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March 24, 2005

EMINEM - The Voice of Our Generation

"How the f**k can you grow up when you weren't raised?"
- Eminem

Good question!

I want to take this time to switch gears and focus on the rap star, Eminem. I am fully aware that there is much controversy about the content in his songs, but I would like to take this time to really examine his lyrics. I have been listening to Eminem since 2000, and I believe many of his songs reflect the heart of our broken nation.

Now I realize that most of his songs are vulgar, offensive, violent, and fueled with anger, and I would never let my children listen to him. But there is something unique in his songs that hit incredibly close to home. I believe that the lyrics in his songs represent the lost voices of our Generation in the most bold and ingenuous fashion.

Just hear me out for a second! Now, I am not suggesting that Eminem provides some kind of uplifting hope or inspiration to be a better person, far from it. But I do believe he has painted a vivid portrait of the dreadful reality inside a depraved mind like mine.

Our Generation are the products of divorce, a "free-love" mindset, daycare institutions, addicted parents, domestic violence, pornography, cable television and systematic brain washing through the public school!

Those are among the main issues that are being swept under the rug and avoided by the church. There doesn’t seem to be anyone out there that is dealing with these issues or even admitting that they are a problem. We've grown up without fathers and most of us have never witnessed what a real marriage or a parent-child relationship is supposed to look like. We are lost and confused, and we are passing down that generational curse to our children’s generation!

While the same messages of "love", "faith", and "prayer" are being taught at church, Christians are still getting divorced, struggle with sexual immorality and pornography, have anger issues, and they have no clue about parenting because they (we) were never raised properly. Besides, how can the people in church know how to raise their children when the very own pastors send their kids to the godless government schools to be educated???

We have NO ONE to help us figure things out! Our parents are all divorced, our friends parents are all divorced, the church doesn't seem to give a rip, we live in a society that promotes death and immorality around every corner, and we really have no one to help us deal with the real issues that plague our lives.

But in order to deal with it, we first have to recognize that it is a real issue.

Let’s examine some of Eminem’s most predominant lyrics in his songs that speak for our Generation!

Can any of you relate to it?

Here are the different categories:

- Eminem
- A Depraved Mind
- Fatherless Children
- Drug Addictions
- Bad Parenting
- Domestic Violence
- "Free-Love"
- Anger
- Media and Public School
- Poor Leadership
- Hopelessness
- Perversion
- Truth and Reality


  1. Of course eminem's lyrics are offensive , violent and fueled with anger cuz that's the truth of the world we live in,, i wouldn't say there is no good ,, but we try to hide that bad disgusting reality he's showin',, so he's bad ,, screw that,, eminem isn't a bad person and that's just his rap face,, plus his talented, honest and he doesn't give a f**k

  2. Thankfully my husband & I have broken the generational curse. Over 10 years of marriage & six kids later, we are more "CRAZY IN LOVE" than ever! It's amazing what the Lord can do with our lives when we are committed to the TRUTH & LOVE!

    "You are my reason for being
    The meaning of my existence
    If it wasn't for you
    I would never be able to spit this
    As intence I do and the irony
    Is you rely on me as much
    as I rely on you to inspire me like you do.
    You provide me the lighter fluid to fuel my fire
    You're my entire supply
    Gas, the match, the igniter.
    The only way that I am able to stay so stable
    Is you're the legs to my table
    If you were to break I'd fall on my face.
    But I'm always going to make you feel
    I don't need you as much as I really need you
    So you don't use it to your advantage.
    But you're essential to me
    You're the air I breathe
    I believe if you ever leave me
    I'd probably have no reason to be...
    And no matter how much
    Too much is never enough
    Maybe cuz we're crazy in loooove
    I'm crazy on you
    Crazy on you
    Let me go crazy crazy on youuu!"

    ~ Eminem, Encore 2004


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