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March 15, 2006

4 A Closer Look: DIAPRAX

What is DIAPRAX?

Dialectic: Using dialogue as a means to resolve conflicting positions. Synthesizing a thesis with its obverse, or antithesis. Thesis + Antithesis= Synthesis. (A + non-A= A.)

Praxis: To practice the experience of speculating, conjecturing, theorizing, etc.

Diaprax: The dialectic driving for unity through the "controlled" use of cognitive dissonance, within the environment of social praxis. To praxis the dialectic.


4 A Closer Look: On Monday, March 13, 2006 Radio talk show host Michael Corbin interviewed Dean Gotcher about a concept called Diaprax. Listen to the show => Online.

Dean Gotcher is the Founder and Director of the Institution on Authority Research. He is also the author of an excellent essay titled, Dialectic & Praxis: Diaprax and the End of the Ages ~ A must read for all inquiring minds!

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  1. Cognative Dissonence is a dangerous concept, and I would highly advice against anyone who claims to preform "controlled cognative dissonence." At its essence it is the ability of a person's mind to lie to itself.

    Originally it was discovered in a psychological experiment where participants were given a mind numbing task and then paid to tell someone else that it was enjoyible. Particpants were then interviewed a month later. What researchers found is, the less they paid the person the more that person would later claim to have enjoyed it. The theory of cognative dissonence predicts this responce because in the absense of a financial explination for their actions (lying to the third party) the participants minds created the illusion that they actually believed the lie to prevent them from having to deal with the difference between what they believe and what occered.

    In short, they lied to themselves.

    Controlled cognative dissonence is the process or making someone think that they believe something they don't believe. This is very similar to the concept of brain washing.


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