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July 22, 2007


The pictures are glorious to look at....
But the message is just for you!
(Please read all the way down.)

Q: What is the shortest chapter in the Bible?
A: Psalms 117

Q: What is the longest chapter in the Bible?

Q: Which chapter is in the center of the Bible?

Fact: There are 594 chapters before Psalms 118
Fact: There are 594 chapters after Psalms 118
Add these numbers up and you get 1188.

Q: What is the center verse in the Bible?
A: Psalms 118:8

Q: Does this verse say something significant about God's perfect will for our lives?

The next time someone says they would like to find God's perfect will for their lives and that they want to be in the center of His will, just send them to the center of His Word!

Psalms 118:8
"It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man."

Now isn't that odd how this worked out?

"Father God, I ask You to reveal Yourself to each person reading this, and bless them in whatever it is that You know they may be needing this day! And may their life be full of Your peace, prosperity and power as they seek to have a closer relationship with You and make You the center of their life forever.

When things get tough, always remember...Faith doesn't get you around trouble, it gets you through it!

God Bless You All!!!


  1. What a beautiful post! That was amazing! God bless Dani, and congrats on the baby boy!

    Peace & love...

  2. Wow, powerful stuff. Also, if you play Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon", wait until the 3rd heartbeat and then start a DVD of "The Wizard of Oz" the music synchs up to the movie to an eerie degree.

    Coincidences abound, and books and movies and songs can be manipulated.

  3. Thanks Deb!

    Limpy - Nobody is claiming that this is some absolute divine revelation from God, it's just for fun and it happens to be a neat discovery. I'm sure most people here are aware that the original manuscripts in the Bible didn't have verses, let alone any type of punctuation to know where one verse ended and the next began. The placement of a particular verse in a particular location is to some degree, a human invention, but it's still amazing to see what the center of God's Word says.

    Just smile & be happy!


  4. Who says I'm not for fun?? Seriously, cue up "The Dark Side of the Moon", get it in synch with "The Wizard of Oz" and have a party. It's really cool!

    And I don't even like Pink Floyd! Or midgets!

  5. These little numerical things are pretty cool and amusing as long as you don't take them seriously. It's like a magic trick.

    Too bad some people do take it seriously...look how many copies of The Bible Code have been sold.

    P.S. Did you know that a midget hung himself on the set of Wizard of Oz, and you can see him hanging in the scene where the scarecrow, tin man, toto, and Dorothy head down the yellow brick road together? TOTALLY TRUE.

    P.S.S. Look at this secret message that is revealed if you take the 6th word of the 6th chapter of the 6th Harry Potter book and multiply each letter by its numerical equivalent and apply it to Dani's post!

    "Father God, I aSk You to reveal Yourself to eAch person reading this, and bless them in whatever iT is thAt You kNow they may be needIng thiS day! ANd may their lIfe be Full of Your peace, prosperiTy and power as theY seek to have a closer relationship with You and make You the center of their life forever.


  6. That verse is perfect, If everything else in the Bible were worthless, that one verse would say enough for me.

  7. LOL - Phronk! Interesting. I bet that took you all day to come up with.

    Limpy - Does that Pink Floyd trick work better if you drop a few hits of acid?

    I agree, Dawn - that verse says it all. Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Phronk------I heard that as well-----is it true? Wouldn't they have deleted that out? Do you remember the movie, I believe it was called, "Three Men and a Baby?" There is a little boy sitting on the windowsill, which is believed to be a ghost. The house they were in used to have a little boy who killed himself with a shotgun. In one of the scenes of that movie, you see the boy standing where he shot himself...(which you can view...) Google it. Not sure if it's "true" or not...but pretty interesting.

    (Sorry Dani)

  9. Hehe...the midget hanging himself isn't actually true. Apparently it's a bird. A fun story to tell people anyway though.

    The 3 Men and a Baby one is pretty funny too! It's a bit scary if you see it without knowing what it actually is.

  10. I've never dropped acid, so I'll defer to someone else one that. It doesn't hurt to knock back a few beers.

    The "3 Men & A Baby" ghost is supposed to be a cut-out of Ted Danson's character as a kid, or something like that.

  11. I kept looking at the image and you're right----it is a bird spreading its wings. The one with Ted Danson is just creepy. Why wouldn't they have noticed the cut-out in that one scene? Before the scene where the boy appears---there's a black object that some say was the shotgun that the boy killed himself with.

    Hmm... That's some advertising hype, huh?

  12. The cut-out is there because Danson's character was narcissitic and kept a poster of himself. The black object, if I remember right, was a golf bag.

    At the time this movie came out I was dating a girl who was waaaaaaaaay into this sort of thing. I must have watched that scene 52 times. I'm pretty sure the producers started the rumor just so people would watch that awful movie.

    And it worked.


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