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January 07, 2008

The TRUTH About Vaccines - 10 min. video

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  1. so what happened to your 'brave' post where you all but advocated that all right thinking people take up arms against those mean 'collaborators' like doctors that perform abortions and judges that uphold the law?

    Didn't like the fact that no one was rushing to your defence? or did you finally realise that truly being 'pro-life' means being in favour of people's right to live even after they're born?

  2. I took it down because it was only relevant to New Years day...just like I took down my post about Christmas. If you are interested in reading it again you can go to Will Duff's website => Collaborators Project

    And I am in favor of people's right to live even after they're born. But I am not in favor of those people taking away that same right to live to unborn babies.

  3. Well - I decided that I would put it back up anyway since there have been some updates.

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  5. Erm... this video is really awful. The soundtrack is laughably epic (not to mention rather short, so that it has to be looped a half-dozen times to cover the whole thing), and the number of really bad spelling and grammatical errors throughout the thing seriously throw into question the academic rigour of the thing. Plus, let's face it, it's obviously just more of the same junk we've grown accustomed to here.

    Then again, I suppose that so long as it espouses the correct message in the end, it's not so important what information it uses to get there, right? Truth through lies, or something like that.

    What a waste of 10 minutes.


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