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January 23, 2012

TRUTH from an Atheist - And I Couldn't Agree More...

There once was a time when I loved, admired and respected Bob Enyart and his church, but now more than ever, I find myself agreeing with those who can see through his facade as a deceptive and despicable man.  I once valued Bob's biblical teaching and promoted his material, but over the years things have deteriorated to the point of absolute dissolution…more than anyone can imagine.  And for that, 
I officially, publicly REPENT of my association with Bob Enyart. 

A LOT has happened to lead up to this point, and more details will follow,
but until then, here's a little dose of TRUTH from an Atheist:   

[*Let me be clear that this is NOT a promotion for evolution, it's just an honest character assessment from an atheist which has never been more TRUE.  Take heed my brothers & sisters in Christ, and depart from these wicked men.]
"Why do you have to lie and mislead and conceal on the little, trivial things? Why hide the fact that you have a vested interest in Enyart’s show, and are actually deeply involved in the program? I see that, and right away, I know I’m dealing with a shameless liar for Jesus. 
And then, of course, there’s the raving insanity..."

And if these men will lie and mislead and conceal on the little, trivial things...just imagine what else they are trying to hide??? It's coming....shameless LIARS!

"But the lips of a FOOL shall
swallow him up...And the end
of his talk is
A FOOL also multiplies words.
No man knows what is to be..." 
     - Ecclesiastes 10:12-14


  1. Haven't I been saying for a long time that Enyart is a low life?

  2. Yes you have, Persephone. And even though you like to wear dresses, we can finally agree on this. And you have NO IDEA of what a low life Enyart is.
    Stay tuned...you don't wanna miss what the Lord has in store. Trust me! ;-)

  3. So, the Lord's been talking to you too?

  4. Will Duffy here. I don't think I'm a "wicked" man as purported here. But I'm open to see the evidence to the contrary.

    Regarding the story on the atheist's website, my official response is post #23 on that site. I asked for an apology from PZ Myers and never got one.

    Here was my official response:

    YesYouNeedJesus says:
    27 September 2011 at 1:32 am

    PZ, I would like to clear the record. I am NOT Bob Enyart’s producer. I was for 5 years, but have not been part of his radio show for over a year now. Before I was his producer, I was just an avid fan of his show for years.

    And as I said, I first heard about you on his show when you turned down an offer to debate him. I was not lying and I would appreciate an apology.

    I’m also a bit concerned that you do not want to be scientific. Carbon dating original biological material is a normal thing to do. Do you expect me to care what you “assume” the age of the bone is or trust scientific tests?

    Apparently, the speed of light may have just been broken. “WAIT A MINUTE!” says PZ Myers. “You can’t break the speed of light. So even considering the evidence and doing scientific testing makes no sense at all! You must be a crazy creationist loon to even think of doing such a thing!” No PZ, that’s what science does. That’s how science progresses.

    NEWSFLASH – http://www.plosone.org/article/info%3Adoi%2F10.1371%2Fjournal.pone.0019445

    I guess these scientists that carbon dated a 70-million year old Mosasaur are “ignorant clowns.” I prefer to call them scientists. The peer-reviewed article explains how they ruled out modern contamination and that it is indeed original biological material.

    Since the soft-tissue T-Rex was found, soft-tissue from an 80-million year old Hadrosaur, a 150-million year old archaeopteryx and the above mentioned Mosasaur have been found. This is not a one time thing.

    I believe in my heart that you fear debating Bob Enyart, and I admit, I could be wrong. But anyone that watches his debate with Eugenie Scott (that he has promoted and sold for 13 years and Eugenie has never mentioned) would have second thoughts before debating an intelligent creationist. (Which do exist!)

  5. @WillD - You're a soft tissue catamite. Here's the evidence: http://youtu.be/C7rYRs80PrI.

  6. So Will,
    Since you are an elder of Denver Bible Church, I'm sure you are really close to pastor Bob Enyart, so what does your church have to say about these allegations?

  7. Well it's good to see we can agree on something. I'll keep paying attention.

    One thing I could never understand, why bring up my clothes in places where it is completely irrelevant? I get this a lot, never really made much sense. Are the clothes one wears really a good standard to judge one by?

  8. I promise not to mention your clothing again, Persephone. In the big scheme of things, dirty pastors are far more worse than drag queens, IMHO. ;-)

    Can you please do what you can to help me expose Bob Enyart? Post our open message video on your blog or on TOL and see what they have to say perhaps? Bob is a very dangerous con-man who has collaborated together with Will Duffy and other members of his cult to falsely report my family to child protective services. I know you don't owe me any favors, but thanks for thinking about it and paying attention.


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