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April 06, 2010

Anonymous Hate Mail


You are, without doubt the most hypocritical, hateful, uneducated, bass, embarrassing red-neck excuse for a human being I have ever encountered. God is ashamed of people like you. People like you who use His name to spread your poison. You and people like you spread your toxic ideas to the innocent. Your children are no better off than children growing up in drug affected, violent homes. Actually your children are worse off because your cruelty and hate is dosed to them behind a smile and a few big words and ideas that are not originally your own. Because you are uneducated, because you don't think for yourself, because you want a scape goat for the things in your life you were ashamed of, because it was easier to pass the blame on than face and understand your many demons. You have been brainwashed by bigots and now you have become the perfect tool to continue the brain washing. God save us from people like you who spread hate and not love, who follow the wolf in sheep clothing, like a moronic lamb. You are the wolf. No one is fooled.

Why don't you round up all your fellow red-necks for a good ol' fashion homosexual, baby-killin', premarital sexing, Darwinian excepting lynching in the orchard.

In the meantime, I will try not to fret too much for humanity knowing people like you exist amongst us.

Don't worry, God is forgiving, you may still have a chance to save your wicked soul.



  1. Thank you profusely to whoever it is that wrote this letter. You basically summed up my feelings towards Dani entirely, but with more eloquence than I could have ever fathomed. So thank you! The only thing I believe you are forgetting is that there is no god.. but I'm willing to let that slide.

  2. To Anonymous and Josiah: What was that again about "hateful"? Talk about the pot and the kettle!

  3. Actually Darren, had you the brain capacity to read, you would have noticed that neither Josiah nor the writer of this letter even ONCE said that they hated ANYONE. You might want to educate yourself before accusing others of being "hateful."

  4. What exactly does Dani say that's not true?

  5. Scott, we both know the only reason why these fools lash out with venomous accusations and insults is because they hate the TRUTH which I proudly proclaim. The Truth is offensive, and to those who lack wisdom and understanding, all they can do is throw a hissy-fit and call names to the messenger.

    I actually take comfort in knowing that the enemies of God hate me, since Jesus said, "you will be hated by all for My Name sake."

    Funny how they don't see the hypocrisy in their own arguments. Of course, you don't need to use much brain capacity when reading the colorful array of adjectives to see that this anonymous coward is being extremely hateful towards me.

    Christina - what exactly is the message being sent here? Is it one of love?

  6. Oh and Josiah -
    There sure is a lot of eloquence in those insults - I'm so "bass" - just like a low, deep, rhythmic stringed instrument, or is it like a fish, I'm confused? ROTFL!

    The public education of you and anonymous is shining through to the rooftops!

  7. Exactly, Danielle. Absolutely no content in their words. They are meaningless, just like their pathetic lives, at least at this point in time.

  8. You know, those kind of comments make me laugh and realize we must be doing something right or else they wouldn't get so riled up! So nice to "meet" you!

  9. Certainly it is not a message of love, but NOWHERE in the letter do they state that they hate anyone. Saying that are hateful is putting words in their mouth and assuming what someone believes, without really knowing. And I do not hate you Dani, so I can say without hypocrisy that you are in fact the most hateful individual that I have ever encountered. Also, may I ask- since when does one typographical error determine the eloquence of one's writing?
    And no, Dani. The only reason we "fools" lash out with "venomous accusations and insults" is because we know that what you so loudly proclaim is spurious, and is not the "TRUTH." I eagerly await the day you discover that the only place you go when you die, is in the ground.
    Also, please cool it with the public education insults, Dani. The vast majority of successful individuals in this world were not home schooled, so clearly the only thing a public school education does is prevent children from growing up to be socially challenged psychopaths.
    And Cheryl- I could say the same thing to all of you. Dani's posts that lash out on atheists, "baby-killers", feminists, homosexuals, and other people who have done nothing to harm her, certainly make me laugh and realize that we must be doing something right, or all of YOU wouldn't get so riled up.
    Scott Evans- how dare you say that because someone disagrees with you, their life is meaningless? No matter how much someones political, religious, or moral beliefs differ from mine, I would never, ever go as far as to say that someone's LIFE is meaningless. How dare you. Looks like you're just as bad as the "baby-killers."

  10. Again, what exactly does Dani say that isn't true? (DON'T make me ask again!)

  11. Oh, where do I begin?
    Things That Dani Says That Are Not True:
    1. God exists
    2. Satan exists
    3. The Bible is the literal word of God
    4. The death penalty is right
    5. Atheists are liars
    6. Children raised by homosexuals are more likely to grow up to be gay themselves
    7. Homosexuality destroys the traditional family
    8. Public schools produce fools
    9. Public schools cripple children's ability to read and do math
    10. Public school's teach teens that sexual promiscuity is acceptable
    11. Atheists do not believe in absolute truth
    12. Home schooled kids lead more successful lives than those with a public school education
    13. Homosexuality should be punishable by death
    14. Homosexuals are responsible for the spread of AIDS
    15. Evolution is a falsity
    16. "Normal heterosexual men do not fiercely defend homos"
    17. The death penalty reduces crime
    18. Homosexuals encourage children to have homosexual sex
    19. No parent would wish homosexuality for their child
    20. Public schools teach that people evolved from "primordial slime, by a series of random chance events brought on by a cosmic accident."
    21. Women are only good for making babies, dinner, and lying down for their husbands
    22. Those who have premarital sex are "horny little bastards"
    23. "It takes more faith to be an atheist than it does to believe in God"

    With more time, I'm sure I could further extend this list. But Scott seemed awfully anxious.

  12. Nicole, thank you so much for that list. Every one of those is true. I couldn't have done a better job myself!

  13. @Dani-

    The thing is true many may be successful but to what extent?

    For example, Bill Gates may be one of the richest men in the world but he still rejects Jesus as the Messiah. He's still heading towards Hell.

    Is success measured by the money we make or how much we do for God? Answer- how much we do for God.

    The world is going crazy.

    By the way, sodomy is also responsible for spreading AIDS too.

  14. Of course you can't help but to notice how the cowards seek to criticize you while hiding behind a veil! This seem to happen a lot. Where ever you have liberal morons pathetically trying to defend their position you always have a situation where there is NO DISCUSSION BOARD, or they HIDE behind anonymity! Gutless turds!


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