"Have No Fellowship With the Unfruitful Works of Darkness, But Rather EXPOSE Them!" ~ GOD, Ephesians 5:11

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May 13, 2011


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Government Schools Destroy Children's Minds
Dedicated to Exposing the Harsh TRUTH About Public Education & the Deliberate Dumbing-Down of America's Youth Through Godless Indoctrination!

Our government has given us the largest BUREAUCRATIC DAYCARE
& brainwashing system in the world!  It's time to wake up & pull your kids out of the godless government schools before their
hearts, minds & souls are completely destroyed!

Be sure to watch "IndoctriNation" the Movie - A 90-minute documentary film that takes the audience on a panoramic exploration of one of the most important and controversial issues in the history of mankind, the issue of education.

"If we continue to send our children to Caesar for their education,
we need to stop being surprised when they come home as Romans."
- Voddie Baucham

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    1. Right, don't let your children learn critical thinking skills, just keep them home and teach them to hate the fags and the evolutionists because that's not indoctrination in the slightest!

    2. Right, because children in government school really learn critical thinking skills by being taught sodomy is normal since we ain't nuttin' but animals.


      "I don't want a nation of thinkers. I want a nation of workers." – John D. Rockefeller, founder of the National Education Association

    3. Look sweetie, if you think that a talking donkey really existed, then you don't have critical thinking skills. You really have no clue, do you?

    4. Dear Hitlerette : Look who's talking ! I have absolutely no doubt that YOU are destroying your children's minds by making them as ignorant,stupid,
      superstitious, fanatical,mean-spirited,intolerant,narrow-minded and self-righteous as you are.
      You are undoubtebly guilty of child abuse.Mentally,not physically.
      You are a monster.You are not even a real Christian;just a despicable bigot who uses Christianity to justify your total bigotry. I pity your five kids,
      and I hope that one day, they will see the light and reject your bigotry.
      But it will be appallingly difficult to do make them do this.
      No wonder that Mahatma Gandhi said that while he liked and admired Jesus,he did not like Christians at all.
      Robert Berger,a proud and unapologetic liberal ,heterosexual and non-christian.

    5. critical thinking...

      gov = huge organized group of people operating off a set plan written by other people

      Christianity = huge organized group of people operating off a set plan written by man claiming to know the word of god.

      while i generally think there is some indoctrination happening in gov run schools throwing cold war era communist scare into the mix is just silly and then adding that the home school should be Christian based turns it into an argument between the pot and the kettle

      one more note about the communist empires. why did they fail? what human characteristic left unchecked and historically documented has brought down most great nations? GREED. while jobs are lost and pay cut a small percent of the top Americans are making more than they EVER have in the past. we now have local governments going bankrupt while people like u still worry about things like commies trying to invade. get with the times brother while there is still time to save our great nation.


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