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March 30, 2005

Voice of Fatherless Children

By Eminem:

“I'll take you back to 73 before I ever had a multi-platinum sellin' CD.
I was a baby, maybe I was just a couple of months.
My faggot father must have had his panties up in a bunch, cuz he split.
I wonder if he even kissed me goodbye.
No, I don't on second thought, I just f------ wished he would die.”

“He's a problem child, and what bothers him all comes out, when he talks about,
his f------ dad walkin' out, cuz he just hates him so bad that he blocks him out.
If he ever saw him again he'd probably knock him out
His thoughts are wacked, he's mad so he's talkin' back, talkin' black,
brainwashed from rock and rap
He sags his pants, do-rags and a stocking cap, his step-father hit him, so he socked him back
and broke his nose, his house is a broken home.
There's no control, he just let's his emotions go...”

"Both robbed of our mothers
Our fathers ain't want us
What was wrong with us, was it our fault
Cause we started thinkin god doesn't love us..."

“Debbie had a Satan spawn, Satan spawn…
Mama why do they keep saying this
I just don't understand understand…
And by the way where's my dad?”

“These problems are piling all at once,
Cus everything that bothers me,
I got it bottled up
I think I'm bottomin' out, but I'm not about to give up, I gotta get up,
Thank God, I got a little girl
And I'm a responsible father, so not a lot of good, I'd be to my daughter,
Layin' in the bottom of the mud
Must be in my blood,
Cus I don't know how I do it,
All I know is I don't want to follow in the footsteps
Of my dad,
Cus I hate him so bad,
The worst fear that I had was growin' up to be like his f-----' ass
Man if you could understand why I am the way that I am…”

“If you don't understand don't even bother to ask
A father who has grown up with a fatherless past”

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