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January 19, 2012

LIES, HYPOCRISY & DECEPTION: Phony Christians Say Ron Paul Is “Pro-Choice”

God Warns: “Do not give heed to fables…Which cause disputes rather than godly edification. Some, having strayed and turned aside to idle talk, desiring to be teachers of the law, understanding neither what they say nor the things which they affirm.” – 1 Timothy 1:3-7

TRUTH: Ron Paul is the ONLY politician running for president who has introduced these 
three PRO-LIFE bills into the House of Representatives:

1) The "Sanctity of Life Act" would defines a human life as a "person" from the moment of conception.

2) The "We the People Act" would repeal Roe v. Wade by preventing activist judges from interfering with state decisions to PROTECT LIFE!

3) The "Taxpayers' Freedom of Conscience Act" would stop funding for abortions.

Ron Paul says that "abortion is an act of violence" and "forcing pro-life taxpayers to subsidize abortion is EVIL and TYRANNICAL".  Ron Paul believes "the most basic function of government is to PROTECT LIFE."

"I don't just believe life begins at conception; I know it as a scientific certainty...I believe Roe v Wade should be repealed. I believe federal law should declare that life begins at conception. As President, I will sign and aggressively advocate for a law that removes abortion from the jurisdiction of the federal courts."

DO NOT BELIEVE THE LIES! Pro-Life "Christians" should seek the TRUTH & Understanding! 

Convicted Child-Abuser, Bob Enyart is a criminal using these positions to cover a conspiracy: Pastor of Denver Bible Church, a "Christian" radio talk-show host (KGOV.com), spokesman for American Right to Life, creator of ProlifeProfiles, as well as the "key" person" behind PersonhoodUSA!  ~ ANY QUESTIONS AMERICA?


  1. He supports the morning after pill - CHOICE
    He prescribed birth control pills to his patients - CHOICE
    He left a baby to die in a bucket after the child was born alive after an abortion - CHOICE

    This is false propaganda!!!

  2. Personhood USA Hands Candidates Credentials They Have Not Earned

    "While it is good to see that Personhood USA is providing at least some accountability for at least one of the five anti-personhood Republican presidential candidates whom they allowed to sign their personhood pledge, the softball questions lobbed by host Steve Deace to the other four candidates during their “Presidential Prolife Forum” only confirms suspicions that Personhood USA has fallen into the compromised “lesser evil” approach to presidential politics, and has determined to apply only gentle pressure (if that, but certainly not the promised accountability) to mainstream Republican candidates in whom they have placed their trust for an end to abortion in America...The fact that Personhood USA did such a thorough and principled critique of Ron Paul’s position demonstrates their understanding of the personhood principles, and takes away ignorance as an excuse for not holding the other four candidates to the same high standard. Their oversight of the candidates’ anti-personhood positions can now be seen as nothing but intentional, hypocritical, and deceptive. Despite Personhood USA’s promises that all signers of their pledge would be held accountable, their treatment of these four candidates demonstrates that they never intended to do any such thing, but only to give them political cover as they continue to play the same anti-personhood games with the lives of the unborn that false pro-life Republicans have been playing for decades."


    Again...PersnohoodUSA's anti-personhood positions can now be seen as nothing but intentional, hypocritical, and deceptive.


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