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May 16, 2006

Bush vs. Jesus

I know it's a little late in the game, but this is just too funny...

Jesus said, "You will know him by his fruit." - Matt. 7:15-16

Bush is a fruitcake - and he ain't no Christian either!

The Truth About President Bush Without Reservation =>


  1. Ouch. I may not always like Bush, but he is my president, and I did vote for him in the second election. Yes, I was once a liberal, voted for Clinton twice and Al Gore in 2000. As some people from my church said, "We'll stone you later." My response?

    "I think I was stoned when I voted for him."

    Yes, God changed more than just my heart, he even changed my drinking and drugging habits, too! Now, I don't have any (just in case one of you wisecracks wanted to know what my new drug of choice was...it's ALL Holy Spirit drinking for me now).

  2. That's funny Tyler!

    If you get a chance, you should read that article "You will know him by his fruit."

    My husband wrote that essay before the last election because we were struggling between the lesser of two evils. We discovered that Bush is pro-abortion, pro-homosexual "unions" and he also believes in a universal god.

    Ultimately, the lesser of two evils is still evil, so we voted for MICHAEL PEROUTKA. He is a Christian Candidate who Vows to Acknowledge God, Defend the Family and Restore the American Constitutional Republic. Hopefully he'll run against feminazi Hillary next election.

  3. Isn't he in the Constitution Party? I'm starting to like the looks of that party more and more...but I'm still not sure where they stand on many issues.

  4. Yes Tyler!

    Michael Peroutka is the Chairman of the Constitution Party of Maryland and a member of the Executive Committee of the Constitution Party National Committee.

    Now is the time to start getting informed about the alternatives to voting for evil. From what I know, this party is pretty solid on the fundamental issues we care about: God, marriage, family, abortion, an so on.

    Read more here => Constitution Party


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