe future isnt settled in Scripture which means that God may "change his mind" and not send Jesus back to judge the earth.


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